It can’t go on like this

When a statement like the above is made about old Mr. Wotshisface, it invariably presages a life changing turn of events for the aforesaid Wotshisface. Given the particular circumstances, that event can range from getting the boot from a job they’ve become chronically bad at or right down to the enfeeblement of old age and being forcibly stuffed into an old folks home until their assets are picked clean by smiling, avaricious kin and when their money runs out, they end up in some less salubrious but free animal shelter facility.

The phrase it can’t go on like this is circulating around Washington, so the puppet president is heading, with some minor contextual variations, into a life changing event of the latter type. It’s been obvious since the middle of last year that he’s deep into senility and no longer capable of looking after himself, never mind leading the United States of America. It’s also been commonly predicted that he’d last for a decently long enough interval for some fig leaf pass over of power to the equally puppet-like vice-president, but it’s becoming obvious to outside observers that the timeline of that plan is unravelling fast.

An unfortunate side effect of the various forms of senility is anger. Anger at losing your memories, the basic facts that had always been at your fingertip command all of your life. Anger and shame at forgetting the names of your loved ones. Anger and fear in your lucid moments at how vulnerable you’ve become. At what’s coming at you. At the prospect of being treated like an incompetent child who’s no say in their own life.

A constant voice in his ear can’t overcome the obvious physical impairments, the hunched over shuffle, the falling up the steps of Airforce One and the rare public appearances for some soft interviewing by some collaborator in fake news. Before they could rein him in, he’d already gone back to his plantation massa roots about how them coloureds simply weren’t capable of understanding how to get some Id before voting. The elderly docility they’d hoped would last at least six months before they’d use his state of health to wheel in Heels Up Harris already looks to be a forlorn hope after less than two months.

The basic physical impairment is becoming obvious, as is his determination to ignore the controlling voice in his ear. It’s become so apparent that the Chinese can no longer hide their contempt with having to pretend to deal with him as if he was a real president, and Putin in reply to some sabre rattling against Russia by his handlers challenged him to a live debate at the weekend knowing it’d never happen but pointedly made a big effort to wish him a long and healthy life. The challenge was never taken up, so Vladdi didn’t have to cancel his weekend visit to one of the northern provinces where he no doubt rode a Siberian tiger bare back. So much for the fake news reports of him retiring due to ill health.

Being quietly despised is probably good enough for a puppet president, but foreign potentates openly taking the piss and having a good old laugh at him undermines the whole effort to legitimise the regime. He’s gotta go, but what’s going to be the mechanism? They can’t just say he’s suddenly become doolally after months of proclaiming him to be totally compos mentis. The craw of the American public is already stretched to choking point.

A virtue could be made of getting rid of him. With a bit of smoke and mirrors and some fancy PR footwork, he might suddenly come down with something (no guesses what) which necessitated him temporarily handing over the reins to Heels Up and after a suitably long and heroic struggle, he’d finally succumb. Big state funeral televised to death. Foreign representatives attending. Cue the fulsome eulogies 24/7 on the collaborating networks for at least a whole week, the complete whitewash of his criminal acts, the disappearance of his child groping propensities and whatever else the big man’s been up to for his whole DC career.

It’s not quite the usual Clintonesque XPD way of dealing with awkward people, but it’s functional and the regime have already got some experience I suspect in using that particular method.


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10 Responses to “It can’t go on like this”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:


    America is gone and it no longer matters who is the front person.


  2. Peter Shaw says:

    Nothing would surprise me. I just read this article which I think is relevant and related:


  3. Gorillaguerilla says:

    He said himself that if he and Harris disagreed on anything he would probably develop a disease and leave. The puppet has even said that they put in place the greatest voter fraud system the USA has ever seen


  4. philjourdan says:

    Biden never had command of the facts at his finger tips as evidenced by his proclivity to plagiarize frequently and brazenly. So he has no anger as his mental acuity has remained essentially unchanged. His physical acuity however has significantly deteriorated. But he is not aware of that due to his diminished (always) mental capacity.

    I do like the nick name – Heels Up. Fits her to a T


  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Prosecutors Now Backing Away from Statements and Charges Against January 6th Protestors


  6. JohnTyler says:

    The demokrat party leaders knew very well that Bidet’s mental acuity is deficient and that he is exhibiting signs of senility.
    No matter; they installed him as the demokrat party candidate, and subsequently installed him as president.
    The demonkrats did not care that installing a senile old man as president is simply bad for the USA, bad for the citizenry.

    This should tell you all you need to know about what demonkrats think about the USA, its citizens, its Constitution and where they intend to “take” the USA.
    If Putin were president of the USA he probably would be a better US President than Bidet or Obama or really any demonkrat.

    As bad as all the above is, the demonkrats topped it off by selecting an incredibly stupid , dumb and ignorant slut to be VP; an individual who literally F’d her way to the top.

    And folks, it’s only going to get worse because the demonkrats WILL rig the election laws (and the courts) to maintain the strangle hold on power they just obtained.

    Unfortunately, the dumbpublicans in congress do not have the cohones to put up a strong resistance against the demonkrat agenda.

    We are literally screwed.

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  7. NoFixedAddress says:


    If I may

    Republicans had slipped between the sheets with the fashionable left. What’s new?

    For sustainable change to take place, change must be gradual and “rooted in the institutions of society.” In tracing the contours of such Burkean thinking, Kirk referred to “that aspect … which is prepared to tolerate an old evil lest the cure prove worse than the disease.”

    To Kirk’s contention that “true freedom can be found only within the framework of a social order,” I’d wager that in my former homeland, South Africa, this bulwark against barbarism has collapsed. In my new homeland, America, the framework that sustains the country’s ordered liberty is so rapidly being eroded, so as to be near collapse.

    Decades back, no less a classical liberal thinker than Ludwig von Mises warned that liberty in the United States could not – and would not – endure unless the founding nation retained its historic national identity and cultural hegemony.

    An ahistoric, rootless America, shot through with dangerous and systemic anti-white animus, is an America in which liberty has been lost.


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