Security alert – Parler.

In yesterday’s article I mentioned the American oligarchs had decided to close down Parler by simply deplatforming it with only a few days notice. As I write I’m sure the staff at Parler are working furiously to move the site to a new hosting service, and I wish them all the best in achieving their self-imposed but seemingly impossible objective of getting it back online by noon today. Until then, Gab is still up for the reasons I outlined in the article, so it seems to be the only large social media platform where the truth is actually being reported and you are free to comment on it.

I noticed Eric Trump joined Gab a couple of days ago, as Ivanka Trump did some time before that and also that Andrew Torba, Gab’s founder and CEO, has previously stated that he’s reserved reserved login IDs and passwords for President Trump and other notable politicians at the venue. I’m not in the business of recommending either Gab or Parler, especially as I have logins in both, but following the old saying about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush, if you’re an undecided refugee from one of the big tech plantations, I’d register with Gab today.

You’ll have lots of newcomer company there since its new registrations yesterday increased by 750%. The site is creaking under the onslaught of gearing up to such an influx but handling it. There are a lot of other newbies finding there way around, but they’re getting a big welcome and a lot of help from us first wave of refugees. We’ve already been there, got the T-shirts and know how it feels. For me after walking away from big tech’s chilling idea of social media, joining them felt like the end of a long trudge through deep snow in a bitterly cold winter and finding an old log cabin with a warm yellow glow radiating out from it.

They’re both are good places to be but if pushed for a preference, I’d probably tilt towards Gab. It seems to have more Bob the construction guy types who stop in at the local to have a single beer after work before going home to help out with the evening meal, play with the kids and bath them before bedtime. Or Betty the waitress who always gets a big wave goodbye from the diner’s regulars at end of shift as she hurries out with coat half on to pick up the kids after school. They’re both equally bewildered, but both know for sure there’s still a God above and what’s happening at the moment is not their America.

Word comes to me that at the same time as Parler is scrabbling to move their site, a chunk of their login and password file has been leaked onto the internet. A quick check around the darknet does actually show files purporting to be this data, but since Parler is down there’s no way for me to confirm their veracity even if I would try to use them to check them out, which I wouldn’t in any case. The rumour or the fact are simply the work of the vermin employed by the same people determined to take Parler offline, but when there’s a doubt it’s only prudent to take action.

If you’re Joe Nobody like myself, it’s not a big thing to take the precaution of logging in and changing your password. If your old password suddenly doesn’t work, then simply re-register and alert the Gab team. Some asshole has used your login/password and once in, has changed the password. A simple comparison of the tenor of their comments and your old ones should be all the proof the Parler security team need to ban them and restore your old profile. It’ll probably be worth following them yourself until they give themselves away. It’d be a chore you’d be taking away from the Parler security team and there’d be lots of scope for some fun mind games for you to play!

Of greater concern is if the logon/passwords of prominent people have been compromised, especially if they’re of the stature of President Trump. Too many politicians are notoriously oblivious to everyday security concerns, which is why the office cleaner at end of day routinely hands the contents of their waste paper bins to their security detail. You can’t rely on them. In their case, the password should be reset immediately by the Parler security team and afterwards let them know.

Deliberately leaking security information should be considered as big tech’s parting fuck you to Parler in the midst of it scrambling to get back online, but it’s not a biggie if handled promptly and sensibly.


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2 Responses to “Security alert – Parler.”
  1. Peter Shaw says:

    Yep, had a Gab account since 2016; used it for a time but since twitter was where the action was, I kind of left it in limbo. Now that the dynamic has changed, it’s good to go back on the platform, which has livened up considerably. I joined Parler more recently because that’s where so many of the refuges from twitter were going, but with the lights having gone out at Parler, there’s no choice, and I agree that Gab has more going for it. May it prosper.


    • NoFixedAddress says:

      Joined Gab same year Peter and similarly left it in limbo though I am not a big social media user and never joined Twitter.

      The reason I joined Gab was to support their efforts plus I had previously removed myself, as best you can, from FaceAche.

      Liked by 1 person

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