It’s perhaps an apocryphal story, but one of the contributing triggers to the French revolution that eventually led to the Napoleonic era, was a courtier apparently telling Marie-Antoinette, the wife of King Louis XVI of France, that the people had no bread. Her response was supposed to have been “let them eat cake”. The point of the story is that it vividly illustrates how out of touch the monarchy was with the ordinary people of France.

The parallels between the downfall of the monarchy and what’s currently happening in France these last few weeks are striking. Like then, you have a ruling Parisian elite who have totally lost touch with the general population. Instead of a King Louis XVI, you have a President Macron, who’s acting like a complete despot. The King was extremely unpopular, Macron’s approval rating has dropped to 18%, while support for the “gilets jaunes” or Yellow Jacket protesters is now running at over 80%. The French revolution also started in the streets of Paris.

While Louis had his courtiers and palace hanger ons to tell him how enlightened and wise he was, Macron today has a slavishly sycophantic mainstream media doing that job, as well as spinning a grand illusion as to what it’s all about. Nominally, it’s about yet another price rise in petrol and diesel that was scheduled to come into effect in January and to be followed by another rise a few months later. All this green taxing of people off the roads to save the planet didn’t go down well in the countryside where the suggested solution of abandoning their vehicles and catching a bus was predicated on there actually being bus services.

The lap dog media are deeply engaged playing down the size of the protests and inventing fantasies about who’s behind them. It’s all an extreme right-wing plot runs their narrative, but a glance at the size of the crowds and the red flags to be found amongst them merely underlines how much Macron had united the whole political spectrum, if not the whole nation, against himself.

The closest Macron came to any compromise, was the rather unhelpful if not outright enraging proposal to set up a high council to discuss the climate and green issues surrounding the rises. Needless to say, it was a dumb offer, about two weeks too late and was as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. It was then followed by a tentative offer to suspend, note suspend not cancel, the tax hike. Not surprisingly, that was ignored as well.

The real problem is that the ordinary French person has had enough of Macron and his kind. The economic numbers alone speak for themselves. The people are already paying the highest taxes in the developed world. It’s currently 45% of GDP and Macron wants to load on more. 15% of the population officially live below the poverty line. Growth has stalled and has anyway been negligible for years, as has a seemingly intractable unemployment rate of 10%.

Macron has the unfortunate knack of deeply offending everyone outside his immediate circle in Paris. He doesn’t mince his words when pronouncing judgment on his subjects; they’re variously illiterate, nothings and most offensive of all referring to them as “Gauls resistant to change” on a trip to Denmark. No leader ever badmouths his own people when abroad. Holding the great unwashed in such obvious contempt is no doubt all the rage inside the walls of the Élysée Palace, but you do so in public at your peril.

Not content with just offending the natives, he’s not above alienating foreign statesmen as well, for what benefit I’ve never been able to quite fathom. For example, and there’s a rich selection to pick from here, he invited Trump and other dignitaries to Paris for a ceremony marking the centenary of the Armistice. In the keynote speech, he went on a wide-ranging rant and a lecture on the evils of nationalism, barely a week after Trump had declared himself a nationalist, not a globalist, in a major public speech. The ever unflappable Trump let him behave badly, but didn’t lose much time returning the public insult using the platform of his 60M Twitter followers.

But via that circuitous route, we arrive at what the essential problem is. Macron, like Merkel, is a globalist and will always take the position that France’s needs and priorities should be subsumed in forming some hybrid bastard called The United States of Europe. The French are particularly proud of their culture and history, and having all that traduced and dust binned to accommodate the internationalist ideals an elitist, godless and predominantly Atheist set of politicians in Paris looks to be doomed now.

The perception amongst the populace is one of tyrannical and arbitrary rule, unequal treatment before the law, forced Islamisation, suppression of Christian values, no go areas, random acts of mass terrorism and individual ones of murder, all resulting in a climate of fear. It’s now too dangerous for a woman to go out at night in certain areas of the big cities for fear of being raped or murdered. Whole neighbourhoods have turned into slums in but a couple of years, with the original inhabitants terrorised out of them while the authorities look on and do nothing about it.

