Playing the long game and now it’s revenge time.

On the 17th of October 2016, Hillary Clinton wrote an email to Donna Brazille which in part said “If that fucking bastard wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this shit!”. The bastard in question was of course Donald Trump and for once in her life, she was speaking the truth. Given the frankness of the exchange, it’s easy to see why she had to delete 33,000 emails from her illegal private email server but she did get away with it because of the connivance of the then FBI Director, the corrupt James Comey.

At face value, the whole Mueller witch hunt that dragged on for years was supposed to somehow oust Trump from the presidency as part of the deep state’s coup d’etat against a duly elected President of the USA, but since there was no collusion to find – and boy did they look hard – the question arises what was the not so obvious point of the whole thing anyway? If they’d tried to manufacture a collusion case, Trump would simply have put a battalion of his lawyers on both the evidence and anyone involved in fabricating it. If one thing came out of the Mueller investigation, it was the bias and treasonous nature of some of the people doing the investigating, so what was the purpose after all?

Let’s ignore that usual red herring of it all being about somehow delegitimising the Trump presidency. All sides knew Russian collusion was just a story cooked up by Clinton and the DNC in the panicked 24 hours before they had to concede. Since there was no Russia collusion, deligitimising the Trump presidency was never a realistic aim, but pouring as many buckets of shit as possible all over it would do.

The hidden point of it all was to put off for as long possible the evil day when people like Clinton, Comey and many others would have to face justice, and it succeeded in that end. If Trump’s AG had started investigating or setting up grand juries targetting the swamp dwellers, most of whom were of some evidential interest to the Mueller enquiry, the legal argument of obstructing the investigation would have been easy to make. Sure, it wouldn’t have stuck, but it’d be the optics that counted and just enough for Mueller to throw up his hands and flounce out announcing Trump made it impossible for him to do a proper investigation of the alleged collusion because of obstruction.

Trump was too wily to give him that easy escape route which would have left innuendo and unproven mud dripping all over his presidency. He could wait a year or two before bringing some people to justice, but in the meantime his own investigations could begin. There’s by now at least three that I know of; most recently AG Barr appointing US attorney Durham, rumoured to be an absolute bloody Rottweiler once he gets his teeth into you, but in the background the investigations by Inspector General Horowitz, who enjoys a reputation as a first class investigator, and US Attorney Huber have been running, though the latter seems to think he can investigate FISA abuses without actually interviewing anyone (spot the swamp dweller).

Obviously, I can’t speak to the covered warrants situation.

The FISA court has already reported back to AG Barr, and by all accounts they’re well pissed off at having been lied to for years, even in the years well before the 2016 election. Judges do not have any investigatory capacity, which is why every shyster lawyer presenting evidence to them has to swear on a stack of bibles that all the due dilligence has been done. Patently, it wasn’t and the FISA court had been lied to somewhat cruelly. Examples will have to be made and some people disbarred. The rumour is they want blood.

Because Mueller was getting nowhere, he would eventually be forced to wind up his investigation giving Trump a clean bill of health. At any time, it would have been perfectly legal and well within his presidential powers, for Trump to have dismissed Mueller but because there was nothing to find, Trump left both Mueller and his investigation hanging out in the wind for as long as possible, knowing the final zilch outcome would be all the more devastating because of that.

That long-term thinking of his has paid handsome dividends in several ways.

The first is that it has destroyed any residual credibility of mainstream American journalism. After two years of spin, anonymous sources, breathless phony scoops, the walls are closing in on him, he’ll be impeached any day now and other such lurid fake news after fake news stories, they’re truly stuck with the sobriquet fake news. He labelled them as such as far back as 2016 and now in the court of public opinion – the only court that seriously counts when it comes to credibility – that’s how they’re now commonly regarded. In the runup to 2020, he’s defanged them and therefore as they’re the liberal’s propaganda arm, seriously damaged the Dems election prospects.

Their crown as spinmeisters has been passed on to social media in its various forms and it’s responding with draconian censorship of anything that’s even two degrees right of outright socialism. The chalice just passed to them is poisonous and after the election, their customers and their champion as manifested in the shape of a deus irae Trump will hammer them into the ground, never mind their share price and options. That’s exactly how he crushed the fake news machine and that’s exactly how he’ll crush a social media monopoly that thinks it’s so powerful it can play politics without any blowback. By the time he’s had four more years to totally trash them, having an account with any of them will be seen as being unamerican.

