Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

A couple of years back, and in the aftermath of the 2016 political earthquake of Trump being elected president, I read an article in I think what is now the far-left NY Times. It was one of those extremely poor efforts at journalism we’ve come to expect from the fake news machine. In essence, it had all the trademarks of someone who was expected to produce some sort of article by a deadline, so in desperation, they hit on an idea that would find great resonance in the liberal echo chamber they passed their life in.

All the righteous would love it and nod vigourously over their breakfast muesli with organic milk and their home-brewed cappuccino coffee.

The main thrust of the piece was that the armed forces would rise up against Trump and depose him, with the follow on that the rightful heir to the office of president, namely Hillary Clinton, would be somehow installed and the great wrong that had been done at the ballot box by 65 million pig-ignorant Americans would be righted. If you’re old school, which I am, I’d call that fomenting treason, but as we’ve learnt of late, traitors in both congress and the executive can plan a coup d’etat against a democratically elected president of America, and the charge of treason won’t be laid against them, never mind the more arcane one of fomenting it.

Of course, even back then, I thought it a ludicrous article written by a wishful thinking brat with pretensions to being a real journalist, but to put it quite bluntly, American journalism had already left the building some years ago. The military and law enforcement quite simply love him, if only for their accurate perception that after having an enemy in the WH for eight years, they finally had a friend in the Oval Office. You will be known by your deeds, not the blandness of your words, which is how they got to know the Obama administration. The military were starved of funding under his aegis and Obama, by his noticeable silence when they were being lured into ambushes and murdered, implicitly endorsed the extremist view that law enforcement were the enemy of the people.

In the years since, Trump has thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at the military to build back up their strength, but his tight relationship with the military goes back a long way before that. He once visited a VA facility and in the rec room found the wounded warriors playing pool on distinctly tatty tables. He was angry and disgusted. He said he’d fix it and the next day, the tables were replaced with brand spanking new match class tables, all on his dime. When he became president, just the small automatic gestures he’s since made have endeared him as their commander in chief.

The peaked cap of a marine in full dress blues at the foot of his helicopter got blown off the head of a marine who stayed rigidly at attention because he hadn’t any choice. Trump noticed, picked it up, and placed and carefully positioned it back on his head. For the eight years Obama was president, that same force of marines guarding the president had to be assigned to that duty, because the gyrenes saw Obama for what he really was and nobody wanted that duty or anything to do with him. The first year Trump took over, 21,000 marines volunteered for that same presidential guard detail. When you’ve been where the metal meets the meat, your judgment between who’s a bullshit artist and who’s a real boss leader man becomes acute.

He also let the military off the leash, and within six months flat, they eviscerated ISIS and their so-called Caliphate that had been thumbing their nose for years not only at America, but also any notion of civilised behaviour post some medieval age barbarity. It was okay for them to burn alive a shot down Jordanian pilot in an iron cage. Suddenly it was alright for the military to project US political will with all the necessary violence and lethality, and to hell with all the penny pinching and most especially doing a lot of heart searching about who might possibly be offended. That was their problem. The eight year apology tour of being America was finally over.

In a similar way, his relationship with law enforcement is rock solid. Unlike the silences from the Obama WH that greeted the latest murder of police officers, he’s always been there with a call of comfort for the families, and on occasion has asked to speak at ceremonies honouring the slain. That image above of the mother of a slain policewoman is as real as it gets. It’s all there in the picture, you can see her grief and the steadfast grief on his face. It’s cutting him too, and she knows it.

What made me recall that tawdry article was watching Trump’s recent address to the AMVETS national convention. The organisation was originally formed by WWII veterans and despite it’s half century of unceasing work in funneling unpaid volunteers towards vets to help them through various problems, he was the first president ever to turn up and address the convention. I found that unbelievable, and I suppose a lot of its quarter million membership were in equal parts flattered and gobsmacked to be finally recognised after all this time by a holder of the Office of President.

He came to the convention with his usual impressive numbers and a big present. On the numbers front, he’d appointed a real firecracker to run the VA, and with one executive order, allowed the previously unfireable office holders within its bureaucracy to be fired. He’s clearing out the incompetent, the sadistic and the plain thieves who hitherto had been untouchable. To date, 7,600 of the bastards have been fired, and he’ll keep firing people in what is the biggest medicare organisation in the country, until he gets a Veterans Administration worthy of that name. I sincerely hope those people get for years the equivalent drip drip of misery that they inflicted on the wounded warriors and their families.

The present was forgiving all student loans owed by permanently disabled veterans. That’s about 25,000 people. If Obama could send $150 billion in cash on palettes to his soul mates in Iran to unsuccessfully bribe them off their obsession with nuking Tel Aviv, this was in comparison I suppose small change, but it was the right thing to do. Those men and women had given enough sacrifice and service to their country, and had paid the price. It was time for their country to really start looking after them and relieve them of the added pressure of a mountain of student loan debt on their back.

