What you’re fighting for

Sometimes, things have to be said in plain words. We are in a war situation, and that being the case, you’ve got to get your head straight, start acting like it and join the fray. Either become a minuteman or stand idly by. A vital part of making the needed attitude adjustment is taking some blunt decisions about the various factions involved. They’re either on your side or they aren’t. It’s as simple as that. You have to make your mind up about each of them and act accordingly without a lot of long drawn out agonising over the finer details of a decision that’s been made. That’s a luxury you had which is no longer affordable if you want to win.

A friend stands with you in the struggle and always has. Those you can trust. A foe is equally obvious and will always be your foe, until either they destroy you, or you them. You have to be as relentless as them for the duration. Machiavelli expressed one of the eternals of statesmanship in his book of advice to a young prince about to ascend the throne. You should do everything you can to avoid war since the final outcome can be so unpredictable. In modern parlance, he’s saying that once war begins, there’s an inherent reduction in the amount of everyone’s control of the situation.

Even at the height of the Cold War and contrary to popular belief, both Washington and Moscow were nuclear targets of last resort because once you’d obliterated them, you’d have totally lost control of the situation. There’d be nobody left to parley with, no way of turning the damn thing off.

But he also immediately followed that counsel by an equally true piece of hard advice. If you must go to war, you must not stop until you’ve utterly crushed them, otherwise you’ll be leaving the seeds of the next war in the soil of the fields you wimped out of burning down to the stubble. You have to win, be seen to win and there must not be any doubt in anybody’s mind that you’ve won.

Modern history is littered with the cost in blood and treasure of politicians ignoring that piece of political advice, and their people paying the price for it. We took the foot off the gas pedal in WWI and allowed an armistice rather than insisting on a surrender which was inevitable by that stage. The result was that within barely two generations, 50 million lives were lost in WWII because the Germans hadn’t been “utterly crushed” twenty years previously. In more modern times, we fought Gulf War I, and when Saddam Hussein had been thoroughly defeated, stopped the tanks rolling over the border and into Baghdad itself. The result was Gulf War II, less than a generation later. More blood, more treasure, and more nincompoop politics which continue to this day.

No one should interpret this piece as me somehow preparing the ground for a civil war, though if you’re bloodthirsty enough to want one or sufficiently against free speech to condemn it as one, there’s not much I can do about either determined misreading of it. When it comes to war, I’m a firm believer in Machiavelli’s first piece of advice. We are in a struggle though, and it’s getting increasingly bitter by the day. It’s not going to settle down or go away and if it isn’t moved towards some equitable resolution, all it needs is one Fort Sumter moment of madness for it to turn into a real shooting war, a result nobody but the extremists and fanatics want.

When we win, not if, it must be seen by all to have been a complete victory. The Rule of Law, which appears to everyman to have been suspended for the rich and powerful, must once again be restored to its normal impartial vigour and applied to the criminals who brought about this state of affairs. No more crime without punishment, no more arson, no more violent assaults on ordinary people and the the loss of their livelihoods, no more stand downs by the police even if that results in jail time for those giving that order to let rioting and looting run amok on the people.

Yes, stopping the steal has to be our immediate objective, but stopping it ever happening again has to be our ultimate goal. They guilty parties must appear in courts of law and answer for their criminal activities. The law has been broken and the offenders need to be tried and if found guilty, sentenced to long periods of confinement to act as a well remembered lesson to anyone ever contemplating taking the same treasonous course of action they did. Everybody has to feel the wrath of the people in the confines of a six by four cell, not only the minions, but especially their masters.

I make no apologies for the plain truths in this piece because the situation has changed completely. Those dark clouds on the horizon are now upon us, to the point where you’re going to have to decide what you’re fighting for. You’re no longer a Republican or a Democrat. Those labels became irrelevant on the 3rd November when the puny voice of democracy was totally ignored. If they win, you’ll never again have another free election worthy of that name. What you’re fighting for is quite simple – who will control your country. Will it be by the common person expressing their will at a ballot box or will it be by unelected powerful factions who will run it to their exclusive benefit and rest assured, to your total detriment.

Put you war face on.


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5 Responses to “What you’re fighting for”
  1. just stevie says:

    There are two types of soldiers…both with the same agenda! Those with boots on the ground and those with their knees on the floor interceding for those souls out there fighting the battle. God knows those that are His! 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hunterson7 says:

    Let’s also do something about one of the new favored tactics:
    Punishment with no crime.
    But first to gain some means of communication that the oligarchs can’t just snip or criminalize.
    That’s a tough conundrum.


  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Sorry, meant an uptick!


  4. oldmarine says:

    You’re right Pointy. I’ve seen war and the last thing I want is to see Americans killing each other. My fear is that we will be forced into that situation.


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