The fuel rise was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, and gave life to a wave of dissent against globalisation and the willful, forced destruction of a national culture. They’ve seen what’s happened to Sweden and are not going to stand for the cultural destruction of France.

Enough is enough, and the French have had enough of it.

Over the last three weeks, popular demonstrations against Macron’s dictatorial style of rule have escalated each weekend across all parts France and this coming weekend promises to be even bigger, with an extra 150,000 people declaring they’d be turning out and another 100,000 more considering doing the same.

During that time, the protests could have been quelled by the time-honoured course of a politician quickly reversing a policy that was proving to be deeply unpopular, but Macron is even more arrogant than De Gaulle, but unlike the latter who knew what unpopular policies he could push through and when to take his foot off the gas, Macron is essentially a political moron incapable of such fine judgements. His chronic mismanagement of the situation has allowed what was a small fire to grow into a national conflagration burning its way all across France.

He equates compromise with surrender, a massive failing in any politician, so instead he’s intent to crush the demonstrations using force. This violent response has escalated to such an extent that the Gendarmerie have taken off their riot helmets to the demonstrators to show solidarity, the ambulance service are blocking the Champs-Élysées, the firemen have turned their back on their leaders and their fire hoses off before marching off the parade ground to a man. Even the school children are protesting against him and his policies, which makes even them worthy of being treated like enemies of the state.

The sheer brutality of the suppression has united them all not only in loathing Macron, but also the hated Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité or CRS thugs. Whatever happens in the end, the ordinary people manning the police and emergency services want no hand in visiting such violence on their neighbours, the very people they’ve sworn to protect and serve.

The rumour is that Macron is calling in the army to put down this weekend’s demonstrations, but already leakage of messages of support from serving soldiers onto social media indicate they also have no taste for being used to violently suppress their fellow citizens. Unlike most of the European armies, the French people and their military have a strong relationship, perhaps from the residual trauma of the occupation and the subsequent liberation.

If you doubt that, go to any French town on Bastille day, and you’ll see a well-attended parade led by the army and followed by policemen, firemen, ambulances, other public services and the widows of servicemen who gave their lives pour la France. The connection is very strong. Macron presumably thinks the army will have no problem forward marching over lines of arms-linked firemen, first responders and possibly policemen protecting the demonstrators against them, but I have my doubts on that one.

What is for sure though, is that if the ordinary soldiers refuse to baton charge the demonstrators and instead walk over the line to join them, Macron, like his lineal forebear Louis XVI, is finished.

If Macron hasn’t surrendered to the popular will by now, he never will. The mobs descending on Paris and other cities are scenting his blood, but he’s left himself no room for maneuver except complete surrender or resignation. His chronic mismanagement of the situation has escalated it to the point where the damage will not only be to his political career and his administration, but a fatal blow to the globalisation of Europe.

If he persists in toughing it out, his administration, irrespective of the eventual outcome, will be hamstrung. If he resigns, it may placate the mob, but I doubt that. They want real change. It’s no accident they were chanting “We want Trump” in the streets of Paris. Whatever happens, a significant domino will have fallen.

The whole chimera was being driven by Germany and France in the shape of Reichsführer-EU Merkel and el Presidente Merkel on a leash poodling along behind her. She’s had to resign the leadership of the CDU, because any party led by her is now unelectable in Germany, but she’s still hanging on desperately by her finger nails to the Chancellorship. Macron is now a yesterday’s man in the political wilderness.

