Will America simply refuse to be ruled by Biden’s puppeteers?

The word consent is nowadays generally associated with various degrees of sexual molestation to which the victim has not agreed, but before that it had a much broader meaning within the context of politics. In essence it meant that governing a large number of people could only be done by their tacit cooperation if the political system they lived under had any real democratic basis.

The classic example is policing. Every police officer knows their job would become impossible overnight if the consent to be policed was suddenly withdrawn by the population. The only way to police that situation is for a country to become a police state with a policeman stationed on every street corner. When that’s done, bang goes any pretense of being a real democratic society. There are inner city hellholes where policing has effectively been withdrawn because in those pockets, consent has been withdrawn for various reasons, making them wholly owned patches of turf run by some criminal acting as a kind of self-appointed local chieftain. In essence, they’ve become ungovernable.

There are many examples of what happens when consent is withdrawn, and it’s worth making the point that the withdrawal itself may be consensual or done under duress. A historic example of its withdrawal under duress was the parcelling up of large American cities into territories by the Mafia. Never mind all that romanticism popularised by the movies of the Mafia being somehow the people’s protector against the nasty corrupt system, because it was primarily the people within those territories who were preyed upon and if you objected or spoke up, it was you or your family that got killed as an example to others.

Pretty much the same thing is happening in the major cities of Europe, but in a different guise. All have no-go areas created by the invasion of Muslim “refugees” and controlled by Muslim extremists extorting and dealing drugs to their own people under cover of being devout and not corrupted by western society. They’re also being used as safe tribal areas from which to launch terrorist attacks. It’s no wonder the arch-priestess of multiculturalism Angela Merkel finally gave up on the whole grand liberal experiment declaring it had “failed utterly”. Areas of Minnesota appear to have gone in that direction.

The biggest example of the voluntary withdrawal of consensus is India. A country, currently second only to China in terms of population and soon to be first, was a colony of the British empire administered at its height by an estimated 50,000 colonial bureaucrats. At the time of it gaining independence, its population was about 400 million people who were being governed by effectively a small number of administrators. It all worked by consent because contrary to woke history, living inside any sprawling empire does have some concrete benefits.

That all changed overnight for a number of reasons I don’t propose to explore, but the net effect was a certain critical mass of ordinary people became politicised. Once that happened and as a result consent to being governed was withdrawn until national independence was granted, its secession from the Raj was both inevitable and unstoppable. Through a campaign of civil disobedience and the huge disparity in numbers, it became plainly impossible for the colonial power to exert any control. They simply didn’t have that amount of manpower.

The historic parallels between India under colonial rule and a possible outcome of a small number of people illegally wresting control of America are uncanny. The population are already polarised by the Steal and despite what you might think, there’s the same huge disparity in the numbers. Despite the propaganda efforts of fake news and big tech to big up their numbers, they actually represent only a small minority of public opinion. Pygmies shouting through huge megaphones that very few people nowadays listen to. Every organ of the colonial version of fake news did exactly the same thing and condemned the move towards independence.

India had Ghandi who attracted huge crowds to his rallies and America have Trump who routinely attracted hundreds of thousands of people a day to his rallies during the election. By simply withdrawing their consent to being ruled by a foreign power, India broke that power almost overnight. By Americans simply withdrawing their consent to being ruled by a hijacked government, the same thing would inevitably happen.

The tactics of actioning that withdrawal are by now classic – massive protest rallies, widespread crippling strikes degrading the infrastructure, everyone refusing point blank to work for the government or any of its cats paws, the immediate boycott of any business that supported the administration in any way and last and most effective, the withholding of any payment of personal taxes. Where force is tried to make an individual conform, it’s met with a wall of people. All of that would succeed, and without a single shot being fired.

When Admiral Yamamoto learned no declaration of war had been made before the attack on Pearl Harbour he said he feared they’d awoken a sleeping giant. He chose his words carefully because he knew despite the fanaticism Japan could bring to the conflict, they were doomed to lose in the end.

