How much longer can the GOP sit on the sidelines?

Unless you live inside the DC belt chain or the bubble of unreality created by fake news, it’s impossible not to see the GOP is facing its biggest crisis since 1861. Too many of its elected officials are still thinking and acting in a pre-Trump and pre-Steal fashion. Just let Trump and his mob of … Continue reading

Redux from 18th August 2017 – The Evil Empire of the Internet must be broken up.

There are a number of articles over the years I’ve written on the censorship tendencies I thought big tech would take. Excess is the invariable trait of any monopoly. At the time, I suspect they were greeted with mild skepticism, but as we’ve found in the recent presidential election, they weren’t too far off the … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Stop using Google.

There are a number of very good reasons why you shouldn’t be using Google under any circumstances. From a pure searching for information viewpoint, it distorts reality and when it suits its politics, blatantly lies to you. If you’re old school, you’ll have been taught as a child that lying is a sin that comes … Continue reading

The computer doesn’t lie.

Election fraud is big business, as we’ve seen, or probably will if the Steal is stopped. To pull it off convincingly on a large scale necessarily involves a large number of people and therein lies the problem because to put it quite simply, the more people who were in on it, the smaller your chances … Continue reading

Whatever happened to the ordinary Democrat’s sense of decency?

Honour is a word rarely used these days, and too often it’s used by scoundrels to whom any idea of a code of behaviour is simply something strange people have which they see as a weakness to be exploited. On the other hand, it’s too often talked up as something olde worlde whose subtle intricacies … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Some general thoughts on protecting your personal data

I will be writing a series of small articles on fighting big tech by using simple ways to protect and secure your personal data, but before launching into that I thought it useful to go into the reason why I think you should give some consideration to doing so now, if you’re not already doing … Continue reading

It’s time to break up the FBI

Starting off a piece with a title like that is like giving away the punchline to a joke before you’ve told it, but it does however get me straight into the reasons why it’s time for it to be done. As always, some history sets the context for the raison d’être of any organisation. Back … Continue reading

What you’re fighting for

Sometimes, things have to be said in plain words. We are in a war situation, and that being the case, you’ve got to get your head straight, start acting like it and join the fray. Either become a minuteman or stand idly by. A vital part of making the needed attitude adjustment is taking some … Continue reading

Brave people.

I wrote an article yesterday about fanatics and bullying in the context of the counts, recounts and certification processes currently going on in the swing districts and states. Its intent was to highlight that the intimidation was systematic and a vital part of ensuring the most corrupt general election in American history stayed firmly nailed … Continue reading

If you thought it was going to be easy, think again

The invariable trait of fanatics, is that they never give up. Whatever the issue is, there’s a developing pattern to their behaviour which you’ll see again and again once you recognise them for what they truly are. Initially they’ll stay within the rules of discussing an issue, but when they’re not getting their way or … Continue reading

Your survival kit – Get off radar.

During WWII, the British developed a weapon to defeat radar called chaff. It was essentially bales of aluminum strips which were dumped into the night sky by leading elements of the bomber stream. The effect was that instead of the German radar operators seeing individual planes, their screens became filled with millions of radar contacts, … Continue reading

Propaganda works.

If I’d a penny for every time somebody told me they don’t watch advertising on TV or the net or anywhere else, so it has no influence on them, I’d be a rich man and able to afford a considerably more swanky website than this. The reality is that everybody is influenced by advertising in … Continue reading

Effective use of street level thugs

You’ve probably all seen the video of the man in DC after the million MAGA march being attacked by an antifa gang, because it’s all over Twitter and by this time spread to uncensored platforms. You never see the start of it, but he’s just walking away from them when he’s hit from behind in … Continue reading

Let’s roll.

This Saturday, there’s a lot of people converging on Washington DC from all corners of America. They’re hoping for one million or more converging on Freedom Plaza, though I hope it’ll well exceed that number. There are similar but smaller protests occurring all across America. I wish I could be there but in an effort … Continue reading

Reading the entrails.

Like most Trump supporters, I long ago stopped listening to fake news and the social media platforms, because I just lumped them all together into one great huge steaming glob of dinosaur shite, like a BC big job miraculously preserved from the age when lizards ruled the Earth. Something to be ignored while occasionally being … Continue reading

Post voting day fraud.

Please forgive the ambiguity in the title, I just couldn’t resist it, but both meanings apply with the omission of the hyphen. It’s about how your vote by post can be stolen after election day. There are a myriad of simple but devious ways this can be done, but to illustrate I’ll discuss one particular … Continue reading

Your survival kit – Comms.

Every air force pilot on active service carries a small survival kit for use should he be downed. The contents vary from one air force to another, but usually contain a small assortment of essential items such as a compass that will help him to stay alive, remain at liberty and hopefully aid him in … Continue reading

First comes the shock, then the resolve, then the anger and then somebody had better watch out.

I once decided to take my youngest son with me to check out a friend that nobody had heard from in some time. I had one of those dread feelings about what we’d find which unfortunately turned out to be true. He was dead. I hate that bloody feeling because it’s rarely wrong. I did … Continue reading

2020 – The things you’ll be told that aren’t true.

The presidential election in 2000 between Bush and Gore was a very tight race. What ensued in its aftermath was a lot of time spent fighting over who had won it and eventually it was decided by lawsuits and recounts that dragged on for ages. It all came down to which way Florida had voted. … Continue reading

Stealing the Election of 2020.

Election fraud is the death knell for any semblance of democracy because once it’s widespread and systemic, the only brake the ordinary person has over the power of the state is lost and it’s impossible to get back without force of arms. The first time you accept it, that’s the last time you’ll ever have … Continue reading