Like la Cosa Nostra used to say – never go up against big government, because in the end you’re playing in their casino, they control the tables, they make the rules of the game and you’ll always lose. Whatever you’ve got in terms of social media holdings, now is the high price point. Walk away from the table and cash out your chips.

The political opposition had staked everything on Mueller coming up with confirmation of Russian collusion and like the fake news machine had spent the last two years calling for Trump’s impeachment. Since the whole fantasy had been cooked up by the loser Clinton and the deep state, the chances of him being impeached were in any practical sense zero, but that didn’t stop them going all in on the Mueller conclusion. They’re actually that thick, and there never was a plan B. It’s been a shattering blow to their credibility as well.

In the aftermath there are still embarrassing octogenarians like Elizabeth Warren wandering around the Alzheimer’s edges of the insanity zone demanding Trump’s impeachment because of what Mueller uncovered. What? Uncovered what exactly? Help me out here FFS. They’re like a scratched record endlessly spinning around the same groove and endlessly shouting impeachment, impeachment! Having bet so heavily on the wrong result, they know their chances in 2020 are now truly fucked, so it’ll be a just go through the motions losing campaign with them afterwards acting like a whiny bitch for the next four years about how they were somehow cheated out of winning.

In tandem with that political damage, a general suspicion has arisen not only about the corruption within the Democrat party, but in the whole era of the Obama administration. What’s slowly come out is the executive branches of government were suborned to serve the political purposes of the incumbent administration against their political foes. It comes as no surprise that a recent poll, by CNN no less, showed that 69% of respondents wanted an investigation into Obama.

The third big effect will be Trump taking his revenge at what is the end of a two year strategy which as I’ve outlined, has worked out very well. Before doing that and speaking as someone who initially didn’t realise the way he thinks, I have to say something to all of his supporters out there who get impatient with his progress. Things like turning around an economy that wasn’t delivering prosperity for the average American, rearming a deliberately starved military, restoring respect for America in the world – he’s done all these things within two years because in those areas there was nobody in his face 24/7 deliberately obstructing, hindering and generally being bloody-minded with an attitude of fuck the effect on the country – just get Trump.

You can’t just simply turn up in Washington, have your inauguration and the next day banish all the denizens of the swamp with a single sweeping executive order, but that seems to be the level of expectation from some of his most ardent supporters. Get real, that’d be a lot more difficult than turning around a failing economy the size of America.

He’s spent the last two years weeding them out one by one, and it’s been slow, grinding, close quarters combat fought hand to hand, face to face with sharpened entrenching tools. The leakers, the liars, the plotters, the traitors and the integrity-free scumbags – he’s slowly picked them off the body executive like the blood sucking leeches they were and out of their positions of influence in the deep state from which they thought they were the true rulers of America.

That was never going to happen overnight.

But with Mueller in the rear mirror, he now has a clean field of fire, and what you’ll see in the coming weeks and months is the serving on various miscreants, papers accusing them of various misdemeanors and high crimes. The only question is which will he go for – misdemeanors or high crimes? My feeling is that he wants people behind bars not only for their abuse of an office of state, but their part in the attempted coup. He’s determined that he’ll make such a harsh and public example of all the shadowy figures behind the first coup d’etat in American history, that it’ll never be contemplated by power mongers and their treasonous puppets in the executive arm again.

There are the results of various investigations dribbling in which I’m sure will result in indictments in the next few weeks and months, if not years. How high he can reach in terms of who’s going to end up in court depends on what hard evidence has been uncovered. Sure, a few minions will fall on their sword to protect their ex-boss, and be handsomely rewarded for it, but you don’t always need to flip someone to get a conviction. If he can’t get sure fire convictions, I still think he’ll proceed with indictments, if only to taint their public careers with dishonour, and that’ll be the realistic course. It’s not justice, but sometimes you have to be content with knowing that was as close to it as it was ever going to get.

Trump is known for two personality traits. On a personal level, he’s loyal and generous to a fault. He’s a fierce business competitor but never an unfair one. It’s always within the rules and he’s been known to take his foot off the gas against business opponents he’s bested because he’s tasted the bitter fruit of being down and nearly out, and finding out who your real friends are. It’s because of that quiet generosity, he has incredibly strong friendships in the business community, even with his competitors. You’ve beaten them, you don’t have to kill them.

