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19th July 2018


INSANE Sweden: Migrant will NOT be deported for raping 92-year-old woman on Christmas Eve.

Tucker: Left using language of total war – and it’s scary.

Report: Disney Eager to Fire Kathleen Kennedy for Destroying ‘Star Wars’.

Justice Kennedy retiring, giving Trump pivotal court pick.

Trump Aides Advised to Get Guns, Carry Permits amid Threat of Violence.

TABLES TURNED: Protesters Show Up Outside Maxine Waters’ Home To Harass HER.

Oops! The best laid plans of mice and men … =>Rep. Joe Crowley loses primary to 28-year-old newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Intellectual Froglegs – Evolution of a Revolution.

Maher: Trump Shows People Don’t Care About Decorum, Policy, Democracy, or Freedom of the Press.

The Expanding Spygate Scandal, Explained.

‘Be politically incorrect!’ Controversial bishop tells students to do away with ‘safe spaces’.


29h June 2018


Business + Politics = disaster => Red Hen owner resigns from Virginia business group after booting Sarah Sanders from restaurant.

Business + Politics = disaster => The Red Hen Restaurant In Lexington, Virginia Was Forced To Close After Protests And Threats.

Peter Fonda’s New Film Nets Measly $30,000. That’s what you get for wishing rape on Barron Trump, God don’t like ugly.

A bunch of overpaid cu*ts skulking in the locker room while the anthem is being played will really go down well with what’s left of the fanbase => New policy requires on-field players, personnel to stand for anthem.

Box Office: ‘Solo’ Is Officially a Disaster as Media Cover Up Why.

Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by Trump says he’s suing Comey and Obama.

Intellectual Froglegs – Master of the Game: Trump.

Welcome to the world of consequences Ms Bee => Vulgar ‘Comedian’ Samantha Bee Denied Press Credentials to Conservative Conference.

The Left in 2018: Unhinged.

Yelp Rescues Restaurant Who Booted Sarah Sanders By Censoring Negative Reviews.

Auf wiedersehen Angela? => German Interior Minister Seehofer calls crisis meeting with police & anti-terror chiefs.


27h June 2018


There really doesn’t seem to be a floor to the filth Hollywood is dishing out => Late-Night Hosts Rip Sarah Sanders: Be Grateful Chefs Didn’t Ejaculate in Your Food.

Tommy Robinson’s Full Letter from Prison.

Thank you Maxine Waters => Burned & Decapitated Animal Carcass Left On DHS Employee’s Porch.

The ‘people’s vote’ march: a middle-class joke.

Facing humiliation, Mueller backs away from prosecution of Russian entities.

Nolte: Media Normalize C*nt, C*ckholster, Joy Reid, Porn Stars, Booing R Victims.

The Real Origination Story of the Trump-Russia Investigation.

Intellectual Froglegs – The Capitalist that Saved America.

Black former student at Eastern Michigan University is ordered to pay $2,000 for scrawling racist KKK graffitin on campus.

Business + Politics = Disaster => Box Office Poison: Jim Carrey’s New Movie Went Straight-to-Video.

SPLC continues to enhance its reputation => Southern Poverty Law Center Compares Trump Calling MS-13 Gang-Members ‘Animals’ To Language Nazis Used To Describe Jews.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Has Lost Nearly 1/3rd of His Audience.

Reagan tells Soviet jokes.

How a Hacker Proved Cops Used a Secret Government Phone Tracker to Find Him.

France: More and more areas become Muslim-only, due to violence against ‘infidels’.

25h June 2018

Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family – FOLLOWED THEM to Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment!

It’s only a matter of time until there’s another murder => Maxine Waters Calls For Attacks On White House Employees: “Create A Crowd And Push Back On Them”.

Sweden on Verge of ‘Trump Moment’ as Anti-Immigration Outrage Surges.

Why Lindsay Shepherd is suing Wilfrid Laurier University.

Anti-EU Swedish Democrats surge to first place ahead of election.

Swedish political leader: What you read about Sweden in alternative media is true, we are in a low-intensive civil war.

Southern Poverty Law Center Forced to Pay Millions After Being Found GUILTY of Defamation.

New Migrant Crisis Threatens to Bring Down Merkel in 48 Hours.

UK – World Press Starts To Recognize Importance of Tommy Robinson Case.

Intellectual Froglegs – Under New Management.

THE OFFICIAL Hot Scots drum line – 2011 – Nigel – Talent Show at LHHS.

Steve Scalise Slams Big Tech Bias at Road to Majority Conference.

Bavaria orders Christian crosses be displayed on govt buildings.

BREAKING: California judge tosses global warming lawsuit against oil companies.


25h June 2018


Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza in Response to Protesters Flying Burning Kites.

“The Whole Thing Is A Scam”: Trump Unloads On “Deep State” Enemies During Fiery Speech.

Jordan Peterson sues Wilfrid Laurier for defamation following Lindsay Shepherd case.

“Italy Is Collapsing…And 5 Star Is Our Last Hope”: How Young Italians Fueled A Populist Uprising.

‘Not On My Watch:’ Trump Pledges Not To Let US Become ‘Migrant Camp’.

Intellectual Froglegs – Evolution of a Revolution.

Deep state FBI Lovebirds : The Text Messages of Lisa Page & Peter Strzok

Report: Google Faces Billions in EU Antitrust Fines.

Learning the hard way ==> German “refugees welcome” activist murdered after hitching ride with Moroccan truck driver.

24th June 2018


We’ve just lost one of the best.

Nikki Haley pulls the U.S. out of ‘cesspool’ U.N. Human Rights Council calling it ‘not worthy of its name’ for ‘chronic bias against Israel’.

Judge green-lights parent’s lawsuit against public school teaching ‘Islam is the true faith’.

Italy bans more migrant rescue boats.

Italy hits back after blocking migrant ships: We’re no longer Europe’s doormats, countries now listen to us.

Intellectual Froglegs – Trump Train vs Crazy Train.

Police Whistle Blower ” This Goes Right To The Top”.

Marsha Blackburn: ‘Tech Industry’s Problems Are Out of Control’.

The UK’s FGM Clinics.

Sydney gang rapes.



21st June 2018


Another Hollywood sicko => Office Of First Lady Calls Secret Service After Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Barron Trump To Be Kidnapped.

Hollywood really is a sewer => Grooming Alert: Do Not Take Your Kids to the Show Dogs Movie.

Have some Dr. Feelgood.

Intellectual Froglegs – FUN WATCH! “The Size of Church Bells”.

EXCLUSIVE: Police officers reveal the TRUTH about crime & “justice” in the UK.

Illegal Immigration and Lax Border Controls are The Epicenter of The UniParty…

“All the Way” Frank Sinatra.

California Judge Rules Twitter CAN Be Sued for Falsely Advertising Free Speech.

Protests over Merkel’s immigration policy after Muslim Afghan a “Refugee child” stabbed Teen Girl to death.

And people wonder why AfD is surging in Germany. => More than 100 German citizens fall victim to migrant crimes every single day.

20th June 2018

Free Tommy. => Geert Wilders at Free Tommy Robinson Rally, London, 6/9/18: “Do You Want to be Britain, or Saudi Arabia?”.

BBC climate activism from the bad old days => Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’.

Judge: Teen must repay US$37M for starting Oregon wildfire.

The mainstream media — the lap dogs of the deep state and propaganda arm of the left.

Mother who tricked her 17-year-old daughter into going to Pakistan and forced her to marry a male relative 16 years older than her is found guilty in UK legal first.

Intellectual Froglegs – N5 – Back to School Special.

It’s easy to see why there’s an increase in home schooling => Teaching Boss Slams School Reading Lists: Not Interested in ‘Conservative’ Shakespeare, ‘Dead White Men’.

GOP Lawmakers to File Resolution Detailing DOJ-FBI ‘Misconduct,’ 2016 Meddling.

Tommy Robinson ‘Disappears’: Free Speech in England Is Dead.

There’s always a cost.

Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt – Longing (A Meeting By The River).

Marsha Blackburn: ‘Yes,’ Social Media Companies Need Regulation.

Enough is enough. The pushback begins. => Austria to close 7 mosques, expel foreign-funded imams in crackdown on political Islam.

Pushback. => Viktor Orban: “We do not want to be mixed with others, we are fine the way we are now” .



10th June 2018


All 3 of these dudes raped and sexually assaulted teenage girls and want to do their time in female prisons because they now identify as women.

I’ve come to the conclusion Pelosi is actually insane.

Doxxing And Journalists: They Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It!

Intellectual Froglegs – Trump vs The Swamp Creatures.

He knows a scam when he sees it, so he walks away => Donald Trump to Leave G7 Summit Early, Skipping Climate Change Meeting.

CORRUPTION: Maxine Waters Discovered To Be Paying Daughter Over 100k In Campaign Funds.

More first responders commit suicide than die in line of duty, study shows.

Remain-backing Tory MP reports church-going pensioner to the POLICE over email criticising her for not supporting the Prime Minister and backing Brexit rebel amendments.

President Trump – Statement after G7 meeting.

Google apologizes for labeling NC state senator as a ‘bigot’ in search results.

Enough is enough. The pushback begins. => Sweden’s left collapses: Anti-migration party becomes largest of the country, poll shows.

Well, that’s understandable, isn’t it? Mere cultural differences. => Muslim Indicted for Shaking Baby to Death Blames Ramadan Fasting for Making Him ‘On Edge’.

FAIL: Wealthy organizations sunk $150 million to sway U.S. climate opinion.


9th June 2018


The tide, it’s a turning. Nice try Samantha, but only the full grovel would have saved your career => Samantha Bee Offers Feckless Apology for Calling First Daughter C*nt’: ‘Hoping to Reclaim Word’.

The tide, it’s a turning. Once the advertisers head for the exit, your show does too. => Over Two Thirds of TBS Advertisers Absent Week After Samantha Bee’s Ivanka ‘Cu*t’ Slur.

Confessions of a deliciously indiscreet QC! Diana? Two-faced. The Beatles? Duped by a conman. Nigella? We were instantly attracted… brace yourself, m’luds, for some very candid case notes.

‘Europe is waking up’ Marine Le Pen rebrands party to stop ‘EU TYRANNY’ ahead of elections.

University Of Michigan Now Has Almost 100 Full-Time Staff Dedicated To “Diversity”.

Intellectual Froglegs – Knee Jerks.

Deliver me a head warned Trump to Sessions, or it’ll be your head. Hey presto! => Jeff Sessions Delivers: DOJ Nails Senate Intel Committee’s Security Chief as Deep State Leaker.

‘Solo’ Will Lose Disney a Fortune — but Analysts Still Tiptoe Around the Reason Why.

Shithole London => Manhunt is underway after double stabbing leaves baby fighting for his life and his mother injured before attacker flees blood-stained home on London housing estate.

BREAKING=> FBI Agent at Mike Flynn Interrogation Is Ready to Testify Against McCabe, Strzok and Comey!

Ricky Furgusson who lost both legs, an eye & fingers on both hands in an ied blast. He was awarded the Military Cross for rescuing 4 comrades on four separate occasions from the frontline. He promised that he would walk again so he could receive it from the Queen.

I wonder why? => Muslim group sues to block Trump terrorism report.

After a very bad week for them, the deep state is running for cover.

Ry Cooder – She´s Leaving the Bank.

Of course he’d sell all the “dumb fucks” data. => Facebook Admits to Sharing User Data with Huawei.

Almost Half of W Europeans Find Islam ‘Incompatible’ With Home Values – Poll.

German police seek fugitive Iraqi over killing of girl, 14.


8th June 2018


Modern education => Children of 8 are ‘racist’ if they miss Islam trip: School’s threatening letter to parents is met with outrage.

20 years and trillions of dollars wasted on a chimera => Climate Change Has Run Its Course.

A message in two parts – part one.

Modern Journalism: Huffington Post Reporter Doxes Counter-Jihadi.

Well, colour me surprised => SpaceX Postpones Flight Plans to Send Space Tourists Around Moon.

Intellectual Froglegs – The Prophet Joe-Hammed.

Atlanta Fed Boosts Second Quarter GDP Forecast to 4.8%.

Bruce Toge CGC whose vehicle was hit by 10 RPGs knocked unconscious he recovered & carried out first aid, removing the men 1 by 1 to safety. He found 4 more casualties nearby & carried them all to safety while being shot at returning fire with a GPMG.

Black Unemployment Plummets to New Record, Lowest for Women Since 1953.

Major Donor Pulls Funding From University Of Minnesota For Discriminating Against Ben Shapiro.

Hammock – Sinking Inside Yourself.

REVEALED: Facebook let SIXTY companies, including Apple and Amazon, have ‘deep access personal data about users and their friends – and the controversial deals are STILL in place’.

Asylum seeker who raped a young woman on a night out to celebrate her 18th birthday after pretending to help her is jailed for 14 years.

The ‘evil’ jihadi mother who turned her daughters into the ‘Mad Hatter’ terrorist gang: Father blames social services for letting girls live with his extremist ex-wife who banned music, television and made them watch ISIS beheading videos.



6th June 2018


A big flip, but he’ll have to earn it => Fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe Requests Criminal Immunity in exchange for Congressional Testimony…

This is huge => #Spygate – President Trump Highlights Lou Dobbs Segment Outlining December 2015 FBI CoIntel Operation…

“Go away, this doesn’t concern you.”

Intellectual Froglegs – The Camel Repairman only knocks once.

What world does the liberal media live in => What Bias? Media Calls Supreme Court 7-2 Decision in Favor of Christian Baker a “Narrow Win”.

She really knows how to pull in that middle America vote => Nancy Pelosi on Supreme Court Ruling: Bake That Cake, Christians!

THOUSANDS March in Manchester, England in Support of Jailed Activist Tommy Robinson.

The police have lost control of London’s streets => London fights back: As a crime wave grips the capital, new video shows how FOUR hero bystanders tackled Regent Street moped gang – including a fearless delivery man who came out swinging with his TROLLEY.

Shithole London => The terrifying moment that sums up London’s new crime wave: Bystander video captures moped gang attacking comedian Michael McIntyre and stealing his £15k Rolex as his young son watches just inches away.

Canada’s Outdoors are Heterosexual White Spaces.

Anti-Extremist Muslim Imam Tawhidi Banned From Facebook After Mocking Hamas.

Australia: Muslim gouges out wife’s eyes and slaughters her in front of their three young children.

Ramadan Rage: Islamic Terrorists Kill 352, Wound 449 in Nearly Three Weeks.


5th June 2018


“It’s Ridiculous” – Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of “Boy” Or “Girl” In Books.

Intellectual Froglegs – Trumpnado.

War Erupts Between Italy’s Government And Soros: “You Profited From The Death Of Hundreds Of People”.

So much for the much hyped red wave => WOKE? Maxine Waters plays to empty seats as only 10 millennials show up to campaign event.

Business + Politics = Disaster => Starbucks employees, customers express concern over new policy: ‘I can’t see how this will work’.

With him in charge, no wonder it’s called shithole London nowadays => London Mayor Bans Free Speech On Social Media Because “Muslims are offended”.

Winning => China’s president promises to cut auto import tariff.

MyPillow Announces ‘Strong’ Sales After Refusal to Boycott Ingraham Angle.

SEKULOW: We Have Uncovered Thousands of Docs Showing Pay-to-Play Between Hillary State Department and Clinton Foundation.


McCarthy: People From Tech Companies ‘Need To Come In’ – ‘The Bias Has to Stop’.

British Police confirm NO-GO ZONES in the UK.

“Never Hire a Muslim”.


4th June 2018


Fox News has been #1 for 197 months straight. In the latest ratings disaster for CNN they lost another 25% of their viewers. Fox has 10 of the top 15 shows and even hold the #1 spot in the younger key demo. The public is loudly rejecting CNN.

Netflix Approval Plummets Among Republicans Amid Obama Production Deal, Susan Rice Board Appointment.

In Leaked Letter, Trump’s Lawyers Tell Mueller To Go Pound Sand.

Tommy Robinson Protests Continue For Second Week As Thousands Take To The Streets.

Intellectual Froglegs – A Source with No Name.

Anti-Immigrant Party Wins Slovenian Elections As Populist Wave Washes Over Europe.

London in meltdown => Horrifying moment man writhes in agony on the ground ‘after being blasted in the face with a shotgun’ as bystanders try to help him in the wake of a double shooting on a night of bloodshed in London.

A judiciary totally out of touch => As Knife Bans Fail To Stop Crimes, Judge Says Forcing Citizens To Dull Kitchen Knives Will Work.

14 yo girl proves liberals are pussified.

Wired: If They Want to Fight ‘Fake News,’ Why Are Google, Facebook Relying on Wikipedia?

‘It’s time to pack your bags’: Italy’s new far-right interior minister warns migrants ‘the free ride is over’ as he promises mass deportations.

Greek mayor: “Women are afraid to go out alone, we keep our children inside our homes”.

President Trump Has Broken the Spell of Climate Change Mania.


3rd June 2018


This guy thinks he’ll win a trade war with President Trump?

Intellectual Froglegs – The Spy Who Shagged Himself.

Establishment Loses Big as Grassroots Candidates Surge in Texas, Georgia.

Candice Owens – some unscripted thoughts on the recent attacks on her.

Trump’s Paris Decision One Year Later: Looking Better and Better.

Arrogant? Moi? => Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will ‘Not Proactively’ Work with ICE to Arrest, Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens.

BREAKING: E-mails Show FBI Brass Discussed Dossier Briefing Details With CNN.

WATCH: Young boy tries to get a hug from Trump; Gets HEART-MELTING response.

