Fighting Big Tech – Stop using Google.

There are a number of very good reasons why you shouldn’t be using Google under any circumstances. From a pure searching for information viewpoint, it distorts reality and when it suits its politics, blatantly lies to you. If you’re old school, you’ll have been taught as a child that lying is a sin that comes in two flavours – those of commission and those of omission. Google does both with equal disregard for any concept of an honest answer.

More than that, it’s an entity that because of its sheer wealth, simply buys up or freezes out of the market any nascent competition to its monopoly on information search and retrieval. That’s the executive summary of an article I wrote three years ago, and the only difference between it then and now, is that its excesses have grown more flagrant.

At best, Google is nothing more than a massive information gathering machine that records and sells every snipped of information about yourself you’re foolish enough to give it for free by using it or any one of its wholly owned companies such as GMail, Youtube, Hangouts or Android, and that’s just the tip of its iceberg of holdings, merely the recognisable brands the average person knows.

Like a cancer to free thought and diverse opinion, it’s grown and metastasized until it’s become so arrogant it righteously took part in the Steal because after all, it knows what’s best for little deplorable you in the long run. It’s now crossed over the line between simply misinforming or malinforming – if there’s such a word – its users, and is now in the full-blown business of political education by the blunt process of actively promoting one candidate over another using highly selective search results, as it did Biden over Trump.

A year ago Dr. Robert Epstein, an expert who studies the influence of big tech, estimated in an interview with Tucker Carlson it could swing as much as 15 million votes. In the aftermath of the Steal, he now estimates at an absolute bare minimum it moved 4 million votes. You can see the interview on Rumble and his contribution from about 3:46 minutes onward. In passing, he readily admits he’s a Democrat but to his credit, numbers are numbers whether you like the implications or not. If that interview had been stored on Youtube, which Google owns, it would by now have either disappeared or be buried on page 99 of any search results for it.

Facts and people who displease Google have a tendency to suffer that fate.

Nobody likes to think their buying choices are actually manipulated by product advertising, and they’d certainly deny propaganda has any influence on their opinions, but sadly neither is the case. It works, it’s deliberate and it’s intent is to swing your vote. It’s subtle and it’s different from an advert for a particular party in that the set of search results it returns to a user doesn’t have the usual health warning political adverts are obliged to have.

Let’s call it what it is – election fraud or at a minimum, election interference. Unlike most nefarious activities in that area, it leaves no telltale signs behind it like unexplained spikes in charts or a money trail leading back to bribed election officials. Just some programmed people who definitely have strong beliefs for reasons they can’t quite account for.

I haven’t used Google for years since I consider it to be a misleading source of information, like a willfully deceptive librarian who pretends they can’t find a book you want because they disapprove of what’s in it. Your choices in that situation are to only use the books they decide to bring you or use another librarian who doesn’t think of themselves as the guardian and gatekeeper to a store of knowledge they never contributed an iota of effort into creating. Back in the day when something like the internet was just a DARPA daydream, cultivating a good working relationship with a first class librarian who had an encyclopedic knowledge of the books in their care was invaluable to any research effort. Think of Connie Sachs in the early le Carré novels, and that’d be them.

If you’re browsing the internet cloaked, Google goes to great trouble to detect that and stop you for its own obvious financial reasons. Since all my internet activities are beneath the radar, I simply use DuckDuckGo as well as their high security version. It finds all the information the gatekeeper hides and is more than enough gun for my modest research efforts these days.

Google is not your trusty friend, it is an enemy dug in and occupying your home page and busy subverting your honest attempts to inform yourself by filling your stock of information with false facts and half-truths to influence your opinion. You will believe there might have been the usual tiny few irregularities but the big Steal is nothing more than yet another tin foil hat conspiracy theory. You won’t credit all the manufactured scandals swirling around Biden and his family. You will accept Ole Honest Joe as the fairly elected president of the USA.

If you’ve still got Google as your home page on your browser, and a lot of people still have, it’s a testament to your inertia, ignorance of its true nature or your lazy submission to big tech surveillance. The reality is that it’s nothing more than your master busy programming your head.


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  1. hunterson7 says:

    You may have already addressed this, but what phone do you recommend?


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    I like your Banner.


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