The second trait is that if you really hurt him, he’ll never rest until he takes his revenge on you, no matter how many years of steady plotting that might take. He and his wife were unexpectedly invited to the WH correspondents dinner, and it was done purely so Obama could deliver a twenty minute humiliating speech accompanied by the knowing sniggers of about 300 Washington based journalists. He didn’t stomp out of the room, instead he endured it without a single change of expression flicking across his face.

He has since annihilated American journalism because by becoming partisan whores of the DNC, they made themselves vulnerable to his revenge, which he has taken. Obama, he’s still working on, but with a CNN poll coming back with a result that 69% of Americans wanted an investigation into him, the groundwork has been done. He’ll never get him behind bars, but what he has in mind is shame and dishonour in the history books for the whole Obama era.

That’s just personal motivation and I’ve no doubt he’s enjoying his revenge, but it’s not his prime motivation – not by a long chalk. As far as I know, the Clintons never offended or hurt him personally, so why the panicking email saying the fucking bastard would have them hanging from nooses? It’s because he’s the one thing she and the rest of the Washington swamp fear deeply, a conviction politician.

He’s taken personal offense at the way they’ve taken control of and abused the offices of power in America. At them smugly prostituting the executive to their financial and political ends. Of big government crushing little people who don’t matter and will soon be forgotten. Of them abusing the law of the land to spy on whoever they liked. Of the double standard applied when it came to enforcing that selfsame law. Of slinging the American worker and his family on the welfare heap if it means shaving an extra ten cents off unit cost overheads by moving their jobs offshore, where people will work for peanuts. Of selling out America and Americans. Of an America they shaped that was bought and paid for like a common whore on a leash in the marketplace where everything was for up sale and was consequently roundly despised by its enemies around the world as decadent and weak.

Put simply, he loves America above all and he hates scum like the Clintons and the damage they’ve done to it, which is why she knew she had to win, or one day, as sure as the sun comes up every morning over the eastern horizon, he would come after her and the whole pack of scoundrels. A day of reckoning would arrive.

The night was long and cold and the frost is still on the early morning, but the hawk is already out and hunting for the kill.


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12 Responses to “Playing the long game and now it’s revenge time.”
  1. Graeme No.3 says:


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  2. Shoshin says:

    Joe diGenova, long time former DC attorney, recently did a radio interview where he outlines the genesis of the Russian Collusion hoax. In short, starting in 2012, Obama’s staff began illegally accessing NSA databases for information on political enemies in preparation for the 2012 election. Various US government agencies unmasked data for Obama’s political team on hundreds of individuals, providing everything from their internet search history, financial data, phone records, emails to credit card purchases for the perusal and political use of the Obama campaign office.

    The FBI and CIA knew about the illegal activities and helped out Obama’s crew to curry political favor from Obama. None of this would have come to light if Hillary won as she would have beneficially inherited the corrupt process and kept it spinning. But Trump won in 2016.

    In early 2017, shortly after Trump took office, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers found out about the illegal activities and informed Trump. From that point on it has been a knife fight, with the FBI, CIA, NSA etc. trying to keep the bodies submerged as Trump drains the Swamp.

    The Russian Collusion fairy tale was invented after the fact to try to give cover to Obama’s massive NSA database violations, and the Mueller investigation was merely a fig leaf to try to add legitimacy to the fairy tale.

    The characterization of this whole debacle as a “Deep State Coup Attempt” is not accurate as it imbues too much principle and nobility upon the actions. In reality, it was and continues to be a bunch of hacks, low-lifes, loser thugs and criminals sucking up to the boss by breaking the law and then doing and saying anything they can think of to stay out of the slammer. Nothing noble here and the Democrats will end up wearing this one in 2020.

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  3. hillbilly33 says:

    A llnk to the informative Joe diGenova interview here:

    When combined with Pointy’s brilliant article, anyone can get a comprehensive easily read and understood grasp of the background, aims and tactics of the various forces involved.


  4. NoFixedAddress says:


  5. Blackswan says:


    I plead guilty … to being one of those reactionary characters who expected Trump’s election to be the modern version of a Showdown at the O.K. Corral. The new sheriff hits Main St with all guns blazing, and the Bad Guys finally answer for their crimes.

    The past two years have changed my expectations, but illustrates one thing … what at first appears to be negative is often, in hindsight, the best thing that could have happened for reasons we didn’t initially understand. At least I didn’t.

