It’s time to run the prat of the year 2018 contest.

It’s that time of year again. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. It’s Prattie time again! If you don’t know what the consensus opinion of what a prat actually is, you’ll get the skinny description by looking at this article. If you don’t fancy clicking that link, I wouldn’t blame you for such reticence as life is too short anyway, and you can’t be too careful.

A prat is the sort of person you meet at perhaps a social gathering and after ten minutes of politely listening to them rabbiting on and on about something nobody in the world gives a damn about and you’re doing the noddies, the syllogism bio-chip in your head is starting to do a full on Fukushima-style meltdown and you start to fantasise about an escape strategy, just to preserve the remaining shreds of your sanity.

In some alternative reality, there’s a world somewhere out there but far far away, and becoming even more distant by the minute, where one and one still does actually equal two, but seemingly not in this deranged person’s head.

Obviously your escape fantasy is as individual as you, but my one is well honed because of my personal cross to bear through life of seemingly being a prat magnet. I imagine myself announcing to them that they’re completely right about something that even an educationally sub-normal knuckle dragging chimp in a hurry knows at a glance is a load of bollocks.

And I can prove you’re right too.

Can you? Really?

Hook, line and sinker.

Okay, but you have to help me out with this, okay?


A puppy-like look of trust, love and long-hoped for recognition of their particular mania appears on their face. You think, this is going to be soooo evil and naughty, but yet irresistible and so sweet. Nobody can resist temptation like that.

Okay, I want you to put both hands on your knees. They do so eagerly, necessarily bending over. You get behind them and turn them until they’re pointing in exactly the right direction, after some minute adjustments you make with your hands on their hips, you’re ready. You take six paces backward and then four to the left side. Johnny Sexton would be proud of your technique. A hush descends on the collected gathering in the room. The background music is turned off and people stop talking, stand still and stare expectantly. Complete silence descends. You wiggle your hands slightly until you’re prepared. It’s part of your routine.

You run at them, planting the best rugby kick of your life between his or her buttocks, neatly punting them across the room and through the window you’d carefully pointed them at. A cheer goes up in the room as the prat performs an involuntary but perfect double gainer on their way down to a hard landing on the tiled patio table two stories down and amid the crash of broken garden furniture and the tinkle of shattered glass.

You can hear the screeches of the women folk as they grab up the toddlers and carry them to a safe distance, while all the time looking daggers over their shoulder at the groaning prat sprawled on their back over the flattened table amidst the wreckage of tequila sunrises, prosecco and the remains of a few hefty vodka and oranges.

It’s just an escape fantasy, but you can’t help smiling until you reconnect back into the situation, the ambient background noise of reality gets turned back on again and you notice the little spark of joy in their darling little face that something they’ve said was just so bloody witty, you couldn’t help but smile.

Oh my dear God, what the fuck have I just done, you think to yourself. Now they’ll be attached to me like a bloody limpet mine for the rest of the evening. Lesson learnt, the escape fantasy is a good coping mechanism when cornered by a prat, but you’ve simply got to suppress any smiles of satisfaction as it sweeps to a magnificent but imaginary conclusion.

The procedure this year will be the same as it was last year and indeed the same as it is every year. It’s the usual political two-step. You go through a nominations stage, which is like the primaries, followed by an actual voting stage. The prats you’re nominating can be female, male, or whatever they self-identify as, but it has to be some sort of hominid, preferably of the species Homo Sapien.

You get one week to complete your nominations. You can do a maximum of five nominations by simply adding their names in one or more comments underneath this piece. As usual, your nominations must be a person, not an organisation, and as always, organisations will inevitably be nominated and duly ignored. Has anyone else noticed how reading skills have dropped off a cliff in the last decade or two?

A bit of advice here. It helps to think big in the primaries. If the person you’re putting forward is so local that only you, Dave behind the bar down at your local boozer and only three other people on the whole planet know their name, never mind of their very existence, you’re not going to get much backing for the candidate you’re nominating. Pick your prats from those the MSM adores. Aim high. I know, that’s a huge pool to pick your five out of, but as usual life gives you two choices; the shitty one and the other one is just so bad, it’s not even worth considering.