Throw in the rapid growth of conservative parties in Italy, Spain, Germany and the complete hostility of the former Eastern European countries to the globalist policies espoused by the Merkel/Macron axis of arrogance, and it’s a complete disaster for what’s called the European project. Add in the cherry on top that is Brexit, and the dream of a United States of Europe is in ruins, just a lot of torn up cobble stones strewn down the Champs-Élysées, the Boul’ Mich’, and the Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

All eyes will be on Paris this weekend. Like the Berlin Wall coming down, it could be a milestone in European history. Or not.


26 Responses to “Revolution.”
  1. Duncan says:


    I sense you’re thinking about something.


  2. Hi Pointman Getting the error message below when trying to link from today’s email. Regards David Bishop

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    The page you are looking for no longer exists.


  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Macron presented himself as an independent centrist. Froggy voters believed him. Why I don’t know. He used to be a member of the socialists and was finance minister in the most recent socialist government. He is now acting just like a socialist finance minister.

    Well, Froggies, you are getting what you voted for. Good and hard.

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    • Winston Smith says:

      The price of believing everything you hear from a politician is to live with the consequences of the decision.
      I fear the French are going to have to grow the backbone they didn’t have when voting for this child.


  4. Simon Derricutt says:

    As with Trump, the French wanted change and Macron promised it. To my eyes (though I couldn’t vote), he was maybe the best choice of the politicians up for election. Toss-up between him and Marine Le Pen at the end, of course, but the risk of going Le Pen’s direction looked pretty dire. That direction was full-on socialist and even higher taxes, so it wasn’t so much voting for Macron but against Le Pen.

    The French are great people, but with a lousy government. Lots of red tape, so in real life there’s a bit of disregard for what the laws and regulations say and instead people do logical short-cuts. Apart from the increased taxes, some of what Macron has been doing has actually been a benefit, though you won’t hear much of that outside France. He’s been cutting some of those regulatory burdens on employment, which made employment in France just about the most-protected in the world. You couldn’t sack someone for incompetence, except after a long battle in the courts and excessive compensation that would cripple a small business, so people thought long and hard before taking someone on. The SNCF were even more protected, with early retirements and great pensions (and again a job for life providing they showed up often enough), and they have accepted that this isn’t a good way to run a railway. Maybe the effect on the job-market will be long-term good.

    Another Macron goody (that just wasn’t explained well-enough) was the reduction of the wealth tax in France. The reason is of course the Laffer curve, and that the rich bastards can easily go live in Monaco or Luxembourg so the wealth tax simply meant that the State got less money in taxes. It’s a shame Macron didn’t realise that reducing everyone’s taxes would give him a higher tax-take, given the high rates in France. If he’d done that, they’d have forgiven the stupid Carbon taxes because they’d be feeling better off overall. Since France 24 (news) has some article on Climate Change and how CO2 is evil every day, it seems likely that most people would believe that CO2 Is Bad and thus do a gallic shrug about the extra fuel costs, providing they saw a reduction in the other taxes at the same time.

    Again in reference to the Laffer curve, it’s pretty obvious France is a long way on the downside, and so increases in taxes will result in a lower government income. Trump understood that well-enough, and we see the USA having a resurgence of profit and standard of living for everyone because he’s cut the tax rates. Macron could do the same if he wanted, but maybe he’s not understood the principle. Ask for less percentage, get more money, and people are happy as well.

    I’m out in the sticks. The bus-stop is a couple of miles walk away, and there’s one bus each day passing in each direction going between Pau and Agen. There are of course school buses, but they won’t carry other than schoolkids. Here, if you haven’t got a car, it’s a long walk anywhere. Raising the taxes on fuel will also increase the cost of everything else, as well as the cost of visiting the shops to buy it or driving to work. It’s about the most regressive tax there is, since the poorest will get hit hardest. It’s also effectively a tax on jobs, leading to fewer jobs after a while. Taxing energy is about the most stupid way of trying to “improve” a country. Maybe Macron could usefully spend time learning from Trump, or even discussing things with him. I doubt it’ll happen, so I’ve got some popcorn in.

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  5. babygrandparents says:

    Justin Trudeau is now doing the same thing – insulting his citizens while abroad in Argentina.


