Line of Descent chapter 10

Chapter 10 Krupmeyer checked out of the hotel and left Coole early the following morning. He had considered driving to Belfast to catch a flight to London but had instead elected to make the longer drive to Dublin to catch a flight from there. He was under no illusions. The prospect of seeing Helen again … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 9

Chapter 9 The meeting had been set up for the next morning by Pritchet’s superior, Chief Constable Wakeham. He was as eager as Pritchet to pass on as quickly as possible any hint of a threat to a member of the Cabinet. It was attended by Pritchet, Wakeham and a man from London called Drayton, … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 8

Chapter 8 Conways was a gentleman’s club. It had been established over two hundred years ago, in the heyday of the gentleman’s club, when they had sprung into existence all over London like a multitude of spring shoots. Through the years each had evolved, taking on their own personality and flavour. Some were exclusively patronised … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 7

Chapter 7 It was mid afternoon by the time Krupmeyer drove down the hill into Coole. Another small hamlet, indistinguishable from the host of others he had already driven through that day, except that this one nestled by the shore of the Atlantic. The drive had been long and tiring. He had tanked up in … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 6

Chapter 6 Krupmeyer woke and got dressed. He went downstairs and into the kitchen where he could hear Winnie’s voice. She was reading the newspaper to Mickey as they sat eating breakfast. They were on the sports page and she was reading out the details of a soccer match. Her voice rose and fell, lending … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 5

Chapter 5 Krupmeyer drove the car he had hired on his arrival at the airport outside Dublin into Braghan. He parked it in the small triangular car park in the centre of the village, got out and locked it. He decided to look around before finding a place to stay. Walking back to the stone … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 4

Chapter 4 He sat in his hotel room. In front of him, spread out on the writing desk, were the contents of the Colonel’s envelope. The notes appeared to have been taken from two documents; a military resume and a resettlement report. They had been typed up, presumably by the Colonel himself. He decided to … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 3

Chapter 3 A mobile incident room had been set-up outside Burham police station. Inside it, Detective Chief Inspector Pritchet sat at a desk watching the newly formed team at work. He was only five years short of retirement but he was commonly acknowledged to have one of the sharpest minds in the Kent constabulary. Around … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 2

Chapter 2 Krupmeyer sat in a booth in the diner, taking occasional sips from a glass of iced tea. It was tasteless and beautifully cold. Outside, the night life of Washington sweltered in the heat of a summer heat wave. People passed by the window, walking with a languid sliding step that was all the … Continue reading

Line of Descent chapter 1

Coole, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. The small village of Coole lay on the north-west coast of Ireland, on a flat rocky peninsular that jutted out defiantly into the Atlantic like a plucky bantamweight’s chin. From there came the ferocious winter storms that crashed ashore against its granite foundations like the end of creation. They … Continue reading