The ramifications of Mueller’s failure.

Well, after two years of investigation and directly employing 20 lawyers, 50 assorted law enforcement officers, serving nearly 3000 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and over 500 witnesses called to testify and all of it costing an estimated $33,000,000 to the taxpayer, the Mueller investigation couldn’t pin a single thing on Trump, though it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.

It represented the pits, the lowest American law could sink to in several ways. To name but a few, it trampled all over the lives of innocent witnesses, leaving them with crippling legal debts and their reputations trashed by nothing but sniggering innuendo from a fake news machine that was fed a steady stream of tasty morsels of unproven suspicions by investigation insiders.

Anything to get Trump, even if that meant coercing witnesses to admit to things they hadn’t done. It even ignored that foundation stone of law, the client lawyer privilege, when their goons ransacked the office of one of Trump’s lawyers.

The abuse of law and legal process for political reasons couldn’t have been plainer. The executive organs of government threw away any notion of due process and the judiciary connived with it by turning a blind eye. It was never an investigation, but a critical step in executing what was nothing less than a poorly disguised coup d’etat. It was that tawdry old whore treason, dressed up in judicial robes to legitimise it.

The aftershocks of its failure to achieve its prime objective of ousting a legally elected President of the United States, which be in no doubt was the whole point of the exercise, are several.

The big one is that Trump is now politically stronger than he’s ever been, and he’ll use that impetus to push on with his agenda even without control of the House. In a broader sense, it’s made him more popular with the general public, because all the slanders they’d heard about him for two years proved baseless, as he’d assured them all along. They were the liars, not him. He’d beaten them all; Mueller, the 24/7 fake news machine and all those oh so smart political commentators predicting his doom any day now. That’ll make things even more difficult for the Dems in 2020.

It’s a disaster for American journalism from which it’ll never recover.

Before the findings came out, trust in mainstream news and journalism had already fallen to historic lows, but Trump’s complete vindication has shocked those few individuals left who believed that yes, the news is always a bit over the top, that’s just its way, but you know basically it was still being truthful. They were the innocents, the last ones who hadn’t come to deeply distrust it. After suddenly realising they’ve been lied to brazenly for two years, they, like Elvis, have just left the building.

Once trust in a news delivery medium has gone, everything’s gone, and in my estimation, the fake news machine is by now incapable of fundamental change, so watch for waves of redundancies and downsizing occurring in newsrooms over the coming year, especially after the 2020 election, where their complete lack of utility to their political masters will be plain to see.

For the Democrat party, it’s a double if not triple whammy. To put it bluntly, the mainstream media, or fake news as everyone calls it these days, is their propaganda arm. It’s no longer an asset to them because since people don’t believe a word it says, its ability to be used as an influencer in elections will be zero. It could even be considered a liability – whatever it says, people will either discount automatically as lies or think the opposite must be true.

This loss of influence didn’t just suddenly happen because Mueller crashed and burned, it started a lot further back, a decade at least. If you recall, Trump won in 2016 when the fake news machine was uniformly against him to such an extent that he didn’t even bother talking to them, instead using social media like Twitter to get his campaign message out to the voter directly. That can only mean the voter already didn’t trust them at that point – the waning of their influence was well underway even then.

The second half of the whammy will hit what’s already regarded by the young socialists of the party as the old guard. The old guard had a cunning plan to win a shoo in election, and they lost it. Then their next cunning plan was using the faked Steele dossier to abuse the FISA court in order to force the setting of the Mueller investigation to get rid of Trump, and now that’s backfired spectacularly on them.

If they knew for sure there was something to be found out by Mueller, it would have been a smart move, but there wasn’t, so it wasn’t. If the intention was to just intimidate him out of office, that would have been a serious underestimation of the strength of the man. Whichever their thinking was, either or both were blunders that brought them to this pass.

