Tinseltown gets a long overdue kicking.

I love watching a good movie or a TV series you can get your teeth into, and am not unusual in that respect. People like to be entertained. They always have and they always will. It’s a way of forgetting all your day-to-day concerns for an hour or two. It’s no coincidence that vaudeville, theater, radio, movie and television in their heyday tended to do well when times were bad – people just want to tune their troubles out for an hour or two, but what’s also happening is that there is a consensual aspect to it.

You know it’s not real, it’s an artfully constructed fiction by the entertainer, a distraction, but we all do the fabled suspension of belief thing because in that way we can get into the story being told, the dance being danced, the song being sung, the joke being told or whatever is being offered to entertain you. An enchanting web is being spun on the audience.

A trend has developed over the last decade of entertainers taking it upon themselves to use their notoriety to impose their own politics and brand of morality on their audience, and it’s been going down increasingly badly. You’re either being entertained or essentially you’re being harangued, and the two are mutually exclusive. It’s not possible to relax into being entertained while you’re being needlessly irritated at the same time.

Takings for both TV and cinema have plunged past 25 year historic lows because the consumer is simply not prepared to pay for a discretionary spending product they don’t find entertaining, especially when it comes with none too subtle preachy overtones. Who pays to be irritated? Nearly every program now has a mandatory gay in it, a Muslim in a Hijab, action movies have become chick flicks and if there’s a scene with four people in it, you’ll be lucky if one of them is actually white. It’s liberal tokenism, blackwashing and political re-education gone mad.

Some aspect of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is tyre levered into the most unlikely of programs with the smug assumption that anyone who voted for him or supports him is either retarded or a Nazi. It’s as if they assume the deplorables are a few dozen Deliverance type hillbillies rather than the 65 million people who actually voted him into office. Medialand is determinedly projecting an already complete liberal conquest of the West, whereas what’s actually happening in the real world is that popular sentiment is moving towards the Right.

When you add in the decadent and paedophilia overtones of some movies, most surprisingly Disney movies, it makes for one big turn off for the audience who’ve simply moved to less pervy providers of entertainment. It’s not that the audiences have suddenly become prudish, it’s that they too often get an objectionable whiff of elitist hypocrisy from the product. There’s a growing gulf between a rich insulated Hollywood entertainment industry that’s totally lost contact with an audience who increasingly feel they’re being force fed a lot of notions they viscerally disagree with.

Believe it or not Hollywood, most of your audience are organised into these things called families, that have a mum and a dad who both work, kids who aren’t drug addicts, prostitutes, murderously psychotic, aren’t single mothers or aren’t homosexual, lesbian, trans, one of the extra mentally deranged sixty-five genders, do some homework when nagged a bit, sit down together around the dinner table most evenings, laugh at and tease each other, give each other presents at Christmas, follow some Christian code, get married in churches, get their babies baptised, pennies are watched, kids save up for things they want rather than stealing them and they don’t hate or kill each other.

There is a constant subterranean imperative in much too much of the product to undermine that almost universal arrangement of ordinary life. It just won’t happen; parents care for their offspring and the children feel safe and secure inside a family until they reach their majority and set up their own families. There is no other viewpoint but the liberal one being presented by Hollywood. If you want to see a family close ranks, just attack it and see what happens. It’s DNA level programming of human beings. Together we’re strong, split apart, we can be picked off one by one.

The worst events where this tiresome habit of politically lecturing their consumers has become award ceremonies. It’s such a turn off, that over the years people simply stopped watching the things. At its height, the Oscars used to attract a viewing audience of about 45M. It’s since plunged to about 25M and on current form will probably continue heading south. Alarm bells should be going off. Gaining new customers is a lot easier than convincing customers disillusioned with your product to come back. They’ll already have found another supplier more to their taste, so why should they bother?

The British comedian Ricky Gervais was the master of ceremonies at the Golden Globe awards a couple of weeks back and started his opening monologue by saying it was his fifth and last time doing it, and after a blistering seven minute speech that covered the egos of the stars and executives in the room with second degree burns, it most certainly will be. I suggest you watch that monologue before reading on. It didn’t pull any punches, was very funny and it could best be described as savage.

