Working men.

As a kid, I always looked for work in construction through the long summer holidays. It was usually a full-time gig, paid a lot better than casual jobs behind a bar and once in a while it was a cash in hand affair, so let’s not involve the taxman in it. At the start, it … Continue reading

It’s Prattie time again.

It’s usually about this time of year I kick off the annual climate prat awards. It’s part of the Christmas wind down. Cranking out a couple of thousand words for the Pratties is usually fun. It always takes two pieces, one of which outlines the rules which are always ignored by everyone anyway (I sometimes … Continue reading

The view from the couch.

There’s a scene in Hamlet I’ve referred to previously where Shakespeare wrote about when sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions, or words to that effect. In my experience, that’s very true. When you think things are already at rock bottom, there’ll always come along another straw to try and break … Continue reading