The walking dude.

I’ve always liked walking and although I occasionally enjoy a walk and talk with someone else beside me, it kinda spoils the activity because when you’re accompanied, it intrudes into what I’ve always felt was me-time. Walking for me was always a rare escape into solitude. I was born in the exact middle of a … Continue reading

Visitors from foreign lands.

When our children were younger, I became concerned that they were in danger of becoming country bumpkins. We lived and continue to do so in a rural area out in the provinces and explaining to them there was a much bigger world outside it with different traditions, customs and even languages was becoming a problem. … Continue reading

Shield maidens.

If you know what you’re doing in your chosen profession, it usually comes down to a matter of preparation, which is informed by your years of experience. He laid out the secondary armaments he might need, even the unlikely ones like a halberd, in a neat row behind him where he stood on the bridge. … Continue reading