Turd level educashun.

There’s been this huge push across most western democracies to get as many young people into third level education, or college or university or whatever you want to call it. It’s been mainly a political promise – your boy or girl, every single one of them, can emerge in three years clasping that magic piece of paper in their sweaty hand that guarantees a job. The only way of ensuring that mass level of access was to drop any notion of entrance standards, which the universities, like the government subsidy dependent sluts they are, did.

However, while the entrance figures duly shot up, the exit figures did as well – barely one-third of the intake made it into the final year or actually passed their finals. The kids also walked away from the wreckage of the failed experiment in education with a mountain of debt on their back, and they were barely twenty. Welcome to a very early entry into the debt slave sub-culture.

What’s worse is that those hardy survivours of the educational factory found there were no magic graduate entry schemes, they’d all been closed down, and as so many kids were waving their useless graduation certificate in remedial disco dancing, it meant nothing when it came to actually getting a job, because it’d all been devalued. It’s actually become a negative. It means nothing other than you’ve learnt to do the noddies in an intolerant culture that demands obeisance to a single and only church.

Too many employers have had the experience of hiring one and finding they’d an HR problem on their hands. Someone who was agitating for a workers co-operative rather than just doing the relatively junior job they were hired to do. At the end of their provisional employment period, you quietly released them back into the unemployed pool. Lesson learned, won’t hire anyone like that again.

I can relate to that experience. We encouraged all our children to get to university. Not some bloody sixth form playroom pretending to be a university, but to try for a real one. And do something decent, because we knew we’d finish up paying for it anyway. We ended up with one who had a degree in nuclear astrophysics and the two others in biology. What became apparent though, was they were coming back to us as if brainwashed.

Whatever little political engagement they had going in, came out as verging on the frothing Marxist by the time they were farted out of the arse end of it. It was quite astonishing and I was taken aback by it. In the grand tradition of being slightly indulgent of your issue, I let them yap nonsense at me I could safely ignore when they got home, but once my patience snapped at being on the receiving end of a particularly long and puerile lecture about the evils of capitalism.

Enough is enough.

Listen Sunshine, you were brought up in a nice area, in a five bedroom house you’ve never had to share a bed with one of your siblings, a big back garden and a park in front where there’s the crack of a willow bat hitting a cricket ball throughout the summer and the cheers of parents encouraging their football kiddies through the winter, and you’ve never missed a meal in your entire damn life. That was all made possible by me starting a business, and I did so without exploiting any downtrodden proletariat.

If you ever disrespect my life efforts again, there’s a motel down the road and they unlike me will actually charge you for every night you sleep there and for breakfast in the morning. From now on, keep your gobshite mouth shut or fuck off to the motel. Your choice.

That was the end of my socialist re-education lectures, because they knew I meant it. The invariable trait of the left-wing is they want things for free. On a macro level, the government gives them things for free, on a micro level, the parents divvy up whatever money is needed to get them past whatever the current financial crisis is. Everything is expected to be free. They’d been put on notice; those days were over. You are on your own from now on kiddo, Daddie is playing hard ball.

Patience, a lovely gal I always had a lot of time for, had just left the room. From now on, if you fuck it up, you get to unfuck it all by yourself. A rare moment of allowing myself to express some petulance on my part proved to be a corner turner. It wasn’t as if they in turn weren’t looking for jobs; they were. One by one, they found something to do, but you didn’t need a degree to do it. Mainly office admin work which didn’t require a certificate in nuclear astro physics to do it.

I have to put my hand up for steadily pushing them in that educational direction, believing it’d be the usual mind expanding experience confronting them with radically different viewpoints but with the added benefit of enabling them to leap a few rungs up the employment ladder. I was totally wrong. What was returned to me was intolerant brainwashed bigots who weren’t even interested in listening to an alternative viewpoint. They’ve since grown up a bit more and mellowed, but I think the damage had been done by an institution I’d trusted.

As always in these situations, you don’t have to be an Einstein to see the problem, but the next and rarely taken step is to suggest a solution. I’ve recently read one by a professor who’s been lecturing for over twenty years and simply can’t get students to read certain books because it’s been smugly decided they’re white supremacist or whatever. How you can make that decision without ever reading the damn book is beyond me. I’d read Das Kapital and Mein Kampf as a sprout, neither of which turned me into a Communist or National Socialist, but at least I formed my refutations of the ideas contained in them.

He advocates just closing universities down. I can see the sense in the idea; nothing has come out of them since the 1950s. Once the fudgy areas of academia were allowed to retitle themselves as the social “sciences” the whole thing started to go to hell on a hand cart anyway. All it’s been doing for the last three decades is churning out impressionable kids as the second attack wave on western culture of an already failed Marxist experiment that died at the end of the 1990s.

Perhaps he’s right, just close them down. There are no ideas coming out of what should be an ideas factory, the end product is virtually unemployable and the kids are starting to wise up enough to realise there isn’t a guaranteed job at the end of it anyway, but what is for sure is they’ll end up with a huge boulder of debt on their back for no benefit to them. It’s no wonder that applications for formerly prestigious universities like Old Mis have dropped by nearly twenty percent. The rest aren’t faring much better.

When you see a Rhodes scholar demanding the pulling down of a statue of Cecil Rhodes in one of the Oxbridge hovels, you know things have gone off the deep end. Interestingly and for once, the college authorities told him to fuck off and referred the matter of his continued scholarship to the Rhodes foundation trustees. That was the end of that particular piece of irrationality.

For me, the clincher was meeting a young man who told me with a lot of pride that he’d two degrees. Really I replied, feigning some sort of polite interest, but thinking and here you are doing a bottom of the totem pole minimum wage paper shuffling job that your average sixteen year old could do with one hand. After ten minutes of conversation, I came to the conclusion you’d get more sparks out of rubbing two pieces of flint together than would ever come out of this dullard. They must be handing out degrees like sweeties.

Radical though it might sound, I think the professor might just be right.


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  1. Dave says:

    Good post. 100% agree. When I was still working I had the misfortune of having to sift through CVs of barely literate wasters whose sense of entitlement was as big as their student debt. In short, they were unemployable. How long before the little darlings start demanding their degree without having done any work towards it?

    ‘I paid thirty grand for this. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!’

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  2. Blackswan says:


    The situation you describe so well is one that is being played out in families all around the world. Interestingly, in regard to my own clutch of hatchlings, one opted for a Degree in IT but the other did not.

    One emerged as a Leftist/Green Snowflake mired in student debt, the other (who chose to advance his knowledge and expertise in the commercial marketplace), has little interest in politics.

    In that link you provided, Prof Jason Hill observed that “Many a young person has become unrecognizable to family when they return home after a thorough brainwashing.” A man who knows what he’s talking about.

    Hill is right in describing the once