The Apollo 11 moon shot anniversary and some thoughts upon it.

If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll remember where you were when the first man stepped on the moon. I recall being at school and happening to pass by the assembly hall and seeing five teachers sat in a row at the end of it watching some live TV coverage of the descent or Armstrong … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 13.

Hello, it’s me. It’d been nearly fifteen years since Ari had heard that voice, but he’d know it anywhere – it was the little Russian. Ari had run a boxing gym in east London for years before he met the little Russian. It was the only sort of location he could afford when he’d started … Continue reading

Foodie? Moi?

This is about survival man cooking, and I’ll give you fair warning, you should not read this piece, but if you do so, and pay any heed to the recipe, never mind follow it, the odds are you’re probably going to die. However, should you truck onwards into this bit of the dark interior of … Continue reading

Welcome to clown world AKA the Democrat debates.

In a series of three articles, I recently ran the slide rule over the major and minor contenders for the Democrat ticket in 2020, as well as making some general observations. Having gone to the trouble of researching a field of mostly obscure mediocrities and scratching around to find something even faintly interesting, or at … Continue reading