Trump Administration Announces Steel Tariffs Against Canada, Mexico, European Union.

Italy gets western Europe’s 1st populist govt on second try.

Comey Grilled As Feds “Seriously” Consider Charging McCabe In Criminal Referral.

Denmark Passes Law Banning Islamic Niqab and Burqa Face Veils.

Trump to Trudeau: ‘Fair Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ on NAFTA.

Stadium announces anthem won’t be played, crowd sings anyway.

This isn’t an attempt to improve Facebook, it’s an attempt to be the the thought police.

French woman beaten up by Afghan asylum seekers ‘for being too lightly dressed’.

Notice, no mention of the M-word => Seven men arrested after reports of touching young girls at Roseville water park.

Wind Energy: Part-Time Power – Full-Time Failure: Brand New Turbines Falling Apart.


2nd June 2018


May Ratings Crisis: CNN Did Not Place a Single Show in Top 25.

Sick Hollywood => Allison Mack Says That NXIVM Branding Really Was Her Idea.

Judicial targetting of political opponents => Dinesh D’Souza: A behind-the-scenes look at my presidential pardon.

SHOCK REVELATION: Barack Obama Lobbied Canadian Leader to Work Against Incoming President Trump.

Black Unemployment Plunges To Record Low, Gap Between White, Black Unemployment Smallest In History.

“Uncomfortable” Starbucks Employees Respond To Becoming “World’s Biggest Public Toilet”.

Hungary’s ‘Stop Soros’ bill proposes jail time for people trying to help illegal migrants stay in the country.

Donald Trump to Pardon Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

Report: Google, Wikipedia List ‘Nazism’ as California GOP’s Top Ideology.

State Farm Pulls Ads from TBS’s ‘Full Frontal’ After Samantha Bee’s ‘Feckless C**t’ Remark.

Autotrader Pulls Ads from TBS’s ‘Full Frontal’ After Samantha Bee’s ‘Feckless C**t’ Remark.

Jordan Peterson: Why America is Fine and Europe is Doomed.

Ramadan in Germany: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl so violently, she needs surgery.

Failed asylum seeker Karam Majdi who lied that he was a minor raped girl, 14, at hostel.


1st June 2018


<a style=”color:#3366ff;” href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>BREAKING: Anti-Netflix Boycott Reaches 100,000 SUPPORTERS in less than one week!

WIKILEAKS DROPS HUGE BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Ordered CIA To SPY On French Candidates In Presidential Election.

FBI Agent Who Quit Over ‘Rigged’ Clinton Case To Testify; Drops BOMB On Comey, Obama.

GAME OVER? Keith Ellison Calls for NFL BOYCOTT After ‘Kneeling Ban’.

McDonald’s Tells Pressure Group Demanding Plastic Straw Ban to Suck It.

Gassenhauer (Street song – Badlands) – Schulwerk Carl Orff – Gad’s Hill School Ensemble.

YouTube hack hits popular music videos, causes biggest video ever to disappear.

Train knife attack: One man killed, policewoman and passenger injured in Germany.


31st May 2018


Crazy Liberal Activist Wants To ARREST ALL 63 MILLION AMERICANS Who Voted For Trump.

‘Free Tommy Robinson’: Trump Jr., European populists slam UK over jailing of right-wing activist.

Judge Admits Tommy Robinson Sentenced Without Due Process.

BASTARDS: Mainstream Media PUBLISH Tommy Robinson’s Home Address – Putting his Wife and Children at risk.

My statement in front of the British Embassy in The Hague today.

1984: The UK is Illegally Detaining Two Journalists, Seemingly Making Them Vanish.

New York Times Admits It Lied About Crowd Size at Nashville Trump Rally, Corrects After President Calls Them Out.

The Suicide of Europe.

Facebook threatens Voice of Europe for criticising migration.

Sweden: Serial rapist convicted for the third time- yet “impossible” to expel.


30th May 2018


Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson.

Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial.

UK’s Sharia Compliant Government Just Gave Tommy Robinson a Death Sentence.

The Death of Britain.

Britons Rage Over Robinson Arrest As Mass Protests Break Out Worldwide.

“He’s A Political Prisoner Whose Life Is In Clear And Pressing Danger”: Tommy Robinson Offered Asylum By German MP.

UKIP peer warns Home Secretary Sajid Javid: If Tommy Robinson is murdered or injured in prison, we’ll hold you accountable.

‘UK behaving like Saudi Arabia’: Geert Wilders calls for release of Tommy Robinson.

“I heard there was a secret court where journalists weren’t allowed to report…

This photo is the best thing on the internet right now.

This is what happens when a tin pot dictator confuses Trump with Obama => TRUMP WINS: North Korea says they are NOW open to resolving issues with U.S. after Trump scraps summit.

The story Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for trying to cover => Trial dates set for 29 people accused of child sex abuse charges.

Steve Earle and Del McCoury Band – Pilgrim.

YouTube Temporarily Demonetizes Dave Rubin Interview with Thomas Sowell.

France: Arrest of woman wearing niqab triggers five nights of rioting and millions in damages.


29th May 2018


“Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson’s Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed From the Internet.

Judicial murder.

Hungarian PM Says ‘First Priority’ is Demographics: Rejects Mass Migration, Pledges to Support Mothers, Families.

Business + Politics = Disaster => Inside The “New” Starbucks: Blood-Spattered Walls, Workers Pricked By Needles And More.

Business + Politics = Disaster => Publix is Already Facing MAJOR Financial Backlash After Caving to Hogg.

Two police officers and a passer-by are shot dead in Belgium before attacker ‘shouting “Allahu Akbar”‘ is killed after taking a ‘school cleaning lady’ hostage.

Candace Owen – Playing the Black Card.

Facebook Allegedly Collects Data On Non-Users, U.K. Report Reveals.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says sorry for data breach and fake news – but EU lawmakers slam him for failing to give ‘simple yes or no’ answers during 90-minute Brussels showdown.

Facebook Censorship and the Atlantic Council.

BBC POLL: Europe Most Socially Divided World Region, Due to Migration.

Muslims Erupt As School Board Refuses To Shut School For Islamic Holiday.

Merkel is furious as Bavaria Forcing Migrants To Pay For Their Stay By Seizing Their valuables.



23rd May 2018


This sort of crap is exactly why I stopped using Google as a search engine.

Nigel Farage dragging Mark Zuckerberg over the coals at the EU.

Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million.

Israel becomes first country in the world to use F-35 stealth fighter in combat and claims the $150m jets dodged 100 missiles from Syria.

FBI scandal bigger than Watergate? — Could be, and the dishonest press should cover it that way, too.

Fox’s Bartiromo: DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA ‘were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump’.

Becky With the Bold Hands: White Woman Arrested for Attempting to Pet Black Woman’s Dog Without Permission.

Former Trump Adviser Makes Claim About A Second Informant.

Trump twisting the knife in the NFL => Trump praises NASCAR fans, drivers for standing during national anthem.

Trump has not invited Democrats, media to state dinner: report.


Steve Earle and The Del McCoury Band – The Mountain.

Germany having a tough time enforcing online hate speech law.

Activist groups launch campaign to break up Facebook.

YouTube Restores Controversial Video After Media Pressure.

Almost 1,400 minor girls abused by mostly migrant pimps in the Netherlands.

Number of Swedes Opposing Mass Migration of Asylum Seekers Doubles.

Disrespectful migrants attack Swedish pensioners and hit elderly man in the face.

WINNING: Trump removes global warming from Obama-era executive order.


22nd May 2018


Trump moving into the kill spot. Approaching the endgame.

BOMBSHELL: Trump Campaign Spy Paid $400K, Guess What Foundation Employed Him.

BREAKING: Comey & Yates Targeted General Flynn With Counterintel Investigation ONE YEAR Before His Phone Call to Russian Ambassador in 2016.

Business + Politics = Disaster => Starbucks Makes It Official: Stores Are Now Homeless Shelters.

Business + Politics = Disaster => People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service.

Darwin in action => Taking a snap! Alligator farmer almost has his hand bitten off as he follows the 900lb beast through the water with a selfie stick.

U.S. Heaps More Sanctions on Venezuela After ‘Fraudulent Election’.

Pro-Trump Prof. Sues after University Tries Putting Him under ‘Office Arrest’.

Have some Dr. Feelgood => A North Dakota airman’s surprise homecoming brought his 8-year-old son to tears..

Bach – Goldberg Variations.

Google Lawsuit: Senior Engineer Sought to ‘Blacklist Alt-Right Websites’ Like ‘Breitbart,’ Purge YouTube.

Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late.

UK: Two illegal immigrants try to attack woman who holds a brown belt in karate and get humiliated.

This is not Paris, This was Afghanistan before Islam, before the burqa – Sharia took the country to the Stone Age.


21st May 2018

An astounding woman of solitary courage => She lost out to Al Gore in being awarded a Nobel prize => Irena Sendler – non-jew.

Google firing James Damore will prove to have been a very damaging thing to do => CONFIRMED: Radical left-wing feminist Google engineer demanded the company blacklist conservative websites and delete all their videos and Gmail accounts.

Where there used to be investigative reporting, we now internet sleuths doing the work => HUGE! Email Shows FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Was Still Spying on Trump Well Into 2017.

Have some Dr. Feelgood => WATCH: A joyous reunion between a member of the @USArmyReserve and the stray dog she rescued while stationed in Iraq..

Obviously, she found a niche market in desperation and worked it => Average-Looking British Woman Made $7,000 Per Month As A Prostitute While Working For Senior Politician.

Guess where he’s going to do his next swamp draining? => Scoop: Gina Haspel Knows About Brennan and Comey’s Russia/Trump Setup.

A former leader of the intelligence community speaking … => Clapper: It’s ‘A Good Thing’ FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign.

Getting closer … => Obama’s FBI Spied On The Trump Campaign, So What Did He Know And When Did He Know It?.

Truth and integrity are foreign words to types like Comey. => LEAKER GOES SILENT: James Comey GOES SILENT After News Breaks He Was Running Spies Inside Trump Campaign.

Show me the man, and I’ll find a crime. Time to shut down this travesty of an investigation. => SHUT IT DOWN=> Robert Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoena to Roger Stone’s Driver.

Playing the race card on bodycam => WATCH NAACP Leader Lie About Being Racially Profiled By Police.

The EU “project” is in ruins. => Italy could be next country to LEAVE EU after populist parties gain POWER.

Ry Cooder – She´s Leaving the Bank.

Twitter Will Suppress ‘Trolls’ Who Don’t Violate Rules.

‘Allahu Akbar’ Paris Knife Killer Was Radical Muslim Migrant on Jihadist Watch List.

Artworks in Italy censored and covered with blankets for visiting Muslims.

Texas teen Matin Azizi-Yarand arrested for planning mass shooting at mall.



18th May 2018

Unbelievable. Meet the snowflake mentality.

Convicted sex offender draws 180-year sentence after turning down 7-year max plea deal.

The DOJ spying on a presidential candidate? Given the persistent judicial blocking of Trump’s policies, it’s probably true => ‘Really Bad Stuff!’ Donald Trump Raises Alarm Over Unnamed Spy in Presidential Campaign.

Career end in any role requiring loyalty => EXCLUSIVE: White House Leaker Identified As Trump’s Former Scheduler Caroline Wiles.

How to devalue every woman’s degree => Professor rebuked after vowing to boost female students’ grades to offset gender imbalances.

Journalists’ Hatred for Trump Is Destroying Them.

A two pipe piece => Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.

Energy poverty and the home truths MPs would rather ignore.

The revealing crumb left in the David Corn/Michael Isikoff book on the Russia investigation.

Jeff Sessions ends Obama-era ‘de facto’ court amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Rand: Shooters Aren’t Shooting Up the Sheriff’s Office – They Go ‘Where There Is No Self-Defense’.

Red Tsunami – Intellectual Froglegs from IntellectualFroglegs w Joe Dan on Vimeo.

Masters of the Universe Backlash: Founder of Messaging Service Kik Creates ‘Anti-Facebook Alliance’.

Swedish woman murdered by deported migrant who returned unchecked.

Shopkeeper Rana Aslam Receives Light One-year Sentence for Grooming 12-Year-Old in Scotland.

9-year-old migrant boy threatens Austrian children with knife: “My job is to kill people”.

Norwegian gas exporter warns Europe may be on verge of blackouts.


18th May 2018

Colour me surprised => Millennial Conservative Candace Owens Ignites Snowflake Meltdown Nationwide.

A woman and black; so much for all the media slurs => Trump Nominates First Black Woman to Serve at Brigadier General Rank.

The liberal media coming after a black deserting the DNC plantation => BuzzFeed Attempts Journalism, Gets Shellacked by Candace Owens.

Colour me double jumbo surprised => BOMBSHELL: FBI Used Secret Program To Gather Information On Trump Campaign, No Judge Needed, Report Says.

Now, who would have thunked that => EXPOSED: Ex-Obama, Clinton Officials Behind Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund.

There is no end to his narcissism => OBAMA GROUP SUED For MISLEADING Chicago Residents About Building “Presidential Library” On Prime Property…Will Build MASSIVE OBAMA SHRINE Instead.

It’s no wonder Eastern Europe has slammed its doors to mass migration => Sweden In Free Fall.

Only way to stop American workers being illegally priced out of jobs => Audits, Arrests Surge As Feds Crack Down On Employers Who Hire Illegal Immigrants.

Inhumanity in action => LA Has Criminalized Poverty By Making It Illegal To Sleep In Cars and RVs.

Humanity in action.

Christopher Walken – The Lion Speech.

CIA Can ‘Selectively’ Share Secrets With Pet Reporters Without Challenge.

EU arrogance in action => EU Commission: ‘Europe Will Never Be a Fortress’, Mass Migration ‘Here to Stay’.

Editorial: Don’t Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling.

17th May 2018

Conspiracy to Frame Trump ‘Unraveling,’ Ex-Prosecutor Says.

The Strzok-Page Texts and the Origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation.

Bombshell: The CDC Has Been Diverting Millions Of Tax Dollars Towards Far-Left Political Campaigns.

Goodbye, OPEC.

Yann Tiersen – Sur le fil piano.

IT’S OFFICIAL POLICY=> FACEBOOK Is Censoring Conservatives in POLAND too!

Only 10 months prison for African rapist of Swedish woman because his crime ‘was not gross enough’.


6th May 2018

Career death wish in action => This will really relaunch a career she crashed and burned all by herself => WATCH: Kathy Griffin Unleashes New Attack On Trump’s Family, Takes Back Apology.

Knowing how plain greedy the Clintons are, it’ll never happen => DNC Officials Demand Refund From Hillary Clinton.

Back in business because greed knows no limits => Clinton Foundation revving back up despite ethical cloud.

Amazon Boots Christian Nonprofit From Donations Program Because Of SPLC’s ‘Hate List’.

Trump tells Nigerian muslim president to stop the genocide against Christians – Muslims cry “Islamophobia”.

Germany’s anti-Christian hate crimes go underreported because migrants are involved.

Springfield Armory Severs Ties With Dick’s Sporting Goods Over Gun Control Lobbying.

National Shooting Sports Foundation Just Expelled Dick’s Sporting Goods Over Gun Control Lobbying.

“You want to send people to jail for exercising their rights?” Trey Gowdy battles Census Bureau.

Conservative Leaders: ‘Social Media Censorship’ Has ‘Reached a Crisis Level’.

Insanity => Sex between a 23-year-old migrant and a 10-year-old girl is not rape says court in Finland.


5th May 2018

Federal judge accuses Mueller’s team of ‘lying,’ trying to target Trump: ‘C’mon man!’.

Robert Mueller Hires ANOTHER Liberal Hack Lawyer Who Donated to Hillary Clinton.

How the Russian collusion myth was hatched by Team Hillary immediately after her loss.

She’s going to have to gobble a lot of c**k to pay the damages =>President Trump Announces His Team Will Seek Damages from Porn Star Stormy Daniels.

SOURCES: EPA Leaker Fired for Going AWOL, Background Red Flags, Affair with American Idol Contestant, Impersonating Police.

BREAKING: Leaker In The Interior Department Has Been Found.

ESPN Is Losing Nearly 17,000 Subscribers Every Day.

I wonder what caused this? => Trump to send 57,000 Honduran TPS recipients back home.

Christopher Walken – The Lion Speech.

ie anything not left-wing => Facebook begins ranking news organisations by trustworthiness in bid to tackle ‘fake news’.

200 migrants attack German police during deportation operation – Force them to flee.

4th May 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Trump 2016 Campaign Advisor Names Names, Blows Lid off Mueller Investigation Funding and Leaks.

The Major Scandals During Robert Mueller’s FBI Years.

Kanye Effect: Black Male Approval of Trump Doubles in One Week.

The ‘Uncle Tom’ Card Is Dead.

National Weather Service Head Allegedly Assaults Meteorologist For Questioning Global Warming.

Hillary Clinton gears up to influence midterms — whether Dems like it or not.

Democratic National Committee fundraising hits wall as GOP sits flush ahead of midterm elections.

The view of a conservative journalist in despair about America five years ago. He had lots of company at the time.

Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata.

Swedish mother of toddler gang raped by three “child” refugees – They even took photos.

3rd May 2018

There’s An App for Illegal Aliens That Helps Them Avoid Feds, Guess Who’s Behind It?


Donald Trump Celebrates End of House Intelligence Investigation: We Should ‘Get On with Our Lives’.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will ‘Dial Up the Intensity’ of News ‘Suppression’ Leading Up to Midterm Elections.

Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt – Longing (A Meeting By The River).

Twitter just took away ANOTHER 300 of my followers in the last 10 minutes..

