The war against Christianity.

I’ve never written an article on religion for two reasons. The first was it never was a prime objective of my blog, there are plenty of other good blogs that do a fine job in that area, and it’s a common experience we’ve all had that any serious discussion of a religious topic on the … Continue reading

Trump booting out the World Health Organisation.

We all have areas of expertise. In terms of making a living and bringing in a steady income for your family, that expertise might vary from the most exotic to the very prosaic. Waitressing food to a table, office work, repairing a broken loo’s flush mechanism, administration, pumping gas, accountancy, running a good steady household … Continue reading

Steady the Buffs.

It’s an old military expression, I think mainly popularised by Rudyard Kipling. It’s come to mean hold your nerve, hang on in there, take whatever hurt is going to come your way, but in the end you’ll be able to advance with your fellow soldiers and it’ll be payback time. With this self-imposed isolation and … Continue reading

The immutability of books.

Back in the Dark Ages, before the internet was invented, there used to be these strange things called books that people had to read to gain any knowledge about the world. Dude, they were like totally hands on. You had to turn these things called pages. Yeah, actually, really. You couldn’t even click on them, … Continue reading