The scuttlebutt on the purge of the military

If you’ve ever had any involvement in the world of first responders, by which I include not only medics and firemen, but the military and law enforcement of any kind, you get plugged into a certain very realistic view of the world, and you never quite escape it either. There’s the world as people think it is, the world as a deceptive media presents it, and then there’s the real thing you’ve seen with your very own two eyes. It often comes with a bit of arterial spray.

The first lesson you learn is that most of the bad outcomes were preventable given an effective political leadership and the second one is that the very same political leadership won’t hesitate for a second in throwing you to the wolves for doing nothing more than trying to contain a situation which they themselves created. The net result is you rarely believe any government announcement, never any scum media reporting on anything, but always listen to the scuttlebutt coming in on the old pals network line direct from the front.

The messages come in via a catch up drink, an email chain, a chatroom drop in or just over an RT link in clouded language. Any one item may not turn out to be true, but you’ve seen too many you initially dismissed as pure BS turn out to be horribly right. Forewarned is forearmed and despite what people may think, an experienced soldier is a frightened and careful man who’d never kick an empty can out of his way or impulsively straighten a picture in a bombed out house.

The military feedback on the current purge is that the Pentagon level brass had already been eviscerated after eight years under the Obama regime. Anyone there who’d been silly enough to entertain any notion of serving America and protecting the constitution bought various types of administrative farm. As for what’s left, the only thing they’re determined to serve and protect is their lucrative careers, while all the time advancing the careers of wretches like Lt-Col Vindman. Trump looked like he was starting to address that situation by removing the SpecOps reporting line from the Pentagon to another general who only reported directly to the president, but let’s not explore that one.

The results of a politicised top-level brass is a distinct lack of a professional officer class and a disproportionate increase in desk warriors with little practical experience in conducting any sort of large scale military exercise. The recent inauguration where supposedly 20,000 soldiers were assembled in DC before a White House protected by a ten-foot high razor wire fence to stop an insurrection which never happened, is a case in point. They wanted a round number like 20,000 men but screwed up in actually doing the mechanics of the mobilisation, so they actually ended up with only 15,000 men on the day but the regime’s propaganda machine covered for them.

Next was a total cock-up on the basic logistics of the operation. Not only was no thought given to where those thousands of soldiers were to sleep, but rations for only approximately 9,000 were slotted into the lines of supply. That’s how thousands of the nation’s soldiers ended up sleeping for nights on the concrete floors of parking garages after eating cold MRE’s. Trump saw what was happening and emptied his flagship hotel in DC so some of them could get a hot meal and a decent night’s sleep in a bed, and all on his dime.

Apparently, with all those thousands of heavily-armed soldiers gathered together so suddenly in one spot there wasn’t a single instance of an unauthorised discharge, which is army speak for firing off a gun by accident. That was either massive good luck or there wasn’t a single live round permitted to be carried, never mind chambered. My money’s on regime paranoia rather than the Lucky Lady.

That situation of turning DC into a permanent garrison city has got worse, as always happens when a large body of soldiers swamps a community in an emergency measure and don’t go away after the emergency is over. It was true for the Bogside and it’s becoming true for DC. Too many soldiers are still living on takeaway food and a lot of it is arriving stony cold or with added ingredients from a progressively more disgruntled populace. That’s a situation that’s not going to get better, most probably the reverse.

The sailors have been the first ones to get a dose of political re-education from the regime. It turned out the gist of a two-hour long power point presentation was that the biggest threat to America came from within. Never mind Russia, China, Islamic extremists or anyone else, the number one threat was from white supremacists who were sketched out for the benefit of the slower veterans in the audience as Trump or MAGA supporters. Apparently it was greeted in stony silence.

The other bit of good news for the swabbies is that they get to be the first ones to re-swear their oath of allegiance and yes as predicted, the wording of it is to be changed, but to precisely what nobody knows, though rumours abound.


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6 Responses to “The scuttlebutt on the purge of the military”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    It would be great to build a wall around the entire District of Columbia and restrict all movements into or out of it.

    They could have checkpoints!


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    BREAKING REPORT: DOJ Considering SEDITION CHARGES Against Patriotic Group the Oath Keepers Over Capitol Protest


  3. philjourdan says:

    If you want to know what the democrats are doing, always look at what they accuse the other side of planning. ANd this one was telegraphed a mile away. They are planning on making sure that if a republican wins in 2024, what is left of the military will stage a coup and install the democrat.


  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    Senator Tom Cotton is going to try to stem “the rot”.


  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    and meanwhile, in the real world of facing your enemies,

    The Revolution Within the IDF


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