I’ve been reading the mainstream media’s coverage of the recent meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki with growing astonishment. Even in an age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’ve never before seen such infantile, juvenile and venomous coverage of a summit between two world leaders. Watching the press conference, it was only the Russian journalists who asked any questions on the foreign policy areas that had been discussed, because that’s the whole damn point of holding such international meetings.

The American activists, formerly known as journalists, just ground out what was obviously an agenda driven list of questions about Russia somehow subverting an election that’s approaching nearly two years in the past. One of them even had to be ejected from the room for staging some sort of protest. I’m sure there are still one or two dullards left in the world who actually think that whole Russian narrative rests on so much better evidence than what was manufactured, bought and paid for by the DNC.

You could see the raw contempt for them in Putin’s face.

It was a new low for the media, but I have to confess I wasn’t too surprised. They’ve been in an OCD hate Trump downward spiral since he was elected, which has totally undermined any credibility they had with the public, which is why newsrooms are being emptied at a rate of knots; nobody is buying the product and downsizing is the only realistic option being exercised by the bean counters. Cut the overheads – makes the bottom line look better in terms of gearing.

What did surprise me though, was the comments being made by supposedly responsible congressmen. The common accusation they seemed to settle on was to accuse Trump of treason for meeting up with Putin. You expect a certain level of political point scoring, but when it comes to international politics, a country’s leader is usually afforded a certain level of support, albeit tacit at times, by his political opposition. After all, he’s out there fighting for your country in foreign lands. He got nothing from them but accusations of treason, and the same from some within even his own nominal party, with McCain leading the charge as usual.

If your leader talking to the leader of a foreign country is now considered an act of treason, then we are definitely into strange territory. It’s as if they’re presenting Trump with only one forced option – declare war on Russia to prove you’re not some sort of pawn of Putin. These people are not only irresponsible but sick. If America and Russia start exchanging nukes, which is what it would in the end escalate to, you’re looking at mega deaths.

America took about 400 thousand deaths in WWII, the Russians suffered at a conservative estimate 27 million people lost, but they managed to snap the spine of the Wehrmacht over their knee at the end of all that suffering. Just take a moment to think about those brutal numbers. Thousands versus millions. They’re not afraid of casualties. As Napoleon, Hitler and a few other people have found out; think very carefully before you decide to make war with them. It has lots of roughty toughty people and even in its slimmed down form is still so big, you could fit the land mass of America into it twice and still end up with some spare change. You want to fuck with that? Be my guest.

Last year, one of Russia’s few remaining carriers made its way down the English channel, which is a free stretch of sea. A few papers made a big thing of it, saying it shouldn’t be allowed. Well, it’s open sea, no matter how indignant they became. What they didn’t tell you was that a few miles behind the carrier was a Russian tug chugging along. The carrier breaks down so often, the tug comes into regular use. Russia has still got some tasty bits of military kit, but the Russia of today has nowhere near the military strength of the USSR of old. Most of it has rotted away at its moorings in Murmansk.

Carriers are used to project power in proportionate amounts. But, it’s what’s under the water that ultimately counts; the submarines. They come in three varieties. The specialist surveillance ones floating in neutral buoyancy in the shallows well inside territorial waters where they shouldn’t be and stealing signal. When they get detected, they get killed and nobody on either side admits they ever existed. The second type are the hunter/killer subs whose sole job is to hunt the third type; the boomers.

They’re the ones stacked with nuclear missiles which can be launched at you from your own shoreline. From that range, there’s nowhere in your country that can’t be hit. Russia may have a decrepit surface fleet, but it’s still got a first class flotilla of boomers. I’m sure Trump has had that reality briefing, but equally, he was never going to get bounced into a war with Russia by an irrational and foaming at the mouth combination of the media and the Washington political swamp.

I read one truly pathetic report of the summit. “There was nobody in the room but them and two translators. Who knows what instructions were being given to Trump by Putin?” Fake news at its finest. How did the reporter know there was only four people in the room? Putin running Trump as some sort of agent? Give me a bloody break.

Foreign policy negotiation is quite simple really. You sort out who your common enemy is, and decide on ways you can work together to eliminate the threat. That’s what’s called the union of interests. Outside that commonality, you both have possibly conflicting priorities, but that’s when the real talks begin.

You trade priorities.

Nobody gets everything they want out of such negotiations, but what has to be understood by both parties, is that anything you’re forced to give away has to be politically defensible. If you know that when you get home, the perception is you’ve taken one up the bum by trading away a particular policy you shouldn’t have, the other leader has to be intelligent enough to see it’s simply not on the table. As ever, politics is the art of the possible.

