The farce that’s become the impeachment process.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Dems attempted impeachment of the Trumpie Monster and been wondering whether apart from the political optics, there’s any sense at all in it. Every Republican president since Eisenhower in the 1950s has had impeachment proceedings launched at them by the Dems at one stage or another, so there’s nothing radically new there as a tactic, though a valuable constitutional safeguard meant to protect the republic from the possibility of a progressively more tyrannical president has by now been totally devalued.

By it habitually being utilised as a wholly partisan political weapon which usually has no realistic chance of success, it’s now regarded as just a go through the motions way to throw some mud at a presidency and hoping some of it’ll stick. As Nancy Pelosi said, even if we can’t impeach him, he’ll still remain impeached forever. If you can explain to me any sense or sanity in that statement, I’ll tip my hat in your direction. The forever bit does kinda remind me of Michelle ladyboy Obama’s self-declaration of herself as America’s Forever First Lady. Compared to the current FLOTUS, she’s a dowdy mouldering old sack of potatoes delivered to your stoop that you haven’t had time to take in for the last few days.

The terminal madness of it was expressed by Nancy Pelosi lately, who declared it wasn’t about proof but about allegations. Screw due process, innocent until proven guilty, anonymous accusers who can’t be named, no chance to call a witness or even present a lawyer to defend yourself. We’re all having our two minute hate jollies seems to be the mood of the Dem House. Let’s just keep it simple and do it old style – simply string the nigger up and then we can all go back home for our dinners. I wonder how they’d survive that complete overturn of any fair notion of a judicial process should a militant new Right now totally running things decide to operate under those new revolutionary rules of jurisprudence.

Should that scenario occur, I rather suspect we’d run out of lamp posts.

If you simply go on the facts and any notion of judicial fairness, the whole thing is a farce, a boring and tawdry piece of political theatre concocted for an infantilising news media that treats the reporting of what’s actually happening in the real world as a rolling 24/7 soap opera they can script as they go along. Someone, somewhere, weighing almost 300 lbs, lolling on a couch with long ago broken springs and shoving rubbish snacks into their face actually cares about such garbage news and is riveted to the little screen, but most normal people just channel surf away to pastures anew after ten seconds of it.

Simplistically, the established constitutional process is that the House of Representatives builds a case and submits it to the upper house, the Senate, for consideration. They then act as a jury, not investigators, on the evidence provided to them by the House. It’s up to the House to do the investigation, the Senate just delivers a judgement on the evidence presented to them. They’ve basically three options; dismiss it, find not guilty or impeach. The effect of deciding to declare a president impeached does seem to be a slightly nebulous area though.

The last president to be successfully impeached was Billy of the wandering willy Clinton, who also got disbarred from practising law as well, but it actually didn’t prevent him from completing his second term as president. So what? You’ve impeached me but I’m still president seemed to be the attitude, and it worked.

As far as I’m aware, there doesn’t appear to be a mandated constitutional consequence to a president being impeached. Unfortunately, the intent of the people who originally framed the process of impeachment assumed that a president found guilty would naturally do the honourable thing and resign, but they’d never experienced anything as brazen as the Clinton crime family, so it’s become a pretty pointless exercise in this day and age. However, it’s still the sort of displacement activity that showcases politicians appearing to be doing something noble and worthwhile while actually doing nothing of any import – all in the blazing glare and flash bulb popping light of wall to wall media coverage.

In an effort to explore the most madly optimistic of the Dem’s current impeachment fantasies, let’s go off the deep end of the pier and examine the unlikely possibility of him being impeached. The scenario is the RINOs in the Senate stab the Trumpie Monster in the back and vote for impeachment and he being an honourable man, unlike wandering Willy, decides to resign the presidency. Fine, the swamp, the Dems and the RINOs have all combined to finally get rid of him, but the reality check is that it won’t somehow magically reverse the loss of 2016.

Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton, would automatically become president. Within the increasingly far-left Demented party, he’s the second most hated man in the administration, basically because he’s a very committed Christian, a variety of religious belief that runs a close second to the Left’s nowadays almost pathological hatred of Jews. Not even they would try to pull a second impeachment on the backup president, but going on their current form, perhaps not even that should be ruled out.

Once you throw out any notion of due process and the rule of law, anything becomes possible. Of course, going the same impeachment route on Mike Pence, even if it were to succeed on some trumped up basis, pun intended, would only cede the presidency to his own newly nominated VP.

Rabid socialism is not a political theory, it’s a religion that can’t be reasoned with to its true believers. I think it was Clint Eastwood who supposedly said if you could reason with a socialist, there wouldn’t be any socialists. It has that commonality with Islam, which is why I think it’s pushing the islamisation of the West, though if the mullahs were ever permitted to actually take control of things in the civilised world, they’d take one hard look at the socialists and I’d be taking a long position on unused lamp post futures, or cranes in their case. In their world, there can only be one god, and his name is Allah.

