What if Biden wins?

It’d been seven years since the Fall, though you had to be careful of the company you were in to use that term. The Big Change was much safer, but if there was one of the true believers around, the People’s Revolution was the safest. A lot had changed in that time, though the first … Continue reading

The bid for total digital censorship is now out in the open

I started blogging about ten years ago because I noticed something was terribly wrong with a huge trend at the time and nobody appeared to be voicing any doubts about certain aspects of it. The issue was climate change, which was being massively sold on all fronts as an unquestionably good thing to support. At … Continue reading

Was it an attempt to assassinate Trump?

We all live in a world of the imaginable. I’m prone to referring to similar groups of people as living in their own little bubble of self-delusion, hypocrisy, paranoia or innocence, as children do. There’s the I consider myself very important, so you should pay close attention to everything I say type. The one law … Continue reading

How to take down America.

Most governments around the world are structured into three branches with a varying degree of independence and protection from each other. For the benefit of ignorant loons like AOC who have happened by some bizarre chance to have been actually elected to a legislative body, the three are: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. … Continue reading