I’ll keep a running track of the number of nominations using the back of an envelope and a high-tech pencil I sharpen with a Swiss army knife that itself I sharpen with a miniature and therefore portable sharpening stone – a great piece of kit – that has served me well over the years, and at the end of the week, announce the top five you’ve winnowed it down to and are now the hardy survivours in the running for the grand prize. I’ll update the running totals of nominations daily in the nominations box at the top of the RHS.

Now we’ve got our fabulous five, further nominations cease to be valid, though I’m sure further nominations will continue to be made as usual and as usual ignored. I’ll once again figure out how the Poll Daddy widget works, stick the top five nominations up on the RHS in a voting box, and you get to vote for your fave candidate to be prat of the year 2018.

As always at this time of year, I resolve that next year I’ll jot down the names of world-class prats who hit the headlines in the coming year, but of course, I never do. Consarnit and God dammit, I will this year. Very defo.

In the absence of that list I never do, I’ll just throw out a few names to get the ball rolling.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU and a worthy candidate even when he’s sober. “Gestapo” Müller, leader of one of those lost patrol investigations who’s managed to uncover massive corruption at the FBI and DoJ before the CIA closed him down because he was getting too bloody warm.

I think Rep. Adam Schiff, whom Trump has renamed named Little Adam Schitt, is worth a look, if only because of those demented looking eyes and the crap that comes out every time he opens his mouth.

Angela Merkel has to be up there for the job of cultural destruction she did on Western Europe for the next half century before skipping out as the leader of the CDU, because she’d made them unelectable, despite what the machine controlled MSM in Deutschland were saying.

Don Lemon, might have a look in, but he’s a complete racist, so he doesn’t really profile into the being a complete prat, though his stable mate Acosta, who’s soon destined to kill off WH press briefings, certainly is.

I had considered Stormy Daniels, but she’s but an innocent lass exploited by the types of people like Michael Avenatti, who’s not only a lawyer (hang him right now) but also says all abused women should appear on CNN, except the ones he beats up himself.

Being an enthusiastic watcher of the EU imploding, Emmanuel Macron must be worth a nomination, as his popularity plummets to 25%. He showed he had true potential when world leaders gathered in Paris for the centenary of the armistice, and he took it upon himself to lecture them in public on the evils of nationalism. Come on, help him out. Without Angela to tell him what to do, his only friend in the political world is what’s commonly thought to be Castro’s rumoured bastard son, “Pretty boy” Trudeau. Might as well sit in a hot bath now Emmanuel with a razor blade and open your veins. For once in your life, get it right by the way, you don’t cut across the veins but down.

Obviously, Theresa May has to be a strong candidate. Anyone who seriously thinks agreeing a 585 page Brexit deal which is so bad for the country, that even the usual whiny Remainers are condemning it as worse than a no deal exit. If the Tories don’t manage to ditch her before the next general election, they’ll be toast, and they know it.

There do seem to be a large contingent of women leaping high to grab the brass ring of being, by popular vote, the prat of the year 2018. To name but a few and excluding Hillary, who’s a perennial in the pratties anyway, you’ve got Brenda “the fix is in” Snipes, Alexandria “high-pitched whine” Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy “I’m confused” Pelosi, Maxine “muddy” Waters (twice voted the most corrupt politician in congress) and many many more, especial in the fake news media.

As always in the nomination stage, you don’t have to use all your five nominations at once, so you can say nominate your most favourite, and then watch for the appearance of a massive prat you’d totally forgotten about in other people’s nominations, and then give them your unused nomination.

Cheating, as usual, is a kinda grey area in the pratties, and an imaginative attempt usually gets pointedly ignored. Anyway, I’m relying on the refined judgment and good taste of you patrons of the blog, to come up with the most deserving prat nominees for the final voting stage.


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61 Responses to “It’s time to run the prat of the year 2018 contest.”
  1. mrmethane says:

    Justin Trudeau. Could play Chance (Chauncey Gardener) in a remake of Peter Sellers’ hilarious “Being There”. Would have to work on the ums, uhs, etc.


    • babygrandparents says:

      And here I thought only Canadians were uncertain of Boy Wonder Trudeau’s lineage and who might actually be the pater of this prat. Even if he doesn’t get in the top 5 he is the top PRAT of thinking Canadians. So I formally nominate Trudeau. There are too many Americans Democrats but I will also nominate Maxine Waters.


  2. Robin Melville says:

    Given the massive campaign to rehabilitate him, I vote for Prince Charles. If ever there were a prat to end all prats, it is he.

