Direct action – Support the witnesses.

If like me you’ve been watching the various witnesses come forward to testify in front of hearings about the criminal activities they saw on election night, you can’t but be struck at how brave yet how ordinary they are. They’re all public spirited enough to have came forward, make sworn affidavits and then appear in … Continue reading

Brave people.

I wrote an article yesterday about fanatics and bullying in the context of the counts, recounts and certification processes currently going on in the swing districts and states. Its intent was to highlight that the intimidation was systematic and a vital part of ensuring the most corrupt general election in American history stayed firmly nailed … Continue reading

If you thought it was going to be easy, think again

The invariable trait of fanatics, is that they never give up. Whatever the issue is, there’s a developing pattern to their behaviour which you’ll see again and again once you recognise them for what they truly are. Initially they’ll stay within the rules of discussing an issue, but when they’re not getting their way or … Continue reading