All that’s needed is another Pearl Harbour, in the shape of the Steal succeeding.


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7 Responses to “Will America simply refuse to be ruled by Biden’s puppeteers?”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    This could get interesting provided normally law-abiding people do all of this. At least they are angry enough and if they realise this is at the start of a descent into tyranny it just might work.


  2. seeker24 says:

    Hmmm. “November the third, a day that will live long in infamy” does have a certain ring to it


  3. Peter Shaw says:

    Good article; I can see the withdrawal of consent coming.


  4. Fraizer says:

    Withdrawal of tax payments is never happening. In this age of electronic banking they would just seize your bank account, seize your retirement account, garnish your paycheck, etc.

    Conservatives are at heart law abiding – not because of consent to be governed but because it is wrong to burn/loot/steal. Perhaps some civil disobedience is possible, but not armed insurrection. The only tactics that could really work would have to be ruthless – something like going after the families of bureaucrats (not necessarily elected officials). A “Star Chamber” if you will. Not going to happen.

    If the steal is successful, I see a large political backlash in 2022, perhaps a Trump run (or his surrogate) in 2024. Certainly protest rallies, whether or not lead by Trump.

    But if the left oversteps (and they almost always do) and comes for us, all bets are off. It all hinges on the Republican party maintaining control of the senate.


  5. beththeserf says:

    Thx Pointman, consent’s the thing else-wise tyranny

    Re withdrawing right to rule by coercive means… US Great Generation forging independence from British fiat,, Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address affirming that political freedom must be continued on.


  6. PaleoSapiens says:

    Some rhetorical questions:

    – There are no magic bullets or solutions/answers to most problems, only virtually infinite possibilities; why?

    – What did John Adams(1735-1826)- 2nd U.S. President – mean by, “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the Universe?”

    – Are individuals accountable for their actions? ; If they are, how do *you* go about enforcing it? ; What generally happens when bullies/bureaucrats know, are made to know, they’re fully liable for their actions?

    – What is the Hierarchy of ‘Law,’ i.e. who’s at the top & what’s at the bottom?

    – ALL WRITTEN LAW IS OPINION, some have & use guns to impose their opinions. What do you think tends to counter it?

    – What’s the difference between substance versus procedure; ‘lawful’ vs. ‘legal’? Which one is *always* superior and why is knowing the difference so important?

    – How do you enforce, “the owner makes the rules?”

    – If government’s primary purpose is to protect Man’s property, don’t ‘they’ only have duties, obligations, and responsibilities…*not,* repeat, *not* rights? ; Does government own you & can any bureaucrat empirically prove so?

    – If slavery is outlawed, why do people meekly go along with perceived authority’s demands instead of, ‘lawfully requiring’ compensation *before* complying? [Reality- you’re not likely to collect actual $;£;¢ however, it usually acts as a deterrent. Who do bullies usually pick on?]

    Some useful Internet site links:

    1 – http://voidjudgements.net
    2 – Search _Karl Lentz_ in http://youtube.com (Karl is long winded & sometimes purposely obscure).
    3 – http://freedomoutpost.com/understanding-your-most-fundamental-rights-part-i/
    4 – http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/rule+of+law (see definition-3. _”No written law may be enforced…”_)
    5 – http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=3387 article by Robert Higgs
    6 – http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Secrets/TR/sutphen.html#jargon – Brainwashing techniques
    7 – https://supremecourtcase.wordpress.com/page/2/ – John Trowbridge victory against IRS.
    8 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD-5iE_63fg&list=PLOOwSORhCX7a6L8Quj6fa5d5mRJUmUdQ1 – Federalist Papers
    9 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tSVqlVQDkw – Anti-Federalist Papers
    10- https://private-person.com/Welcome.html
    11- http://www.taxhistory.com/1943.html
    12- Internet search: Stanford prison experiment(Aug,1971), Milgram shock experiment(Jul,1961) ==> abuse by & submission to authority

    NOTE: Since links tend to arbitrarily change, use an archive site such as https://archive.vn or https://archive.org upon encountering an error.


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