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  3. Annie says:

    Oh goody…Prattie time, but spoilt for choice as usual! Thinking cap goes on…


  4. Jennifer winward says:

    I nominate Malcolm Turnbull. Ex prime minister of Australia who gives new meaning to the term a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It matters not that his family has invested in “anything but coal”

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  5. Pointman says:

    Don’t forget folks, everyone gets FIVE nominations.



  6. Blackswan says:

    My prime nomination for 2018 has to be Theresa May, she of the deceptively insipid smile on both of her faces. Only a prat could so completely stuff up Brexit and the restoration of British sovereignty.

    Closely followed by the incompetent substitute schoolteacher Justin Trudeau and …

    Jug-ears Charles a perennial Prat nominee, his shoe size being larger than his IQ.

    I second Jennifer’s nomination of Malcontent Turdbull … a more pratty fraud would be hard to find.

    And last but not least Pointy, you’re right about Michael Avenatti. His law firm has just been evicted from their California offices for non-payment of rent to the tune of around a quarter million dollars. What kind of a delusional spotlight-seeking prat would be that stooopid?

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    • Hari Seldon says:

      Can’t fault your choices here, except Turdball. Never heard of him. Instead I nominate Diane ‘mathematics’ Abbott. A UK MP of divine dimwitedness.


      • Blackswan says:

        Sorry Hari … a little Aussie jargon at play there.

        Malcolm Turnbull is one-time Goldman Sachs General Manager for Australia/New Zealand. He fell from grace when his dodgy financial practises were exposed in a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the biggest corporate collapse in our history.

        After being denied candidacy for our Marxist Labor Party in a Federal election almost 20 years ago, he was inexplicably accepted by our conservative Liberal Party, elected to Parliament, and systematically ate them alive from the inside out, finally becoming Prime Minister, all the while implementing his Marxist/Climate Fraud/Open Borders policies by leaning on his easily intimidated conservative colleagues and being championed by our Leftist Media … until he was recently dumped from the leadership when the Party had finally had enough.

        He promptly resigned from the Parliament causing a by-election for his vacant seat and then vigorously campaigned for the Opposition candidates, one of whom (a rabid lesbian Green/Labor woman masquerading as an ‘independent’, won – thereby leaving his successor PM Morrison in charge of a lame-duck minority government.

        After decades of his blatantly back-stabbing, money-grubbing antics Aussies now refer to him as Malcontent Turncoat, or Turd-ball or any number of other colourful epithets that come to mind.

        By the way, I absolutely second your Diane Abbott nomination. Watching her epic ‘fails’ on video is somehow morbidly entertaining.


  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    I usually nominate a local politician but while Australia is blest? with some of the most stupid and moronic politicians I feel that for once they are eclipsed by even more qualified contenders.
    Angela Merkel for her efforts for ruinous immigration into Germany and all other EU countries stupid enough to agree.
    Emanuelle Macron for his? efforts to ruin France and all other EU countries, while causing the whole mess to fragmen by charging citizens more and more to live.
    Junior Trudeau for his efforts to turn Canada and any other countries stupid enough to listen to him into clones of Venezuela.
    Jean-Claude Juncker for his public efforts to encourage Prohibition in the EU.
    And last, but not least, Theresa May who negotiated to get out of the EU at least cost and quickly and become free of EU dictation, and achieved an agreement that meant that the UK would never get out, never be free of dictation, and would have out pay out for ever.

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    • yarpos says:

      An impressive list Graeme. If I cant have Hillary again (just because she is totally qualified and just wont go away) I would second Juncker. Even by EU standards he is a standout pompous, self absorbed prat.


  8. Pointman says:

    Please bear with me on the comment moderation front. WordPress is having one of its “turns” and throwing every comment into the moderation queue.



  9. Simon Derricutt says:

    I’ll fourth Theresa May this year. It was obvious from the start that the EU would not play nice, and that the only real option would be to go to WTO rules. It was also obvious that if you want no customs border in Northern Ireland, and no customs border between the UK and NI, then that would necessarily mean the UK remaining in the EU customs union and thus subject to EU law and the EU court. It was also obvious that there was already a divide between NI and the UK and between NI and Eire as regards treatment of gay marriage and abortion, and so for the NI politicians to demand “no border either side” was only about the money side, and they still wanted both those borders to exist as regards laws and tax loopholes.

