The arrogance and inhumanity of Nancy Pelosi.

We are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The last numbers I saw say that worldwide 440,000 people have been infected and there’ve been about 20,000 deaths attributed to it. Given those numbers and comparing them to the avian flu epidemic of 1919 which killed a conservatively estimated 50-100 million people across the globe … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 17

He was now on a complete war footing. Somebody had made a first strike at him, and failed. From now on, there would be no predictable pattern to his movements and all communications to and from him would be via the electronic equivalents of one-time pads, burner phones and one use only temporary emails from … Continue reading

What happens when you stop playing by the rules.

There’s probably a better word for it, but game seems to be the most apt. Everything in life has a game aspect to it. As a spouse, you should always support the other half, even when you’ve some serious doubts about their current judgement because they seem to be on a momentary insanity curve. You’ll … Continue reading

Trump moving in for the kill.

I study chess games and have a little corner of my library room containing several books documenting every single move in all the elegant games. The first thing I ever bought apart from some sweeties courtesy of my paper round earnings was a wooden chess set. Hand carved. It was beautiful and I had to … Continue reading