  6. Blackswan says:


    “89,000 additional police officers and law enforcement personnel had been mobilised ahead of Saturday to head off planned protests, which show no sign of slowing down … “

    Begs the question; where does Macron find 89,000 extra police? Simple answer; he doesn’t.

    We’ve learned not to take such declarations at ‘face value’ in this New Normal environment, so what EXACTLY does it mean?

    ‘Police officers’ are one thing, but what are “law enforcement personnel”?

    Are they French Army or Légion étrangère perhaps? Are they French nationals at all? Are they private security contractors (who employ all nationalities) that Macron has signed up for the occasion or perhaps Momma Merkel has ‘volunteered’ a few thousand of her “enforcement” troops to help out.

    An EU Army by any other name remains an army, NOT to defend borders or sovereign nations that now exist in name only, but to “quell civil unrest – by all necessary means” as stated in the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

    After all, it’s much easier to persuade a foreign national to open-fire on citizens than for a local gendarme to do so, evidenced recently by the police and other first-responders joining the protesters.

    This isn’t just Macron’s problem. The entire EU edifice is on the brink of collapse as Belgium and the Netherlands join in, and Merkel/Juncker et al know it so they’ll have pulled out all stops to prop up their gauche and arrogant French President.

    Emmanuel Macron is proving the wisdom of the words of Cicero 2,000 years ago ….

    “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.”


    • Blackswan says:

      A persistent thought that bears further inquiry …. could British troops currently be deployed on the streets of France, Belgium or the Netherlands under EU control, with or without the knowledge or approval of the British Parliament?

      ///“Even if we leave the EU with no deal, Mrs May is likely to commit the UK to remain in the EU’s defence architecture, meaning that our armed forces will not be leaving the EU and will be permanently entangled in the EDA, CSDP, EDPD, EDF, PESCO and EU Battlegroups and any other new structures and schemes which the EU creates …”///

      All indications are that Theresa May’s Brexit Deal has maintained her commitment for 1,500 military personnel to be put under Brussels command, AND to pay for it, with no say in their deployment!. According to the EU Commission … “The UK would be involved solely as a rule-taker.”

      PM May won’t say, but some significantly knowledgeable people are asking the question;

      ///“MPs should vote down the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, says the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove. The former intelligence chief – “C” – and Falklands hero Major-General Julian Thompson, along with other former senior military and security figures, have warned that the government has during Brexit negotiations embedded the UK in EU defence and security structures, without seeking proper parliamentary oversight or approval.”///

      ///“Figures who served their country at the highest levels are appalled by what the government has, by stealth, signed away.”///

      Therefore, in light of Theresa May’s duplicitous Deal, are any of those men-in-black currently patrolling French streets actually on the British military payroll? It would be her good-faith gesture to her EU masters.

      Perhaps they’re just the Franco-German Brigade of the Eurocorps currently stationed in Strasbourg, France.

      I guess we’ll never know who they are, and they’ll forever remain symbols of a Borg ‘hive mind’ against which “Resistance is Futile”.


      • Blackswan says:

        “A persistent thought that bears further inquiry … “ and being a persistent individual, inquire I did – and came up with this;

        The recent British referendum has made no difference to the speed and tenacity with which the Conservative Government under Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon (a strong EU advocate and former EU Movement supporter) are continuing the path to EU military union. There has been no change in the advancing integration of UK military forces into the EU structure — the subject is simply not discussed in political, public and media forums, which is testimony to the usual EU policy of implementation by stealth …

        “Britain is sleepwalking into joining EU army, warns top UK military commander.
        June 10 2017 – Major-General Julian Thompson told that ministers are quietly signing up to “vast military plans” devised by Brussels whilst the public gaze is largely on Brexit. 

        In a blistering intervention he said proposals put forward by eurocrats will “touch every part of the UK’s defence policy” and warned the UK could become militarily tied to Brussels for years to come.”///

        The short video from Albert Burgess on that link is well worth careful attention.