    As such, Theresa May has abandoned all of her Red Lines and capitulated in order to get a deal (any deal) that meant that the UK banking services would still have full access to the EU. Bugger the rest of the country. The fishing industry can go hang. Other businesses have a few more years of uncertainty as to whether it’s worth investing or not, so they won’t invest unless it’s got a 1-2 year payback. What’s emerging is about the worst possible outcome as regards prosperity of the UK.

    As regards going to WTO rules, she’s left it so late that it’s probably not possible in the time that’s left. Expecting a miracle last-minute deal with the EU, where each member will want to settle little scores (see Spain and Gibraltar), was never a good strategy.

    It would have been interesting to have seen what happened if the UK had gone WTO and announced zero tariffs on everything, and border controls only where necessary for immigration. No need for delays at Dover, and no need for customs on the Eire/NI border (at least on the UK side). Immigration controls at airports and ferries/seaports only. I’m sure Eire would have found a way to sort out what would then be their border problem, not ours, and gone for the technical solution.

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  10. hunter says:

    Wow the big stars and celebs are really competitive this year.
    Conceptually, Macron wins for at once being an elected leader of a Nation and condemning nationalism at the same time.
    And clearly the Macron (Maroon?) is channeling Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” groove with his tax policy and gibberish response:
    “We all want to reduce emissions. We all want to change our economic, social and environmental model. But we want to do it by confronting reality:” (translation of Maroon’s actual tweet).
    However strong the Maroon’s bona fides, I would still be nominating Rupert Reed. He isthe philosopher academic who ignores science, spreads nihilistic claptrap trap about climate, and who provided the “intellectual” underpinnings for the recent mob action in London. He should be considered as a prat because he is channeling Pol Pot, the great Cambodian environmentalist prat, but manages to pose as a mild mannered intellectual.
    So despite Maroon’s obvious merit, I nominate the underdog, the Pol Pot understudy as it were,
    Rupert Read…


    • Blackswan says:

      Hunter … came across this gem on Macron from Lionel Nation that you’d really appreciate, especially after your “eat cake’ barb ….

      “What a cosmic twit! Oh, and what’s the difference between a macaroon and Macron? One’s a rather unhealthy, dense little trifle and the other’s a light cookie covered in ground coconut.”

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  11. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    Well, sweden with the world’s first feminist government can, with both equality and diversity, contribute with:
    1. prime minister Stefan Löfven
    2. foreign minister Margot Wallström
    3. minister of culture and democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke (as might be gleaned from the name, that’s the diversity, and her title should be read as an excellent example of newspeak)
    4. minister for justice and home affairs Morgan Johansson (who does what he can to shut down freedom of speech)
    I hope these admittedly small fish in the global pond, yet are of sufficient notoriety to be worthy of their nomination, although admittedly sweden is a local backyard governed by inbred politicians.
    And since I got a perfect 50/50 gender distribution for sweden with 4 nominations and I go to EU for the 5th:
    5. Guy Verhofstadt, ex prime minster of Belgium, in the EU parliament since 2009, who the other day was ranting about EUs problem being that the nation states we’re reluctant to transfer their sovereignty and power to EU. That’s a har done to beet.
    (And my reading abilities are up to par, so I do not nominate the swedish government in part or in whole, though my finger’s ache to do so, nor do I nominate the EU in itself, or, sigh, the American Democratic Party)

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  12. 1957chev says:

    I am delighted to see that many of my choices, such as Macron, Merkel, Maxine and May are mentioned, but I have to add Justin (sock-boy) Trudeau, who is such a weak, teary-eyed feminist, that he can think of little else, except, when necessary, his “special-interest groups”, that give him votes. White, “old-stock”, Canadians are hated by Trudeau! He is a dangerous idiot. He certainly is deserving of a Prat Award. Just ask the people of India, Arabia, the US, etc. Even for a Liberal, Justin is an especially pathetic PRAT! (I intend to borrow the kicking fantasy) LOL!

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  13. amwick says:

    I am totally overwhelmed by such an erudite group, international at that… I have to nominate this young congressman from the states, recently elected.. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I admit that I have been focuses on things here in the USA because all hell is currently breaking loose. Cheers.

    Do I get a prize if I win? Asking for a friend.

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  14. RickWill says:

    Malcolm Turnbull, ex Aussie PM, is a high ranking spiteful prat. He must be near the top of the list. After losing the parliamentary party leadership he immediately resigned from parliament opening the opportunity for the LNP government to lose its one representative majority, which has now materialised.

