How the January 6th protest is being used

When one country is determined to go to war with another, and there’s no justifiable reason for doing so, then a justifiable reason must be manufactured for both external and internal consumption that lends a spurious legitimacy to all the things that are to follow. Once the incident has occurred, the regime’s propaganda machine will … Continue reading

Grey propaganda against Signal

In the middle of last January, when the big tech oligarchs were nailing down their digital supremacy of the internet, Facebook announced in passing that it was going to harvest all the user data on WhatsApp, which it owns. This broke the deal making promise it’d made in ’14 when it took it over. Given … Continue reading

A wake up call for Australians

The worst and most pervasive form of censorship is self-censorship, especially nowadays in America but it’s increasingly a worldwide trend. In innocent ways, it acts a a social lubricant. You’re talking with someone about something that’s happened in their lives and doing sympathetic noddies. They’re telling you about their travails and you’re thinking all their … Continue reading

Australia being bullied by big tech.

Back in the days when assorted sauropods roamed the Earth and Tyrannosaurus Paper was king, I worked for an organisation that circulated internally a digest of the day’s news. First thing in the morning an analyst went through a selection of foreign and domestic newspapers highlighting pertinent items with a brief annotation. It was then … Continue reading

Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.

With the elimination of Trump and the Swamp once again in the driving seat, the new battle cry on lips of propagandists and collaborators alike is “let’s get back to normal”. There’s not a bum taking up on a seat in Congress that doesn’t know the election was blatantly stolen, and by implication the Biden … Continue reading

Welcome back Parler, I think …

Hearing that Parler was back up, I gave it a try. If you’re not familiar with its short and spectacular history, it had barely been up a few weeks when big tech ganged up on it and closed it down by a combination of deplatforming and refusing to stock it in the company stores. There … Continue reading


All living languages evolve, which is to say both the meaning and emotional payload attached to words change. Research why so many village lanes are called Country Lane in England or the evolution of the word “nice” from the very precise meaning, irony intended, in Shakespeare’s plays, to its modern day meaning which ranges from … Continue reading

Trump’s second impeachment trial

During the first attempt to impeach Trump it got great play in the media aka fake news, but it was pure wish list propaganda. Since in a bicameral legislature both houses usually have to vote to for an impeachment to actually happen, the president or prime minister is bullet proof if he holds control of … Continue reading

Your children are part of the great reset.

About ten years ago, I wrote a short series of articles on how to use the internet safely. They covered basic security stuff but were needed at the time by a lot of people who were new to the whole idea of surfing the web. In essence, they covered the dangers, how the dangers operated … Continue reading

Quid pro Joe comes through for all his pals.

We’ve all heard the saying – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It actually restates a more quintessential aspect of corruption itself – that’s to say, corruption corrupts those about it, but corruption at the very top corrupts all those below it. We’ve all seen the truth of both observations in business and personal life … Continue reading

About the controlling and the controlled.

Yesterday’s piece was entitled “Banks collaborating with the regime”. Perhaps provocative, but most certainly true, though it does leave a slightly misleading impression of what’s actually going on behind the scenes. No one person at board level suddenly decided they hated Mike Lindell or to freely give the secret police the details en masse of … Continue reading

Banks collaborating with the regime

In a previous piece, I said that the dual purpose of the propaganda machine now unleashed on the deplorables will be to ostracise them from so-called platforms of free speech and to always represent them in the entertainment industry as a vanishing small and counter-revolutionary minority, which obviously isn’t true but propaganda nearly always operates … Continue reading

A visit from the secret police

There are many famous sayings about the law. The law’s an ass, which is very true when you consider some of the rulings handed down. Another one is an accused person who chooses to represent themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer. The reality was always that if you’re rich and powerful, the … Continue reading

The mass purges begin with the Army.

The abiding characteristic of all regimes that come to power via a coup is paranoia. It takes control of them on the day they seize power and it never lets go of them thereafter. In their inner thoughts, they know they aren’t legitimate, which is why there’ll always be a big propaganda effort to convince … Continue reading

The first hen house fox unmasks itself.

Barely three weeks ago I mentioned in an article on the demise of Fox News that a new foxy brand would inevitably appear specially tailored for us deplorables. It wouldn’t be real, it’d just be there to attract a certain audience demographic who’d sit through the sponsors’ messages between being fed some hopeful but authoritative … Continue reading

Selling the coup to the Floaters.

By and large two classic approaches will be used. The first is that they’ll constantly be assured they’re living in greater security from the dreaded bogeyman deplorables hidden under their mattresses. Each increment of repression will always be justified using that rationale. I think it was Ben Franklin who said words to the effect that … Continue reading