The young bloods of the party may not know what they’re doing, but the old guard definitely look jaded and tired at this point. In the wake of the Mueller debacle, they’ll easily be pushed aside and the party, under control of the zealots, will move leftwards. That’ll frighten the bejazus out of the traditional Democrat voters who’ll stay at home in droves next year, so it’ll be easy for Trump to campaign in 2020 on a platform one plank of which will be saving America from socialism. He was already planning to do that anyway. It’s the obvious move.

Pick me, you get MAGA, pick them, you get Venezuela.

For the deep state, it means their time is over and Trump has beaten them. When you’ve a personal fortune of $10 billion, it buys a lot of information and dirt on people. Before he even got into the Oval Office, he’d already put names and faces to that amorphous blob he knew he’d be up against, and he’s been steadily getting rid of them one by one for the last two years. Most interestingly, he’s never used the dirt, preferring to let them do the throwing. That way, they look like grubby mud slingers and he gets to look like a long-suffering grownup patiently dealing with a badly behaved child.

They thought they were running a successful campaign of attrition against him, but in reality it was a bad strategy for two reasons. First, attrition simply doesn’t work against a tough guy like Trump. He bloody thrives on pressure. Second, attrition implies an ongoing stalemate where neither side is initiating any new moves, which plays exactly to Trump’s style of fighting. He’s an aggressor who likes initiating moves, but he won’t come at you with a club, it’ll be a rapier making very precise holes in you. You won’t notice it’s been happening until the blood loss gets critical and you keel over.

What has actually been happening is he’s been picking them off one by one for the last two years, like an American sniper. Count them off; Comey, McCabe, Brennan, whoever, the list goes on and on. The deep state taken down, brick by brick, or dick by dick if you prefer. Probably the last Augean stables to clear out are the DoJ and the State Department, and I’ve no doubt the relevant individuals inside those already have one of those funny red laser dot things on their chest.

The only survival strategy left to the deep state is to withdraw from the field and stay off it as long as he’s President. He has the whip firmly in his hand now and he won’t hesitate to use it ruthlessly on you. But even that might not save you.

As ever, I think Trump has read the popular mood – anger over law appearing to apply without exception to small people but not to the rich and powerful in Washington, the ones who’ve broken the law, covered up each other’s crimes, lied to Congress, destroyed evidence and ruthlessly and deliberately destroyed the lives of other people. Not to forget a little thing like plotting a coup against America.

Judging by a brief interview he gave on Monday, I think he’s come around to the viewpoint that hard examples will have to be made to restore public confidence in the organs of government. Not fines, not community service, but prison time.

I remarked on him before, his history is he’s unforgiving when it comes to getting his own back – just ask Obama about the biggest mistake he ever made in his life, the WH Correspondents’ Dinner where he deeply and publically humiliated Trump. It took a few years, a large measure of patience and some deep planning, but he’s torn Obama’s meager legacy down, and if he can get him into a court of law, his revenge will be complete. I always thought that was his true endgame.

He appears to have given the nod to people like Attorney General William Barr and Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham to let the investigation of the whole back trail begin; the Clinton Foundation, Uranium sales, home email servers, evidence destruction, FISA abuse, weaponisation of the IRS and of course government targetting of political opponents. Wherever it leads.

Nobody from a minor dirtbag like Strzok right up to a major scalp like Obama is safe. He may not be able to put all of them behind bars, but those who escape that fate will find their reputations won’t be worth a plugged nickel after the public flogging he’s got in mind for them.

There is a practical tradition in politics that you don’t trash offices of state. Perhaps rough up the current incumbent, but never the office, otherwise you’re attacking the very structure of governance. Trump is an old-fashioned believer in the Constitution and civil government and it has been that principle that stopped him “locking her up” when there was ample evidence to do so.

I listened to him on Hannity on Thursday and he made no bones about it; talked openly about the overthrow of the government and treason, and there was a tinge of outrage and disgust in his voice. He’s been balancing out punishment of treasonous acts by office holders against the American people, and the principle of protecting an office, and I think he’s reluctantly came to a hard decision. He said words to the effect that it wasn’t about him, no president should have to go through what he did for the last two years; never again.

