There are only three power blocks in the world – America.

In the previous two articles in the power blocks series, I discussed how the problem of an increasingly assertive Oligarchy turned out differently in China and Russia. The problem in both cases was that their own home-grown and foreign oligarchs wanted a bigger say in the actual running of the countries, if not to rule them outright, albeit with some nominal leader of a party purporting to be in charge and leading some sort of sham party. Behind the scenes, the country would actually be run by them and to their exclusive benefit.

Both China and Russia essentially created the oligarchs for the same reason. Their economies were in ruins and the only path back to national prosperity, and therefore influence once again on the international stage, was to encourage economic growth by letting the entrepreneurs have free rein to do as they wished. In both cases, it did turn out to be the right move, but at a certain point when the economy was back to firing on all cylinders, the downside of the immensely rich class they’d created became apparent.

A friend of mine who’s lived in China for a number of years, once said to me that the rulers thought very carefully before making any big move because they know that despite its apparent stability, it’s always two steps away from a revolution. They’d just seen Soviet communism implode and what was truly sobering about it was that it happened overnight. One day it was there, the next it was in the dustbin of history. Despite it and its adversaries being armed to the teeth, what actually caused the implosion was that a disintegrating economy simply could no longer support the Soviets super power status. It was the economy, dummy.

The hard lesson was that from an economic stand point, communism just didn’t work. Lord knows, the Russians had a seventy year determined try to make it work, but it simply didn’t. The Chinese are nothing if not phlegmatic and despite appearances slowly transformed, in all but name, China from a communist country into a capitalist one, and it worked. Given their complete control of all media and the slowness of the change, the swap over went almost unnoticed by their own people. China with the assistance of the new oligarchy class, became a relatively rich country while still holding the red flag high.

When the by now fabulously rich oligarchs finally made their grab for a bigger slice of power, the ruling CCP was in a weak position. Towards the end of a decade of staggering GDP growth that at times had hit 10% and was only ended by the recession of ’08, the average Chinese had had a taste of meat and wasn’t likely to go back to gruel without a fight. Slapping the oligarchs down risked throwing that growth into reverse and the every present two step caution influenced their decision to make a mutually beneficial accommodation. Since then China has thrived economically, as have the oligarchs, with the CCP increasingly playing the role of front man. Can anybody name the last five Chairmen of it?

Russia, or should I say Putin, saw the problem coming at him well before it landed on his lap. He’s not the only world leader who can play a very long game. He indulged them, flattered their egos by having periodic round tables with them, gave them various prestigious state awards but it was always understood that any of their foreign friends were to be excluded from their slicing up of the big cake that was Russia. Given the usual Russian distrust of foreigners, that was an easy precondition to impose on their various asset-stripping activities. Certain other conditions were placed around certain enterprises, most notably Gazprom, but apart from that the oligarchs had a free hand.

When he judged the time was right, he simply pounced. On a variety of real and sometimes phony charges, most of them ended up at the mercy of a by no means impartial judicial system, firmly under his thumb or escaped into self-exile to live out their luxurious days on whatever assets they’d already managed to squirrel away abroad. Everything else had either been frozen or went straight into the Kremlin’s coffers. Since the foreign oligarchs had not been allowed any significant part in the feeding frenzy, there was no blowback from foreign governments, which he most probably would have ignored anyway.

So, the global control game of the Oligarchy versus the World is now tied at one all, with America slated to be the winning goal. It’s always been the big prize but it lacked the dire economic opportunity to buy it on the cheap. So be it, ran the thinking – expensive it is then, but how? Like the Chinese model, they would take control by buying directly and indirectly, the political and judicial structures. As for which party, the oligarchs are not only amoral but apolitical as well. The history of the Democrats as the party of corruption has mostly exceeded the Republicans, though at times it’s been marginal, so they were the natural choice.

However, when you’re trying to fix a two horse race, why not buy a judicious chunk of the other horse as well? It does rather neatly explain the dire series of losing Republican candidates fielded to win the presidency. It retrospect, were either McCain and Romney ever real contenders, never mind real Republicans? They both effortlessly changed parties to help out in the first coup attempt. McCain even personally walked the dirty dossier around Washington until he got a taker. Even insane-level TDS can only explain so much. An undoubted part of Trump winning in ’16 was that for the first time in nearly two decades, the American electorate were offered a real distinct choice for a change.

