The roads from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This is going to be blunt. In the coming weeks and months, the sheer volume of propaganda bullshit thats going to be crafted and aimed at you by fake news over the shootings in Kenosha will seem almost overwhelming, but there are some fundamentals of law you should not lose sight of. First off, every … Continue reading

Why on Earth did the DNC pick Harris as Biden’s running mate?

Well, after weeks of deep but slow cogitation on who to choose and keeping everybody on tenterhooks – he could almost smell her hair as one wit remarked – we finally know who Joe’s running mate is going to be, and nobody was more surprised than Biden at which one they’d picked out for him. … Continue reading

Trump feeding recalcitrant mayors and governors just enough rope

When you ignore the fake news coverage and commentary about the peaceful protests in Democrat-controlled places like Portland, Chicago and NY city, and instead look at some of the videos uploaded by ordinary people to Parler, Gab and other uncensored social platforms, the peaceful protests are actually nightly riots with all the extra goodies that … Continue reading

Democrat politicians don’t care if they kill people, just as long as they can beat Trump

At some point in your life you begin to take an interest in politics or you let it all wash over and around you and basically ignore it. The usual pattern is that at the start when you’re young you swallow all the politicians’ soapy words and vague promises but gradually begin to realise they … Continue reading