How the January 6th protest is being used

When one country is determined to go to war with another, and there’s no justifiable reason for doing so, then a justifiable reason must be manufactured for both external and internal consumption that lends a spurious legitimacy to all the things that are to follow. Once the incident has occurred, the regime’s propaganda machine will both obscure the exact details of what happened while at the same time seeking to magnify public outrage at it.

A classic and brutal example of this occurred in 1939 just prior to WWII breaking out when tensions between Nazi German and Poland were running high. A group of Polish soldiers overran a German radio station at Gleiwitz and briefly did a propaganda broadcast before being driven back into Poland by valiant local defenders. Both the domestic and world press were briefed and photographed the bodies of the dead Polish soldiers, Goebbel’s propaganda machine was cranked up to amp 11 and not long afterwards WWII started. It is called the Gleiwitz incident, the reality of which was well documented at the Nuremberg trials of war criminals.

A pro-Polish German national and some concentration camp prisoners were murdered by the SS, dressed up in Polish uniforms and shot in the face to make identification impossible. Just like that, an incident had been created. This and other staged incidents were used to justify the invasion of Poland. It was all that was needed to put Germany on a war footing and incidentally crack down on all dissidents to the regime because a country at war obviously can’t risk potential traitors in its midst.

The protest in Washington against Congress certifying what was obviously an illegal presidential election, was nothing more than a mass of ordinary people turning up and expecting nothing more than to wave a few banners and have their voice heard over the blaring propaganda of the fake news media machine. There’s even footage of them actually being let into the building and wandering around gawking like bewildered tourists unexpectedly being let into this seat of power they’d only ever seen before on television.

As always happens when a mass of people are infiltrated by a few disguised provocateurs only there to provoke an incident, trouble broke out. The big flashpoint of the day was an unarmed 15 year vet being shot in her face and dying nearly instantly. There’s some footage of it captured by a handsomely paid extremist disguised as a MAGA supporter who was also smuggling a CNN journalist into the crowd. Beyond some raised voices accompanied by some hearty pushing and shoving between the crowd and law enforcement, that’s all that actually happened on the day.

Someone somewhere decided to make a Gleiwitz incident out of it but the one problem with the scheme was that it was a MAGA supporter who’d died. A martyr who could be represented as on their side had to be found and one duly was. A policeman who’d also died on the day was reported by the NYT Pravda as having been killed by being hit on the head by a fire extinguisher. The coroner, who’s probably looking for a new job now, subsequently reported no sign of blunt force trauma on the body in his autopsy report, but anyway a martyr had been found who got the full Horst Wessel propaganda funeral over his family’s objections.

With the help of the propaganda machine, what was a protest now started to mutate into a riot and finally into an act of insurrection. Within a week, the hitherto moribund secret police had leapt into action and charged 150 people with various crimes against the state. A public spirited collaborator even came forward to identify members of her own family who’d attended the insurrection. Having quickly established that narrative, this was more than enough justification for the new regime to hold a show trial in Congress of the real president on a charge of fomenting insurrection against America.

Give it a few more months at the hands of the propaganda machine and every liberal will simply know it was a coup attempt perpetrated by a MAGA mob of armed white supremacists, so the regime is perfectly justified in ferreting out and taking action against such terrible people. Even the GOP, in the shape of Liz Cheney calling for the party to purge itself of all their white supremacists, is making full use of the propaganda fairy tale.

From now onwards, each repressive order imposed on the people by the Biden regime will be justified as merely putting a measure in place to prevent a repeat occurrence of the 6th of January incident.


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4 Responses to “How the January 6th protest is being used”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    we will see what happens


  2. Pointman – you are my hero along with Dave Rubin. I might get suspended from Facebook


  3. Michael Moore says:

    Spot on.


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