Migrant says he ‘accidentally’ raped a Belgian woman: “I wasn’t myself that day”.

2nd May 2018

After Police Ignored Her, Mom Catches Child’s Attempted Rapist Herself—Then Cops ARREST HER.

After ‘Yeti’ Coolers Drops the NRA, Their Competitor Goes MEGA VIRAL With This One Post.

Zuckerberg’s Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day.


Google and Amazon patent creepy SPY systems that use cameras and sensors in your home to know everything from your mood to your medical conditions.

Maine: House Democrats vote to allow female genital mutilation.

1st May 2018

The WHCD and 6 Other Ways the Media Revealed Their Moral Depravity Last Week.

This Had to Hurt=> Grifter Mitt Romney Fell Flat on His Face in Second Round Voting at Utah Convention.

“Very Pissed Off” Obama DOJ Made “Dramatic” Call To McCabe To Quash Clinton Probe.

Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk.

EXCLUSIVE — Research: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters.

Swedes call to deport refugees after Red Cross volunteer was stabbed to death by a refugee for no reason.

30th April 2018

 DOJ Will Turn Over Thousands of New FBI Texts Between Strzok and Page … Next 24 Hours. This development could set off some fireworks.

JUST RELEASED: Clinton Emails, Classified Docs Expose Collusion Between State Department and Clinton Foundation.

Rare earth elements, scarcity and human ingenuity.

Irish Tesco worker does an excellent impersonation of a church service – including the chant as well. Only in Ireland …

Twitter Sold Data Access to Cambridge Analytica–Linked Researcher.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Apologizes for Labelling Candace Owens ‘Far Right’.

29th April 2018

Kanye West Condemns Black America’s Allegiance to the Democrat ‘Plantation’ in Song ‘Ye vs. the People’.

Hillary Clinton fundraiser Caren Turner quits ethics post after video of her cursing out cops goes viral.

The Backfire Continues: NRA Breaks Fundraising Records In Wake Of Gun Control Demands.

I feel the need – the need for speed.

Facebook Finally Confirms – Tracks People Who Don’t Even Use It.

Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before.

Notice, nobody wants to use the M word – Man with learning difficulties, 58, suffers a broken jaw after gang of ‘cowardly, vile’ thugs battered him unconscious.


I’m just going to stuff in here links to anything appearing in the RHS of the blog with no particular taxonomy.

26th April 2018

Girl, 3, lost in the Australian bush is rescued by old farm dog which stayed by her side through the night.

The NRA just broke a 15-year fundraising record.

Hillary’s aides called the Clinton Foundation ‘Chelsea’s nest egg’, reveals new book whose author is being trolled on Twitter by former first daughter for writing ‘fiction’.

Once a warrior, always a warrior – Vet with prosthetic leg carries exhausted guide across Boston Marathon finish line so they can both finish.

‘Alfie’s Army’ dominates Twitter, so why isn’t #AlfieEvans trending?

Twitter closes down LastNightInSweden.

Learning the hard way – Woman who campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden was raped and sexually assaulted by two Afghan teenagers she met outside a bar.

25th April 2018

‘Roseanne’ Ratings Dominance Continues with 22 Million Delayed Viewers.

R.I.P. JOURNALISM : Falling New York Times and Washington Post share Pulitzer for unearthing “Possible Russia Ties”.

Five Things You Didn’t Know Silicon Valley Was Tracking. If you’re not frightened by this …

‘Refugee’ Spared Prison After Strangling, Sexually Assaulting Woman in Maidstone, Kent.


24th April 2018

GAME OVER: Kaepernick SNUBBED by Team After Refusing to STAND.

DOJ IG releases explosive report that led to firing of ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme put to a display of what an Su-35 can do in the hands of an accomplished combat pilot.

British woman ‘held as a sex slave for two weeks in Italy where she was raped by three men manages to escape after calling her family for help’.

14th April 2018

Nearly one in 10 Americans surveyed say they deleted their Facebook account over privacy concerns.

Lesbian moms killed their six adopted kids days after social workers began investigating reports the children jumped out of high WINDOWS to beg for food from neighbors, and were whipped with belts.

Brian Crain – Leaves on the water.

More than a million British victims of the Facebook data breach ‘could get compensation payouts of £12,000 each’ by suing the social media giant.

YouTube could be fined BILLIONS for ‘illegally collecting data on children under 13’ and allowing adverts to target them.

Teachers’ Union Demands Action on ‘Prejudiced’ Parents Withdrawing Children from Islam Lessons.

Failed asylum seeker wrenches a five-year-old boy from his mother’s arms before jumping under a train with him in Germany.


13th April 2018

This week’s mummy madness – Mom who let 4-year-old eat a PB&J in a shopping cart branded a monster by parenting forum.

Man wearing ‘F*** Trump’ t-shirt thrown out of Texas restaurant.


Brian Crain – Rain.

Facebook apologises to Voice of Europe for ‘accidentally’ removing content.

Apple co-founder protests Facebook by shutting down account.

Watch: Italian town banned construction of mosques and deported 200 Muslim migrants.

Watch: Italian female mayor deports thousands of migrants & refugees from her town “We have no money to give them”.

12th April 2018

***Live Updates*** Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are sued by British and US lawyers for misusing data of 71million people.

Zuckerberg is quizzed repeatedly on perceived left-wing bias on Facebook after claims it censored Trump boosters Diamond and Silk.

Facebook Bans German Historian for Saying ‘Islam Is Not Part of German History’.

Manchester police chief: ‘Children put themselves at risk’.

WATCH: Romanian girl defends her right to criticize Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.




11th April 2018

One born every minute – Facebook’s biggest Black Lives Matter page reportedly a ‘scam’ tied to middle-aged white Australian.

Angela Merkel embraces Sharia laws – Polygamy is NOW legal in Germany.

Hungary’s anti-immigration PM hails ‘extraordinary victory’ as his party is expected to win two-thirds of seats in the country’s parliament.

Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data.

Zuckerberg says most Facebook users should assume they have had their public info scraped.

Night of terror for Christians in Cyprus after attack of Muslim migrants.

German police foil ‘planned knife attack’ on Berlin half-marathon as they arrest six men – including one ‘with links to Christmas market attacker’.


10th April 2018

SAS soldiers ‘kill 12 jihadis in revenge attack’ following the death of a British sniper specialist in an ISIS roadside bomb blast in Syria.

Love immigrants, how to tweet and the devil is real: Pope Francis issues new ‘commandments’ for the modern world.

Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM: “Sharia law is compatible with Canadian society”.

Michael Anton Out at the National Security Council, Days After McMaster’s Departure.

Robert Wasinger Names Names, Denounces Anti-Trumpers in the Administration.

Grindr under fire for sharing millions of users’ HIV status, phone ID and GPS coordinates with two other companies.

EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk Call on Trump to Probe Social Media Giants.

Rape crisis in Germany: women start arming themselves due to mass Islamic immigration.

Truth about child refugees: Two-thirds quizzed about their age are found to be ADULTS, official report reveals after almost 3,000 people claiming to be unaccompanied minors apply for asylum in a year.

9th April 2018


Fuming Rachel Maddow Spends Entire Show Just Pointing Wildly At Picture Of Putin.

Boycott Kimmel Petition Reaches 50k Signatures After ABC Host Mocked Melania Trump’s Accent.

Firing Kevin Williamson Is Just the Beginning.

Hello? Nothing alarming about Twitter CEO pushing article about winning ‘New Civil War’ by wiping out conservatives.

France: Soon with No Jews?.

Iraq’s Christians: Eighty Percent Have “Disappeared”.

Liberal Farm – It’s Intellectual Froglegs by Joe Dan Gorman. This vblogger is a scream. I’ve added him to the vblogger list and because of its length, will leave it up for a few days.

Did Twitter Shadow Ban Ted Cruz?

EU Data Watchdog: Facebook Users Are Treated Like ‘Battery Animals or Experimental Rats’.

Solar farms receive more cash from green subsidies than selling the energy they produce.

7th April 2018


Jimmy Kimmel Under Fire for Hurling ‘Homophobic Slurs’ at Hannity and Trump.

Trump signs memo ending ‘catch and release’ immigration policy.

South Carolina Legislators Introduce Bill For Secession If Feds Begin Seizing Legal Firearms.

Crackdown on ‘zombie killer’ knives and acid as Theresa May is forced in to U-turn on stop and search powers amid gang violence and a wave of teenage murders across London.

The Dunning-Kruger effect.

Troy: Fall of a City is basically unwatchable.

‘Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk.

Facebook a big contributor to the committees in Congress that will question Mark Zuckerberg.

Picked off by a paedophile gang, plied with drink, repeatedly raped and pregnant by 14: Victim of Rotherham child abuse ringleader reveals social workers and police did nothing despite knowing about her ordeal.

No parallel societies: Austria wants headscarf ban in kindergartens and primary schools.

7th April 2018

Are there too many students? Almost half of young people now go to universities which spawn dumbed down degrees that equip graduates for nothing in life.

WE KHAN’T SEE YOU London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘works from home’ as murder toll in city soars.

Khan’s London: Gang Warfare Kills More than Terror, Despite Tightest Gun Controls Firearms Are ‘Easy’ to Buy.

Corrupt Justice Department misses deadline to hand over FBI documents on FISA, Clinton Foundation.

UK Police Appear to Have Lost Control of London’s Streets – Ex-Met Chief.

President Trump says, WTO offers ‘advantages’ to China and is unfair to US.

Oregon’s Liberal Dem Governor Kate Brown Accepted Large Soros Donation Three Days Before She Refused to Send National Guard to Protect US Border.

Farage brands London crime epidemic Sadiq Khan’s ‘mess’ as Mayor widely criticised.

D’Souza exposes how leftists shifted blame for KKK.

Facebook Admits it Reads Chats, Scans Pictures and Links Sent in Messenger App.

As Zuck apologizes again… Facebook admits ‘most’ of its 2bn+ users may have had public profiles slurped by bots.

Did Cambridge Analytica get YOUR data? You’ll know soon: Facebook will notify 87 million affected users on Monday as it rolls out News Feed tool to display apps you share info with.

Germany: Headmaster Tells Mother of Daughter Bullied by Muslims to Cover Her Up With a Hijab.

Failed Pakistani Asylum Seeker ‘Slit Daughter’s Throat to Punish Wife’.

6th April 2018

The sign reads, “Our citizens have concealed weapons. If you kill someone, we might kill you back. We have ONE jail and 356 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!”.

The predator: ‘Armed burglar’, 37, ‘stabbed to death by 78-year-old OAP’ is from career criminal family who have conned frail pensioners out of HALF A MILLION pounds and he was previously jailed for 10 years.

Kurt Eichenwald Bullies Parkland Survivor, Then Finds Out He’s Unemployed.

Italian Journalist Fired for Saying ‘Newspapers Care Nothing for the Truth’.

2018’s 1st Quarter Ratings Are In — CNN Is Getting DESTROYED By Other News Networks.

SIX teenagers are stabbed within 90 minutes of each other in FOUR separate knife attacks across London.

The meditation from the opera Thais (Massenet).

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal affected 87 MILLION people – 40M MORE than first thought: Top exec admits ‘most people could have had their profile scraped’ and Zuckerberg says he made a ‘huge mistake’.

Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stories ‘Intentionally Misleading’ with Wikipedia Pop-Up.

Deported Asylum Seeker Illegally Returned to UK and Raped Teenager.

Canada: Muslim attacks Christian preacher “I have right to attack anyone who doesn’t respect Islam”.

5th April 2018

After not working 213 of 214 days, Judge Astacio receives pay raise.

Lindsay Shepherd saying goodbye to the left.

SWITZERLAND passes law that will deny citizenship to virtually all Muslim migrants and asylum seekers.

Poll: 77% of Americans Believe Traditional Media Reports Fake News.

People Fleeing Baltimore As City Turns Into Crime Ridden Hellhole.

ISIS Tortures Then Crucifies Christian Man, Tells Him: ‘If You Love Jesus, You Will Die Like Jesus’ .

Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer, and People Are Freaking Out.

Facebook under fire for rejecting ad showing Jesus crucified to the cross because it’s ‘shocking and excessively violent’.

GERMAN OFFICIAL says the best way to avoid being stabbed or raped by Muslim migrants is to keep them at arm’s length.

PARIS METRO: So infested with criminal migrant gangs and drug dealers, train engineers are refusing to stop at certain stations.


EPA’s Scott Pruitt Begins Repeal Of Obama Climate Regs For Cars, Trucks.

4th April 2018

Muslim patient forbids Austrian father from entering hospital room and visit his ill daughter.

Watch: Iraqi Muslims leave Finland because they did not receive free housing and money.

Jack Buckby: Leftist UK Guardian is harvesting data, too.

Ever Record a Video on Facebook? Facebook Still Has It.

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I Actually Am Not Sure We Shouldn’t Be Regulated’.

This is what mind control looks like.

HILLARY’S WHINE AND CHEESE TOUR CONTINUES: “They never said that to any man who wasn’t elected” [Video].

‘They loathe Christians’: Google is accused of ignoring Easter after not creating a ‘Doodle’ to mark the religious holiday since the year 2000.

Op-Ed: Did anyone really believe Trump would allow a DACA Deal?

No end to the bloodshed: Boy, 16, fights for his life after being stabbed on London street as the capital hits TWELVE murders in three weeks and becomes deadlier than New York.

17,000 members quit Labour over anti-Semitism row: Pressure grows on Jeremy Corbyn as he DELETES his Facebook account and TWELVE party staff are revealed to be in vile hate groups.

1st April 2018

Anti-Grooming Gang Protests in Telford After ‘1,000 Girls Raped’.

Imprisoned, Tortured French Teen Was Forced to Use Knotted Sheets to Escape Illegal Migrant Boyfriend.

Peter Schweizer on the Masters of the Universe: ‘Google Is Editing What People See and Don’t See’.

Enough talk: PM appeals for global free trade deals after Brexit and tells tech giants they must do more to take down criminal content (even though she’s addressing a half-empty room).

Victor D. Hanson: Why Germany Engaged in an Unwinnable WWII.

Nikki Haley Announces Dramatic Cut in US Aid to the UN “US Will not Pay More”.

“You Called Us Nazis!” Students Repeatedly Ask Teacher to Take Down “Nazis = Republicans” Sign – She Refuses (VIDEO).

Nolte: Trump Says Washington Post Should Register as Amazon ‘Lobbyist’.

Warts and all: Researchers reconstruct face of Cro-Magnon man.


30th March 2018

Here’s what people who carried out 28 mass attacks in the US have in common: Secret Service.

Portland protest leader Micah Rhodes guilty of sexual abuse, faces 2 years of prison.

Trump to award Medal of Honor to deceased WWII veteran.

Masters of the Universe Infighting: IBM and Apple Say Facebook Should be Regulated.

FTC Announces Facebook Investigation Citing ‘Substantial Concerns’ About Privacy Practices.

So has the number of sex offenses in Leipzig changed.

Swedish student suspended for telling the truth about migrant sex crimes.


29th March 2018

Hogg-wash caught lying.

Florida School Ditches Common Core – Soars To Number One.

Hundreds gather outside Parliament to back Jewish leaders’ condemnation of Corbyn over anti-Semitism as Labour’s leader admits it is a bigger problem than a ‘few bad apples’.

World turns against Putin: America and 22 other states expel Kremlin spies as May boasts of ‘dismantling Russian espionage network’ in wake of Salisbury poisoning – before Moscow vows to ‘respond to every country’.


Erik Satie: Nocturnes.

Craigslist’s Legendary Personals Section Shuts Down.

Canadian far right activist who claimed ‘Allah is gay’ gets lifetime ban from coming to the UK.

Murder of elderly woman in Paris probed as anti-Semitic.

14-year old rape victim lashed to death in Bangladesh under Islamic sharia law on charges of “Adultery” (her rapist was married).


26th March 2018


REPORT: Robert Mueller’s “Shadowy” Witness Flees The Country After He’s Exposed As Convicted Child Molester.

Israel admits bombing Syrian ‘nuclear reactor built with the help of North Korea’ in 2007 airstrike and issues a warning to Iran.

Sarkozy indicted on multiple corruption charges.

The Only Reason We’re Examining Facebook’s Sleazy Behavior Is Because Trump Won.

More California Cities Seek to Defy ‘Sanctuary State’ as Revolt Spreads.

ISIS plans attac on kindergartens and hospitals in Europe.

Levin: Mitch McConnell should be removed after ‘shocking’ and ‘disgusting’ corruption allegations.

‘Fire & Fury’ author Michael Wolff cancels several speaking dates on book tour.

How Facebook Went From ‘Ideal Way’ to Reach Voters to Being ‘Weaponized’.

Labour MP and key Corbyn ally shares Twitter message telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’ – just days after attacking a fellow party member for speaking out over the issue.

‘The Wild West for tech companies is over’: Culture Secretary warns social media giants they face fresh regulation amid anger at claims data was taken from 50million Facebook users without their permission.

Zuckerberg Breaks Silence on Cambridge Analytica … But Says Nothing About Obama’s Facebook Data Harvesting.</s


Facebook logs ALL your phone calls and texts but the social media giant insists the function has always been ‘opt-in only’.

The Gunfighter.

US cops go all Minority Report: Google told to cough up info on anyone near a crime scene.

Facebook logs ALL your phone calls and texts but the social media giant insists the function has always been ‘opt-in only’.

EU threatens to BREAK UP Google amid fears over internet giant’s growing power.

Former Employee: ‘Horrifying’ Misuse of User Data Was Routine at Facebook.

