Trump’s relationship with the military and law enforcement.

A couple of years back, and in the aftermath of the 2016 political earthquake of Trump being elected president, I read an article in I think what is now the far-left NY Times. It was one of those extremely poor efforts at journalism we’ve come to expect from the fake news machine. In essence, it … Continue reading

Friends and Anger – 14

He hit the door of his apartment so hard with his shoulder, it swung through 180 degrees nearly instantly, smashed against the interior wall, and on the rebound started back to close itself, but he was in the room. In combat situations, the adrenaline amped up his senses and the world went into slow motion … Continue reading

Convenient demises.

There are a lot of blogs that simply peddle various conspiracy theories of different levels of derangement. From con trails, through flat Earth, hollow Earth and how the world’s leaders are actually lizards sheathed in human skin. As always, everybody chooses what they want to put some credence in, but in the last few years … Continue reading

Deep in enemy territory.

My secondary education occurred in what was quite frankly a terrible school. There was no lovable Mr. Chips teacher in it, rather with only a few honourable exceptions, mostly a collection of lazy and disillusioned teachers who’d long ago given up and were essentially ticking off the days to retirement. They languidly handed out after … Continue reading

Some thoughts about Trump’s Cincinnati Ohio rally.

I watched the speech Trump gave at his recent rally on Thursday 1st August 2019. I learnt the lesson early that it’s a futile exercise in the main to read summaries or highlights of his speeches by fake news simply because of all the lies, both of omission and commission, but also the partisan spin … Continue reading