The enemy within

An agent in place, otherwise known as a mole, represents a great danger to whatever organisation they work in. For instance the American spy John Walker, who used his position of trust in the US Navy to spy for the Soviets, sold a huge amount of information that ranged from the strategically crucial down to any seemingly innocuous snippets that happened to come his way. To give you an idea of how damaging he and his spy ring were, a new type of Soviet warship appeared after his arrest that incorporated so many US Navy ideas, it came to be called informally the Walker class by defense analysts.

Assuming some competence on the mole’s part, it comes down to a game played between whoever’s running the mole and whoever within the organisation has the job of detecting moles. Therein lies the art. For clarity, let’s call them Mr. Andropov and Mr. Angleton.

Andropov faces the eternal case officer’s problem of how much of the mole’s material to disseminate for action. If he just feeds everything to the relevant persons to act on, it soon attracts the interest of Angleton, who through a process of elimination and Barium meals will eventually track down the mole. He has to make a decision to action or not on each piece of material by putting it into one of three categories.

The first is nice to know. Things like someone in a position of power is having an affair with his PA. At those levels, that may be considered by his superiors as merely an optional perk of power but it might be useful to move someone close to the PA to see what they can pick up. On the other hand, it might just be a carrot being dangled by Angleton to confirm his suspicious. It’s not worth the risk to the mole, so most probably the decision would be to file it away as background information.

The second is it’s definitely damaging, so the hard decision becomes whether it’s acceptable damage to be let happen to protect the mole, in which case mitigation is the discussion Andropov will have with his superiors, or overt preventative action has to be taken to nullify the opponent’s move. Neither options are particularly acceptable to Mr. Andropov but it is what it is. Damn that Angleton and his carrots.

The third category is critical. Something like a declaration of war is imminent, so that hot potato goes straight up the pay scale until it lands on a very senior desk, where it will be immediately acted upon. The problem for Andropov is that it’ll almost certainly burn his mole. There are also circumstances that can arise where Andropov himself will decide to sacrifice the mole. The usual flow of information is largely from the mole to his handler, but when it’s considered vital, the mole will be used from his trusted position to do some serious damage to the organisation he’s embedded in.

In that case, the mole has been burned by Andropov or himself and is of no further use to anybody. He a surprise shot that’s been fired, and you can only do that once. Alone, friendless, the only slim chance they’ve got to save any remaining shred of credibility is in desperation to make their own token “you can still trust me” counter move, in the hope of balancing out the public betrayal.

AG Barr, ex-CIA, has just made that counter move.


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8 Responses to “The enemy within”
  1. Peter Shaw says:

    Thank you for putting this so clearly. I wanted to believe that Barr was honourable. This pretty much destroys that hope.


  2. Peter Shaw says:

    On a related matter:


  3. Bill The Bunyip says:

    There is a term for these creatures in somewhat polite society, Frenemy. The rest of us call them what they are. Traitors.


  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    I have to say that you have been “on fire” with your post US election threads and they are great stuff.

    Well done and thank you!

    The scary part is knowing that the rest of The West is in the same or even worse shape.



  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Pointman’s People

    I am firmly convinced that there has been for some time a concerted effort to discredit Western Security and systems of Justice.

    Check these recent links (in no particular order):-

    25 former D.C. Bar presidents can be wrong


    you find

    Then checkout the David Goldberg (Spengler) article at Asia Times called “Treason of The Spooks” which references the October 19 manifesto of 50 former intelligence officials

    Michael Anton at American Greatness – David Petraeus: Perfect Avatar for America’s Corrupt Ruling Class

    And the best for me is the CCP accusing Australian SAS of slitting the throat/s of Afghani children with the tag “Afghani Lives Matter”.

    The CCP are the dragon in the tent and have been for some considerable time.


  6. NoFixedAddress says:

    Referenced in that Michael Anton article that I referred to above is this “squeaky clean” blue check twitterati site


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