Let’s roll.

This Saturday, there’s a lot of people converging on Washington DC from all corners of America. They’re hoping for one million or more converging on Freedom Plaza, though I hope it’ll well exceed that number. There are similar but smaller protests occurring all across America. I wish I could be there but in an effort to help, some thoughts and warnings about the day.

The Swamp will pull hard on every butt chain they own to make it look like a damp squib. Before the Trump trains have even reached Washington, they’ve already been out taking film of a scattered crowd in the early morning to prove it was poorly attended. That’s the shots they’ll be showing on their fake news networks.

After that, they’ll try to show it was attended by only the despised deplorables of society by simply faking shots of any people who can be represented as some repulsive minority. You’ll be painted white supremacists if you’re white, or not black enough if you’re black. Worse of all, you’ll all be assorted right-wing extremists who do terrible unwoke things like love America, support their military and believe the average cop is actually out there to serve and protect everyone.

Did I also mention you’ll all be fascists and neo-nazis? That’ll be proved by clashes between lurking antifa thugs just laying in wait to pounce on any group straying too far from the Trump train. That’ll prove you were far from peaceful citizens but just crybabies throwing a fit because because you’re sore losers. The cops will be ordered to stand down while antifa attack you and anyone interfering will get arrested. The Swamp hold all the cards, everything, and have determined you all are going to lose and the gesture will be futile. Well, what I say to fake news, big tech, the traitors and all the rest is quite simple.

Fuck you.

Today, just for a change, you’ve got something Trump had and Biden never had – numbers. Sheer weight of numbers, so use it. Don’t let anyone prevent you flexing that muscle by shutting down your protest using some bullshit excuse like COVID restrictions or some city ordinance against travel. Just ignore it and keep on trucking right through. How you’re gonna look is beyond your control, so make your own luck. Shoot the event yourself for yourself and others who can’t or were prevented from attending. Use your own phone and upload the results to one of the free video upload and share platforms that big tech doesn’t control.

The title of this piece is taken from the last words of the plucky passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11 to honour them. They all died, but not like meek sheep going to the slaughter. Nobody knows how many lives on the ground their courage saved that day. They certainly didn’t. This is your chance to roll, because if you can resist and ultimately smash this latest coup attempt against America, it’s my feeling that you’ll be saving a lot more lives in the coming years.

Let’s roll.


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6 Responses to “Let’s roll.”
  1. Peter Shaw says:

    I saw some of the rally on RSBN. They had around 150K watchers on their YouTube channel alone. Seemed like a decent sized crowd there and all well behaved. None of the Lame Stream Media covered it AFAIK. I hope the “deplorables” in the USA continue to make a stand and get in the face of their elected GOP representatives in those states where they hold the house (which is most of the states in which voter fraud was rampant); we need to support them.
    Thank you Pointman for continuing to make your voice heard.


  2. nb says:

    Bravo. Beat the kleptocracy! They create nothing but more theft.


  3. babygrandparents says:

    Pointman – I often watch Fox News. You have made several comments criticizing Fox. Is it possible to know more about what they did? I know the individual who “moderated” one of the debates was very biased, But what else? Thanks


  4. Prophet says:

    My celebrity crush advocated for Joe. Can you help me Pointy?


    • Pointman says:

      I can but try. Of late, many of my avid readers have come to me with this particular problème de coeur. I’m afraid it’s a case of what God gives with one hand, he takes away with the other. In balance for giving them the body of a Venus or Adonis, he gives them the brains of a cabbage.

      As you lay there on your backs in post-coital tristesse staring up at the ceiling and sharing a cigarette, there’s an understandable disappointment in getting an 11yo’s answer to your question on one of the finer points of post-modern existentialism. I’d recommend you stay quiet, as if mulling over a profound answer in deep thought, while you study that particularly interesting fly on the ceiling.

      Aunty P.


      • Russ Wood says:

        As Terry Pratchett wrote about a beautiful but dumb woman – It’s as if a god has said “Sorry, kid, but you’re going to be a thick as a yard of lard. But the good thing is – no-one is going to notice!”


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