Trump’s unexpected election smashed into pieces the plan for a slow multi-decade transfer of control. His moves since then happen to have been unerringly directed at reversing all the gains they’d made, and if he ever gets his way of imposing a two term limit on all congressmen, it’s game over.

The Republican establishment is often accused of having no balls when it comes to a real fight, and they’ve certainly more than lived up to that reputation in the current electoral fiasco, but seriously – they’ve done absolutely nothing. When you think that if the Steal succeeds, there’ll never be a fair general election again. What explains their seemingly suicidal behaviour? How come McConnell won so handsomely the senate race everyone was calling as a mite close? How come Barr had an easy ride by the Senate to become AG? He appointed Durham who also appears to have delivered precisely nothing like his patron, except killing off any serious investigation of wrongdoings by their fellow Swampers. Even leaving aside the party’s patrician disdain for Trump and his deplorable followers, what is going on?

There are more questions than answers, goes the song. It’s certainly true of this current situation. Seemingly, the only trusted support Trump can call on is the 84 million strong army of people who voted for him and know damn well the election was stolen, and yet he hasn’t really mobilised them.


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3 Responses to “There are only three power blocks in the world – America.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    This is the Great Reset, the New World Order? It leaves the EU nowhere. Who would be on top or would it lead to war? Either way it shows what Trump is up against.

    Paragraph 8: typo? directly and Indirectly?

    Pointy – fixed, thank you.


  2. JohnTyler says:

    Despotic rulers / governments fall when they no longer decide to, or can no longer utilize absolute terror, incarceration, murder and violence upon the citizenry and upon those who criticize or wish to change the despotic government.
    True, Russia’s lousy economy helped the communist regime go into the toilet, but that lousy economy had existed back in 1920 and stayed lousy right up to the “sudden” moment the government fell; that is, about 70 years of a truly lousy economy.

    What changed?
    What caused the sudden downfall of the Russian communist regime?
    IMHO, it was the policies of Gorbachev (as well as that of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and the Polish Pope).

    He actually believed that a communist nation could exist while allowing the citizenry to have greater individual rights, and he implemented policies towards this end. Only a “true believer” can believe that these diametrically opposed concepts could co-exist.
    You can only have one or the other; they are mutually exclusive.

    When he let the genie out of the bottle, the totalitarian edifice of the communist govt was drowned by an avalanche of those seeking to dismantle that edifice.
    In days past – the Stalinist days, for example – this sort of avalanche would have been met by govt. enacted mass terror and executions against those wishing to change the status quo; those seeking to liberalize would have been immediately executed. The “liberalization” effort would have been stopped at home plate.
    But Gorbachev, and those in power with him, decided that the “traditional ways” of maintaining power were no longer acceptable.
    Once the liberalization movement began, it was all over for the communist regime of the USSR.

    Cuba today is a good example of a nation that will utilize all means – arrests, terror, murder – etc. to maintain power. Cuba has had an economy in the toilet since 1960 or so; we are talking 60 years of misery in which food is STILL !!! rationed. .It will remain a totalitarian ruled nation as long as those in power do not hesitate to use all the means of terror and executions to maintain power.
    The day this changes will be the day Cuba’s totalitarian despots wind up dead – or fleeing to friendly spots like Venezuela.

    Ceausescu of Romania – and his even more horrible wife – lost power suddenly when those in the govt., police and the military normally carrying out their orders decided no more, it’s over. He and his wife were summarily executed after 22 years of absolute power. I will surmise – frankly I really do not know – that the Romanian economy during those 22 years was not the envy of the world.

    Note that NONE of world’s most “impressive” intelligence agencies and foreign policy “experts,” predicted – even a month before everything went to hell – that the USSR would fall apart or even that the Eastern Bloc would come apart.
    All the “experts” suddenly appeared AFTER the main event to proclaim that the recent events were “predictable.”
    So much for the “experts.”

    History has repeatedly demonstrated that shit happens out of the blue, suddenly and unpredictably, and ONLY AFTER it all happens do the experts come forth to provide THE explanations as to why the events unfolded as they did.
    It really is easy to “find” explanations when you are already know the answer.

    Putin and China; have to hand it to them. They put Mother Russian and China first; no world tours of “apology” for them. No sir. If their policies piss off other nations, so be it; they could give a flying F**k.


  3. Stargazer says:

    In the 90’s a journalist named Sam Francis called the Republican Party the “Stupid Party”. They could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Until Trump, that was abundantly clear over and over. After Trump? I strongly suspect that they will again return true to form. Pathetic losers.


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