Watch: Migrants terrorize Italy “We want free housing, money, new smartphones and free wifi”.

Sexual Assaults in Germany Quadruple: Thanks, Angela Merkel.

German minister ‘blames citizens’ for surge in migrant knife crimes.

Coal production up thanks to exports.

22nd March 2018

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Abortionist Who Said She Cuts Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t Scream Deletes Her Post.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Bernie Sanders Joins 2nd Amendment Protest Surrounded By Armed Guards.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill: The Good Guy with a Gun Who Stopped MD High School Shooter.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Mueller witness is convicted pedophile with shadowy past.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Hillary is such an asset to the Dems …</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Trump was right – The UN needs to be totally defunded, $285 million should be just the beginning.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Bungle in the Jungle: Justin Trudeau’s Colossal Failure of an Indian Trip.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>SAS sniper kills senior ISIS fighter with ‘one in a million’ night-time headshot from a mile away close to the Syrian border.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Rand Paul denounces ‘disgraceful’ ex-CIA chief Brennan over anti-Trump tirade.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Rand Paul vs. ‘disgraceful’ ex-CIA chief Brennan.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Released 5 years into a 22 year sentence.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Judge Jeanine Pirro Gives Fired Andrew McCabe A Sound Thrashing.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>David Hogg, the ever changing story.</span></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Students’ visit to gun range ‘none of your damn business,’ parents say.</span></a>

Antifa Attack German Women For Protesting Rape.

<span style=”color: #3366ff;”><a style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>7 Techniques Liberals Use to Silence Conservatives.</a></span>

<span style=”color: #3366ff;”><a style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Never before have so few controlled so much debate.</a></span>

<span style=”color: #3366ff;”><a style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Goodbye Facebook Hello Gab.</a></span>




Telford girls: the wrong kind of victims.

West African Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Drugging, Tying Up, Molesting Elderly Woman.

Swedish Bulletproof Glass Manufacturer Receives ‘Record Order’ Amid Rising Gang Violence.

Full-time religious schools ordered to sign up to Ofsted: New proposals could outlaw Islamic schools where children only study religion all day.

“Professor” Tariq Ramadan: A “Towering Intellect” Who Faked His Credentials.

Almost 98% of gang rapists in Sweden have a migrant background.


20th March 2018

Cold snap next week ‘puts Britain at the mercy of Russian gas giants’ as reserves in Europe reach record lows.

Labour MPs round on Corbyn after he says he does not TRUST security services’ evidence that Russia is to blame for spy nerve agent attack.

Nolte: Trump Calling Chuck Todd a Son of a B*tch Is Good for America.

Swedish woman charged for saying immigration leads to a ‘goldfish level IQ’.

Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years.

TOO FAR: Democrats ‘FURIOUS’ Over Hillary’s ‘WHITE WOMEN’ Remarks.

REVEALED: Obama Campaign Hired Fusion GPS To Investigate Romney.

Republicans Took A Hatchet To Obama’s Banking Regulations.

Denmark has cut welfare benefits for migrants – “We’ll move to Finland” They threaten “Finland will treat us better”.

Donald Trump of Australia – Australian Millionaire declares war against illegal immigration.

Telford abuse: Victim numbers ‘sensationalised’ says police chief.
Let the cover up begin.

Caroline Glick: Democrats Join Farrakhan and British Labour Party in Antisemitic Sewer.

Book: Kerry State Dept. Official Victoria Nuland Greenlighted Trump Hoax Dossier Author’s Initial Meeting with the FBI.

The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K.

BANNED: Twitter and YouTube Team Up Against Crowder! | Louder With Crowder.

New bill in Congress would hand your data to cops.

Teen Radicalized by Islam Goes on Fatal Stabbing Spree; Nets Silent.

Belgium in shock: Afghan migrant brutally murders young mother and her children find her.

The Vblogger soap box.

Turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind goes into provisional liquidation.

UK’s green bank ‘failed to live up to its ambitions’.


9th March 2018

Payback Time: U.S. Judge Rules Trump Can Withhold Funding to California.

US Steel Restarts Two Blast Furnaces in Granite City, IL After Trump Announcement on Tariffs.

BREAKING: DOJ Announces Fast and Furious Documents Withheld by Eric Holder Will Be Released.

Why Women’s March leaders are being accused of anti-Semitism.

Still Rattled By Trump’s Tweet, Jimmy Kimmel Blames Netflix for Oscar Ratings Collapse.

Ratings Collapse: Early Numbers Show Oscar Telecast Hit All-Time Low.

Donald Trump Refuses to Back Down on Tariffs Until NAFTA Renegotiation.

Harley-Davidson Warns Against Trump’s Tariffs While Laying Off American Manufacturing Workers.

Dvorak – Romance for piano and violin, Op.11.

Trump 2020 Manager Brad Parscale Warns Big Tech: ‘We Are Watching’.

Amazon works on fix after complaints about Alexa´s `creepy´ laugh.

Iraqi asylum seeker, 18, who arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry ‘detonated a bomb packed with nails, screws and knives on Parsons Green Tube train in blast that injured 30 commuters’.

Angela Merkel’s real legacy is the lawless no-go areas that police fear to patrol where half of the locals have foreign roots and the German tongue is a rarity, writes SUE REID.

‘Hair-Raising’: Sharia Law Makes Its Debut in Swedish Court.


7th March 2018

CNN dropping well below the salt.

Italy’s ruling centre-left in shock after crushing election defeat.
Heading for the EU exit door as well.

Voters Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate FBI.

White House Trade Adviser: No Country Exemptions for New Tariffs.

The Family Of SETH RICH Confirm He Transmitted DNC EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS!.
If true, it’s a bombshell.

In Response to Media Attacks, NRA Membership Skyrockets.

Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor ”Devil’s Trill Sonata”

Germany and YouTube try to censor increasing anti-Merkel protests in the country.

War on Free Speech: EU Demands Facebook and Google Censor ‘Illegal’ Speech in One Hour.

Three Times The Mainstream Media Has Denied The Existence of No-Go Zones In Europe.

Swedish Public Broadcaster Journalist Harassed Called ‘Whore’, Told Not To Film In Stockholm No-Go Zone.

‘Freedom Instead of Islam’: Brutal Anti-Migrant Fight Riles German Town (VIDEO).

93 Per Cent of Irish Locals Vote Against Plan to Dump 115 Migrants in Small Historic Town.

Irish Govt ‘Paid Press’ to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration.

Germany: Priest is murdered by immigrant whom he welcomed into his presbytery.


5th March 2018

UN aid agency backed by Angelina Jolie is the latest to be embroiled in sex scandal as 19 allegations of abuse are made against staff.

A Censorship-Proof P2P Social Media Protocol.
GAB growing in response to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube’s censorship.

President Trump Gets Tough on EU After Juncker Threatens Taxes on Jeans, Bourbon, and Harley-Davidsons.

Labour adviser on LGBT issues faces calls to resign amid claims she wrote Tweets branding friend a ‘secret hairy Lesbian’ and a singer a ‘butch Lezza’.
The only thing stopping Theresa May being cut loose by the Tories in their usual pre-election palace putsch, is having the nightmare of Corbinski inching closer towards the throne.

Gangs of professional beggars driven out of town – to the relief of genuinely homeless people who say the imposters make them look bad.

Georgia Lawmakers Erase Tax Break for Delta After It Cut Ties with NRA.

ICE arrests 232 people in four-day raid of California’s Bay Area.

DARWIN AWARD=> Man Arrested For Sending Don Jr White Powder Bragged About His Crime on Facebook!

‘National disgrace’: Community fights back as California overrun by homelessness, human waste, needles.
Someone, somewhere, has to pay for cloud la la land Californian politics.

Well worth a careful read, especially from points 13 onwards.

Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War.

Paul Joseph Watson on Breitbart News Daily: YouTube Censors Conservatives Because the Left Can’t ‘Compete with Us’.

NGO: China Using ‘Predictive Policing’ to Put Thousands in Communist ‘Education’ Camps.

CNN Pushes YouTube to Ban Alex Jones, Demonetize Video Channel.

Stop treating the Southern Poverty Law Center like it’s a respectable and responsible organization.

As Censorship Is Imposed, More Americans Favor Regulating Tech Companies.

YouTube Terminates Account of InfoWars Bureau Chief.

Baby-faced jihadi: Teenager, 17, who plotted ISIS-inspired attack on a Justin Bieber concert after becoming radicalised in his bedroom in his parents’ farmhouse in the Welsh valleys is jailed for life.

ISIS-obsessed religious teacher is found guilty of training ‘army’ of more than 100 pupils as young as 11 to unleash car and knife attacks on Big Ben, Heathrow and Westfield.

Religious extremists are ‘exploiting home education laws to teach children hate-filled materials at illegal schools and secret meetings’.

Too many ‘people of non-Western backgrounds’ are not contributing to society says Danish PM as he unveils plans to eradicate ghettos by 2030.

Teenage girl victim of grooming gang ‘raped by 30 men in just six hours including father and schoolboy son’.

After $1Billion in Govt. Subsidies ‘Green’ Tesla Fined $139K for Air Pollution.

Report: Russia Used Social Media to Disrupt U.S. Energy Markets by Promoting Pipeline Protests, Climate Change Debate.

2nd March 2018

Iowa Senate passes bill banning abortions once heartbeat is detected.
This law will save more lives than all the proposed gun legislation in the world.

Sean Hannity Unrivaled As Fox News Cruises To Big February Ratings Win.
CNN sinking out of sight in the ratings war.

Good Emmaritans! Brits show their caring side by helping motorists stranded in snowdrifts as lorry drivers open their cargos of food to feed fellow drivers.

Flyover Country Blasts the Clintons.

Trudeau Goes Bollywood: Terrorists, Fashion Faux Pas, and Celebrity Chefs.
The world’s most entertaining PM turning an innocuous state visit to India into a diplomatic dumpster fire.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Facebook Engagement Declined By 45 Percent Following Algorithm Change.
Or in other words, Facebook is censoring the President of the USA.

Trump To Announce Steep Tariffs On Aluminum, Steel Imports As Soon As Today.

Real Disposable Incomes in U.S. Increase Most Since 2015.

China bans the letter ‘N’ and George Orwell’s Animal Farm as President Xi JinPing extends grip on power.
Seemingly, even Winnie the Pooh is political nowadays.

Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Lowest in Almost Five Decades.
Trump’s magic wand at work again.

FACE PALM: Ellen DeGeneres Shows Up To Anti-Gun Rally – With SIX Armed Guards.
“Only in Hollywood could they spawn intellect that possesses the depth of a parking lot puddle.”

Guilty of PC waffle! Top judge tells colleagues to not say ‘postman’, ‘lady’ or ‘immigrant’ in court because it might upset defendants and witnesses.
The law as usual being a complete ass.

It’s the Steel: Bill Whittle’s Solution to Gun Control.

Pro-Second Amendment ROTC Parkland Shooting Survivor Colton Haab Suspended By Twitter.

Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA.
Instead, use the ones we’re bugging.

LIES: YouTube Says They “Accidentally” Deleted Conservative Videos and Took Down Conservative Channels.

‘Free Speech’ Suit Aims to End Twitter’s Political Censorship | Breitbart.

Tommy Robinson banned by Twitter for ‘telling the truth’ about grooming gangs.

Southern Poverty Law Center to censor content.

Facebook keep creepy secret files on EVERY internet user (whether you’re signed up or not) – and here’s how YOU can find yours.

Palestinian jihadist who stabbed a man to death while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and wounded six others in bid to kill as many Christians as possible at German supermarket is jailed for life.

Italian Voters Set to Shake European Union to Its Core as Anti Mass Migration and Euroscepticism Dominate Election.

Marine Le Pen Indicted by French Court for Highlighting Islamic State Abuses on Twitter.

‘Bury the Filthy Disbeliever’: UK Islamic Radio Fined for Hate Speech.



1st March 2018


Teenage girl ‘raped by a gang of Asian men during two-year ordeal was finally treated as a victim when her boyfriend phoned TV news studio after she saw report on Rotherham abuse scandal’.

British student, 18, is viciously beaten and raped by two men who cornered her in a shisha bar during a college trip to Berlin.
No description …

Record number of incidents with ‘disturbed’ persons in Netherlands.
Disturbed = Jihadis …

Afghan serial rapist who came to UK in a lorry attacked a pregnant woman at knife point in her own bed and another victim as she slept next to her husband is jailed for life.

Merkel Finally Acknowledges German “No-Go” Zones, Vows To Eliminate.

Migrant ‘Ikea Murderer’ Explains Away Murder Motive Claiming ‘Sh*t Happens’.

SABO STRIKES AGAIN: Street Artist Erects Three Billboards Over Hollywood: “Oscar for Biggest Pedophile Goes to …”.

BBC’s official aid charity sacks six staff members ‘for sexual harassment or for watching porn at work’.

Women protesting against wearing the hijab in Iran will be charged with inciting PROSTITUTION and jailed for up to ten years as regime cracks down on growing dissent.

IT’S HAPPENING: Sessions DOJ To Open Probe Into OBAMA FISA Abuse.

ICE confirms 150-plus arrests in California sweep, slams Schaaf’s early warning.

A 2013 Article: “Reversing Broward County’s School-To-Prison Pipeline” (I. E. Not Arresting Kids Like Nikolas Cruz).

“It’s Not Safe Here” – Activists Warn Illegal Immigrants To Avoid Florida As ICE Arrests Surge.

Feinstein’s trouble underlines Democratic Party’s shift to left.

Texas Sheriff: Engage Shooters or Find Another Job.

Broward State Attorney’s Opened At Least 66 Cases Of Criminal Misconduct Into Sheriff’s Office.

FACE PALM: Ellen DeGeneres Shows Up To Anti-Gun Rally – With SIX Armed Guards.
“Only in Hollywood could they spawn intellect that possesses the depth of a parking lot puddle.”

New threat to EU: Austrian leader meets Putin and orders Brussels to ‘reverse relations’.

Bob Dylan – When the Deal Goes Down.

Google giving your personal details to Antifa.

Exclusive: Public wants Big Tech regulated.

YouTube is Shutting Down Conservative Criticism of CNN over Parkland Shooting.

BREAKING: Laura Loomer Banned From Facebook For 30 Days For Post Calling David Hogg A Liar.



Clinton Foundation Went for ‘Biggest Fraud Ever Investigated’ – Analyst.

Bernie Sanders’ wife headed to JAIL!?

Merkel’s Struggle to Form a Government Continues.

President Trump Just Made Tray Gowdy The Most Powerful Man on Capitol Hill…

Breakfast is on Donald.

AMAZING! President Trump to Countries Who Vote Against US on Jerusalem — Fine, We’ll Cut Your Aid.

Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley Demands Answers About “Insurance Policy” Against Trump Victory and FBI Brass Using Secret ‘Untraceable’ Phones to Talk About Hillary.

Young Americans for Liberty sues UC-Berkeley for refusing to recognize them.

Dismissed FBI Agent Is One Who Changed Hillary Email Scandal Language From “Grossly Negligent” To “Extremely Careless”.

Mueller’s Top FBI Agent Probing Clinton Emails, Russian-Collusion “Removed” After Anti-Trump Texts Found.

Mad Maxine Wants to Impeach Trump for Being Mean.

Media anti-Trump hysteria is hurting the press and helping the president.

Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”.

FBI has not verified Trump dossier.

Secret Service Agent says Joe Biden is the Washington DC Weinstein.

Hillary Clinton Praises Al Franken for Admitting to Sexual Assault, Says He’s Better Than Moore, Trump.

DUMB AS A BRICK=> Chelsea Clinton Celebrates New Sharia Law Barbie Doll – Gets DESTROYED on Twitter.

Japanese Burger Joint Sells Out Early After Trump Eats One of It’s Famous Cheddar Burgers.

Are Journalists An Enemy Of The American People?

Nolte: No Coincidence Pro-Rape Hollywood and Media are Anti-Gun.

Harveywood: Kevin Spacey Comes Out as Gay after Being Accused of Making Sexual Advance on 14-Year-Old Actor.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Under Fire For Wishing Katy Perry A Happy Birthday.

The World Before Racial Hypersensitivity.

John McCain Won’t Say Whether He Knew He Was Handing Clinton-Funded Russia Dossier to FBI.

Democrats Abandon Hillary: ‘New’ & ‘Old’ DNC Deny Knowledge Of Trump Dossier Funding.

The autumn of Europe’s discontent: With an anti-immigration Eurosceptic billionaire set to be the new Czech PM, MARK ALMOND explains why voters across the EU are in revolt.

Establishment parties routed in Czech election.

Hypocrite Kimmel Defends Weinstein Silence: “I’m Not The Moral Conscience Of America”.

Blown to bits from an air-conditioned cockpit near Las Vegas: How the ‘White Widow’ was taken down in Syria by relentless American drone operation based in the Nevada desert.

Russian mercenaries secretly helping Assad in Syria are buying virgin ‘wives’ for £75 and beheading prisoners… just like the jihadists they’re fighting, ex-soldier reveals.

A Tactical Analysis Of The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident.

O’Keefe Drops Part 2: NYT Editor Brags About Colluding With YouTube To Push Political Agenda.

O’Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: “Targeting Trump’s Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son”.

Judicial Watch: FBI Investigation Documents of IRS Scandal.

Caught On Tape: UNLV Professor Blames Trump For Las Vegas Massacre.

Brave nurse pushed a wheelchair bound father-of-two through the Vegas gunfire despite her sprained ankle – and then went back to help perform CPR on others.

Why Is the Obama Administration Trying to Keep 11,000 Documents Sealed?

