Freedom convoy update.

There’s a phenomenon I’ve observed many times in my life and I’m sure I must have already shared the takeaway piece of learning about it with you – there’s no crisis that can’t be made even worse by dumb management. On this particular occasion, it’s the dictator Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy crisis. Most grownup politicians have already worked out they’re on to a hiding to nothing if they don’t drop all the mandate crap and bin any fancy vaccination passport ideas. After two years of restrictions, the peasants have simply had enough.

Basically, give in to the trucker’s simple demands now or play Mr. Tough Guy and then the whole bloody thing will inevitably escalate into a general strike which they know they can’t possibly win without putting a man in every cab of every rig with a cocked gun against the head of every trucker driving it. Drive or die Canadian schweinhund. Heil Trudeau. Alberta and Saskatchewan dropped mandates and passports within a few days. Faster than an emergency handbrake turn, the official”medical” opinion has done a U-ie and it’s okay to go back to a normal life unmasked, unvaxxed and passportless.

Strangely the premiers of those provinces now stand a decent change of getting re-elected. Funny innit how what would otherwise be termed provincial state governors like to have the title premiers? In some strange hayseed way, it makes them sound significant.

However, on the dumbo side of the political coin you’ve people like Ontario Premier Doug Ford declaring a state of emergency in the province. He delivered several threats; Can$100,000 fines, imprisonment, cancellation of licenses, setting CPS on your children to take them away and a lot of other executive overreach stuff. Ye olde crush the uppity niggers routine but in this case he’s talking about the working class. How dare they disrespect their massas? They’ve simply no power to impose Can$100,000 fines and a year in prison for what’s usually a parking offense.

The funny thing is he’s supposed to be a right wing politician but he’s beginning to reek of Ottawa swampie to people. He’s started to walk back those remarks in the last few days, probably because someone with some political nous had a word in his ear about the next election cycle. I’ve no doubt that Gauleiter Ford was encouraged to take his Nazi stance by Trudeau’s decision to invoke the emergency powers act to impose martial law on Canada.

By simply declaring peacefully protesting truckers to be terrorists, their money can be siezed, they can be arrested and imprisoned without any explanation of why, no warrants, no due process. Only this week, Chris Barber – 25 years a trucker – was arrested by police and was promptly labelled a leader of the protest but purely on the basis of having been interviewed on television. Not even the arresting officers knew on what grounds he was being arrested. They chose the Nuremberg defense – we’re just following orders.

The threats are really piling in on the truckers and anyone supporting them. You’ve got cops calling on people who’ve clicked on a thumbs up comment in favour of the truckers. Anyone who’s ever thought big tech social media is your friend should think about how exactly that cop ended up on somebody’s doorstep. Cops just don’t have the manpower to monitor comments and likes and dislikes over all social media platforms. Big tech basically grassed up their own users by providing the thought police with lists of names and addresses of people to be called on.

Again, lists are being provided of donors labelled as “trump supporters” by Canada’s Justice Minister, David Lametti and publically threatened with having their accounts frozen under the twin pretext of supporting terrorism and money laundering. Just how far does executive overreach have to go before nobody will need a legislature anymore?

The Canadian regime even tried to freeze the Freedom Convoy’s account at GiveSendGo, resulting in it being pointed out that that Canadian government overreach can’t reach over the border to freeze assets of an American company based in Delaware I believe. Failing that, emergency powers are being used to block any access to the fund from Canada by either donors or truckers and at the same time a rolling cyber attack is being waged on the site.

Some details of donors were stolen and leaked to the fake news machine who didn’t have any problem doxxing American donors. Just how vicious it’s getting is illustrated by the Washington Post doxxing donors to the point where a restaurant owner who donated $200 to the truckers started receiving death threats until she had to close her diner. Who are the terrorists in that case? The people donating $10 to the truckers or fake news doxxing donors whose details were stolen from the GiveSendGo site by a government hacking team from their dirty tricks department?

Incidentally, unless any government has direct jurisdiction over any account, perhaps yours, they can’t freeze it but they can certainly restrict access to it. There are a million ways around this but one I’m fond of is introducing some real political complications into freezing bank accounts. If you’re concerned about being able to access your money or a trucker awaiting some support money from GiveSendGo, open up an online current account with a Russian bank.

They’ll think twice before they start freezing a Russian bank account because they know exactly what the response will be – a freeze applied on Canadian banking services in Russia. Germany for some reason – probably too many of their citizens were using it – decided to ban Russia Today in Germany. Reaction? Instant banning of a rich selection of German media companies across Russia. Wave auf wiedersehen to 150 million customers in the biggest country in Europe. They won’t do that again and are now busy not appearing to be doing the Texas Turkey Trot back peddling on the RT ban.

