If you thought it was going to be easy, think again

The invariable trait of fanatics, is that they never give up. Whatever the issue is, there’s a developing pattern to their behaviour which you’ll see again and again once you recognise them for what they truly are. Initially they’ll stay within the rules of discussing an issue, but when they’re not getting their way or have patently lost the debate, they’ll resort to stepping outside any rules or civility and turn the discussion into a screaming match. If you participate in the screaming match, then they’ve won simply because to any onlooker it’s just a screaming match, not a discussion, which’ll bury the valid points you made under a lot of heated invective.

If you keep your cool, then on discussions which have to have decisions made at the end of them, that decision is made and in the normal course of things is a done deal. However, a fanatic is not normal, they’re abnormal. If they’ve lost the decision, they’ll simply keep on trying to get that decision reversed by whatever means. Those means include things like character assassination, intimidation and outright physical violence. Given the current climate where the Rule of Law is not being enforced,increasingly you’ll be seeing violence being used by them to get their way and also as an example to others thinking about going up against them.

There are numerous examples of this behaviour pattern occurring at the present moment. The first was Trump winning by a landslide. They couldn’t stop that landslide legally, so they simply stepped outside electoral law and just stole the election by various underhand means. It hasn’t worked. They’re currently being prevented from claiming victory as a fait accompli because of the flat refusal by Trump and 74 million Americans to accept the result of a rigged election.

That determined opposition has forced recounts in many states and districts, the preliminary results of which look fairly good to get a true election result, which is not good news for the fanatics. Undeterred, they’ve now turned to attacking the recounts and to be more precise, the people charged with certifying the results. It’s all very personal and very disgusting and apparently widespread. A few examples of this change of tactic should suffice

The postman who came forward to Project Veritas to bear witness to the election tampering he saw has been put on unpaid leave by his employers after a four hour oppressive grilling by two FBI agents to make him change his testimony. In the aftermath, fake news crowed he’d recanted, which he hadn’t, but fake news spread that lie as much as they could. He’d been smart enough to record the interview and passed it on to Veritas and a GoFundMe account was set up to keep him afloat financially. It quickly reached about $150,000, due to the generosity of true patriots, but was then suddenly frozen under the pretext of the recant lie. He still stands resolutely by his affidavit and I believe another fund has been set up for him. You either throw honest citizens to the wolves, or you pass the hat around for them.

A fanatic was caught on film verbally and personally intimidating the certifiers of the recount going on in Wayne County. I’ve no problem with people being passionate about politics, but if you watch him carefully, he’s gone well outside the bounds of what his responsibility is. He’s not making any rational arguments to the people he is repeatedly naming in the conference call, and the underlying message is clear. I’ll make sure your names are known. Do what I want or you’ll be very sorry.

The latest developments in Wayne County indicate the intimidation has escalated. One member of the board had the names of her children and the school they attended made public. She shortly afterwards changed her decision. Our children are every decent person’s weak spot. I can’t bring myself to condemn her for choosing the safety of her children over thug level politics, but it saddens me to see it succeed..

As I said, they never give up. Their next escalation will be to kill someone.


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3 Responses to “If you thought it was going to be easy, think again”
  1. JohnTyler says:

    The side that plays by the rules will always lose to the side that does not follow the rules.
    This is really simple to understand.

    The demokrats will follow whatever rules there are if it advances their agenda. If the rules do not work for them, they make up new rules – legal or illegal – to advance their cause.
    Lies, deceit, threats – physical, legal – cheating; whatever it takes to prevail, they will utilize.
    And they always stick together; they never break ranks.

    OTOH, the dumbpublicans generally speaking stick to the rules and many of it’s members will break ranks for whatever reason they find advantageous to themselves (oft times to placate the media). This is why dumbpublicans get their ass kicked over and over.
    They consistently let the demokrats (supported by their media sock puppets) set the agenda, hurl accusations and are then forced to play defense.
    This changed with Trump, but he literally had to drag the republicans, kicking and screaming into the octagon ring.
    But still, you have useful idiots like Romney, the now deceased McCain and a few others who actually believe that if they show some sort of “courtesy” to the demonkrats, it will be somehow reciprocated.
    Thus is the unbelievable, total F’n stupidity of some dumbpublicans.

    The republican placidity has allowed the demonkrats to change voting regulations and voting tools (the rigged voting machines) that has now given the win to Bidet.

    If the dumbpublicans hold the Senate, Bidet will rule by executive order, as did Ocommie. When Obama flagrantly violated the law with his EOs, the stupid dumbpublicans did ZERO. They could have gone to the SCOTUS to challenge Ocommie, but they did what they are accustomed to doing ; sit quietly with their thumbs up their ass.

    Trump showed that a president can actually make things better for the citizenry; that the Federal govt at all levels is at best comatose, and at worst corrupt, incompetent and criminally negligent. This is a major reason the deep state hated his guts; he saw through their bullshit and he bypassed them as necessary.

    Now that Trump is out ( I hope I am wrong but it is not looking too good for him) the dumbpublicans will either go back to business as usual – go along to get along, while the demonkrats eat their breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner cordials – or embrace a “Trumpian” attitude and aim for the jugular of the neo-communist demonkrats.
    Time will tell.

    If the dumbpublicans bend over for the demonkrats, let’s hope another Trump comes along real darn soon.
    If one does not appear, the only solution will be to eradicate – existentially speaking – the vermin, the trouble makers.
    This will not be pretty.


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