Home alone.

I’m home alone. My wife has gone back visiting to the small Irish provincial town she was born and raised in, to be with her kith and kin because they’re putting up a commemorative plaque to one of her older brothers, a policeman who died in the line of duty. He’s more than forty years … Continue reading

Trump’s platform for 2020.

Anyone running for re-election to a high office has three broad strategies to choose from, or a judicious mixture of them. The first is highlighting their achievements while already in office, hopefully some, the second is announcing a list of initiatives that will appeal to the electorate to make them vote for them and the … Continue reading

Emotional needs.

I managed a team of people in the late 80s. Mainly blokes but a couple of women in their early to middle thirties who would be a rarity in that line of business. It was a very precise and technical area of endeavour which was very demanding, both intellectually and on your personal life. It … Continue reading

Friends and Anger 12.

That single strand of hair wasn’t there. The last week of his life had been the happiest since he was a child. That constant wariness and minute attention to the detail of his surroundings that had kept him alive for over two decades had been relaxed. He’d cancelled every item of business and they spent … Continue reading