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  15. hoppers says:

    This has been the most stupid prattish year I can remember in my entire life. Frankly I’m overwhelmed by the idiocy of it all.

    Excellent nominations everyone, but for me when I think of a total prat, Don Lemon’s image slips into my head.


  16. Kevin Lohse says:

    Governor Jerry Brown. His decision to veto the bi-partisan law aimed at making forest fires in California less devastating has resulted in many deaths, much destruction of property and an enormous expenditure in fire-fighting operations He gets a bar to that gong for the railway to nowhere.


    • kakatoa says:

      The governor feels it time for the comfortable to play their part in fighting co2 levels-

      “This IPCC report makes unmistakably clear that the world must radically change. It must decarbonize and establish a totally renewable basis for all economic activity. The big powers – the United States, China, India and the European Union – must show the way. We can do it but only if the deniers, the skeptics and the comfortable wake up to what the scientists are telling us.” 1)

      It is no longer good enough to demonize two categories of citizen’s, but now we need to add the “comfortable” to the group of folks that need to do what they are told by the red brigade.


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  17. Margaret Smith says:

    As others have said, it’s hard to choose from such a distinguished field but here goes:

    Theresa May, knife-in-the-back assassin
    Angela Merkel, feudalist
    Jean-Claude Druncker
    Emanuelle Macron, like all preening lefties an ‘intellectual’ idiot
    Prince Charles, the very wealthy hypocrite and fool

    I seem to have nominated only Europeans this year. One could so easily nominate just about any Dem. Glad to see no lovies so far – they are important only in their own heads.


  18. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    Shit, I already nominated 5, and missed Annie Lööf, the bitch that by her virtue signaling and manipulative turn-coating is the sole responsible person for the deadlock in getting a new prime minister and cabinet in place after the election earlier this year. That is much worse than it sounds, because the earlier dethroned PM and cabinet remain in place as an “expedition cabinet”, however the swedish (so called) constitution is so lame so it actually doesn’t limit the powers in any way of an expedition cabinet. So they go full blast implementing all their destructive policies so that the country is heading at Mach 2 into the nearest mountain. Case in point, the actually dethroned rulers will most likely sign off on the UN global compact on immigration in december.
    This mess is entirely the result of one person’s shenanigans: Annie Lööf.
    She should have been my top nominee.

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  19. Annie says:

    I won’t list H Clinton, J Trudeau or B Obama as they have already been awarded their Pratties in previous years.
    None-the-less, I’m still pushed for deciding on my final selection as there is such a rich choice! However, here goes:

    1. Teresa May
    2. Malcolm Turnbull
    3. Jerry Brown
    4. Angela Merkel
    5. That Swedish lesbian bishop…can’t remember her name.

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  20. hoppers says:


    You’re gonna love this one Pointman. Previously unknown contender and in my view clear favourite.

    Only an, especially an environment wonk, can Pratt at this level.

    My 2nd nomination, UN Environmental Chief Erik Solheim.

    Read the whole article, It’s a beauty.


  21. Simon Derricutt says:

    Macron maybe isn’t quite such a prat as he’s painted. The French voted for him for much the same reasons people voted for Trump – he offered a different way than the other politicians, and intended to put France on a better footing by reducing the severe regulatory load on businesses here in France. He’s even been putting that into effect, and reducing the cost and size of government. His big problems are that he wants total European integration and that he’s totally bought-in to AGW (but then, few European politicians dare to question that). As such, he’s trying to implement a new Carbon Tax that will make everything that bit more expensive for no apparent gains. Still a bit of a prat, but when compared to the previous president M. Hollande he’s miles (or kilometres) better. Be grateful for small mercies.

    I’ll use my second vote therefore for Michael Avenatti, since it turns out he’s not as devoid of White Male Supremacy (or at least Avenatti Supremacy) as he’s painted, and is accused of physical violence against his live-in girlfriend. Strangely, the authorities have declined to charge him. Funny how that happens…. After all, he’s been saying you have to believe the victim. For any lawyer, it’s easy to find a law that some person has broken and to persecute them, and Avenatti seems to be making quite a nice profit from doing that.