He touched on a lot of sensitive areas nobody had hitherto dared to mention to the theatrical luvvies but which have become the everyman perceptions of an over liberal, glitzy but preachy and depraved Hollywood that their former consumers didn’t like, and never will. He told them that since this was his last one, he’d go out with bang and it’d be at their expense, and it certainly was. The Hollywood glitterati were about to be severely tested on whether they could take a joke on them, and they couldn’t – too many puffed up ideas about themselves got brutally deflated by knitting needle sized stabs of reality.

He hit them hard from the very start saying he was talking to “all you perverts.” He touched upon every objectionable aspect of Hollywood these days. The not too vague undertones of pedophilia in this year’s crop, the politically correct remakes of classic films, the war on masculinity in movies, nobody watching network TV or going to the movies anymore and Netflix and HBO being the only thing people looked at these days. He even wound in a reference to Jeffrey Epstein’s death not being suicide and was greeted with general groans from the audience.

His response was “Shut up, I know he was your friend, but I don’t care.” Even Prince Andrew being a frequent flier on the Lolita express got an indirect mention via a crack at Leo DiCaprio. He kept going in hard and in response to some very edgy cracks, got some very nervous laughs from the audience. Reading the slightly outraged mood of the room he said – “It’s the last time, who cares?” Unusually, he even touched on how hypocritical production companies were being. Pushing out entertainment filled with high moral principles, while the very same companies were getting their product manufactured for peanuts in sweatshops in China.

He finished up by putting into words what everybody has been thinking about these increasingly tiresome events for years – “If you do win an award tonight, don’t use it to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. So, if you win, come up, accept your little award tonight, thank your agent, your God and fuck off. No one cares about your views on politics or culture.”

It was all done very artfully and was genuinely funny. If the power players want to turn around an industry spewing out very expensive flops and showing falling profits for over the last two decades, they could do a lot worse than think deeply on the uneasy areas he touched on. In centuries past, every monarch had a court jester. While all around them every courtier was unfailingly complimentary and obsequious, it was only the court jester who could get away with some pointed jokes aimed in the king’s direction. A wise king listened, because it was only the jester who’d tell him how he was really perceived.

In the 24 hours after the show, Gervais suddenly acquired 300,000 new followers on Twitter, which tells you that despite the Hollywood press giving him hell over the monologue, Joe Public found great resonance in Hollywood being told some good old-fashioned home truths about themselves for a change.

Despite his advice to just take their little award, do a few thanks and then fuck off, one or two of the recipients couldn’t resist the usual political lecture. One of the C-list actresses winning something minor at the awards apparently held it up high and declared to cheers that it was only because she’d had an abortion two years ago which allowed her to keep her career on track, she’d never have won it. Kill an unborn baby and crow in public about that enabling her to win a little statuette nobody will remember by next week?

Applauded for that? What fucking planet do these people live on? Seriously.


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21 Responses to “Tinseltown gets a long overdue kicking.”
  1. Janie M. says:

    Pointy, we lost a GREAT filmmaker with the passing of John Hughes in 2009 from a fatal heart attack at age 59.RIP, Mr. Hughes. No one stepped in to take his place, nor would they have been as capable. The movies he created were entertaining/hilarious and held your attention to their conclusion. A list of those movies are at wikipedia. I’m certain you’ll recognize their titles and the memories he created in those works will bring a smile to your face.


    • Pointman says:

      I totally agree Janie. A list of classic films, my favourite being Ferris Bueller.


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      • Janie M. says:

        Yup, Ferris Bueller was at the top of my list as well. I also loved, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and “Uncle Buck.”John Candy was excellent as the lead in both of these films.


    • Pointman says:

      He wrote and directed some classic comedies or whimsical films, but had a knack of stopping all the jokes for a moment and inserting a couple of minutes that could silence a cinema. That heart-rendering scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where the Steve Martin character realises Candy doesn’t have a wife, she’s dead. That’s a deft cinematic touch at work.



      • Fen says:

        “That’s a deft cinematic touch at work.”

        Agreed, but in the end it’s still just cinema. Sarah at the next table can touch her nose with her tongue.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    It’s interesting how the luvvies display such humility on receiving their ‘little award’ then carry on to lecture everyone from the knowledge deep in their great brains. Judging from the reaction of the luvvie audience they all seem to think the little people (us – that they depend on) will be grateful to be given the benefit of such a great (i.e. rich) thinker.
    This cannot end well for these shallow fools.

    Once again, I love the essay. Thank you!


  3. Peter Shaw says:

    Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel about those cloistered know nothings in Hollywood. They have no self awareness and I’m grateful that there are those who can and will call them out.