    As you say, it has finally exposed the duplicitous behaviour of the bought-and-paid-for Corporate Media, the major Tech companies’ political bias in de-platforming and silencing all conservative voices (even the banks are now getting in on the act) which will surely bring about their own downfall, thereby proving the Enough Rope principle actually works.

    And best ‘reveal’ of all … the plainly criminal actions of Western Governments, Bureaucracies and Security Services in deceiving their own citizens, as well as their strongest Allies.

    It’s impossible to imagine that Trump will stand for a continued Five Eyes Agreement with the UK, Australia, NZ and Canada after the risibly obvious role of British GCHQ numbskulls being outsourced to spy on American citizens, and the bumbling Aussie moron, Downer, in trying to set up Candidate Trump’s foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos.

    It’s one thing to keep your enemies inside the tent, but those Five Eyes idiots are now splashing their own boots in trepidation at what Trump has in mind for them, something he’ll be taking up with the lame duck Theresa May before she scurries from office with her rat tail between her legs.

    As Gore Vidal so astutely said: “I’m not a conspiracy theorist … I’m a conspiracy analyst”.

    People around the world are finally asking the right questions – perhaps they might start with this strange occurrence …..

    “Minutes after a tornado warning blared through the Capitol chambers, the Senate voted 85 to 8 to allocate $19.1 billion for recovery efforts across the country.”

    I’d never heard of Washington DC being in ’Tornado Alley’, but the alarm certainly prompted recalcitrant Republican Senators to vote in the Democrats’ Bill. Strange indeed.

    But nobody has explained why the billions previously voted for disaster relief for Puerto Rico TWO YEARS ago still hasn’t been distributed and spent. Makes a person wonder why George Dubbya put FEMA under the all-encompassing umbrella of Homeland Security 24 years after it was established. It seems ‘classifying’ anything these days is all you need to conceal it from public scrutiny.

    As Trump is brilliantly demonstrating right now – de-classifying anything is enough to send the Deep State and their Democrat Useful Idiots into absolute hysterics and blind panic. Why?

    Unless declassification puts lives at risk, isn’t transparent government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” the ideal of a great Constitutional Republic? It seems not.

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    • Blackswan says:

      It’s worth remembering something else … the Deep State has its hands on some really effective weaponry that it has no qualms about using on its own citizens … and others.

      They still wield the NSA’s Hammer (HAMR) which the subversive fraud Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) used since 2012 to great effect to spy on every aspect of a prominent citizen’s life that could be used for blackmail; used for the coercion of anyone who might be any challenge to being controlled. Trump was a target long before he declared his candidacy, along with judges and other politicians who stepped out of line. Do you think they found Stormy and Avenetti in the Yellow Pages?

      The Swamp are currently going about dragging billions in unaccountable emergency relief dollars out of the Treasury for their own ends, always believing the most diabolical means are justified. Trump objected as the previous tranche of Billions in aid still hadn’t been distributed. Voila! A tornado warning in DC magically fixes that! have been railing for years about the ‘weather modification’ activities of the shadow government. But who listens to such preposterous theories?

      Check out HAARP. Agitating the ionosphere to create hurricanes and tornadoes is only one of its many functions. How better to damage and disrupt the Heartland? The people of Flyover Country are Trump’s greatest supporters. The Clintons played the Disaster Card to great effect in Haiti, and $2 Billion in relief dollars vanished into the ether. Haitians still suffer.

      Trump has enough ammunition to play the “long game” for another ten years.

      “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” — Marshall McLuhan


  6. Pointman says:

    Report: Justice Department Prepares to Launch Antitrust Investigation into Google

    Going up against the government. Here we go …



  7. NoFixedAddress says:

    I think this is well worth watching.

    The firm called Andersons was destroyed by Weissman who is a mate of Mueller, Comey and Brennan.

    How many communist aligned folk exist in our so called public services?


  8. Another Ian says:


    Seems to go with your look at democrat candidates

    Willis E. has been tallying

    “What Senators Do … And Don’t”


  9. Workingman says:

    Also by taking the route he has then it means that as the US moves into the election cycle that all this information and the steady drip drip drip of revalations, indictments and prosecutions will be constantly in the eyes of voters, and not a distant memory (in election terms.)


  10. Another Ian says:


    Re the Google investigation – maybe

    “At 3pmET, it appears that Google Cloud (affecting Gmail, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook among others) mysteriously (and almost unprecedently) went offline. ”

    And speculation in comments


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