To my mind, he sounded like a man who’d decided the protection of the Office of President, the Constitution and the people of America took precedence over the protection of offices of state that had been treacherously abused. He’s prepared to take some constitutional casualties to preserve the essentials.


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13 Responses to “The ramifications of Mueller’s failure.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Good essay! I was feeling down about something else and the Mueller result brought a big smile. I had remembered that Trump never forgives or forgets and think some people must be rather more worried now. Right now, I so wish we had a Trump here in the UK. Trump seems to be playing a very subtle and cunning game. With the Green New Deal in trouble…nothing seems to be going right for the treasonous villains.


  2. dellwilson says:

    I’ve been thinking about the media a lot lately. I gave up on them long, long ago as too partisan to be of any value to me but the relationship between the vast majority of the media and President Trump is occupying my thoughts again. The President has called them “the enemy of the people” and my initial thought was that was hyperbole; far beyond the way in which I’d characterize them. My feeling toward them has always been deep disappointment for they occupy a high place in our society; one of the few occupations called out specifically in The Constitution and one on which our very society depends. Yes, a free press is essential for a healthy democracy but so is an independent press and they’ve failed to achieve this certification miserably.

    But we recently heard that Reuters sat on a story about Beto O’Rourke’s involvement in a hacking group for two years in exchange for an exclusive. Ignore the giveaway deal they negotiated for themselves and you’re still left with the fact that one of our most important news organizations sunk a story important to the voters leading up to an election for a song. I think it was Ben Shapiro who said that they acted in a way directly opposite to the national interest by burying the truth.

    I’m still uncomfortable with the phrase “enemy of the people”, but “disappointment” is too weak to describe an organization (and profession) performing the exact opposite of what is in the national interest.


  3. Richard Arrett says:

    Very nice post.

    I agree with a log of what you wrote – but I am not sure the press will be shrinking that much.

    I suspect the press and the democrats will simply blame Hillary Clinton.

    She screwed over Bernie during the primary. She paid for the Steele dossier.

    So the press and the democrats will pivot (after a long period of denial) and blame the whole mess on Hillary.

    Trump has some work to do.

    How many democrats voted against Hillary? He got the electoral votes, but lost the popular vote – plus he needs to overcome the number of voters who voted against Hillary. I am assuming all the democrats will vote for their nominee this time – based on what happened during the last election (maybe that won’t happen – but plan for the worst I say).

    I wish Trump would tone down the tweaks – like his sour grapes against McCain’s family (Whining about why didn’t they thank me for a nice funeral). He may lose some conservative votes just because he is so rude on twitter (dissing a dead guy – not cool).

    So my guess is he still has some work cut out for himself for the re-election. Get back all the conservatives who don’t like his communication style and constant shooting himself in the foot – plus enough new votes to overcome all the anti-Hillary democrats who will surely vote for the democratic nominee. Plus overcome all the young socialists (of which there are many).

    Just one person’s take.


  4. babygrandparents says:

    Thank you very much. I have been trying to get my family to understand to not underestimate Trump. They just see him as a buffoon. He may act like he doesn’t know what he is doing, or “acting” out. But it is all an act. And the Democrats will soon experience his greater plan. Like a magician who distracts you with one hand and you necer see what the other hand is doing. They will soon find out.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Blackswan says:


    Listening to the Trump/Hannity interview this week was a real shot-in-the-arm for those of us so sorely disillusioned when, on election night, Trump said “Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.” After closely following the murder and mayhem surrounding the Clintons for years, that statement was astonishing, and so many of us despaired that any of those Democrat traitors would ever answer for their crimes.

    But his current response to that very question now absolutely proves your point about him being an “unforgiving” man who “… has the whip firmly in his hand now and he won’t hesitate to use it ruthlessly …. “. He said that his lawyers had advised him to wait and let the Mueller charade play out lest they make an ‘obstruction’ case out of it, then rattled off so many instances of treason and named so many co-conspirators against the Presidency that it was heartwarming to anticipate the retribution he’ll visit upon those creatures of the Swamp. He’s a man of enviable patience, which may prove to be his greatest strength.