        The main problem with diving deeper down the rabbit hole is the surreal experience of finding yourself in a parallel universe; a world where right and wrong, duty and honour have been turned upside down.

        Not just Turkeys voting for Christmas. We stuff ourselves, leap right into the oven, are self-basting in our own juices, then present ourselves carved up on a platter … for the insatiable appetites of parasitic frauds and charlatans who feed on their hosts; the self-proclaimed ‘elite’.

        Albert Burgess was right. Our freedoms and our birthright are not ours to give away without a fight.

        “Revolution” indeed.


  7. Another Ian says:

    “President Trump – Getting The Job Done!”

    “Angela Merkel is complaining that President Trump is succeeding at doing exactly what he promised to do, and winning the hearts of Europeans in the process.”

    “Trump has almost destroyed the “New World Order” ”

    On the other hand

    “The Green Climate Deal”


  8. JohnTyler says:

    Re: the mess in France.

    Just to remind all that Macron was ELECTED President by the French voters.
    And Merkel, Teresa May, too , were chosen by the voters, as were the voters in Sweden and other Euro nations that elected open borders globalists.

    Just another demonstration that free voters voting in free elections can vote for a national suicide, as did the citizens of Venezuela.

    And we legal denizens of the USA should not feel to uppity either; the voters here TWICE voted in Obama – a totally empty suit globalist in the mold of Merkel, Macron, et. al., who is still idolized by about half the voters in the USA, despite being the most mendacious president in American history and certainly one of the most corrupt.

    True, we now have Trump, an anti-globalist, realist MAGA president, but look at how the deep state is still moving along, unimpeded and “legally,” (courtesy of a legally appointed Torqemada , aka Mueller) to finalize an american style coup d’etat.
    All “legal” of course.

    Are we witnessing a temporary bump in the road for the globalist / enviro wacko agenda, or the beginning of the end of this neo-Stalinist religious ideology.

    I have no idea.


    • Blackswan says:

      @ John Tyler – Just one rather minor point …. under the Westminster System voters don’t actually get to choose who their Prime Minister will be, nor do they get to choose who their parliamentary candidates will be … the Parties themselves do that, not the general public.

      The Party apparatchiks decide who will stand for general election and it’s those successful Members of Parliament (MPs) who decide who will be their leader; voters don’t get to choose who will be their Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition.

      In the UK, Australia, NZ etc we have the Party Pre-selection Process and that’s where all the horse-trading is done; Party Branches are stacked, voting is rigged, markers are called in, favours and debts are called and generally, it’s the big-money donation magnets who win the day. That’s where they buy their place on the ‘ticket’. The Donkey Vote will always mean those listed high on the Party ticket will prevail; their character and integrity are irrelevant.

      In Australia we’ve had SEVEN different Prime Ministers of various stripes in the past 10 years, and the People never got to have a say in the matter. It was the MPs from both dominant Parties with their back-stabbing power plays and in-fighting who decided that, and ALL of them have been weak globalist toadies more interested in currying favour for a lucrative spot on the UN/Climate Fraud Gravy Train. They’ll sign us up to anything to score points with the globalists.

      And our wholly compliant and complicit Media gives any conservative ’independent maverick’ short shrift with ridicule and diabolical character assassination putting paid to any prospect of heeding the ‘will of the people’.

      Is it a “bump in the road”? Seems to me it’s more like they’ve got a D9 excavator ripping up the tarmac. The masks have slipped, their Marxist pigeons are coming home to roost, and they don’t even bother concealing their criminal ill-intent anymore.

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  9. Pointman says:



  10. The blue armoured vehicles belong to the Gendarmerie, a part of the army. They replace the national police in the country side and is by far the most popular French police force. The blue vehicles seen in Paris last Saturday belong to la Gendarmerie mobile in Saint-Astier (Dordogne). The sticker seen seems to be a left over from a common training drill with other EU-forces. This particular vehicle was fitted with a tear gas launcher.

