Redux from 28th September 2017 – Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

There are a number of articles over the years I’ve written on the censorship and propaganda tendencies I thought big tech and the media would take. Excess is the invariable trait of any monopoly. At the time, I suspect they were greeted with mild skepticism, but as we’ve found in the recent presidential election, they weren’t too far off the mark. If anything, they’ve proved to be too conservative.

As they drill down to a more specialist depth than the articles I’m currently producing on particular big tech companies and issues, I think it useful for them to get another airing. I’ve prefixed them with the word redux and their original publication date, but not a single word has been changed.

This one was on subverting the mass appeal of watching sports to political ends and what was going to be the average fan’s reaction to it, which predictably enough was walk away. I thought it was very apt as weekend reading when I read today of a proposal that the next Super Bowl should have a BLM theme. That’s all a game I once loved needs at this stage in its plunge over the cliff.


“Watching a sports event alone or a team you totally support is okay, but it really isn’t a patch on doing it in company. Whether you go to the match as a family, gang of mates or just agree on whose house you’re all going to congregate at to watch it on the box, it’s always better. I know people who’ve paid handsomely to have all the games streamed directly to their TV at home, but always head out to a lively bar to watch the big ones in company.

It’s always the same great routine. Everybody comes around armed with strips of beer and the sort of junk food nibbles we all frown on the kids eating, but this is game time, so all that sensible stuff gets parked for the afternoon. Depending on how tense the game is, there’s going to be some alcohol excess involved as well, but that’s why they got themselves dropped around and there’ll be a taxi home.”

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3 Responses to “Redux from 28th September 2017 – Blowback? You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
  1. beththeserf says:

    Great revisit re subversion by the smarties – and comment by Blackswan. Wish he was here…

    ” Pointy, your blog link to … … said it all.

    The only reason these sporting ‘heroes’ earn mega-millions is our consumer cash and the entire professional Sports Industry, of whatever stripe, deserves to fail and be dissolved.

    With few exceptions, athletes today are a travesty on the ideals they purport to represent in society. They’ve become just another commodity, bought and sold like any other ‘merchandise’ , between cities, states and other countries…”


  2. patrick healy says:

    Mr Pointman,
    I know it may be difficult, but when you link to those stinkin’ places like youtooobe and other sillycoon valley places could you put up a warning sign like those silly American college students get .
    When i tried to look at Carlson or Jimmy ‘Sturd’, I find I have to sign in to their site and give my details which i am not prepared to do iIwant to live my life in cognito.


  3. NoFixedAddress says:

    Ahhh well.

    Bread and Circuses.

    And just like that the CCP control and run the lot.


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