    Oddly enough, the Smollet case became a sort of exclamation point to the Mueller report this week … a perfect illustration of the broad corruption of the Justice System, again covered in the grubby fingerprints of the Obamas, the ‘terminally bewildered’ Kamala Harris and the DNC.

    But those bastards will never EVER give up … until they are all jailed and/or stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

    Maxine Waters’ House Financial Services Committee and Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee as well as the New York AG’s Office are now, with co-operation from the Deutsche Bank, going through Trump’s private financial dealings going back to the 1990s. How is that possible, let alone legal?

    As you noted, they “even ignored that foundation stone of law, the client lawyer privilege, when their goons ransacked the office of one of Trump’s lawyers”, and now they raid his bank for details of his personal wealth and business dealings.

    Once again the Demonic Democrats trash the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold – in this case the Fourth Amendment;

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    What was the “probable cause” and who swore an oath to affirm it?

    We can only imagine how Trump will respond to that one.

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  6. philjourdan says:

    When you come for the king you better not miss.

    They missed.

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  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    Remember the furore about his nomination to the Supreme Court, which meant a conservative majority there. With Ruth Ginsburg aged and in poor health Trump may cement a solid barrier to “innovative” interpretations of The Constitution and the laws. Another problem for the Democrats which will last well into the 2020’s or more.
    Even at this stage Trump will have the upper hand when it comes to treason. But he is changing politics as well. The working class Democrat voters are getting the benefits of his policies, jobs, pay rises etc. So are the black section of the population. Not only is Trump courting some of their leaders but their followers see “more blacks in jobs, more blacks owning houses” and they too will incline, if not to Trump, certainly not for the Democrats. More votes for Trump in 2020, and less for the Democrats.
    Then, if he can cleanup the voting system, but that might be a Swamp too Far.

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  8. cdquarles says:

    I think it was a good thing that President Trump offered the ‘deep state’ a truce over Rotten, Crooked Hillary. I am old enough to have seen when she learned “how to get away with it” during the Watergate hearings. Since they refused to accept that deal, they should get what’s coming to them. Good and Hard. There are millions of examples that have been made of ‘Little People’. Time to make some of the “Elite”, too. One thing that I do disagree with, though, is Drug Prohibition. That helped us get here. I have heard it said, by A. Lincoln or attributed to him, that you do not make crimes out of vices. Do a crime while intoxicated should not be an excuse. You should do your time in a secure medical facility.


  9. JohnTyler says:

    I fear nobody will be held accountable for this failed coup d’etat.

    If anyone is brought to testify before congress, we already know their answers; I don’t remember, I don’t recall, blah, blah, blah.
    And Congress , I believe , does not have the power to indict.
    The media will re-regroup and now concentrate on another issue; healthcare, the homeless, etc. After all, the media was an ACTIVE participant in the effort to depose a sitting president.

    The 24/7/365 media coverage of new “bombshell” news, new “hard” evidence, etc. – strongly suggests they were being fed ongoing , continuous information from their sources.

    Exactly who was supplying them the information?

    Wouldn’t it be really hilarious if their source was a pro-Trump insider, feeding the media BS baloney, knowing that in the end the Mueller NKVD would have nothing and the media would be exposed as the Pravda, Isvestia or Der Sturmer of the demokrat party?

    Honestly, those responsible for the scandal should be indicted for treason and if found guilty, should be hanged all at once (the same fate as Abe Lincoln’s assassins).


  10. Lon Spector says:

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. The Devil has an enourmous bag of tricks.
    Expect the unexpected.


  11. Truthseeker says:


    The GWPF site is now getting a 403 Forbidden error message for malicious activity. Sounds suspicious to me.



  12. gallopingcamel says:

    I like the football analogy. The ball has been with the Blue team for more than two years but they failed to make a first down.

    The Red team now has the ball…..let’s see how far they can advance it prior to the 2020 election.


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