New beginnings.

There’s a look women have when they’ve just given birth to a baby. In days gone by, you had to be a father and elect to be in the room to see it and it was your woman doing the business and it was the one single thing you couldn’t help or protect her from … Continue reading

Prat of 2017 – We have a winnah!

Okay, I’m calling it. Ignore all the early exit polls and the prognostications of the cream of punditry – the final results are in for Prat of the Year 2017! It was a quite subdued start with several people taking the lead in terms of votes, but in the final straight one big winner galloped … Continue reading

Pointman’s look back at the year 2017.

When evidence against a person in a criminal trial has been obtained illegally or improperly, it automatically becomes inadmissible in a court of law. It’s called the fruit of the poisoned tree and can’t be used. Indeed, even mentioning the existence of such excluded evidence by a prosecuting attorney to a jury is seen as … Continue reading

Putting things aright.

I wrote the last week of a person acting courageously and thanks to her foresight in recording her experience in an interrogation chamber from academic thugs, the story got out onto the Internet and provoked an immediate backlash, and perhaps a long overdue debate about what many think of as the imminent demise of freedom … Continue reading

Uncommon valour.

There are points in any man’s life where you’ve been backed into a corner, and then successively downwards, until there’s no escape. They’ve got you pinned and there is simply no hope, no way of winning, no way home. All the moves it’s possible to make have been made, and there are no more chess … Continue reading