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  4. Annie says:

    Spot on Pointy. Our daughter has a great Aussie saying appropriate for these Hollywood air-heads; they are ‘right up themselves’. I never watch these awards get-togethers; too much pseud posturing by people mostly of little merit. I can’t bear pseuds in any walk of life.


  5. Lucinda says:

    Totally OT. What’s going on Pointy? I saw your farewell message at CTH and left a comment. When I looked for a reply, my comment had disappeared.


    • Pointman says:

      I’m not sure myself. I left an excerpt for this piece and a link to it as a comment. Granted, it had the F-word, but I’d carefully amended it to “f**k” since that’s the word RG used in his opening monologue. It got disappeared with no notification to me as to why it’d happened. I refuse to self-censor pander to anybody, and anybody includes even supposedly right-wing sites.

      I’ve no problem conforming to whatever the site rules about comments are, as long as they’re reasonable. If they’re unreasonable, I simply don’t leave any comments. What I totally object to is the sly silent type of censorship which just deletes comments without any sort of explanation, which it sounds like you’ve just experienced as well. Once that starts happening, the writing is on the wall. It’s time to get out of there.

      A decade ago I used to contribute to the very lively AGW debates at the Daily Telegraph. They introduced an oppressive censorship regime, so I voted with my feet, as did many others. The dictatorial censorship killed it as a lively discussion forum and a place where you could have a few laughs. Within a year, it’d become a shadow of its former self. Within two years, the DT had stopped allowing any comments under an article.


      I have a feeling it was most probably an attack of the Queen Bees by whoever runs it.



  6. Blackswan says:


    The problem with Hollywood isn’t really the pathetic denizens that crawl, creep and slither their way around the Entertainment Industry – it’s us, We the People.

    It’s OUR money that makes multi-millionaires out of the most unworthy creatures; it’s OUR money that buys magazines and headlines that gossip and fuss over the minutiae of their hollow lives; it’s OUR money that fills box-offices, that buys merchandise that carries their endorsement. It’s we who hold these Professional Pretenders up to be our heroes and heroines.

    It’s We the People who sit on juries that find Hollywood celebrity murderers, paedophiles and rapists Not Guilty.

    THAT is the real-life ’Never-ending Story’.

    After recently watching a documentary on the 19th century advent of travelling circuses devised by entrepreneurs such as PT Barnum and the Ringling Bros, I was left wondering what kind of people attended in their thousands to watch animals cruelly treated, trapeze artists risking life and limb and to ogle the freaks and misfits on display at the Midway?

    They were our forebears … and just like us.

    Today we watch a different variety of ‘freak’ with surgically altered faces, bodies pumped full of silicone, fake porcelain smiles, wigs and toupees …. and this is in their real lives, not the fantasy world created on the Big Screen.

    We watch stuntmen and women risking their lives or being left crippled for our adrenalin ‘fix’ , animals being cruelly treated, screaming children portraying terror and torment, realistic depictions of men and women being raped and sodomised, people chopped up with chainsaws, their blood lapped up thirstily in vampire flicks, severed limbs with blood and gore spattered in all directions, men and women tortured and murdered in the cruellest ways.

    Realistic fantasy? Yes, but hasn’t anyone heard of de-sensitisation? What kind of people are we?

    We don’t need bureaucrats and government agencies to set standards for us – they don’t have any, and are easily bought and paid for by the Money Men.

    The power of We, the People lies in how we spend our ‘discretionary dollar’, in the standards of morality and ethics that WE set, not by ever-more laws and regulation, but by our patronage – and we are betrayed by our own silence in the face of perversion and corruption.

    Society’s rapid slide into degeneracy belongs to us; we paid for it. But Hey!!! We call it a “bit of harmless fun”, we spend our money on it, we know it isn’t real, we adore and idolise these fake purveyors of trash, and then seek to redeem ourselves by hailing anyone “brave” enough to hold a mirror up to Hollywood.

    Gervais was holding that mirror up to us, to We the People. That Industry only exists because we pay handsomely to endorse them, and then compete among ourselves to emulate them.

    That old chestnut applies …. “Is Art imitating Life, or is Life imitating Art?” Young people no longer have to “run away to join the Circus” because we’ve invited the Circus into our own homes and into the lives of our children.

    Hollywood, in all it’s twisted depravity, only exists because we demand that it does. Does boycotting a movie that “bombs at the box office” change anything? Nah … it’s just written off as a tax deduction by the Money Men.