    For the third vote, I’ll go out on a limb somewhat with Mohammed Bin Salman. It seems almost certain that he did effectively order the death of Jamal Khashoggi (who will rid me of this troublesome priest?) although he may not have known the details. However, the assassination was pretty incompetent. The Turks had effective spies inside the Saudi embassy and obviously immediately knew the details of what had happened, even though there were attempts to pretend that the Turks weren’t spying by claiming it was recorded on his iPhone. It’s also not as if the Turks treat their nuisance journalists better, but when they disappear in Turkey there’s no evidence left behind. As such, MBS should have been aware he would be up against professionals and would need to have a far better plan to remove the burrs in his skin. It’s a little difficult to claim that “nothing happened in the embassy” when there’s a blow-by-blow tape of it available. Even the Russian attempt to assassinate Skripal in the UK wasn’t quite that incompetent. It’s the mark of a prat to do something bad without taking enough care about leaving evidence behind, and this one will affect the standing of Saudi Arabia for as long as he lives, even if there are public hangings of the poor bastards who actually did the job.


  22. Juliet46 says:

    In no particular order:

    Well-intentioned but wrong Prat
    (A prat with good intentions. The road to hell could be paved for several miles by him. Already mentioned in reply to Robin, 21st November)

    Prince Charles

    Evil prats (Intentions, but not good – too many for me to nominate but here I second 4 already nominated.)

    Angela Merkel

    Justin Trudeau

    Theresa May

    Emmanuel Macron

    Perhaps next year a nomination list of 10 in order to widen the field?


  23. u.k.(us) says:

    If she wasn’t so low-rent, I’d go with Maxine Waters.


  24. babygrandparents says:

    I will also Add Prince Charles to my other 2. I will stick with 3


  25. Ross says:

    Teresa May followed by Frau Merkel. There are plenty of others but these two stand out for 2018.


  26. Selwyn H says:

    I have another lesser known politician to nominate which may surprise some but my others are already right up there amongst the prime candidates.

    My nominations are;

    1) NZ Prime Minister Jacinta (zero emissions by 2050 including agriculture) Ahern
    2) Malcolm (turncoat) Turnbull
    3) Prince Charlie (my plants talk back) Windsor
    4) Angela (obvious reasons) Merkel
    5) Emanuelle (fuel tax) Macron

    NZ dairy farmers reckon Jacinta’s restored Emissions Trading Scheme will cripple their business.


  27. David Chappell says:

    Theresa May is a must and it will probably be the last election she ever wins. BTW, have you ever noticed that she looks like a sack of potatoes badly tied in the middle?
    Goody Odd Shoes Juncker, of course and Theresa’s opposite number in the UK, the total nonentity Jeremy Corbyn
    Asia deserves a look-in in this prestigious competition and I nominate Hong Kong’s so-called Chief Executive Carrie Lam. In fact, if the rules allowed it, her whole misadministration team deserves recognition. If you think you have a bad bunch in the West…


  28. OneWorldGovernment says:

    James Cook University for what they have done for Great Barrier Reef scientist Peter Ridd
    Obama again for his latest diatribe with “mummy issues”.


  29. Truthseeker says:

    Not a prat nomination, but you should add Dan Bongino to your side bar of useful bloggers.


  30. Selwyn H says:

    My mistake. NZ Prime Minister’s name is Jacinta Ardern (not Ahern)


  31. 42david says:

    I am an Aussie with a few Kiwi mates who are really pissed off with Jacinta Ardern and her waffling. She is only there because a Prat called Winston Peters and his party holds enough of a vote and the balanced of power to install a party which did not get a majority vote in the election. So number one Prat is Winston Peters.

    Prat 2 is the unlamentable Lord Waffle a.k.a Malcolm Turnbull who was ousted as Prime Minister of Australia. The leader of a [cough] conservative party but who was even too far left for them.

    Prat 3 is Theresa May who has betrayed the will of the people by not just telling the European Union to shove it where the sun don’t shine and negotiating what has almost seen to be a surrender document.

    Prat 4 is Mini Macaroon for the reasons stated by others above.

    I reserve the 5th selection for the moment.


  32. rapscallion says:

    I’ll make it short and sweet.

    1, The Maybot – for being so unutterably f*cking useless at everything but most of all for being a traitor
    2. Juncher the Druncker – just for being a complete and utter wa*kpuffin
    3. Macron – for being a complete ar$e
    4. Trudeau – So effin clueless, even the Canadians have started to notice.
    5, Avenatti – for being so utterly devoid of any morals or redeeming features.