Man who threw flare into cop car during May 1 protests gets 5 years.

Student whose MAGA hat stolen presses charges; thief’s peers demand school protect her, pay her rent.

Man shouting “Allahu Akbar” kills two at French train station before being shot dead.

“Act Of Terrorism”: ISIS Attacker Stabs Cop, Rams Into Pedestrian Crowd In Edmonton.

BREAKING NEWS – At least two are killed and 24 injured after gunman opens fire on country music festival ‘from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay resort’. Suspect is ‘down’ after SWAT storm room.

Neighboring mayor praises Trump, says San Juan mayor playing ‘politics,’ AWOL at meetings.Men From “Syria Or Afghanistan

SMOKING GUN=> San Juan Teamsters Didn’t Show Up for Work to Distribute Relief Supplies – US Aid Rotting at Ports.

Nolte: Trump Wins Bigly as Every NFL Player Stands for Thursday Night Anthem.

Virginia Sports Bar Owner Pulls Plug on NFL Games After National Anthem Protests.

NFL Players Have A First Amendment Right To Act Like Little Bitches.

US Army opens investigation into West Point grad promoting communism.

Angry NFL Fans Lash Out, Burn Jerseys Over Protests: “You Can Take Your NFL And Shove It”.

Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama’s Illegal Spying Is Uncovered.

Hillary Clinton: Women Only Voted For Trump Because Their Husbands Told Them To.

Trump is Right: 65 MSM Reporters Met With or Coordinated with Hillary Camp – 91% of Media Reports Trashed Him.

Almost One Million Irish Slaves At Risk Of Being Scrubbed From History.

Remember When Obama STRONGLY Denied Wiretapping Trump?

NYC police union livid over professor’s ‘future dead cops’ tweet, calls for firing.

Nolte: Want to Destroy ESPN and CNN Forever? Cut the Cord, Dummy.

Democrats dread Hillary’s book tour.

What Happened To “What Happened”: Amazon Slashes Hillary’s Book Price 40% Before It Hits Shelves.

To Find Leakers, Jeff Sessions Wants To Put Entire National Security Council Through Lie Detector Test: Axios.

Ryan’s already-shaky status with GOP colleagues takes another hit.

HOCUS POTUS Tens of thousands of witches around the world join forces every month to cast a ‘binding’ spell on Donald Trump and ‘protect’ us from his actions.

2 Million American Children Experience Homelessness Every Year—Let’s Put Them Before Illegal Aliens.

Conservative Publisher Cuts Ties With New York Times, Claims Titles Pushed Down ‘Bestseller’ List.

You’re Fired! University of Tampa Fires Professor For Saying Hurricane Harvey Was ‘Instant Karma’ For Texas.

The weaponization of history and journalism.

‘Fact checking’ website Snopes on verge of collapse after founder is accused of fraud, lies, and putting prostitutes and his honeymoon on expenses (and it hasn’t told its readers THOSE facts).

Something Very Odd In That “CNN Crew Rescuing Man in Truck” Video…

New Evidence Reveals Comey Exonerated Hillary Before Key Witness Interviews.

1,000 ‘treason’ complaints against Merkel since 2015: report.

Poll: Americans Are Fed Up With Politically-Correct Viewpoint Discrimination.

Charles Barkley Labeled “White Supremacist” For Telling Black People To Stop Killing Each Other.

Tucker Carlson: ‘Google Should Be Regulated Like the Public Utility It Is’.

Mown down in the street: Scores are run over in ISIS van attack on Barcelona that killed THIRTEEN and injured more than 100 before suspect fled on foot.

Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

Vigilante protesters start DIGGING UP body of Confederate general and KKK leader Nathan Forrest from his grave.

UH-OH: ‘Discrepancies’ Emerge in Jane Sanders’ Burlington College Donor List in Bank Fraud Investigation.

McAuliffe Counters Critics of Police Response to Charlottesville Violence.

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Began: “We’re Leaving, It’s Too Dangerous”.

Suspect Name, Mugshot Emerges In Charlottesville Car Attack That Killed 1, Injured 26.

LIBERAL HATE: Chelsea Handler Asks Military to Overthrow Trump.. Seriously.

Senators learn the hard way about the fallout from turning on Trump.

Militant Maxine Waters Calls for Blacks to Take Over Democratic Party.

Kurt Schlichter – Refuse to Accept the Lies – Before It Is Too Late.

Blood and Chaos in Portland as Violent Antifa Aim to Shut Down Right Wing Rally.

PERJURY=> Loretta Lynch LIED UNDER OATH – Told Trey Gowdy She Only Uses Official Email (Video.

How Rachel Carson Cost Millions of People Their Lives.

Dinesh D’Souza on ‘The Big Lie’: ‘Fascism Has Crept Deeply into the Bowels of the Left’.

BREAKING: Samantha Power Caught Unmasking ‘Hundreds’ In Final Year Of Obama Admin.

Confirmed: NFL Fans Tuned Out of Games Last Year Because Players Protested the National Anthem.

Declassified Memos Show Obama’s NSA Spied On Americans Way More Than You Thought.

UPDATE: Wasserman Schultz’s IT Staffer Wired $300,000 to Pakistan Before Arrest at Dulles.

Former CIA Director Calls For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller.

Target Retailer Blames Donald Trump for Lower Hispanic Shopper Traffic.

Governor Who ‘Could Not’ Support Trump Over Sexual Comments Resigns Over Sex Scandal.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Called US Hero to Apologize for Trudeau’s Shameful Actions (Video).

Navy Unveils World’s First Active Laser Weapon In Persian Gulf.

More Obama officials scrutinized in ‘unmasking’ probe.

Russian AK-47 Manufacturer Building Fully Automated Lethal Combat Machines.

How To Get Rid Of The Entitlement Mentality In A Few Simple Steps.

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Figured Out Why Trump Won; Hint: It Wasn’t Russia.

How Environmentalists Destroyed Small Towns.

HYPOCRITES: Shameless Labour gave plum £48k-a-year taxpayer-funded job to Corbyn’s SON.

THUG JOURNALISM: CNN Threatens To Reveal Identity Of Reddit Man Who Made Trump-CNN Bodyslam Meme If He Disobeys Them.

Kobach: Why States Need to Assist the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.

Trump Tweet Hysteria Consumes MSM! They Ignore Kate’s Law, Travel Ban, And G20 Putin Meeting.

Fake News: Associated Press Engulfed in CNN-Level Scandal as It Covers Up Invention of Imaginary Pruitt Meeting.

Bernie Sander’s Daughter Got Paid $500,000 To Teach WoodWorking At His Wife’s Bankrupt College In Vermont… He is up for reelection next year.

CNN Melts Down Over Trump Complimenting Female Reporter’s Smile.

Sarah Palin Sues New York Times for Defamation.

“She Will Not Be Rehired” University Cuts Ties With Professor Who Said Warmbier “Deserved To Die”.

The Russians Do It Again: Democrats Get Crushed In Georgia Election Despite 7x Spending Advantage.

HuffPo: N. Korea Prisoner Deserves It Because He’s White.

Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless.

Impeachment Is No Longer Enough; Donald Trump Must Face Justice.

AG Jeff Sessions promises to prosecute leakers.

Without Glass-Steagall America Will Fail.

Comey Is Refusing To Turn Over Memo, Says He Deleted It.

Trump considers breaking up large banks: report.

Reality Winner – Blank Reality Check.

Comey Took Notes of Every Trump Meeting But Did Not Record Hillary’s 3 Hour Interrogation.

Anti-Trump rioters didn’t expect to face decades in prison for inauguration day riots.

16 states ask Supreme Court to revive Trump travel ban.

DOJ Arrests 25-Year-Old NSA Contractor Leaking Classified Intel…

Clive James: Climate Alarmists Won’t Admit They Are Wrong.

List of Islamic Terror:  Last 30 Days.

Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas.

Targeting Trump – Kathy Griffin in 2016: “my edge is that I’ll go direct for Barron.”…

Video: Migrants Caught Stealing Flowers & Soft Toys From Manchester Bombing Memorial.

Kathy Griffin apologizes for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask, says she ‘went too far’.

Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back.

Thousands Drop off Food Stamp Rolls in Georgia After State Implements Work Requirements.

Muslim opinions in the UK.

BREAKING: Obama’s FBI Passed Around Classified Information On American Citizens To People Outside Government.

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years.

Gowdy: Surveillance Programs Won’t Be Renewed Until ‘Unmasking’ Questions Answered.

Whistleblowers: James Comey Seized and Buried Information Showing Donald Trump’s Phone Calls Were Spied On (AUDIO).

Weiner’s Alleged Child Pornography Victim Turns Nasty Against FBI: Comey “Victimized Me” and “Helped Abuse to Continue”.

Nevada Secretary of State : DMV instructed employees to register non-citizens to vote.

Investigative journalism at its finest.

FAKE NEWS: NYT Journalist Behind Comey Memo Admits He NEVER Saw It.

James Comey – Testimony on May 3rd. He was never pressured by anyone to stop investigations.

Donald Trump: ‘I Didn’t Get Elected to Serve the Washington Media’.

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report.

Leader of Portland anti-Trump protests charged with sexually abusing minor.

Canada Considering Proposal to Allow Euthanizing Mentally Ill Patients.

A Russian Went Inside A Chinese Click-Farm: This Is What He Found.

Obama Pockets $3.2 Million For Speaking Gig In Milan.

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection.

Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey.

Black Harvard graduate students plan to host a “black-only” graduation ceremony later in May.

President Trump Signs “S.544” Veteran’s Choice in Healthcare Act.

Why Charles Gave Expects “Total Mayhem” In France Even If Macron Is Elected.

Trade Wars Begin: Trump Announces 20% Tariff On Canadian Softwood Lumber Imports.

Antifa Chick Goes to Turkey With Muslim Loverboy, Gets Raped and Beaten.

Developing: AG Loretta Lynch Allegedly Made Sure FBI Probe of Hillary Clinton ‘Didn’t Go Too Far’.

Ex-RAF pilot who went from Steve to Sophie hopes to become Britain’s first transgender MP after being chosen to fight for Shoreham by Labour.

It’s White House Correspondents’ dinner time: Why aren’t media at the table?

Obama Explains Why He Accepted $400,000 For A Paid Speech On Wall Street.

More Top Execs Fired at Financially Troubled Target Corp.

TRUMP PUNKS THE MEDIA: Will Hold Pennsylvania Rally Same Night As White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

‘My boobs exhibit steady growth over time’: Woman emails her crush a very funny – and persuasive – PowerPoint presentation listing the reasons why he should date her.

The host of the WeaponsMan blog passes away.

The Left’s Descent to Fascism.

Melania Trump wins damages from Daily Mail over ‘escort’ allegation.

Trump : Nobody believes Susan Rice.

Dead Body Found Near Pipeline Protesters’ Trash Heaps.

Susan Rice is a liar. Now even the liberal media is starting to admit it.

Another Democrat Rats On Obama: We’ve Been Spying On Trump Since 2015.

New Smoking Gun Documents – Obama IRS Officials Admit to Inappropriately Targeting Conservative Groups.

Dead criminal’s family complains victim’s AR-15 made the fight unfair.

Leftwing group Antifa now calling for MURDER of white children.

Juncker threatens to take revenge on Trump over Brexit by campaigning for OHIO to go independent.

Former Obama Official Describes Last-Minute Rush to Spy on Trump Team, Conceal Intel Sources.

White House staff won’t attend correspondents dinner in ‘solidarity’ with Trump.

Third victim of London terror attack named as US tourist Kurt Cochran.

America Gives $190 Billion In Foreign Aid: Meanwhile 49,933 Veterans Live On The Streets.

White House meeting with Trump was catastrophic for Merkel.

Senators Demand State Department Probe Into Soros Organizations.

Trump suffers second defeat as revised travel ban on hold.

EUROPE IN CHAOS: Poland row with EU goes nuclear as it vows REVENGE on Brussels ‘cheats’.

Trump wants UN funds cut more than 50 percent: report.

Germany: 82-year-old woman tortured to death by “Syrian child refugee”.

Gabby Logan ‘booted Bob Geldof off stage at a corporate gig after ‘cringeworthy’ star ranted about Brexit and told City worker audience the public hated them’.

BREAKING : Hillary and Obama Robo-Calls Urge Americans to “RESIST TRUMP”.

Finland’s “Soldiers Of Odin” Are Defending Citizens Against Muslim Migrant Rapists.

’17-Year-Old’ Afghan ‘Refugee’ Who Murdered German Student Lied About Being a Minor.

Family of eight Iraqi asylum seekers are found guilty of gang-raping ‘blind drunk’ woman, 28, after luring her away from her friends at New Year’s Eve party in Austria.

Sweden: Classmates gang rape 14y/o girl in school, remain enrolled because “rapists are victims too,” says principal.

Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ vs. Trump.

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.

President Trump’s Address To Congress: Key Highlights And Full Text.

Asylum seeker jailed for raping woman after she missed her last bus home.

Germany hit by MORE swimming pool sex attacks: Seven schoolgirls ‘assaulted by migrants’.

Asylum seeker, 11, ‘raped younger foster brother at home that took him in’.

Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn.

The threat from within.

Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis: January 2017.

Georgetown Islamic Studies Professor: Slavery OK, So is Non-Consensual Sex.

Muslim gang-rapists in court: “Women should listen, they should not complain”.

Raped the 13-year-old on the school toilet – Penalty: Two months in prison.

Swedish Cop Who Spoke Out About Migrant Crime Now Being Investigated For “Hate Speech”.

Swedish Cop Posts Epic Facebook Rant On Immigrant Crime; Ignites Nationwide Firestorm.

Trump Threatens To De-Fund “Out Of Control” California.

Meltdown at the EPA.

Obama Moves to Undermine Trump Presidency After Only 10 Days.

Women’s March Speaker Kidnapped, Raped &amp; Tortured Man to Death.

Two babies with terminal cancer CURED after ‘miracle’ treatment.

Trump Asks “What The Hell’s Going On In Chicago?” Gets One-Word Answer.

Top U.S. Secret Service Agent Rages: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”.

The Protected, Privileged Establishment Versus The Working Class.

Trump Set To Meet With Big 3 Auto CEOs: “I Want New Plants To Be Built Here For Cars Sold Here!”.

Trump Can Immediately Repeal These Obama Energy Policies.

The “Fake News” Censorship Industry.

An analysis of the Trump election victory.

It’s Finally Morning Again In America, And A New Day For Our Country Starts Now.

The End Of The Obama World Order.

Trump Team Responds: May Move White House Briefings To Accommodate More Than Just “Media Elite”.

“It Finally Happened”: Trump Thanks Fiat And Ford For Investing In The US, Adding New Jobs.

Who Does America Believe? 84,000 Votes Later, Here Is The Answer.

Here Is The US Intel Report Accusing Putin Of Helping Trump Win The Election By “Discrediting” Hillary Clinton.

SEE IT: CNN apologizes to Julian Assange after commentator calls him ‘a pedophile’.

2016’s Biggest Loser: The Green Blob.

America’s Lynch Mob ‘Democracy’.

Trojan Horse school witnesses fear for safety as names released.

WaPo Issues Editors Note to Russian Hack Claim.

London stock market records its best year since 2013 as FTSE 100 index surges to new all-time high.

Oliver Stone Slams The Establishment’s “The Russians Are Coming” Narrative.

Putin Announces Syrian Ceasefire Deal, Ready To Start Peace Talks; Obama Snubbed Again.

White husband confesses to wife to setting their cars on fire and painting racial slur on their garage door in staged ‘hate crime’.

President Obama says Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is ‘disintegrating’ and has lost touch with ‘fact and reality’.

23 Science Facts That was Still Unknown At The Begining of 2016.

Ninja father! Indonesian man saves his two children from an out-of-control car with a perfectly timed BACKFLIP.

Lawyer who was thrown off JetBlue flight for accosting and screaming at Ivanka Trump flees the airport as First Daughter and her family are switched to private jet by Secret Service after clash.

Merkel government still in denial.

Orlando nightclub victims’ families sue Twitter, Google, Facebook.

12 Dead, 48 Injured After Pakistan-Born Refugee Rammed Truck Into Berlin Christmas Market.

AG Lynch Admits She “Regrets” Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton.

The smug style in American liberalism.

Michigan recount reveals error, but not the one Jill Stein wanted.

Putin Lashes Out At Obama: “Show Some Proof Or Shut Up”.

Former UK Ambassador Says Source Of Clinton Emails Was “Disgusted” Democratic Whistleblower.

Top US Spy Agency Refuses To Endorse CIA’s Russian Hacking Assessment Due To “Lack Of Evidence”.

LIBERAL DISASTER: Prosecution of Wilders BACKFIRES as Dutch populist leader soars in polls.

‘ENEMIES OF EUROPE’ Italian politician savages eurocrats and calls for referendum on euro.

French far-right chief nixes free class for kids of illegals.

John Glenn, first American to orbit Earth, dies aged 95.

Brexit: French financial regulator wooing London banks.

Born to Hate Jews.

After Brexit and Trump is this the next political earthquake? Austrians go to the polls amid fears they could elect Europe’s first far-right leader since World War 2.

Will Quitaly sink the EU? Tomorrow, a ‘No’ vote in a referendum in Italy could lead it out of Europe – and spark an economic crisis.

The decadence of Europe’s dismal elites is fuelling the populist surge across the EU.

Hillary donors: We basically set our money on fire.

Nearly half of Germans want to follow the UK and hold a Brexit-style referendum on their EU membership.