    Nobody ever went broke by giving people what they want. Blaming Movie Moguls or the Mad Men of Madison Ave for manipulating us into parting with our money and destroying our dreams is sheer hypocrisy.

    Isn’t it time we ‘owned’ what we’ve settled for?

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    • Blackswan says:

      By the way, because I don’t watch television at all and have taken little interest in movies for 30 years, I didn’t really know who Ricky Gervais was when his name at the awards popped up recently in news headlines. And there he was, listed on my Netflix menu. Okay, I’ll watch his ‘After Life’ series and see who this dude is.

      Lo and Behold! As the credits rolled Gervais was the producer, writer and director of this series and at the last, a notice that “Series 2 out in January 2020”. That prompted a search of his biography.

      Ricky is a very clever man, and I liked his ‘After Life’ concept, but whatever else he may be, he’s a master craftsman and promoter in his industry.

      I looked again at his awards night speech with fresh eyes, the pre-arranged close-ups of Streep and Hanks and the other “surprised stars” (Directors need to position their cameras and lighting) and realised that Gervais was simply doing a pre-canvassed routine in the “insult genre” of comedy, a style pioneered by the likes of the late Don Rickles, and perfected by our much-loved late George Carlin.

      But it sure worked a treat for Gervais, got him an extra Netflix viewer Down Under, along with unpaid-for promotion for this AND the next series of his show. Great work Ricky.

      Meanwhile Hollywood shrugged off their faux outrage (knowing nobody will answer for any of it), and all trotted off to their champagne and cocaine-fuelled after-parties, none the worse for a little more wear-and-tear.

      There is nothing new under the sun … and even less so in Show Biz.

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  7. Pointman says:

    Video: Robert De Niro Launches Rant About Trump’s ‘Blatant Abuse of Power’ at SAG-AFTRA Awards


    This is the fool who married someone, who actually raped him in the subsequent divorce settlement. He went on to marry her again and in their second divorce settlement, she raped him even worse.

    We’re supposed to take wise counsel from a fool who allowed himself to be bitten by the same dog twice?


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  8. Pointman says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democratic Party Is ‘Not a Left Party’ — It’s a ‘Center-Conservative’


    Ocasio-Cortez said, “I wanted to go back to what you said about our left party. We don’t have a left party in the United States. The Democratic Party is not a left party. The Democratic Party is a center or a center-conservative party. We do not advocate for — we can’t even get a floor vote on Medicare for All, not even a floor vote, that gets voted down. We can’t even get a vote on it. So this is not a left party. There are left members inside the Democratic Party that are working to try to make that shift happen.”


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  9. Another Ian says:

    Hi Pointman

    Somewhat o/t – maybe for or your cartoon collection


    It got pulled at the original source but shows up here

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  10. Blackswan says:

    Having taken a renewed interest in the reality of Hollywood, I wondered what the Queen of the Grand Ole Opry had to say about the Entertainment Industry and her role in it, so I watched a Netflix biography on her.

    Dolly Parton is a VERY clever gal that I rarely gave a thought to, but she summed it up so succinctly in just a few words …

    “Show business is a money-making joke.”

    “All these years the people have thought the joke was on me – but actually, it’s been on the public.”

    There were a few noteworthy quotes in that bio flick … “Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, scare the hell out of ‘em – and go home!” … summed up another cynical Tinseltown maxim I’d never heard before.

    It’s all distilled down to the essence of Hollywood … “Show business is a money-making joke.”

    Well said, and hats off to you Dolly Parton.

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    • Pointman says:

      Dolly parton is a gifted songwriter. She probably earns more in royalties than performing. One of her numbers.



      • Blackswan says:

        An all-time classic song, Pointy.

        In looking more closely at Dolly, I came across some interesting information.

        For starters, Dolly conceded that although she’d written that beautiful song, Whitney Houston had made that it uniquely her own, and Dolly was proud that she had. Whitney also earned $19 million in royalties for Dolly who was always savvy enough to hang onto her songs, even denying Elvis the rights.

        Dolly Parton is, by far and away, the richest Country Music writer and performer in the world with a net worth of … $500 million.

        It’s one thing to earn mega millions on your talent, but it’s another thing to keep it in an Industry stuffed full of parasitic hangers-on who feed on your success.

        Yep, Dolly Parton is a woman to be admired in many respects.

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