The bad news for the ruling elites trampling on their subjects’ rights is that the convoys are spreading not only in Canada but across the world. The working and middle class have found the power of the collective once again. In Australia, only 10,000 people turned up in Canberra to protest on the COVID freedom grab according to government controlled fake news, but other estimates put that number in the 1 to 1.5 million range. Judge for yourself from the picture above.

In Paris, 3,000 people turn up to protest against mandates and passports and were attacked by Macron’s CRS police thugs. In Holland thousands of vans, trucks, tractors and cars gridlocked The Hague and in New Zealand, what was a modest crowd of a few hundred protesters outside parliament ballooned to nearly two thousand overnight as footage emerged of NZ police officers dragging a woman, who was naked for some reason, by her hair across the parliament lawn. Enough use of excessive police force and Gestapo arrests of working men like Chris Barber, and this situation will quickly escalate from a protest against COVID restrictions to something even more bitter.

All the people doing the escalating and determined to crush the truckers like to term themselves as liberals and it brings to mind something Malcolm X said of liberals. Scratch one deep enough and you’ll always find a fascist. He was dead right.


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13 Responses to “Freedom convoy update.”
  1. Brennan says:

    I couldn’t make it to Canberra for the protests, but there is plenty of video available, especially from drones that it was a hell of a lot more than 10k. Suddenly in NSW, almost all mask mandates are coming off on 1/3 and QR code sign ins stopped today. I’m looking forward to going to Church again and be able to see my friends smile.

    Some of them are starting to wake up and some are going to be slaughtered at the next election, especially that McGowan moron in WA.

    It won’t be forgotten and the political and media classes are taking a beating. Metaphorically, of course. About bloody time too, most of them have been cruising for it for ages.

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  2. philjourdan says:

    Some say that Turdoh’s response was instigated because of Biden’s call for them to “do something”. As the protest is spreading across the world. And while Turdoh may decided he would rather sink the ship than let the steerage above deck, the rest of the world is starting to listen. Here in the USA, the democrats are backpedaling so fast, that most have gotten a case of Whiplash. They are also trying to rewrite history, but that seems to be failing spectacularly.

    The globalists pushed it too far. And they will soon reap the whirlwind of their own making,

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  3. Doonhamer says:

    Re. Your heading picture.
    That needs a lot of Port-a-loos. Although Aussies probably call them Drop-off-Dunnies or some such.

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  4. Peter Shaw says:

    If you have not watched the 90 odd minute interview of Dr Robert Malone by Tucker Carlson, I recommend it. The first 30 minutes is a background of his life, and the last 40 includes details on the development of the mRNA vaccine, and the politicization of it.
    At the 46 minute mark he talks about the WEF and the “Young Leaders’ Programme”, and who participated in it (including Trudeau, Newsome). Adern herself is mentioned at 47:40.
    From about 55 mins in, he talks about the party of Davos; it’s compelling stuff.
    Towards the end (1:03) he reveals that the top owner of Spotify is also the top owner of Moderna.

    The good thing is that a lot of folk are waking up to this; I hope it’s not too late.

    Then there’s this from The Conservative Treehouse: “Watch how much the speaker of the house (Canada) starts to squirm when Klaus Schwab is mentioned. Then they cut him off, citing bad audio. They don’t want this seen, so naturally, we should share it far and wide.”

    Good article, Pointman. Thank you for keeping going.


  5. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    ““Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Invoked Emergency Act to Charge Leaders of Protest Group with “Mischief”
    February 20, 2022 | sundance | Leave a comment”

    And the “Little Potato” song

    Trudeau’s got a song specially written – another tant likely in 3, 2, 1

    Links to performance and words here


    • Pointman says:

      Thanks Ian,

      I’d heartily recommend to all following Ian’s Smalldeadanimals link. It’s readers tips but what’s becoming obvious is that what’s happening in Ottawa this weekend is a national disgrace. A lot of Canadians will never look at the RCMP in the same way again.

      Feel the disgust and outrage in the voice of this witness –



  6. Dana says:

    The Premier of Alberta will not be forgiven jailing Pastor Artur Pawlawski, will not be re-elected.
    Alberta has a political prisoner! A Man of God. Disgraceful.


  7. 1957chev says:

    Lawless thugs threatened shop owners in Ottawa…


  8. another ian says:

    2.3 million views



  9. another ian says:

    Rex Murphy and Jordan Petersen

    “The catastrophe of Canada”


  10. another ian says:

    Hi Pointy

    Bulk happenings in Canada – e.g.

    “Facing Financial Peril and a Pending Senate Rebuke, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Revokes Emergency War Measures Act
    February 23, 2022 | Sundance | 54 Comments”

    Seems some documents “fell off a truck” to the Senate

    “Keep an eye on the story of this Senate discovery. From all indications, even the liberal allies of Trudeau in the Senate were unable to support the Emergency Act after they reviewed the non-public documents. There’s something very damaging in those documents, likely internal emails between Trudeau and his various ministers.”

    And a reminder of another Trudeauean Triumph


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