European president Jean-Claude Juncker pleads with EU leaders not to hold ‘in-out’ referendums – because voters will choose to LEAVE.

Fidel Castro May Be Dead, but Tyranny Remains in Cuba.

Donald Trump expected to slash Nasa’s climate change budget in favour of sending humans back to the moon – and beyond.

Report: UN Officials Inciting Murder of Jews, Call to “Stab Zionist Dogs”.

FAKE HATE: Leftist Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church.

Report: Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After She Realized She Had Lost the Election.

CNN Interviews ‘Outraged’ CNN Cameraman During Trump Protests.

Donald Trump’s shock election victory has enraged Muslim militant groups around the world, and may fan the flames of global terrorism. 

Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won.

Bill Clinton mocked Jeremy Corbyn as a TRAMP in private remarks to donors handing money to Hillary’s campaign, Wikileaks claims .

Hillary Loses the Left.

81 injured and two arrested as up to 40,000 people enjoy Lewes bonfire.

The USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election “Daybreak” Poll.

BREAKING: FBI Now 99% Certain at Least 5 Foreign Agencies Hacked Into Hillary’s Server.

A handy guide to Left-wing people for the under 10s.

The Clintons – At the End of All Things.

NYU Prof Who Spoke Out Against “Safe Spaces” and “Trigger Warnings” Gets Pushed Out.

Man Pays Off All Overdue Lunch Fees at Hometown Elementary School.

Elon Musk will be keeping a team of forensic accountants busy a few years down the line.

Early Voting In Florida Shows Trump Winning Election By Landslide.

Trump’s Right – The System Is Rigged And We Don’t Owe It Our Default Acceptance.

ZDF message denies reporting because murderer was a migrant – “We do not report individual cases”.

Merkel’s open-door policy hits German economy as 99% of migrants STILL don’t have a job.

Hitler’s secret ‘Treasure Hunter’ Arctic base which was abandoned after its staff poisoned themselves eating polar bears is found by Russian scientists.

How old are they really? Damning verdict of face recognition software on ‘child’ migrants as town hall chief say they’ll take away benefits from any who fail age tests.

PARK HORROR: Young mum sexually assaulted by Mediterranean-looking men in front of child.

Female Afghan interpreter working with a TV crew ‘is raped by three armed migrants’ hours after Sky News team are injured and have camera stolen at the Jungle camp.

‘They didn’t think she’d see the day out’: Baby who was born with WATER instead of blood defies the odds to survive.

As She Campaigns With Al Gore, New Emails Show Hillary Told Environmentalists to ‘Get a Life’.

The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins.

Unsecured Podesta-Hillary Exchange Exposes Intelligence Source On The Ground in Libya.

Yoko Ono, “I had an affair with Hillary Clinton”

Protests on Swedish island, attack on refugee center after rape of wheelchair-bound woman.

End of EU: Angela Merkel facing HUGE pressure to act as Deutsche Bank shares plunge AGAIN.

Attendance plummets at Oktoberfest amid fears of refugee sex assaults.

German police use stun grenades as they storm flat and make new arrest in hunt for Syrian refugee suspected of plotting airport terror attack.

Two More Massage Therapists Accuse Al Gore of Sexual Assault.

Nazis Had it Right: Oreskes

Muslim Football Team Wants To Take A Photo With Teen Girl’s Football Team In Sweden, They Openly Sexually Assault The Girls Team And None Of The Players Are Arrested.





Spare Us The Thought Police!” Germans Rage As New Hate Speech Law Backfires.

Fired Engineer Damore Sues Google For Discrimination Against White Male Conservatives.

Facebook Suspends User For Calling For “Sensible Migration Policies”.

Surveillance Showdown Looms: Rand Paul Threatens Filibuster Over Intelligence Reauthorization Bill.

Media Silent as Fed Committee Quietly Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches.

Report: Twitter to Start Sanctioning Users for Their Offline Behavior.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Long Litany Of Failings – Mainstream Media Turns On Social Media.

First Twitter, Now Facebook: Company Introduces New Political Ad Transparency Policy.

Cynical Politicians Turn #FakeNews Into a Rallying Cry for Censorship.

The EU Lectures Journalists about PC Reporting.

Facebook censored me. Criticize your government and it might censor you too.

Facebook CEO: We can play the role that churches once filled.

Twitter Bans RT, Sputnik Ads “For Attempting To Interfere With The US Election”.

Sens. Rand Paul and Ron Wyden Unveil Long-Awaited, Privacy-Protecting Surveillance Reform Bill.

Report: Google, Facebook, Twitter ‘Scrambling’ to Stop Regulation.

Twitter shuts down Blackburn campaign video over statement about ‘baby body parts’.

The NYTimes Asks Reporters To Stop Being Partisan On Social Media.

Tech Vs. Trump: The Great Battle Of Our Time Has Begun.

Equifax Web-Page Goes Offline Amid Reports Of New Breach.

IRS Pulls Equifax Contract In “Precautionary Step”.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Join Forces With ADL to Create ‘Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab’.

YouTube bans gun modding tutorials after Las Vegas shooting.

Google ‘Suddenly’ Discovers Questionable “Russia Ads” On YouTube, DoubleClick, Gmail.

YouTube “Tweaks” Its Search Algos After Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Go Viral.

Former Puerto Rico AG Cut Off By CNN After Accusing San Juan Mayor Of Being A Political Hack.

This Isn’t A Joke: The IRS Just Hired Equifax To Safeguard Taxpayer Data.

Google Reports Record Level Of Government Data Requests.

Spanish court orders Google to delete app used for Catalan independence vote.

Assange Reminds The World That Facebook Did Collude In 2016, But With Hillary.

VIDEO: More Evidence Facebook Is Targeting Conservative News Outlets.

Zuckerberg Fires Back At Trump, Admits “Russian Ads” Were Meaningless.

Facebook will hand over 3,000 Russia-linked ads to Congress.

Massive Hack At Deloitte: Entire Internal Email System Compromised, Client Emails Exposed.

The Silencing of Dissent.

Google slapped with antitrust lawsuit.

Equifax Accidentally Directs 200,000 Customers To Fake Phishing Website.

Anger as YouTube REMOVES video of Nigel Farage speaking about immigration and Islam.

Gab CEO: German ‘Hate Speech’ Laws Dictating U.S. Internet Censorship.


Report: Google Bias Against Leading Conservative Websites—Including PJM—Is Real.

Welcome To 1984: Big Brother Google Now Watching Your Every Political Move.

Google’s £12,000 gender pay gap: How tech giant ‘pays its women staff less than men at most job levels’.

Facebook Engagement-For-Hire Economy Has Generated More Than 100 Million Fake Likes.

Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide.

Leaked document: EU Presidency calls for massive internet filtering.

My friends at Google: it is time to return to not being evil.

Political Backlash Grows Over Google’s Pressure To Censor “Independent” Think Tank.

The DANGEROUS ESCALATION of Online Censorship.

Yes, Google Uses Its Power to Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like—I Know Because It Happened to Me [Updated].

“People Are So Afraid Of Google Now”: Here’s Why.

Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Remove ‘Hateful’ Article or Lose Ad Revenue.

Google critic fired from think tank.

Night Of The Digital Knives: Silicon Valley Launches Biggest Internet Censorship Purge In History.

Facebook Deletes Thousands of Accounts Ahead of German National Election.

IT’S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over ‘Hate Group’ Designation.

Okay, Google: How Do You Prepare A Country For Totalitarianism?

PayPal suspends accounts associated with Charlottesville organizers.

Fired Coder Speaks Out On Google’s “Potentially Illegal Practices”, “Recorded Meetings” And “Science Denial”.

Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip on Free Speech.

4 Times Google Was Linked Directly to Hillary Clinton.

Street Artist’s Facebook Page Shut Down as “Hate Speech” After Zuckerberg Stunt.

Rebels of Google: ‘Constant Abuse, Sneers, Insults And Smears … Sometimes You Get Punched’.

Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites.

More than 60 women ‘consider suing Google in class action lawsuit, claiming they are paid less than men’ and there is a ‘hostile’ culture after the tech giant fired a male engineer over his controversial gender memo.

Rebels of Google: Senior Management ‘On The Verge Of Tears’ After Trump Win.

Google is as unpleasant on the inside as it is on the outside.

Google Fires Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto Author James Damore.

Silicon Valley “Outraged” After Google Employee Pens Viral Doc Slamming “Anti-Conservative” Culture.

Swedish Government On Verge Of Collapse After Admitting ‘Accidental Leak’ Of Entire Nation’s Info.

How many Americans are swept up in the NSA’s snooping programs?

Supreme Court Doesn’t Care What You Say on the Internet.

Canadian Supreme Court Says It’s Fine To Censor The Global Internet; Authoritarians & Hollywood Cheer…

The Age of No Privacy: The Surveillance State Shifts Into High Gear [SHORT].

‘Fake News’ BBC Whitewashes ‘Anti-Racist’ Violence, Brands March by Gay, Sikh, and Black Speakers ‘Far Right’.

Facebook says it wants to be ‘hostile’ to terrorists as Theresa May calls to ‘regulate cyberspace’ in the wake of the UK terror attacks in London and Manchester.

Theresa May says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack.

Facebook said Germany’s plan to tackle fake news would make social media companies delete legal content.

Google, Facebook Are Super Upset They May No Longer Be Able To Sell Your Internet Data Without Permission.

Twitter suspends WND for Seth Rich report.

Twitter Suspends @A_M_Perez For Revealing Their Censorship!

Facebook Punished Me For Complaining About a Death Threat.

Twitter Suspends @A_M_Perez For Revealing Their Censorship!

If You Care About Privacy, You Should Change Your Twitter Settings Right Now.

Twitter co-founder apologizes for helping elect Trump.

UK Government Moves Aggressively to Censor and Control the Internet.

BBC Threatens To Tell Your Boss If You Post ‘Offensive’ Comments Online.

Breaking: Sweden lifts arrest warrant against Julian Assange and ends investigation.

Facebook Adding 3,000 Workers To Monitor Videos Of Crime And Suicides.

Exclusive: Facebook Has Been Regularly Shutting Down Atheist and Ex-Muslim Groups.

Facebook Suspends 30,000 French Accounts 10 days Before Election in Attempt to Censor Le Pen Supporters.

NPR Attempts To Undermine WikiLeaks’ Credibility With Deliberate, Brazen Lie.

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges.

Robert Parry Warns – The New York Times is Cheering on Censorship Algorithms.

“Obama’s team sought NSA intel on thousands of Americans during the 2016 election”.

Put online giants in the dock over extremism, say MPs: Google, Facebook and Twitter accused of shameful behaviour for failure to take down material.

What a Wiki Hypocrite: Wikipedia’s boss is crusading against ‘fake news’ and media manipulation. Yet he altered his own online entry…to delete his pornographic past.

Does America Have A Technology Platform Monopoly Problem?

Facebook officials said they will not punish any employees who choose to take off work May 1 to protest President Donald Trump.

Europe’s Out-of-Control Censorship.

Lawmakers say intel agencies stonewalling on surveillance probe.

Europe: Combating Fake News.

How To Protect Your Online Privacy Now That Congress Sold You Out.

Facebook Helps Pakistan Identify Thought Criminals.

Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to sell your web browsing history.

Twitter Censoring Positive Replies to Trump’s Tweets.

Social Media Censorship Could Have Legal Implications.

Censorship pretending to be troll control.

New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech.

Oh, that traitorous WikiTrump.

Twitter is now marking entire profiles as ‘sensitive’.

Fake News: CNN Cuts Live Feed AGAIN as Obamacare Victim Speaks Out (VIDEO).

When Spies Are Out Of Control.

CIA admits it broke into Senate computers; senators call for spy chief’s ouster.

More Brands Getting Political. Guess Which Way They All Lean.

China expresses concern at revelations in Wikileaks dump of hacked CIA data.

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed.

Internal Documents Reveal Bizarre Facebook Rules for Censorship of ‘Hate Speech’.

Ex-CNN Journalist Amber Lyon Turned Whistleblower: ‘CNN Produces Infomercials For Dictators’.

MSNBC Anchor: “Our Job” Is To “Control Exactly What People Think”.

Users claim Twitter is ‘ghost-deleting’ potentially offensive tweets.

An Alleged Muslim Spy Ring – Is This Why Rex Tillerson Cleaned House?

U.S. Special Forces Deployed To 70% Of The World In 2016.

Is Soros The Source Of Funds Behind The “Muslim Ban” Lawsuits?

Google Emerges As Financial Sponsor Behind Tech Giants’ Anti-Trump Crusade.

Assange Lawyer to Justice Department: Your Move.

`Fake news´ inquiry being launched by Westminster committee.

Germany Unleashes New ‘Ministry Of Truth’.

Senate Quietly Passes The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act”.

Data snooping laws take effect ‘to help spies take on terrorists’.

The “Fake News” Censorship Industry.




Oprah Winfrey rape scandal that SHOULD have shut down her South African School.

Leaked audio tape: Harvey Weinstein sexually abuses Ambra Gutierrez.

Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know… (2018-2019).

U.S. Military: Gutted or Prepared?

Yo-Yo Ma, Alison Krauss – The Wexford Carol.

Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters.

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for 4 Violins in B minor RV 580.

Edward Elgar – Nimrod.

‘He Completely Ruined Canada’ – Ben Shapiro Destroys Justin Trudeau.

Hitler Reacts to Grad Student Thought Crimes | Pronouns | Jordan Peterson | Laurier University.

Dvorak – A Les Je Tichy Kolem Kol – Bernarda Fink & Roger Vignoles.

Mark Steyn’s Brilliant (and Funny) Critique of Multiculturalism.

Walker of the Snow – Davy Spillane.

PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta.

David Cassidy – The Puppy Song.

Sessions cracks Russia joke in speech.

Ray Noble – Al Bowlly – Midnight The Stars And You – 1934.

Fréhel – Si tu n’étais pas là.

Trump Drinks Water. Who Owns the Fake News Media and What Are Their Motives?

Gabriel Fauré – Sicilienne, for cello & piano, Op. 78.

Ralph Vaughan Williams – Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis.

Ashokan Farewell on unaccompanied cello.

Karl Jenkins – Adiemus / Carmina Slovenica, Karmina Šilec.

Maurice Andre Telemann – Trumpet Concerto in D.

Francisco Tárrega – Capricho árabe.

Sheryl Crow – Crash and Burn.

“I have a song to sing, O!” (The Yeomen of the Guard) Sullivan & Gilbert.

Sarah McLachlan – In the arms of an angel.

Weather Channel Sheryl Crow.

Andrews Sisters – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

Rachmaninov: The Isle of the Dead, Symphonic poem Op. 29.

Sheryl Crow – “There Goes the Neighborhood”.

Sheryl Crow – Riverwide.

Karl Jenkins – Benedictus.

Judge Jeanine: Crime, money and Democrats intersect again.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody knows.

Poulenc – Melancholie FP 105.

Fauré Nocturne No.1, op.33 no.1.

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.

Voice from a Dream – Mean Mary.

60 Minutes & CBS want you to think Steve Bannon is a red eyed monster.

Brandon Tatum – Liberals gone wild.

Red Pill Black: Liberals Have No Tolerance.

A hero in the movies doing the necessary thing.

A hero in reality who did the necessary thing.

Styxhexenhammer666 – The Time Has Come to Stand Against the European Union on Censorship and Legalism.

Diana Davison – What are we teaching women?

RedPillBlack (Candace Owen) – The NFL is Anti American?

Budweiser Wants To Know If It Should Continue To Support The NFL.

For the people of Puerto Rico. Hang on in.

Puerto Rico’s cop telling the truth about Hurricane Maria’s aid.

Red Pill Black (Candace Owens) on Her Journey From Left to Right.

Ex-fan Burns thousands of dollars worth of NFL tickets!

Kansas City Chiefs Fan Burns NFL Gear in Anthem Protest.

Brandon Tatum – Now I have had enough – Why The Flag Means So Much To Americans.

The NFL & The NBA just got Trumped.

I am done with the NFL burn your gear and boycott they cannot disrespect our flag and country.

PJW – There’s Something Wrong With Hillary.


Mean Mary – dueling banjo and guitar song Joy.

RedPillBlack – Nobody Likes Feminism: that’s what happened, Hillary.

Morgan Freeman: ‘We Are At War With Russia’.

Mean Mary – Iron Horse.

Ella Fitzgerald – Embraceable You.

Mainstream Media Propaganda & Public Thought Control.U.S. Military: Gutted or Prepared?

Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth.

Sweden’s Fall: The Cost of Altruism.

The REAL Agenda Behind YouTube Censorship. It’s the alt media laying out their battle with the Goolag. Well worth a listen.

Arthur McBride – A traditional tune that’s travelled around the world. Paul Brady 1977.

What Youtube and Facebook REALLY think of Black people.

Youtube (Goolag) Crackdown Continues with Diamond and Silk, RedPillBlack, and Others.

WTF? Black Lives Matter Has A List of Demands for White People!

CNN Host Gets Triggered By Panel of Trump Supporters Over Charlottesville (REACTION).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Mass in C Minor, K.427 “Grosse Messe”: 1. Kyrie.

Rowan Atkinson’s speech at Reform Section 5 Parliamentary reception.

Chaos Erupts at Charlottesville City Council Meeting.

Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma. Slumber my Darling, a fine song by the Stephen Foster.

‘The [Irish] Bard of Armagh’ crosses the Atlantic to become ‘The [American] Streets of Laredo’.

Erik Satie – Once Upon A Time In Paris.

Tchaikovsky – Capriccio Italien.

Jack White – Sittin’ On Top Of The World.

