There are only three power blocks in the world – China.

Taking them in a very particular order, I’ll start with China. At its inception it was modelled very much on Stalin’s Soviet Russia. All political enemies were either killed or ran for their lives, a harsh regime of unquestionable conformity was imposed, but the carrot of a glowing socialist future was always dangled before the bemused population to convince them all the hardships of today would result in jam tomorrow.

Things trucked along in that vein for over a decade but eventually the frustration at no jam at all arriving boiled over, and it was mainly amongst the young party zealots. The then Chairman Mao adroitly seized upon the unrest, turned it around and focused it mainly at his political enemies under the guise of making the usual socialist giant leap forward, only this time it was called the cultural revolution. At pavement level, it was essentially an all out assault on the educated class, tepid believers in the communist dream and the remnant of the middle class, all of whom were actually keeping the country afloat.

After 10-20 years of non-stop cultural revolution, a conservatively estimated 8 million people had been killed, another 100 million “seriously effected” and the economy was in ruins. Basically, a country with a population of 1.5 billion people was slowly spiralling down to a big crash not even the party could survive, and they knew it. Think of Russia in the years immediately following the fall of the USSR but with ten times the population, and you’ll have the picture. The only way out was to come to a forced accommodation with the only ones who knew how to turn around things – their own nascent capitalists. It came at a high price though. The party could retain control but the capitalists had free rein to do whatever was needed.

As happened in Russia, they simply closed whole swathes of industry that were beyond salvage and introduced a large element of the capitalist rewards system to what could be saved and then grown. They were actually very successful and indeed did turn around the country’s fortune but the deal they’d originally made with the party gradually mutated in their favour. Nominally, the party still ruled but the reality was they only did so by the grace and favour of what had become by this stage fabulously rich oligarchs. A more stable party without the uncertainty of all the old violent purges came into being and it was always to be led by faceless apparatchiks without anything more than a nominal trace of the old communist fervour. One Mao had been enough for everybody.

The party still has considerable power but basically China is ruled indirectly by about five incredibly rich families. The only driver left for people that rich is to get even richer, hence their various attempts to deindustrialise America so their Chinese manufactured goods could be sold into the country. Factories closing, inexorably lengthening unemployment lines and a gradual lowering of living standard for the middle and working classes was to be the order of the day. In the pre-Trump era, this strategy of essentially bribing corrupt American politicians to look the other way at a scandalous tariff-secured 900 billion USD a year drain on the American economy was working out nicely.

Then the man they’d been assured by the Swamp couldn’t possibly be elected was actually elected. His first order of business was to correct the trade situation with them, which he did. In his first year, factories started not just opening again, but new ones were built. Unemployment fell to record lows, especially amongst the blacks and Hispanics for whom it was actually historic lows. For the first time in nearly two decades, the real take home pay of the working classes began to rise rather than shrink. To top off the disaster, he actually restored American prestige and leadership on the world stage.

Something had to be done, so they turned to the weapon that had never failed them. Money, and lots of it. Even on the books, more money than ever before was thrown by a supposedly cash-strapped Democrat party at beating Trump. Because they’d thought they could adjust the result of the general election by just enough to win by a comfortably close margin, it would somehow legitimise America electing a senile political hack with a career-long record of naked corruption.

Once more, their Democrat proxies blundered by assuming what they’d expected to be a big win for Trump could be adjusted down to a narrow win for Biden. What they hadn’t been expecting, or prepared for, was a landslide win by Trump. Hence the big tools down on election night, 4 hours of silence from the counters, some hurried and pretty unsubtle adjustments of the totals and then trying to brazen it out the next morning to almost universal disbelief, even by their Democrat faithful who’d been expecting a disaster. With the SCOTUS having funked out of the whole situation by deciding the obvious wasn’t obvious to them, it’s all dropped down to the state level courts, where anything could happen these days.

Yet again, time to open the sluice gates of the money dam.


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  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    An excellent summary.


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