One law for the rich, another one for everyone else?

The blogosphere, as I call it, is an incredibly rich headspace to explore. It goes from taking the perfect photograph at the perfect time in the day of an orchid at morn opening to yawn up at the rising sun, to raving far-left sites which’re so determinedly anti-fascist, the Nazis would be proud of them … Continue reading

Lockdown thoughts.

My grandmother had a saying during those occasional emergencies we’ve all lived through – some things are sent to try us. Its meaning was have some patience, hunker down, keep your powder dry and this thing you’ve no way of fighting will eventually wash over us and then be gone. She had a lot of … Continue reading

Life inside the bubble.

Over the years writing this blog, I’ve several times used the expression about certain people living inside a bubble. The people in question would be individuals within the political elite, fake news and the entertainment industry. It’s a phrase that is in common parlance these days because like all good words or phrases, it instantly … Continue reading