The idea of him being overthrown by the military was ludicrous a couple of years ago, but by now, is pure fantasy land. I’ll give you a more likely and scarier scenario that’s often pushed by fake news – Trump will become some sort of fascist dictator. He declares a state of national emergency, turns to the military and hands them a list of a several hundred names consisting of legislators, judges, heads of organisations in the executive organs of government and most especially the media, both legacy and big tech. All these people have plotted treason against the United States of America and its people – find them, root them out and after a summary military trial, put them up against a wall and shoot them.

Would he get away with it? Yes, he probably would, because he, unlike the people on that list, enjoys the trust of the armed forces to do the best for the country and most of the names on that list would be viewed as rats gnawing at the fundamental values and systematically eroding the moral fabric of the country.

Could that ever happen? Never. Why never? Because Trump is a solid believer in a democratically elected Congress, in the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, and of the whole at times infuriating baggage put in place to preserve Lincoln’s ideal that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth, and most especially on that that shining city on a hill. It’ll never happen.

That’s why the political establishment, fake news, the media and big tech hate him so much. They have no serious commitment or belief in any of those tenets Trumps lives by, trusting rather that they are the true leaders of the country whose birthright it is to dictate which approved direction the country must go in. Trump will finish a second term and leave an office of state unsullied behind him without bullet holes in walls. The whole Washington swamp, fake news and entertainment industry think they know better than the people, whom they consider unenlightened imbeciles, and that’s why Trump hates them all.

And why both sides know it’s a fight to the death between him and them.


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9 Responses to “Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.”
  1. Jessica says:

    That incident where Trump chased down the soldiers hat was so revealing of his character, since it was obviously unrehearsed. So glad you reminded me !

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  2. rapscallion says:

    “All the righteous would love it and nod vigourously over their breakfast muesli with organic milk and their home-brewed cappuccino coffee.” Wot? no hand knitted yoghurt from sustainable goats/sheep Pointman? You’re slipping mate 🙂

    I do believe it was me who wrote about Trump visiting a VA facility way back in 2016 (trawl through the posts of that time and you’ll find it). Nevertheless it speaks volumes for the man. Servicemen of whatever country remember stuff like that, because they know that it means that “you have their back” Actions always speak louder than words. Trump could look them in the eye and in that moment there would be that silent understanding. Man to Man, and you know what I mean by that Pointman because we’ve both been there and done it. That relatively little thing in the general scheme of things says much about the Man. and word of that spreads like wildfire. If he has their back, then they have his, and you better believe it.

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  3. oldmarine says:

    Gyrene? It’s been many years since I heard that name. You really are old school.


  4. Blackswan says:


    Thanks for a great article, and the link to the President’s speech at AMVET — I haven’t come across it anywhere else, nor read of the statistics he quoted.

    How brilliant that he’s allowed a mind-boggling 7,600 useless and damaging VA jobsworths to be fired … finally.

    That’s exactly the problem those of us in the rest of the “free world” deal with on a daily basis. Entirely unaccountable Union-protected and subversive Marxist Bureaucracies wherein competence and merit have no place.

    Small wonder that the Military are loyal to their Commander in Chief …

    and from the Comments … “An angry judge has imposed a string of unique and humiliating punishments on two men who masqueraded as military veterans in a bid to receive lighter sentences for unrelated crimes.” Read on, and smile.

    I’m sure such examples of Trump’s actions on behalf of the Military haven’t escaped the notice of State Law Enforcement either, especially those on the receiving end of the latest NYPD’s gross humiliation of being doused in water by thugs. Those officers knew they were in a no-win situation – deal with the culprits by-the-book and they’d have been hauled over the coals as racist fascists by NYPD Chief Monahan under orders from Commie Mayor De Blasio who both seemed more annoyed by someone posting viral videos online than the fact that their officers had been sorely disrespected. Small wonder that NYC police recruitment has dropped like a stone, while those who have ‘served and protected’ for years can’t wait till the day their pensions are due.

    Maybe Army Staff Sgt David Bellavia sums it up for everyone – love of his country, and of his brothers-in-arms. Trump knows who he’s dealing with, and he loves them right back.

    H/t MSNews.

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  5. PG12 says:

    It will be interesting when Mr Trump leaves office.

    He currently enjoys the protection and security of the Office Of President.

    When he no longer has those protections all of the pent up hatred and grudges, within the swamp, will come back, and they will go after him personally (and probably his family).

    The smart thing for the left to do would be to leave him to fade away. But their prime driver and reason for existence is envy and hate, and I cannot see them letting it go.

    I believe he always plays the long game and would love to know what longer term protections he is/has put in place.

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  6. beththeserf says:

    Look at Trump’s expression across the eyes. He is genuinely moved.


  7. John Garrett says:



  8. cdquarles says:

    I have never been POTUS, and never will be; but I have been in a position where I had to grieve with a family who lost a loved one. Despite what gets taught to you in school, when the rubber meets the road, your humanity (if you have any) can’t keep back the tears. I got on my knees and held too many hands, after seeing so much death. My perception was that families appreciated that, even if they couldn’t do so immediately. [I attended some funerals, too; but only if the families wanted or expected me to attend.]


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