YouTube Trying to Shut Down Black Conservative Channel – Diamond and Silk.

Antonio Vivaldi – La tempesta di mare.

Did you know they are Marines?

Paul Joseph Watson – I won’t be around much longer.

Interview with Alice Cooper on the late Glen Campbell.

Alison Krauss – Can’t Find My Way Home.

Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton.

Judge Jeanine: Why do we let them get away with it?

“James Comey Lied To America” Jim Jordan Demands A Second Special Counsel Investigation.

Trey Gowdy Votes To Appoint A Second Special Counsel To Investigate James Comey And Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton supporters are confused why she lost, watch this.

Planxty – Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór but originally composed by the fabled Turlough O’Carolan.

Maria Callas – Lucia di Lammermoor – Regnava nel silenzio.

Chopin – Nocturne Op.62 No.1 – how to murder sensitive piece of music.


Diving Soccer Players vs Sniper.

On Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Dan Crary Flatpicking Medley.

Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar Nominated Irish Short Film.

The English Patient – Convento Di Sant’Anna.

This is no time for caution.

Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo.

Kiri Te Kanawa “Exultate, jubilate” Mozart KV165.

Chancellor Merkel Asked to Resign Following Disastrous G20 Summit.

Pietro Mascagni – Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana.

Ry Cooder & VM Bhatt – A meeting by the river, 4th movement.

Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections.

Meet some victims of a modern education.

Van “da man” Morrison – into the mystic.

Van “da man” Morrison – Goin’ Down Geneva.

Charles Trenet – La Mer.

Yo-Yo Ma, Alison Krauss – The Wexford Carol.

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3.

Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda: CNN Part 2.

“You’re SICK!” Tucker Has INSANE Interview With BLM Supporter.

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”.

Conrad Oberg playing the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Freebird.

Dario Marianelli – Elegy for Dunkirk.

Nina Simone – I put a spell on you.

Summertime from the opera Porgy & Bess. Gershwin, Fitzgerald, Armstrong and perfect orchestration. It doesn’t get better than this.

Aretha Franklin – The Day Is Past And Gone.

Frank Proffitt – Rose Connolly.

The Adjustment Bureau – The Ripples Must Be Endless – Thomas Newman.

Bach/Vivaldi – Concerto for 4 Pianos by the MultiPiano Ensemble.

Chopin – Prelude No 4.

The Basics of Lighting for Film Noir.

Abba – The Winner Takes It All.

ALICE COOPER – Elected (1972).

The Veronicas – You Ruin Me.

PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta.

66 (Old) Movie Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars).

Fake protest staged by CNN film crew at London Bridge terrorist attack scene.

Hillary’s Excuse Tour Continues | Tucker Hilariously Trolls.

President Trump announces America’s withdrawal from the Paris accord.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees.

Yeats – The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water.

Justin Trudeau stands alone, as world leaders ignore him.

Memorial Day – worst.

Memorial Day – best.

Benson Arizona – Let’s have some music in here, Boiler.

The NATO mafia attempts to block Trump to the back of the picture.

Nat King Cole – Stardust.

Paul Joseph Watson – Manchester Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party. long last, proof of the Russian connection. Secret filming of Trump’s staff in the White House celebrating his first 100 days.

Bill Burr on Arnold Schwarzenegger, a great man. 

Anton Karas – Mein Matzleinsdorf.

Ryan Horne – Terrible Tommy.

Carlos Gardel – Por Una Cabeza.

Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett & Billy the kid (Billy4).

Fresno State Students For Life confronted by faculty and wiping out their free speech.

Mahler: Symphony 6 :3. Andante moderato.

Ry Cooder – Canción Mixteca.

FLASHBACK: Democrats have been calling for the firing of James Comey for MONTHS. FLIP FLOP!

Italian news anchor does report on migrants sleeping rough and then…

I love Rock n roll – Joan Jett The Blackhearts.

Autour de Lucie – Je Reviens.

Justice For Chelsey — SIGN the PETITION.

Dinah Shore – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

Louis Armstrong – A Kiss to Build a Dream On.

Such A Night – Dr. John.

Jelly Roll Morton – I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say.

Remember me…Mom wants son to call from college.

Witness At IRS Hearing: ‘I Will Not Retreat; I Will Not Surrender’.

Ogives by Erik Satie performed by Reinbert de Leeuw and some Monet pictures.

Alison Kraus singing beautifully the Stephen Foster song Slumber My Darling.

Nanci Griffith – From A Distance.

Police in Auburn forced unmasking of Antifa members.

Berkeley Police Refuse To Stop the Riots – When Told People are Being Beaten, Officer Says “…and?”

Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band – Gospel Plow.

Erik Satie – Gymnopedies: No. 1 Lent et douloureux played  by Anne Queffélec.

Eamon an Cunic (Ned of the Hills).

Leftfield – Dusted.

Gavin McInnes meets @BostonAntifa.

Abel Korzeniowski – Come, Gentle Night.

Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly.

Shostakovich – The Andante from the 2nd Piano Concerto.

Mahler – the adagietto from the 5th Symphony.

The Lovers by Shigeru Umebayashi (instrumental version).

Vide Cor Meum – libretto in Italian / Latin with translation.

Ry Cooder – She´s Leaving the Bank.


Viking nordic song Herr Manneling & Yggdrasil.

Leaning On the Everlasting Arms – Iris Dement.

Fever Ray – If I had a heart (Vikings Soundtrack).

The Be Good Tanyas – Waiting Around to Die.

Song to the Moon – Antonín Dvořák.

WGBH Music: The Chieftains “Opening Medley” Live from WGBH.

Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made.

Peel School Board: More outraged parents express anger re Islamic prayers.

Cold Mountain- You Will Be My Ain True Love.

Young Trump Girl: “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.”

Róisín Dubh.

Appalachian English.

Jack White – Great High Mountain.

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman.

Tristesse – Chopin.

Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor conducted by Karajan.

Trump’s Sons Killing a Triceratops on Hunting Safari sparks outrage..

The Ultimate Anti-Globalism Video 2017 – Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Alex Jones.

William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils.

Soul Of A Man – David Lindley.

The Blackest Crow – Red Tail Ring.

Drink the Water – Justin Cross.

Bonaparte’s Retreat – Aly Bain.

Arthur McBride and The Sergeant – Paul Brady.

Ashokan Farewell on unaccompanied cello.

J.Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D Minor Op. 47 (Soyoung Yoon).

Erik Satie: Pièces Froides.

Blues Saraceno – Dogs of War.

Progress in biomechanics has been astounding.

Marine Le Pen savages Merkel, to her face in EU Parliament.

President Trump Meeting with Anti-Human Trafficking experts 2/23/17.

Paul Joseph Watson – The truth about Sweden.

Elkie Brooks – Pearl’s a Singer.

Trump and grandchildren.

Madame Butterfly – Maria Callas.

Audra Mae – The Unclouded Day.

Handel, the Sarabande.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (1987) Danke Schoen & Twist And Shout.

Cabaret sung by Liza Minnelli.

Eileen Ivers – O’Donnell’s Lament.

The Chieftains featuring Mick Jagger – The Long Black Veil.

Philip Glass – 1st Violin Concerto.

The Chieftains – March to the battle.

Kate Bush singing Mná na hÉireann – Women of Ireland.

W. A. Mozart – Concerto For Flute And Harp K 299; 2nd Movement.

The Chieftains – Marie’s Wedding.

Rod Liddle: It’s 2017 and liberalism is dead.

OLD SCHOOL ASTORIA Redpills the stream.

Riot police in Portland Oregon clear away protesters.

Fox news – Union Leaders meet with Trump.

“Yes, Sir! That’s My Baby!” (Lee Morse, 1925).

Donald Trump – full speech to CIA staff 22/1/2017.

Ethel Waters – Am I Blue (1929).


Hail to the Chief.

Negro Prison Blues – Old Alabama 1947.

Alison Krauss w. Union Station – Blue & Lonesome

Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing At All.

Mozart – Lacrimosa

Jo Stafford singing Shenandoah.

Schubert – Ave Maria.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters.

Battleme – Hey Hey, My My.

Julian Assange FULL Interview 1/3/17

Beethoven – 7th Symphony – 2nd movement.

Apollo 440 – Stop the Rock.

Adeste Fideles sung by Andrea Bocelli.

Émile Waldteufel – The Skater’s Waltz.

Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run (1958).

Die Zauberflöte:Pa-Pagena! Pa-Pageno.

Van Morrison on Cyprus Avenue.

What Angel Merkel thinks of her own country’s flag.

Noah Gundersen & The Forest Rangers – He got away (Sons Of Anarchy).

Richard Wagner – Siegfried Funeral March.

Judge Jeanine Pirro to Michelle Obama: “Since when does hope rise and fall with you and Barack?”

Shakey Graves – Chinatown.

Andrey Dobrovolskiy feat. Evgeniy Lamba. Mannerheim’ Street’ Blues. Slide Guitar. 

Daft Punk – Derezzed.

Van Morrison – Madame George.

Snowy White – Midnight Blues.

Arvo Pärt – Te Deum.

The Veils – Vicious traditions.

Hans Zimmer – No Time For Caution.

Frédéric Chopin’s “Raindrop” Prelude, Op 28, No. 15.

A3 – Woke Up This Morning (with spoken intro).

Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind.

Blade Runner Blues.

One day, We Had Today (Piano)

Leonard Cohen – The Gypsy’s Wife.

Maria Callas – Madame Butterfly.

Emmylou Harris & The Chieftains : Nobody’s Darling But Mine.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Clarinet concerto in A major, K. 622 – Adagio (HD) & Out of Africa.

Chopin’s Raindrops.

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne.

Stacy Washington – “Stop blaming white people for Trump’s win last night. America voted for actual change.”

James Cagney – “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy”.

Nanci Griffith – Hard Times Come Again No More.

Artie Shaw, Diga Diga Doo, Eve dancing to it.

Vera Lynn – After The Dance Crown (1936).

4 non blondes – Drifting.

Aram Khachaturian, the waltz from Masquerade.

Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump.

The Unclouded Day sung by Audra Mae.

Morgan Freeman. Some interesting attitudes from someone who obviously reflects on life.

Natalie Wood singing “I feel pretty” from West Side Story. 

The late Jeff Buckley singing the Leonard Cohen song  Hallelujah.

Sheryl Crow – Leaving Las Vegas.

Tito and Tarantula – From Dusk till Dawn w. Salma Hayek.

Moby – Flower (gone is 60 seconds intro).

Tango with Lions – In a Bar.

Nouvelle Vague – Psyche (Killing Joke).

The Beautiful South – Rotterdam.

Working Class Hero – John Lennon.

Anton Karas – The Third Man theme.

Alice In Chains – Rooster.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan.

We Had Today – by Rachel Portman from One Day.

Cooder & V. M. Bhatt – A Meeting by the River, Isa Lei 4th movement.

Glider flying ‘Windmills Of Your Mind’ film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ 1968.





Refugees arriving in Europe are ‘Muslim invaders’ who have created ‘parallel societies that will never unite’, Hungary’s PM warns.

Labour’s Jess Phillips Sides With Lily Allen in Defending Muslim Rape Gangs.

Asylum Seeker on the Run After Attacking Several People with an Axe.

Sweden data breach: 82 per cent of people sent to prison for gang rape are foreign born.

Men From “Syria Or Afghanistan” Arrested In German New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks.

Finland: No aggravated rape sentence for 23-year-old migrant who raped 10-year-old girl.

Erdogan: No Moderate Islam.Labour’s Jess Phillips Sides With Lily Allen in Defending Muslim Rape Gangs.

Germany: Reading out news about migrants is now seen as a crime by the left.

US pulls out of UN’s Global Compact on Migration: Official.

Armed Police to Escort Joggers in Swedish City for Protection.

Germany: Spike in Stabbings.

Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah “inflict your revenge upon them”.

UAE to Germany: To stop Islamic jihad terrorism, monitor the mosques.

Syrian Man Arrested for Raping Pony in German Kid’s Zoo.

UK school assignment for 12-year-olds: “Write a letter to family about converting to Islam”.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Spit out your insults, come on now!’ Iranian women film themselves standing up to men who order them to wear a veil as they walk in the street without hijabs.

UK: Muslim migrants granted permission to stay in Britain indefinitely, then form rape gang.

Sweden Enters Accelerated Stage Of Muslim Takeover.

French terror cases surge, piling unprecedented pressure on judiciary.

AP Covers Up ‘Honor’- and Muslim-Related Aspects of Cleveland Murder.

Hungary PM about Soros and Muslim migrant invasion: “Never underestimate the power of the dark side”.

The world’s youngest leader, 31, wins power in Austria: Anti-EU ‘Wunderwuzzi’ who wants to cut benefits for foreigners triumphs in election – as the far right surges to second and is poised for coalition government.

Canada: Muslim explains that he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”.

Sweden’s Sexual Assault Crisis Presents a Feminist Paradox.

Beauty Queen Jihadi Landed Top Job At UK Council.

Canada: 21-year-old Muslim man savagely beats 75-year-old woman in “random” assault, “most severe beating I’ve seen”.

Pakistan: Muslim father murders his two daughters, one of them 10 years old, in honor killing.

Germany’s “Open Doors” Are Closing: Merkel Seeks New Limits On Refugees.

Man who forced woman to perform sex act on him in terrifying attack is jailed.

Somali Terrorist Charged In Canada Attack Was Previously Deported From The U.S. 

Food plant worker convicted of ‘horrific’ beheading of his colleague.

Almost Half of Crimes in Berlin Committed by Migrants.

Armed Soldiers To Replace Cops On Danish Streets.

Sweden Refuses to Deport Migrant Who Posed With Corpses for Humanitarian Reasons.

Ghanaian Migrant Who Raped Camping German in Front of Her Boyfriend Calls Victim a ‘Prostitute’.

40% of rapes in Italy committed by foreigners: Model denounces constant street harassment from “Zulu types”.

Victims praised after four more men convicted as part of Operation Sanctuary sexual exploitation investigation.

Germany: Gay men attacked by “Muslim extremists” turn to AfD and forsake Green Party.

Iraqi asylum seeker, 18, ‘made bucket bomb and packed it with shrapnel, screws and knives’ to unleash on Parsons Green commuters thanks to his ‘warped political views’.

Germany: Two Afghan migrants rape 16 y/o German girl. One suspect was priorly known to Police.

Newcastle sex exploitation trial RECAP: Defendants remanded in custody after verdicts.

I was raped by THOUSANDS of men from the age of just 14, says victim of Asian grooming gang.

Europe: Jihadists Exploit Welfare Benefits.

Rewarding Terrorists in the Nordic Countries.

Swedish Police “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived.

Univeristy Of Edinburgh Student Investigated For Islamophobia After Mocking ISIS On Facebook.

German Food Chain Faces Backlash After Airbrushing Crosses From Churches On Food Packaging.

European Court Orders EU Countries to Take Migrants.

The Islamic Future of Europe.

Germany: Police Tell Women Not to Run Alone After Migrant Rapes Jogger in Park.

SWEDEN: 83% of Tested Refugee ‘Children’ Are Actually Adults.

UK: State schools allowing girls as young as five to wear hijabs as part of uniform.

Swedish Man Charged for Eating Bacon in Front of Muslim Women.

The Fake News Media of Sweden.

Sweden: Police officer stabbed in the neck in busy square in Stockholm.

‘Rape worse at start’ man takes flak.

Christian girl placed in foster care with Muslim carers is back with her family: Judge orders five-year-old is sent to her grandmothers and demands urgent investigation is launched.

Silent Sisterhood Revisited: Another Vibrant Rape Gang, Another Liberal Lie-Fest.

Pictured: Hungary’s New Electrified Border Wall, Watch Towers And Guards Outfitted With Machine Guns.

Fifteen teens and children ‘treated for rabies after gang raping an infected donkey’.

Man denied attempting to rape child in Cumbria.

The Real Predators on Campus Come From The Third World.

Alleged sex attacker ‘who groped six women in the same underpass’ has his case adjourned after telling the court: ‘No speak English’.

Fears of ‘another Rochdale’ as police probe 200 cases of child exploitation in West Yorkshire town where girl, 13, was raped by gang who ‘lined up’ and took turns to attack her.

Brainwashed ISIS bride, 16, may be EXECUTED after being captured in ruins of Mosul.

Grooming Gang Statistics.

Girl, 13, was taken from her children’s home and repeatedly raped by Asian sex gang in ‘relay race’ while she was high on cocaine.

Sex beast who abused girls while ON BAIL for rape is locked up.


Poland ‘will accept migrants from Europe – but NOT Africa or Middle East’.

Muslim soldiers are using boys as sex slaves, and the U.S. is looking the other way.

Swedish Shop Refuses Woman Service For Not Wearing Hijab.

Dogwalker Hospitalised After Attack By Somalian Migrant Who Said ‘Dogs are Unclean’.

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: June 2017.

Unsolved rape number 5,978 in Swedistan.

Germany: Syrian Hairdresser Hailed As ‘Model of Integration’ Slits His Female Employer’s Throat.

UK’s First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Govt After Pro-Rape Books Found.

Poles would rather leave the EU than take in Muslim immigrants.

‘Help Us, Help Us’: Swedish National Police Commissioner Begs as Number of No-Go Zones Rises.

Ireland: Judge Agrees to Give ‘One Last Chance’ to Convicted Sex Offender With 34 Prior Convictions.

Muslim Migrant Brutally Murders Elderly Austrian Couple.

Sweden: Muslim migrant gets month in prison for raping 13-year-old boy, won’t be deported.

