For a friend on the occasion of their birthday.

  Telemachus.   Seasons come and go, dutifully wiping their feet as they enter and leave the year. It looks like change but it’s not, it’s just the rhythms of your life, A life that’s learnt how to watch, how to catch, And appreciate life happening around them.   You look at it with that certain eye, … Continue reading

About a girl.

You married one of my older brothers – the one Lady Luck always had her eye on – and fitted right in. A lot of people might have problems joining such a large family but like any accomplished individual, you’d enough class to muck in while remaining your own person. My parents, especially my father, established one … Continue reading

Birthday bash.

It’s my birthday in May, there’s going to be a party and it’ll follow the same procedure as every year. An intermittent BBQ throughout the afternoon and evening, followed by a bonfire after it gets dark. The buildup is happening; wooden pallets are arriving and being stacked up all along the side of the house. It’s for … Continue reading