I’ve heard a very indirect and unconfirmed account of Pence and the Trumpie Monster sharing a prayer in the Oval office, but what is certainly for sure is that he’s the first VP in a very long time to actually make what’s commonly viewed in DC as a non-job, a real job. He’s 100% loyal to his charismatic boss because he knows what the the monster’s true agenda is and is totally supportive of it – re-engineering American society back from the brink of self-loathing and destruction and to what originally made it great.

There was a very plausible rumour doing the rounds in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, after the Trumpie Monster had almost demolished all the RNC approved candidates for the party’s ticket, that they were going to pull a Bernie Sanders on him and find some way of denying him a shot at the presidency in favour of an establishment suit on wheels they could roll out onto the platform.

Their mistake was thinking they could do to Trump what was done to Sanders by the DNC. It was the usual underestimation of how shrewd and aggressive Trump actually is, despite his well-honed impression of being a shallow-thinking lightweight. One day, perhaps in a very distant future, his opponents will stop falling for that ploy, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

Confusing him with the eternally outraged and angry Sanders, who has all the political smarts of a lone daffodil in a field with a charging combine harvester thundering down on it, got the preemptive response from the monster – snatch the ticket I’m winning and I’ll run as an independent, and that’ll tear your party in two for the next twenty years. They promptly caved, and the rest as they say is history.

Given the vagueness of the consequences of being impeached, there would be nothing to stop the Trumpie Monster actually going the independent route, and out of personal loyalty, he’d very probably take Mike Pence with him on the VP ticket. The working class, blue collar, black and Hispanic demographics have done very well under the Trumpie Monster’s presidency because in three years he’s given them what no other president managed to do for the previous thirty years – jobs, more jobs, lots of jobs, eight million of them, unemployment at a fifty year low, the first real rise in wages in decades and the tang of prosperity. Trump referred to it recently as the blue collar boom, and when you look at any of the relevant numbers, he’s dead right.

They’re doing better than they’ve done in decades. Although the mainstream media’s so-called political experts haven’t either noticed it or appear to be in deep denial about it, I get the distinct impression the working class are migrating from their traditional and almost tribal loyalty to the DNC flag to rally around Trump’s standard. They’re mistrustful of the RINOs and quite frankly everybody else on both sides of the aisle in the political swamp of Washington, so him blowing up the Republican party to form a new one and still winning back the presidency isn’t as unlikely a scenario as you might think. They would just love helping him putting a boot up the establishment’s backside.

Never forget, getting back into the WH for a second term is essentially a numbers game and consider that for Trump’s NJ rally this week, 175,000 people applied for tickets to attend. Biden et all can’t attract more than 500 people at their rallies, which is why they’ve all but stopped doing them. The electorate all know Trump’s policies, whereas the Dems policies seem to be fluid and shifting depending on nothing more than how the fake news establishment reacts to them. The common denominator does seem to be offering humongous amounts of free stuff, which everybody at the bottom of the economic totem pole is smart enough to know means they’ll end up paying for by higher taxes.

Whichever way the impeachment farce works out, and barring any unforeseen accidents, my money is still on him serving a second term, whether as a Republican or in the unlikely event of him having to run as an Independent. The key to understanding the man is that he’s smart and loves a good fight, even when the odds don’t look good.


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14 Responses to “The farce that’s become the impeachment process.”
  1. cdquarles says:

    Exactly, my dear friend Pointy. Indubitably.

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  2. Peter Shaw says:

    Excellent. Your articles always put things in perspective; a great tonic.

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  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    The timing of these proceedings is curious. Assuming the Democrats can keep this going until the end of March that still leaves 7 months until the election. By that time the memories will be dim and not carry much weight, and other events would have displaced it.


    • Kevin Lohse says:

      More importantly, it gives 7 months for Trump to start pay-back. The Demokkkrats could end up with a long, hot /summer.


    • Pointman says:

      If you look at this week’s vblogger soap box on the RHS column, Steve Turley has all the viewing numbers of the Senate show trial, and they didn’t start off well and are plunging. I think the average person knows it’s just partisan nonsense and have already lost interest in it.


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  4. philjourdan says:

    Slight correction. The democrats have tried it on every republican president since Andrew Johnson (a democrat) was impeached for the 2nd worst reason (Trump being the worst). At least the republicans in the 1860s passed a law they knew Johnson would violate (and he did) before impeaching him (the law was later declared unconstitutional).

    Since then every republican president has had impeachment articles raised against him. But only now have they been so emboldened to actually pass what amounts to a partisan hack job (even Nixon never had the articles passed and there was bipartisan support for them then).

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  5. Power Grab says:

    If there isn’t a VP, then Pelosi gets the Oval Office…God forbid!


  6. Pointman says:

    The impeachment process, as originally envisioned, was intended I think to be a bi-partisan process where a cross party House put together a case against a president for high crimes and misdemeanors that were a danger to the republic and the constitution.