Sweden’s largest music festival cancelled next year.

Several rapes at Swedish festivals last night.

Paris Residents Unable to Sleep Through ‘Intense’ Overnight Mosque Loudspeaker Sessions.

Illegal immigrant raped young woman three years after judge ordered him to be deported.

Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations.

A man has been arrested after a four year-old girl was raped.

Woman, 28, is ‘raped nine times by three asylum seekers who filmed the brutal attack on her mobile phone after ambushing her at a town fair in Germany’.

Leaked Report: Sweden Sees More Than 50 Per Cent Rise in ‘No-Go Zones’.

Swedish Muslim rapes girl 13, handed measly 40 hours community service.

Sex crimes by migrants in Germany have doubled to over 3,000 in a single year, official figures show.

Man who murdered young child in refugee home was ex-convict.

Denver Decriminalizes Public Defecation To Make Life Easier For Migrants, Homeless.

The Rochdale horror goes on: Abuse is STILL rife 10 years after 50 under-age white girls were groomed and raped by a Pakistani gang – and police remain hidebound by political correctness.

Fourteen men appear at Oxford Crown Court to deny a string of child sex abuse charges.

Pamela Geller: Idaho Muslim Migrants who raped 5-year-old plead guilty, get no jail time.

Women expelled from streets in central Paris, police unable to restore safety.

Germany: 62yo Woman Fined 1,350 Euros For Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke On Facebook.

Sweden: Muslim driving instructor says: “If it wasn’t Ramadan, I would have F**CKED THE SH*T out of you”.

Sweden: High School Girls Called ‘Racist’ After Complaining about Sexual Assault by Migrants.

Led away by ‘Good Samaritan… who gang-raped her in a back street’: Harrowing CCTV footage shows moment man takes woman, 34, through Covent Garden before horrific attack.

UK Imam: War is Coming, Muslims Can Take Women As Sex Slaves.

Emergency services thought German man was JOKING when he called to say his girlfriend, 23, was being raped at knifepoint by Ghanaian asylum seeker during camping trip.

Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings.

Germany: Muslim students beat and abuse Jewish student, drive him out of school.

Jailed Afghan Migrant Had Sexually Attacked 14 Women In Less than Six Months.

Sweden: Migrants Responsible For 90% of Shootings.

ISIS CANNIBALS: Terror group are teaching their fighters to EAT non-Muslims.

‘Give us more money or we will kill you’ Migrants kidnap refugee centre workers in Italy.

Germany: Two Turkish nationals arrested for raping 13-year-old girl after forcing themselves into her home.

Good Samaritans who saved a woman from being raped by a failed asylum seeker, 18, who dragged her into a car park are hailed as heroes as he is jailed for three years.

US Immigration Deports Muslim Man After He Takes A Pair Of Scissors And Uses Them To Mutilate His Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Genitals.

Danish woman is attacked by group of Muslims while walking her dogs.

Man, 26, and woman, 27, are charged over murder of 26-year-old mother whose body was found by joggers in woodland.

Austrian Town REFUSES to Accept More Refugees After Migrants Gang Rape 15-Year-Old Girl.

Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for crimes including rape and child abuse.

Man jailed for 11 years for rape of two Chinese students.

Rotherham Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers.

Palestinian TV: Don’t Beat Women… Too Hard.

Iraqi Immigrant Arrested for Raping Nursery School Child in Sweden.

France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” murders Jewish woman, cops cover up terror angle.

Rape Legalization Gains Ground Amid Migrant Influx in Europe.

Athlete Schumer Helped ‘Overcome’ Trump’s Travel Ban Charged with Terrible Sex Crime.

Germany Hit by Merkel’s Imported Crime Wave.

Female Christian refugee murdered by Afghan compatriot in Bavaria.

Refugee jailed for rape, attempted murder of girl, 17.

Lost 16-year-old girl ‘was gang-raped by kebab shop owner and three others in flat over the takeaway after she asked them for directions’.

EU Orders Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway to Stop Border Controls: Or What?

Pope Says Christianity No Better Than Islam.

‘Facebook rape video’ trio sentenced to prison.

Student assistant at school in Stockholm is sentenced to eight years in prison for rape against students.

How parents are removing their children from religious education classes because they do not want them to learn about Islam.

Geert Wilders and the Suicide of Europe.

No post delivery in Stockholm suburb, too dangerous.

29 people in court over 170 charges of sexual exploitation of 18 children.

Child refugees destroy taxpayer-funded kitchen because they wanted more PlayStations.

AP Changes Fresno Shooter’s Words From ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Removes Islam Reference.

‘Child Refugees’ Rampage, ‘Demolish’ Housing Over Lack of Game Consoles.

African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage.

Michigan Doctor Is Accused of Genital Cutting of 2 Girls.

Prosecutor: Facebook rapists will stay in Sweden – “A wise decision”.

Refugee accused of raping a camper and forcing her boyfriend to watch had been told he was being deported from Germany just days before.

French Jewish Woman Murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorist Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Paris.

Paul Joseph Watson – I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SWEDEN (video).

24 Huddersfield men and 2 women charged after girls as young as 11 were raped and sexually abused.

Sweden: Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It.

Islamic Refugee Rapes 10 Year Old, Says It’s “Culturally Acceptable” in his Homeland.

Somalian asylum seeker ‘rapes two elderly disabled men in a care home before murdering one of the victims’ wives’ in Germany.

Muslims Celebrate Terror Attack in St. Petersburg.

Eight Iraqi Refugees Convicted Of Gang-Raping German Tourist.

Swedish Police Investigate Another Gang Rape Posted On Social Media.

Migrant ‘raped two schoolgirls and didn’t tell them he had HIV’.

German Media Watchdog Instructs Press to Censor Ethnicity and Religion in Reports.

Leading heart surgeon, 53, ‘sexually assaulted five women in hospital after assuming they would not dare to complain’.

EYE-OPENING VIDEO: Rape Epidemic In Sweden…”The rape problem is primarily about Muslim men raping non-Muslim women”.

Sweden: Asylum Seeker Forced 10-Year-Old to Watch Porn Before Raping Her.

TERROR IN BELGIUM: Terrorist Stopped Before Ramming Speeding Car Through Crowd.

Muslim Appeals 40 Hours Community Service for Raping Child and Filming Assault.

Teenage Afghan immigrant is arrested in Germany after 19-year-old who worked at refugee centre and was the daughter of a senior EU official was raped and killed.

Five ‘Arab migrants’ gang-rape little girl, SEVEN, at refugee centre.

Denmark on the Brink? – An Interview with Iben Tranholm.

OLDER HUSBANDS ALLOWED TO SLEEP WITH Child Brides On Weekends At Danish Asylum Centers.

Teenage migrant ‘raped and strangled 90-year-old German woman as she left church after he demanded money from her and she said she didn’t have any’.

Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens.

Iranian immigrant, 40, who ‘strangled a grandmother with the cord of her own anorak before dumping her body in an allotment shed’ hears murder charge through a Farsi interpreter.

Sweden Can’t Find Contractor Willing to Build Police Station in Migrant Suburb — ‘It’s Too Dangerous’.





An understandable mistake, or maybe not.

Flying high and in company.

A force multiplier.

An unexpected move.

Some bloody firework.

Quick service.

The things girls can get up to. No guessing as to what that water container is.

Cheekie little chappy.

The things you can do with a condom …

Tell me, what on Earth did he expect to happen?

It’s always difficult for the small man to get ahead.

I could find so many candidates for this device.

It’s the second strike which really hurts.

You’re having a laugh, aintcha. A cannon like that needs a bloody telescopic sight?

There’s no bad situation that can’t be made even worser.

Freestyle climbing.

That’s quite enough of that, young lady …

How not to unload munitions from a truck.

That’s a helluva escape from the cops.

When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives, this is the sort of survival suit I want to be wearing.

Those two scamps are going to be so sorry.

Dads are always on over watch.

One of those days …

A match made for the heavens.

Hey! Look at that, lots of helicopters.

Another Darwin Award candidate.

An unprovoked assault. She needs to be taken off the front line of policing.


Why on Earth do people with real co-ordination problems ever attempt to do complex things like jump between rocks?

A special kind of stoopid.

Sometimes you just know a date is going well.

Darwin claims another victim.

Not having a good day.

What a fantastic catch she made and probably will be herself.

I’ve never thought cats had much in the way of brains, but to be tricked by a mouse …

Another idiot playing with low explosives who manages to get himself covered in cow shit.

Clever bastard, but watch the expressions in both of their faces.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Some talents you simply can’t teach.

A Beluga blowing bubbles for a baby.

I’m sure she’s very good at other things.

Darwin at work.

Robot baiting.

Fun at work.

A nose job …

Value added VCP.

I want one of them.

It looks so easy in the movies.

Crash level – expert.

A Canadian police car chase.

A gifted duck whisperer at work.

One for every dad out there who absolutely knows their little man will be a crack shot.

A primer on how not to get through heavy traffic.

What she was trying to do, Lord only knows.

Men definitely have the edge when it comes to mechanical aptitude.

Young and dumb vs. Old and trained. If that right with the shoulder and body weight behind it had landed, it’d be head removal.

Bloody computers. Incident No. 6,747,759 M

When I say I don’t want to go for a walk, I mean it.

I’ve no idea of what’s going on either.

So much for the all black people are natural athletes idea.

He’s Brazilian I’d say.

Get me outta here.

Sibling niggling.

Doing a Quigley.

Flipper is a very embittered creature these days. Showbiz, it happens.

A very ingenious way to get up four floors without using the stairs.

The alt-left take over.

I’ve heard of great balls of fire, but this is a new one on me.

That’s one tough bird. It’s the look on his face which is priceless.

The early bird gets on everybody’s nerves at times.

Talk about a ripoff.

Empire of the Trump flypass.

Spot which one knows how to box.

Even as a child, he was a natural leader.

Whatever it takes, he’s always the first one in the water.

Not very good over the sticks.

And afterwards he suddenly disappeared.

Rock my world …

You can see why nobody wants to share a hot tub with him.

Awesome display of strength and balance.

The Stupid is strong in this one …

Timing, as every, is the secret of great comedy.

Thanks bruv.

A gal like that is definitely a keeper.

Improvised RPGs. Duck sucker!

I don’t think he was trying to head it back.

Play misty for me.

Your brain will hurt if you and try to follow this conversation.


You just can’t get the help these days.

Stop the train, I wanna get off.

The guy has the shooter’s eye.

There’s always one wire head.

Here, have a ball.

Emergency nap time.

Antifa meets German cop.

A leap of faith?

So lifelike.

What on Earth is in that drink?

Never work with animals or children.

Guys, meet my girlfriend.

Computer abuse.

A young man who has his own priorities in life.

A rare skill.

A good recovery.

It’s difficult to see what the intended result beyond the obvious was.

How on Earth did we all ever survive being young and dumb?

You can’t be prepared for everything.

With friends like these …

Some people don’t have a lot in the way of survival reflexes.

A wonderful piece of flying. Notice the perfectly controlled stall? I think it’s a Fieseler Storch.

It’s probably more scare than it looks.

I get the feeling those kids shouldn’t be on top of that spire eating ice creams.

If he can even get the birds to salute him, we’re finished.

Mad. But he does end up in the kiddie’s inflatable pool.

Never let a girl near a hand grenade, even if there’s two of you.

Hailing a cab?

Never change your mind on a high diving board at the last minute.

Go on girls, hit me as hard as you like. It won’t hurt.

Not a good time to cock up your three-point turn …

It’s just a nice big splashy puddle …

Wheelie over the wall.

100mph bumper car.

Out of the gods.


Russian teens having some fun.

Head over heels into his booze.

Fortunately you can’t attempt this stunt at home.

It’s a whole new craze. Cat punting!

Skeet shooting with a large calibre weapon.

She gets it right every time. What God gives to one, he takes away from the other …

A rare and very mysterious talent.

She broke his heart.





“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”

Oprah Winfrey pimping a child out to Harvey Weinstein.

Putin didn’t do this.Trump and other Americans did.

Enough of this Russian nonsense.

The terrible tot.


Starbucks spitter – generation retard.

Academic derangement.

The law of mechanical repair.

Some subtle taxonomy.

Russia did it!

Obama being a little bit obvious.

Obama getting a feel for tomorrow’s electorate.

I think I see a pattern emerging.

Once a thief, always a thief.

She’s not the usual FLOTUS frump dressed in a sack that we’re used to.

Admit nothing, deny everything, until you run out of choices.

Meet hard data versus spin.

Cesspit Hollywood.

A reversal of positions.

Big bombs.

From the mouth of babes.

This tweet from a year ago hasn’t aged well.

Career precedes principals.

Spot where it all began.

Four sexual predators and a political funeral.

Bannon the Breitbartarian.

Only in California 2 …

Only in California …

You end up with those you voted for.

Anatoly Golimbievsky, a heavily decorated veteran who lost both legs in WW2, is saluted by four young sailors, 1989, USSR.

Definitely one for the family album.

Making things illegal that people really want always works.

Mayor of San Juan bravely delivering truckloads of reporters to hurricane victims.

Catalan firemen protect the people from the police.

Fan’s anthem protest.

Librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s donation of “racist” Dr. Seuss books.

Taking a knee at taps.

This is why we stand.

Clinton selling Uranium to the Russians.

Dems in worst shape since 1929.

Amazon fridge.

What is education delivering?

A forbidden picture of a very young and very old entrepreneur passing time together.

9/11 anniversary and alt-left activist pulling up American flags at Columbia university.

Russian roulette, migrant style.

Miami looters.

It’s called being dishonest.

Free speech on the internet.

Thomas Sowell on equality.

Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly – backstage at the 1956 academy awards.

Anybody who disagrees with you is a racist.

Facebook’s “even handed” moderation in action.

Houston Texas. Exhausted soldiers sleeping in a school hallway.

Race relations in Houston Texas.

Economic forecasters, don’t you just love them?

Black confederate vs White BLM.

Canada looking for some leadeship à la Trump.

Intolerance at it’s best. Shortly after, he was physically attacked.

Free speech vs college intolerance.

Google search for “American inventors”.

Google’s “suggestions”.

Nortk Korea/South Korea vs Socialism/Capitalism.

Orwell 1984 – rewriting history in 2017.

Cultural vandalism.

We shouldn’t paint with a broad brush.

Occupied France / Free France.

Was Charlottesville a case of mistaken identity?

Foreign policy mess – it’s all yours.

Those kerbs can be bastards.

8DX 247

Mueller digging for dirt.

Fascism then and now.

The struggle is real.

Syria vs Poland in ruins.

There’s a reason George Soros is being banned from countries around the world.

Getting away with murder.

McCain – remind me again how many propaganda broadcasts he did for the North Vietnamese.

Political policing.

NY Times calls the presidential election.

Obama questions.

Double standard law in action.

Family snaps.

Modern art.

Waiting in the rain.

The gulf between we the people, and them the media.

Hufpo eve of presidential election poll.

I have to march because my mother couldn’t have an abortion.

Blame the Russians.

The real reason evolution started.

Nothing burger v. Something burger.

He broke us.

Stop telling lies about me and …

CNN blackmail victim makes heartfelt plea.

It’s a pickup lime.

In my country, I’m forced to keep my mouth shut.

Voting for Trump is like playing country music backwards.

Safest country in Europe? Poland.

How can Trump keep winning with a scandal rocked White House?

I didn’t believe Bernie was committed to socialism until …

What gets left behind after all the environmentalists go home.

Ramadan bodycount, day 26.

The First Amendment upheld by the Supreme Court.

Obama’s record.

Comey – staying alive.

Jim Acosta – “TRUMP DIDN’T ACTUALLY VISIT SCALISE”. . .30 minutes later “lol oh wait he actually did”.

Legacy media extinction event.

He’s not a forgiving type when crossed.

Ramadan death count – day 15.

Trump fixing the leaks.

Comey testimony – a bad week for the Democrats and the press.

Spot the difference in priorities on 6th July 2017.


Ramadan bombathon – day 11.

Antifa snowflake going full on whinge at having to appear in court.

10 steps to deal with the next terrorist attack in Europe.

Trudeau, Macron, Khan vs. Trump on terror.

The BBC’s “random” Muslim to interview after every atrocity.

The Queen of Excuses.

Ramadan body count.

Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s head.


5 Responses to “Archive of Breaking News articles, Censorship articles and Video Box items.”
  1. Annie says:

    I enjoyed the Skaters’ Waltz, thank you. Just preparing breakfast after putting turkey into the oven. Thank goodness for AC while cooking on a warmish day!
    I really enjoyed the singing of Papagano and Papagena despite the odd costumes! I always find that a bit of fun.


  2. Annie says:

    I’ve just enjoyed the Mozart…one of our favourites. Thankyou…I am now encouraged to find our old CD of it and play it again. We have plenty of recorded music but often forget to listen to it with dashing in and out all the time.


    • Pointman says:

      Glad you liked it Annie, it’s a fave of mine too. I didn’t have the heart to sell my vinyl collection, and now I’m looking at the CDs I don’t play any more because digital is so damn convenient.



  3. Tim says:

    “Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made.” Pity they weren’t wearing clogs. A bit of shameless advertising for clog dancing; Thanks for your blog, it brings me a lot of pleasure and real news.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Tim.

      Nice videos of traditional arts. Well worth a visit if you like festivals with live music (which I do). I don’t think that type of dancing has a specific name beyond Hillbilly dancing. It is an amalgam; Irish from the hands down the side and the man not leading, Scottish from the formations. Add in a couple of years of relative isolation in the Appalachians, and stir to taste.



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