    Macron is a sinister person, but les gendarmes will rather be on the peoples side. The individuals arrested are mainly leftwing anarchists called “casseurs”. The interesting question is if the public order actions will be as firm next time the immigrant suburbs riot?


    • Pointman says:

      Terrible statistics. I posted the following under Jo’s blog piece (, which I highly recommend.

      “I think what happened in Paris was inevitable. The ordinary people who attended the various demos were shocked by the violence used to suppress them, but also the complicity of their MSM to spin the government line. It was a real eye-opener for many of them. It’s dangerous to generalise about a nationality, but the French people are good at putting up with disasters brought on by incompetent and arrogant leadership, but there are limits and those limits have been reached.
      They’re following the populist path America has taken and are suffering the same backlash from a well-entrenched elite.

      First they’ve experienced the disillusionment of realising that all the main parties are pretty much the same creatures, with only the party name being different. My thoughts on that road from a few years back –

      Next comes the anger stage once the complete uselessness and animosity of the main parties to change to change –

      From there, one of two things can produce real political change.

      First, one of the main parties is subverted and taken over against its will by a non-conformist outsider. Enter Trump. He gets the economy (ie jobs) flowing again, drops the tax burden, kicks some foreign policy ass and starts uprooting the establishment detritus from the organs of government.

      The second is civil disobedience and mass growing demonstrations in the street leading to what the establishment and their media flunkies will label civil disorder, but is really a revolution. In the absence of a Trump like figure, this is the direction France is going in.

      Macron may think his EU army held the line last weekend, but pictures of ordinary people with eyes taken out, hands blown off, tear gassed, clubbed into unconsciousness have been burned into the popular consciousness of France. That won’t be forgotten. His administration is now viewed as an occupying force.”


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  11. gallopingcamel says:

    @Simon Derricutt, December 7, 2018 at 10:26 pm
    “I’m out in the sticks. The bus-stop is a couple of miles walk away, and there’s one bus each day passing in each direction going between Pau and Agen. There are of course school buses, but they won’t carry other than schoolkids. Here, if you haven’t got a car, it’s a long walk anywhere. Raising the taxes on fuel will also increase the cost of everything else, as well as the cost of visiting the shops to buy it or driving to work. It’s about the most regressive tax there is, since the poorest will get hit hardest. It’s also effectively a tax on jobs, leading to fewer jobs after a while. Taxing energy is about the most stupid way of trying to “improve” a country. Maybe Macron could usefully spend time learning from Trump, or even discussing things with him. I doubt it’ll happen, so I’ve got some popcorn in.”

    I had no idea that you lived in France a country that made a huge impression on me in 1955. As a teenager I spent three weeks in the Paris suburbs living with a family headed by a SNCF worker. Back then the French had the best railroad technology in the world with cruising speeds in excess of 400 kph for scheduled runs.

    While the trains were impressive that was the least of the culture shock I encountered. Finally I tasted real coffee! Even better the wonderful “Vin Ordinaire” that was consumed at every lunch and dinner. This stuff came in bottles with aluminum foil seals similar to what was used for milk bottles in the UK. Then there was the coarse french bread which had a dull yellow hue…..nothing like it before or since.

    French TV and movies that featured waist up nudity for females. Given that I was a teenager at the time I was blown away.

    Over the years I forgot about France……what was going on there did not seem to matter very much in the grand scheme of things. Yet suddenly the French are back in the limelight with an important message for all of us.

    Then I stumbled on the full text of “La Marseillaise” which has great relevance to the modern political conflict between the elites and the people. I beg you all to read the French national anthem line by line and take it to heart:


  12. gallopingcamel says:


    Another amazingly insightful analysis backed up by a wonderfully appropriate picture.

    The Peaky Blinders are immensely popular in the USA given that they show gritty working class people refusing to be beaten down by establishment elites. In many ways a metaphor for Trump supporters who cling to their religion and their guns.