Conflicting and non-tradeable priorities are then decided in the subsequent months after the meeting by the usual process of trying to out-maneuver each other. Again, it’s a some you win, some you lose process. What you don’t do is just simply declare war on each other. Both Trump and Putin are grown up enough to know this.

In the absence of anyone being able to frame a subtle question to either of them after the meeting, it’s impossible to work out what was agreed in the union of interests area or the horse trading afterwards, but one thing is clear from the body language. There was a meeting of minds, deals were struck and we’ll have to adduce in the coming months what was traded. Watch for what you’d expect them to do but they don’t; that’ll be what was traded.

Churchill, as so often, hit the nail on the head – when the jaw-jaw stops, the war-war starts. Some supposedly responsible people should reflect on that simple maxim, because if the war against Russia they appear to be pushing for ever starts, there would be mountains of bodies stacked up in burning pyres.


12 Responses to “Helsinki.”
  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Meeting face to face like that means that anybody leaking will be identified in minutes, or less.
    And the residual swamp creatures in the USA security establishment will be suffering agonies of “not knowing” and unable to leak anything.
    Would one of those things discussed would be the antipathy by the Democrats towards Putin, and if the contents of Hillary’s (or the DMC) computer should become available before the November elections, would that be a win for both Presidents?

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  2. 1957chev says:

    I’d love to be able to believe that the left’s agenda didn’t include killing off millions of people, but globalization, NWO, Agenda 21, or whatever they wish to call it, includes “ridding the earth”, of millions of people. They’ve zeroed in on white people as the best ones to dispose of, because of our tendency to “use more resources”, than the globalists think we are entitled to. Too many of us are educated and are able to live independent of gov’t handouts, and that means the gov’t has far less control over us. We cherish our freedom, and that is a no-no in the society they are planning for us. If it weren’t for the election of President Trump, who knows where we’d be now! Hillary and the Dems would have the agenda moving forward at a terrifying rate!
    I hope more people start to fight back against things such as mass immigration, social extremism, and the left wing agenda. MSM certainly isn’t going to help educate people! Oddly enough, social media may be the thing that helps the most to get the message out.
    Thank you so much for doing far more than your share to help educate the masses, Pointman.
    I love that you do it so eloquently!

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  3. Simon Derricutt says:

    I’m pretty amazed at the wall-to-wall anti-Trump sentiments on the media. Bill Clinton had affairs and lied, yet is well-respected still, whereas some illegally-obtained recording of Trump engaging in locker-room talk was presented as a reason to disqualify Trump from the post. It’s common knowledge that powerful men have many more sexual opportunities than the rest of us peons – it’s part of the standard stock of jokes, and if jokes are not based on expressing the underlying truth they simply aren’t funny. Did anyone really doubt that the Hollywood casting-couch stories were based on truth? The question is whether Trump compelled anyone, or whether he did the normal human thing of at times accepting what was freely offered.

    Obama and Clinton had their “reset button” with Putin, previous US presidents have talked with Yeltsin and Gorbachov, and it wasn’t treasonous but a Good Idea. Sort out the problems and get along. Similarly get along with China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, even if you don’t like their human-rights record or religious intolerance or whatever.

    What seems to not be recognised in the media is that Putin puts Russia First. Within Russia, he seems to have a pretty good approval rating overall. People are generally happy with a leader when they see that life has improved for them and will improve further, even if their current standard of living may seem low to us.

    It’s pretty certain that Russia tried to meddle in the US election, since they’ve been doing that all my life. The US is no special case, either, since the Russians will try to steer events in every country to a Russian benefit. As far as I can tell, most of the World Powers do the same, too. Standard Operating Procedure. We probably wouldn’t enjoy John Le Carré’s books if we didn’t feel they were based on truths.

    Russia is inclined to kill its traitors somewhat publicly (pour encourager les autres…) but then there seems to also be a trail of bodies of people who had evidence against Clinton. Suicide by a double-tap to the head with your own gun seems a little hard to believe, yet it’s accepted. Convenient deaths have always been one of the ways available to silence people who know inconvenient truths.

    Mueller has found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia in the last year and a half. AFAIK no convenient deaths on the Trump side in the meantime, either. It’s a fair bet that he won’t find any if he hasn’t by now. If you investigate anyone in depth, you’re bound to find something they’ve done that is against the letter of the law, simply because the body of Law is too large for anyone to know all of it and comply with all of it. Mueller will therefore find illegalities and it will be hailed as a success by the media, but in reality it looks to be a total waste of time and money.

