Brave people.

I wrote an article yesterday about fanatics and bullying in the context of the counts, recounts and certification processes currently going on in the swing districts and states. Its intent was to highlight that the intimidation was systematic and a vital part of ensuring the most corrupt general election in American history stayed firmly nailed down for the extremists and come hell or high water, would have a clean bill of health certified by whatever methods it took.

To illustrate the raw intimidation, I mentioned a few current examples. The most extreme was doxxing – nuspek for making public a person’s name and address – a woman who with others was charged with certifying the election as free from gross irregularities and lawful. Not content with just doing that as well as publically smearing her as a racist, the thugs named her children and the school they attended. In the face of such intimidation, she and another certifier, reversed their initial decisions that the election had been corrupt.

In the light of the outcry at the district being stolen by such brutal methods, and perhaps getting some support and encouragement from the public’s response, they’ve since gone back to their original position that the election was rigged and therefore they wouldn’t sign it off. The eventual decision essentially goes the way of stopping election criminals ignoring the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box.

People tend to admire any individual who can stand up against a mob even when they don’t particularly agree with them. It’s only natural. Mobs tend to look and act like a pack of ravening wolves ready to tear any person limb from limb and glory in it. Having initially given in, they could have just slunk away, stayed quiet for the next few days and the whole thing would have blown over and been replaced by the next hot news story. They obviously thought it over and put themselves back in hot water by rescinding their certifications.

A vital element of propaganda is publicity, but what the manipulators tend to forget and for some reason are offended by, is when it’s used against them. It’s a two edged sword after all. The outcry caused by this incident did receive a burst of notoriety, even with fake news totally refusing to cover it. It only really got mentioned by the bulletin boards, news aggregators and the blogging community, but that was enough to make people rally around the individuals being pressured and let them know they weren’t isolated and alone.

I believe knowing they had support from other people who were outraged at what had been done to them, strengthened them. Doing a lone brave thing so often comes down not so much to courage, but that dread feeling that you could never live with yourself afterwards if you hadn’t.


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4 Responses to “Brave people.”
  1. Another Ian says:


    Somewhat O/T and FYI

    “Smartmatic, the Venezuelan software that rigs elections in up to 28 USA states”


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I have never been on Social Media but am on Gab and live reading what the president writes. He is not a quitter. Please keep up the good work, Pointman.


  3. philjourdan says:

    It is coming to civil war. Because the democrats refuse to enforce the rule of law. So conservatives have to defend themselves.

    And they have more guns.


    • hilton33 says:

      Not just the Democrats. Republicans are just as complicit in all this too. They’re spineless, ball- less, squishes. They don’t have any courage.


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