    For the record, the scene you show above ended with Billy Kimber being shot through the head in 1922. The weapon Thomas Shelby used was a Webley “38” which was my side arm while serving in the British army. IMHO this is a lousy weapon. Even after much practice I could only score one hit out of six rounds on a man sized target at 25 yards.

    In reality Billy Kimber died of natural causes in 1945.


  13. gallopingcamel says:

    One of the comments at Jo Nova is amazing (thank you “Another Ian”):

    If you can’t be bothered to read the above link, please consider this:
    “Astonishingly, every French President since de Gaulle has been an ENA graduate, excepting Georges Pompidou, who attended Sciences Po.”

    Given that France is a “Democracy” how is this possible? Nobody is forcing French people to vote for elitists yet that is what they do.

    Before we cast scorn on the French, we Brits need to ask ourselves why our Prime Ministers were mostly educated at Eton.

    From 1754 to 2017 there were 51 “Prime Ministers”. Eton graduated nineteen of them, Harrow seven of them and Westminster five. So 32 out of 51 prime ministers attended three elitist high schools. How could that happen? Nobody was holding guns to the heads of voters yet they voted for elitists.

    When it comes to university education Oxbridge dominates. Thirteen of our PMs attended Christ Church, Oxford. Six attended Trinity, Cambridge. Three attended Balliol, Oxford. Two attended Trinity, Oxford. Two attended Brasenose, Oxford. Two attended St. John’s, Cambridge. One each for King’s, Cambridge; Hart Hall, Oxford; Clare, Cambridge; Peterhouse, Cambridge; Pembroke, Cambridge; Trinity, Cambridge; UC, Oxford; Jesus, Oxford; Somerville, Oxford

    Thus 37 out of 51 PMs attended Oxford or Cambridge. In France ENA dominates but things are not much better in the UK.


    • Thus 37 out of 51 PMs attended Oxford or Cambridge. In France ENA dominates but things are not much better in the UK.

      In the US, we have Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Haven’t checked on presidents, but Supreme Court justices only come from those three law schools. Makes people think that this country doesn’t have any other law schools, or at least none worth mentioning.


  14. Blackswan says:

    In case anyone was in doubt about the malign perfidy of Theresa (let them eat cake) May, when she set the date to dance the Parliament and the MSM a merry jig around whether they’d vote on her “deal” or not, she knew her go-fers in Marrakesh would be signing up with the UN on migration, completely ignoring a petition of 123,000 citizens against it.

    ///“In the drama over Brexit, the Government’s decision to sign the United Nations Migration Pact – despite its pledge to control our borders – has slipped by almost unnoticed.

    Worrying as well is that opposition to this regularisation of mass migration looks set to be ‘institutionalised’ as a hate crime. Objective 17 of the Compact reads: ‘Eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse to shape perceptions of migration’.”///

    The Pact declares migration to be a Human Right, so lawyers must be salivating at the prospect of tripping off to various Courts of Human Rights to challenge every single rejection or denial of entry AND a country-shopper’s “rights” to enter any signatory nation of their choosing – all at taxpayers’ expense.

    The reprehensible Mrs May has traded Brussels deciding immigration quotas for more wide-ranging UN diktats. No wonder that other traitorous NWO puppet Tony Blair was grinning smugly all week … he knew exactly what she was up to.

    Today her myopic and spineless Party faithful have inexplicably put her on an unassailable pedestal for yet another year, while the MSM is busily plugging her inevitable successor to be her Home Secretary. If he ever snatches the keys to No. 10, it’s game over.

    However, changing heavily harnessed horses midstream won’t change history; only the People can do that.

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  15. philjourdan says:

    I am not surprised by the French response to the taxes. I am only somewhat mystified by what took them so long. A country so conceited as to criminalize the intrusion of foreign words into its language is not a country willing to submit to subservience to any world body.


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