Trump’s foreign policy.

As a school kid, I discovered the game of chess and played it enthusiastically for a few years, to the extent of even buying a miniature set that when closed, fitted neatly into a blazer pocket. On days when kicking a tennis ball around the playground didn’t appeal, I’d play a game with a friend … Continue reading

What’s ahead of you in the run up to the 2020 election.

We are now within the last two months to the presidential election occurring in November 2020, and I thought it might be useful to produce a rough guide to get you through the alarums and excursions that’ll be coming at you as the election approaches, especially if you’re intending to vote Trump. One of my … Continue reading

Cities in flames and the blame game begins.

In the midst of continuing rioting in democrat ran cities, the blame game has begun. The cunning masterplan by elected officials and state governors was to encourage civil unrest by neutering all the local law enforcement bodies, make sure anyone unlucky enough to be actually arrested would appear before a liberal DA or judge to … Continue reading