    Occasionally the media will tell us that the USA is actually doing pretty well. Unemployment is down, Black and Hispanics minorities are doing a lot better than others in relative terms, and my friends in the States are seeing businesses expanding. Trump’s strategy seems to be doing what he promised. Juncker (who did some dodgy tax-deals when he led Luxembourg, and thus attracted enough business to make Luxembourg extremely rich) has now caved on the EU tariffs and impediments to trade that Trump’s tariffs were intended to put back on the table for renegotiation. I’m not particularly surprised that the tariffs on Steel and Aluminium don’t seem to have actually been applied to Europe, but that the presence of a deadline has produced a deal (or at least the agreement to sort things out). On the news, though, I’m told that Trump caved on the tariffs.

    Mostly, Trump seems to be using the Art of War, and not letting his opponents be certain of what he’s planning. This upsets the people who make a living from commenting on politics, since they are made to look silly. Still, looking at the results so far, Trump is keeping his promises and putting the prosperity of his people as a first priority. Putin appears to be doing the same as far as he is able. They’re both realists, so I’d expect them to reach an accommodation that’s mutually beneficial if allowed to by the other US politicians. War is expensive in many ways, and there are better uses for all those resources. It looks like Kim Jong-un may have been persuaded that the permanent war-footing is costly, and that all those soldiers could be better-employed in raising the standard of living of the country as a whole, but the changes will take a while. Trump is profit-oriented, and peace is more profitable than war. If Trump has to make war, I’d expect to be quick and devastating, since that is cheaper than a long-drawn-out war of attrition. A frightening prospect for those on the receiving end.

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    • Gorillaguerilla says:

      Mueller was the one who took the uranium sample over to Russia wasn’t he? So who colluded with the Russians then? And how can he then lead an “investigation” into Russian collusion by trump ? It’s all a disgrace and the USA is under attack from within. God bless trump and keep him safe


  4. Timbotoo says:

    Speaking of body language, I thought that President Trump looked very serious when they came out of the meeting.


  5. philjourdan says:

    One of the main themes prior to Helsinki was that Putin would eat Trump for lunch because “he is ex-KGB”. That was a serious meme of the press (or what passes for them) here. Of course afterwards, the main meme was that Trump looked like Putin’s puppet.

    The sad part is that you are correct. Nothing short of a war is going to convince the idiots that Trump is the smartest man in the room, regardless of the room he is in. He just brought the EU to the table where the ground rules are “no tariffs”, yet the news is whining about how Trump caved. They are pathetic. And predictable.

    Trump got what he wanted from Putin. Putin got what he wanted. There was no agreement. But then that was not what was wanted. But the YSM has no clue about what was going on in Helsinki. They never will. TDS makes them morons. Or perhaps just exposes them as morons as I doubt they were ever anything else.

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  6. JohnTyler says:

    “…..the Russians suffered at a conservative estimate 27 million people lost, but they managed to snap the spine of the Wehrmacht over their knee at the end of all that suffering….”

    Yep, the Wehrmacht equaled, but just barely (depending upon the source one chooses to cite) the number of USSR denizens murdered by “Uncle” Joe Stalin.

    I still await a book, a movie, a TV show, really anything, about “Stalin’s Willing Executioners.”

    I am not holding my breath, and neither should you.

    More to the point of Pointman; those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) suffer not at all from any sort of derangement.
    They are simply following the advice of that great humanitarian, Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister, and a world class propagandist at that) who averred “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”
    Their anti-Trump rhetoric is aimed at the voters in the upcoming elections who are to busy or uninformed (or is it too stupid), to see that that Trump Putin “affair” is a massive hoax.

    Even Adam Schiff for brains, who is on the House Intelligence Committee and has access to the real facts continues to push the Trump Russia agenda.
    See Joe Goebbels quote above.

    What we are witnessing here in the USA is a veritable coup d’etat – US style. In Latin America they just get on with it and murder the designated target (see Salvador Allende, who really did have it coming).

    Yep, nothing at all to do with derangement folks; it is all planned, purposeful, intentional and yes, very deadly.


  7. beththeserfb says:

    So much better realists dealing with realists, than idealists
    for whom there can be no deal.

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  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    too long to copy here but you might like to read

    It is about the Chinese view of Trump.

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  9. John Garrett says:

    Why is common sense so uncommon?

    If Trump Derangement Syndrome wasn’t so irrational and potentially dangerous, it would make for fabulous entertainment.

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    • Another Ian says:

      Themesong for the 21st century IMO is John Prine’s “Common Sense”


      “It don’t make no sense that common sense don’t make no sense no more”


  10. rapscallion says:

    “Boomers” is American slang for SSBN’s as the deterrent boats are known. In the British Submarine Service they are known as “Bombers”. There used to be a little ditty sung by these crews:-

    “All thing bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful
    Polaris kills them all”

    , , , and Pointman, they are ALWAYS called boats by their crews. Don’t ask why, they just are.

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