The first hen house fox unmasks itself.

Barely three weeks ago I mentioned in an article on the demise of Fox News that a new foxy brand would inevitably appear specially tailored for us deplorables. It wouldn’t be real, it’d just be there to attract a certain audience demographic who’d sit through the sponsors’ messages between being fed some hopeful but authoritative pap that’d round out in general along the lines of we’ve got right on our side but those Democrat scoundrels are so much trickier than us poor virtuous souls. ie conditioning their viewer to be a constant loser, but a great moaner.

There was a saying in something that used to be called science that nature abhors a vacuum. Basically, if there’s a low pressure zone, it’ll get filled by the higher pressures around it. Essentially, the same phenomenon occurs in product marketing. When a gap appears in the market, it’s a business opportunity to get there first and fill it. A gap appeared in network news when the owners of Fox News ordered it to commit ratings suicide. It was the only vaguely conservative news channel and therefore attracted a large following.

Predicting an upstart network would spot the opportunity and get in first before the window closed was a nobrainer. Two networks called OANN and Newsmax looked to be the boys doing the vacuum filling. The question was which if either of them really had the balls to seriously take on the regime rather than play the role of faux Fox. Well, in a singular piece of outstanding woke arrogance, Newsmax outed itself on air, that’s to say live.

One of their asterisk rather than star newsmen Bob Sellers, who has curiously horse-like teeth and an almost permanent four o’clock shadow, walked off his own little throne live on air while interviewing Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow. He wanted to force Lindell to stay on the network’s script by basically talking over him. Lindell refused refused to play the game and horse teeth fairly threw his rattle out of his pram and flounced off his own show.

Patently, horseteeth was still operating under the old fake news instinctive directive that an anchor’s job was to instruct their viewers on the ways of woke, and hadn’t been briefed on the new script – we’re only pretending to be conservative. They weren’t supposed to lose their cool with some uppity deplorable. We all screw up and I imagined the moneymen behind the new, dynamic, vacuum-filling network would have a word to him after they picked their jaws up off the floor. A nice little apology Boyo, some humble pie and let’s get back on track harvesting all that lubbly jubbly advertising income fleeing from Fox.

Next day, horseteeth made his apology without managing to say the sorry word, and more or less said it was Lindell’s fault for not following his permitted limits of what could or could not be discussed, with particular reference to the Steal. It was followed by a segment where Lindell was interviewed by another anchor as a reaffirmation of both the network’s conservative bona fides and how the interviewee behaved himself this time.

That “apology” would have been written for him and okayed by the moneymen as enough to retrieve the self-inflicted wound. Patently it isn’t. It’s what they think you’ll swallow as they admit no fault whatsoever. It tells you more than enough about their collective mindset and how cheaply they view that faint effort as somehow making up for one of their facemen acting like a thug when he bumped into someone who refused to be treated like a fringe loony.

All you twigs out there, collect together and use that big consumer muscle that 80 million people have. A polite email to Newsmax about how they disgraced themselves by insulting your intelligence and then turn off Newsmax permanently. Perhaps watch OANN for a while, but the first time you smell the subtle stench of being patronised, indulged or house trained, turn it off too. Don’t be an abuse victim who always forgives until the next beating. Make the break, even if it destroys Newsmax.

Roger Aisles, who invented the original Fox News and has since had the usual liberal smear over (including a mini-series), was once asked what was his secret for the runaway success of Fox News. It was quite simple he replied. I spotted a gap in the market – the other half of America.


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2 Responses to “The first hen house fox unmasks itself.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    Yea, I saw that bomb as well. I use to trust Newsmax, but no longer. If any (A-N-Y) news organization is going to either #1 – Suppress talk about the election possibly being stolen – or #2 – Deny there is any evidence of it (both of which are undeniable facts), then they are part of fake news and not worthy of my time.

    Fortunately we have a lot of options. The left is stupid in one respect. They never learn. They repeat the mistakes of other totalitarian regimes. You cannot suppress news. Which is what they are trying to do. You cannot wipe out 80 million Americans because they have a different view (Mao tried, Stalin, Pol Pot). And of course socialism has never worked.

    Yet they deny those facts. Some on the left have a lot of book sense (and that is SOME). But no intelligence (most all).

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  2. another ian says:

    Those double standards show again

    “Simon and Schuster Give Hunter Biden Book Deal After Cancelling Senator Josh Hawley Book Deal”

    Liked by 1 person

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