  33. Robert Mueller, the undertaker of all prats.


  34. Ray Gaskell says:

    1. Malcolm Turnbull- any Aussie will know why and it’s about time the Prattie went down under
    2. Teresa May
    3. Justin Trudeau
    4. Prince Charles
    5. Emmanuel Macron ( isn’t that a girl’s name?)


  35. Doonhamer says:

    Somewhere in your words I am sure I saw a cut off date for nominations, but can’t be arsed looking back for it.
    Zuckerberg. Mark. With his booster seat so he can see over the table, his aping of Ceasar, his whole supercilious attitude, his belief that he has been appointed (annointed?) to guard the gate of social media.
    Surely he must be on the list.
    Screen grab this quick, because it might just fade into the interweb black hole.


  36. Annie says:

    Surely previous recipients shouldn’t be considered for this year’s Prattie? Trudeau…you might be angling for a repeat performance as you are so well-qualified but do give others a chance!


  37. Pointman says:

    Nominations now CLOSED. The final placings were :-

    Theresa “traitor” May 13
    Prince “Biffo’s ears” Charles 9
    Emanuelle “moron” Macron 9
    Angela “migrant” Merkel 8
    Justin “Such a pretty boy” Trudeau 8
    ——- Made the cut into the voting stage ——-
    Malcolm “turncoat” Turnbull 7
    Jean-Claude “gissa nudder drink” Juncker 5
    Maxine “muddy” Waters 3
    Michael “shyster” Avenatti 3
    Jerry “451” Brown 2
    Jim “Intern abuser” Acosta 1
    Prof Rupert “potty” Read 1
    Swedish PM Stefan Löfven 1
    Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström 1
    Swedish minister of culture Alice Bah Kuhnke 1
    Swedish minister for justice Morgan Johansson 1
    Guy Verhofstadt 1
    Alexandria “trotsky” Ocasio-Cortez 1
    Don Lemon 1
    Eva “SweLezBish” Brunne 1
    UN Env Chief “expenses” Erik Solheim 1
    Mohammed Bin Salman 1
    NZ PM Jacinda “zero brain emissions” Ardern 1
    Jeremy “very quiet lately” Corbyn 1
    HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam 1
    Barack “Mummy” Obama 1
    Winston Peters 1
    Robert “Gestapo” Mueller 1
    Mark Zuckerberg 1



  38. Annie says:

    I notice that, although I have voted, the voting box has cleared again. This could lead to Demo-type multi votes?!


  39. deplorable me says:

    It can’t be a mistake that your annual pratties list reminds me of Monty Python’s upper class twit of the year. At least the winning twits offed themselves, but the pratties don’t even have that much class.


  40. Mike says:

    I think we need some new contenders in the prat of the year field. I’ll offer Ocasio Cortez, A rapidly rising up and coming useless idiot. Maybe a little early to enter her in the field but I rather think she could give Maxine Waters unexpected competition.


  41. Another Ian says:


    A suggestion for “spreading the wealth”

    “@Patrick Healy:

    Well, there are so many fine candidates for Prat Of The Year… Perhaps, like Oscars, we ought to assign multiple of them by category?

    Best Prat In an International Food Fight – Theresa May
    Best Prat In a Multinational Boondoggle – Angela Merkel (for her immigration based Germany / EU Fail)
    Best Prat In a Domestic Climate Policy Revolt – Macron of France
    Best Prat in a Climate Policy Catastrophe – Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown
    Best Prat in a Domestic Boondoggle – …

    Each Awarded their Cat Ass Trophy…

    With trophy illustration


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Ian.

      Similar ideas have been floated before and I can see the attraction. In passing, I’d like to see some blogger running a “Hero of the Year” poll. I’d do that one gladly but can’t, for the same reason I can’t do multiple polls.

      I’m a one-man-band here, and running just the pratties takes a surprisingly large lump out of my blogging time; kick off piece, running it, counting up nominations, trench warfare with free but crappy software, and finally a wrap up piece on the winner. That’s a big enough chunk out of my writing time, especially in the frantic run up to Christmas.

      Perhaps there’s an opening for another blogger out here to run those polls? I’d be glad to assist them on how to set it up.



  42. Rodney Houston says:

    Mark zuckerberg, Malolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten


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