    If the original framers of the process were around these days, they’d probably amend the rules and stipulate a certain percentage of the House minority had to concur there was a case to answer before it could be sent upwards to the Senate, which would stop this sort of nonsense.

    As it’s come to be used, the process is defunct. When mad Nancy Pelosi say in public that they’ve been working on impeachment for two and a half years, and they’re now going after Trump on the basis of a phone call last year, you know it’s a joke.


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  7. Blackswan says:


    As we’ve heard for decades, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as Mayor of NYC, was credited with turning around a spreading crime-wave with his Broken Windows policies, nipping the petty crimes of recidivist offenders in the bud, thereby deterring ongoing criminal behaviour from escalating.

    IMHO Trump’s current predicament is largely of his own making simply because, for whatever reason, he has failed to bring the subversive and criminal activities of the Obama Administration to account. He left in place, or appointed to high positions, dozens of Obama hold-overs who have worked assiduously to undermine and sabotage the Trump Admin at every turn. This failure has only emboldened the Obama/Dem moles to increasingly preposterous lawless and unConstitutional behaviour.

    The DoJ, State Dept, FBI et al have ALL either slow-walked investigations and inquiries into Obama apparatchiks, or have gone over-the-top in raiding the homes and offices of Trump-connected individuals.

    Apparently, even an inadvertent lie to the FBI will land you in court (bankrupting you in legal expenses) with highly-likely jail-time, whereas the likes of Adam Sheisskopf Schiff and countless “witnesses” to Congressional Committees can repeatedly lie with impunity, Schiff lying to Congress and the Senate with his fantasy and wholly manufactured “quotes” of Trump statements – Quid pro quo phone calls and heads-on-spikes being only two examples. This illegal political manoeuvring to reverse the 2016 election result never ends simply because it’s been allowed to continue unchecked and unabated. Why?

    The triumvirate of Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler have shredded the Constitution in this impeachment conspiracy, hatched within hours of Trump’s 2017 inauguration in order to reverse an election result, NOT to try any high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Why has this “inquiry” and its highly unConstitutional and unprecedented format (entirely of Schiff’s creation) been allowed to continue?

    This isn’t a matter of lobbing a few rocks through windows – such lawlessness is a wrecking-ball likely to bring the entire house crashing down!

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    • Blackswan says:

      By the way … the following document details the criminal complaint lodged by former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin against Joe Biden for interference in the legal proceedings of Ukraine.

      This begs a few questions … with ample evidence of Biden’s braggadocio of his (and Obama’s) corrupt behaviour, why hasn’t he/they already been arrested and charged by the DoJ? Why has action been left to Ukraine?

      Why has the complaint been left to the victim and action not taken by American law enforcement?

      Biden dropped Obama in it when he told the Ukrainians who challenged his authority to withhold funds to “Call him” to verify that Biden was indeed acting under presidential authority.

      Was Biden bluffing? Nobody seems inclined to find out. Why?

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    • gallopingcamel says:

      You pose an interesting question:
      “This illegal political manoeuvring to reverse the 2016 election result never ends simply because it’s been allowed to continue unchecked and unabated. Why?”

      When bad behavior has no negative consequences it keeps on happening. Any prominent person who supports Trump risks being publicly accused of serious crimes. All too often the accusations lead to vigorous investigations and prosecutions. This unfairness will continue until there are negative consequences for people bringing unfounded accusations and particularly those giving false testimony.

      Why has Christine Blasey Ford not been charged with perjury? Likewise why has Adam Shiff not been charged?

      The answer seems rather simple. The Democrats are ruthless and the Republicans are cowards. The Democrats have a majority in the House which enables them to impeach Donald Trump. The Republicans have similar power in the Senate but they are not using it.
      It looks like cowardice but it may be far worse than that. The Republicans may be just as corrupt as the Democrats.

      Lindsay Graham threatened that the Senate judiciary committee that he chairs would investigate democrat corruption if the House went after Donald Trump. Sadly Graham is more talk than action. He should start hearings to expose how the Biden family has become rich by what appears to be corrupt dealing in the Ukraine, Iraq and China.

      Even more effective would be indictments from AG Barr against the dozens of criminals identified by Pointman a while back:

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  8. NoFixedAddress says:

    After I row me boat up The Thames and plant the flag of the Southern Hemisphere outside Westminster I’m gunna hop across the sea and rip into Boston Harbour and then sail up The Potomac and shell a few places.

    Let’s see if the ‘yankee’ scum have got a Paul Revere in this day and age.

    I think not.

    The Southern Hemisphere has about 33% of the land area on the planet.

    Guess what!

    The majority of folk that came South of The Equator did it to get away from mad power crazed Morlocks running the Northern Hemisphere and they are still in place.

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  9. gallopingcamel says:

    I love the idea of Trump running as an independent. With a bit of luck that might bring about the demise of the Republican party and the creation of the Trumpist party.


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