Enter the video blogger.

Video blogging or vblogging is very much a product of the Internet age. In terms of how it uses the Internet, its purest form is simply a person talking into the digital camera every laptop comes with these days, or increasingly the selfie function of their mobile phone. It combines various skills dependent on the style of vblogging the blogger has decided on. To name but a few; self-scripted dialogue, pure improv, some knowledge of video editing, post-production work and a lot of other pieces of knowledge they’ve been obliged to pick up along the way.

It also is a product of the intolerant times we live in, since all the vbloggers with a big following tend to be expressing viewpoints which will never get an airing in the MSM or the dead tree media. It tends to be everyman saying what he really thinks. Interestingly, as a veteran of the climate wars, there’s a similarity with the male-female blogger demographic. It’s about fifty-fifty, with women speaking with just as strong and effective a voice as the men.

Unlike so many liberal movements, where women are there to be endlessly talked about in various victimhood roles quite generously by men on their behalf and who tend to push them into the background to do the political equivalent of pompom shaking, doing a rahrah in a timely manner, booty wiggling or just generally cheering their grim-faced and righteous men onwards in their heroic struggle to achieve whatever sort of delusional Utopia is flavour of the month, the vbloggers are different.

Of the individuals who do it, there’s a frequently occurring pattern of belonging to some section of society commonly portrayed by the media as being oppressed, but who reject such a stereotype of them as helpless victims and are determined to give the world out there what a woman actually thinks of gender driven politics or what it’s really like to be black or gay or whatever. They’re sick and tired of always being portrayed as some cardboard parody of themselves which has a huge and overwhelming media consensus pushing it.

They’re saying that’s not me, that’s not my friends, that’s not the world I live in. Another echo of the climate wars.

It looks like a unique way of communicating and it pretty much is except for a long forgotten forerunner of such an experiment back in the days of black and white television. The noted historian AJP Taylor gave a series of lectures on television in the fifties and sixties that consisted of him just looking into a camera and talking for a solid half an hour. As a TV programme concept, everybody in the industry knew it was going to bomb. As it turned out, when he was on, millions of people stopped everything to listen to him.

It was live TV and unscripted. No second takes, no go again, no graphics, no cut-away film clips, just a gifted historian extemporising straight into the camera on a topic of his choosing and in a manner the ordinary person could easily understand and enjoy. A story goes that a taxi driver taking him to the BBC studio for tonight’s lecture, eagerly asked him what he was going to say this evening. I’ve no idea was the reply and yet he always brought the lecture to a natural close exactly on the half hour.

The real point of that story is that evening a cabbie, whose only experience of learning history was failing to memorise a dull sequence of dates as it was for so many people of his generation, was now learning the processes and the sheer forces of destiny that shaped the world he now lived in. The juices, the follies and the mad marching in step of the mass unstoppable psychology of history.

You can look up his basic details but to get a flavour of the man, try an excerpt of one of his lectures. It’s one of the tragedies of broadcasting that most of the recordings of his early programmes were taped over for other programmes but a fair selection of grainy black and white ones remain. The pitifully few books of antiquity that were saved when the great library of Alexandria burned to the ground comes to mind. All gone, like tears in the rain.

If you have any interest in modern history and how the current world came about, the books he wrote fall into the must read category whether you agree with his analysis or not. If you want your history in simple given terms, then it’d be best to stay well away from him.

As with what I suppose I’ll have to term traditional blogging, the style in which video blogging is done is as individual as the vblogger themselves. I’ll run through a few of them for illustrative reasons just to give you an idea of the variety of cuisine on offer.

You have the basic stripped down variety. Just a person talking into a camera phone and you get the unedited stream of a person’s thoughts as one naturally leads onto another. Given it’s such a brutal no second take way of doing it, it’s not only brave but when they’re referring to an event that’s just happened, you can see and hear the passion in them about it.

There are many vbloggers of this style and I’ll mention Brandon Tatum as an exemplar. He’s a serving police officer and also black, which gives him some uncomfortable insights into the race war currently being fomented by the media and certain politicians for their own ends. He brings a self-evident honesty when he’s talking to you. His beat is not confined by the colour of his skin. He’s well worth following.

Paul Joseph Watson goes for a more investigative journalism approach. Lots of cut aways to clips, quotes and a pile of well researched statistics. If they ever left a quote on the Internet directly contradicting what they’re saying now, he’ll find it and embarrass the hell out of them for their hypocrisy. He’s also got an acerbic way of mimicking the excessive posturing of the people he’s pillorying.

The dynamic due called Diamond and Silk go for an approach as sorta being two women sitting on a couch commenting about whatever they’re watching on the goggle box. They are very definitely performing and are nearly always a scream. At face value, they’re portraying two big black mommas, but it’s pure performance theater at its best and is both extremely clever and subtle. While they’re making you wet your knickers bent over double with laughter, they’re also getting their viewpoint across.

Diana Davison aka Feminism KEK, tends to kick the stool out from under people who’re standing on it with a noose they’ve placed around their own neck for reasons of martyrdom or their own pretentious sense of victimhood. They’re just waiting for everyone else to beg and scream and coax them down. She boots it with that certain vicious cattiness that only women seem to possess, but at the same time her evident zest in doing so is always accompanied by a grin and some good one liners. The sort of smart, hard cookie of a woman I kinda like. No fainting weak frail sister there.

Candace Owen aka Red Pill Black, is I’d say representative of so many of them in that she made a transition after some hard personal experiences from being an unthinking supporter of many leftward political ideas to not so much the right but back towards the right of centre. Again, another echo of the climate wars. In a decade in the climate trenches, I never met a skeptic blogger who didn’t initially start out believing the accepted knowledge of a looming thermogeddon that upon examination by them in detail moved them over to the skeptic side of the aisle.

I’ve barely touched on the variety on offer but to my mind they do share some things, namely being relatively youngish, bright, witty, independent thinkers, creative, articulate, angry at times, admiring at others but above all brave and unafraid to talk out into the unknown silence of the world-wide web with the firm conviction that whatever is in their head and their heart is shared by many others out there, despite what the media Goliaths are saying. It’s an act of faith I’m more than familiar with.

They’re taking some punishment at the moment, but I’m confident will tough it out.

Like their lineal ancestor AJP Taylor who was banned by the BBC several times but always brought back by popular demand, their blogging efforts are always under pressure from the Goolag and YouTube, the creature it owns. Since they’re predominantly anti-liberal and attract large subscriber followings, the Goolag’s YouTube is trying in various devious ways to kill them off.

It remains to be seen how long they can last before they’re forced off YouTube completely. In response, they’ve taken up standby positions on smaller but uncensored video sharing sites such as Vidme, Bitchute and Hooktube. The Goolag’s determination to get rid of them not only stems from the usual intolerance by the left but something else.

Put quite simply, the left seems incapable of producing a single decent vblogger who can attract anything more than a token number of subscribers before they splutter to a halt from being ignored as a prelude to never being heard of again. The reasons for that don’t seem obvious, but personally I think the successful vbloggers have a distinct thread of an impish sense of humour running through their pieces, some real bullshit-free honesty and in the best examples, an element of very engaging solo performance art.

But that’s just the entertaining presentation layer stuff – the real meat is in expressing well what the ordinary person is actually thinking, what they themselves make of it and just as frequently airing their own unique views on a way forward. So often, they take that next step the MSM never does. Sure, nail the essence of the problem, but then suggest some way forward.

Put that combination of creativity, stylish panache, in-your-face attitude, ballsy chutzpah, optimism and perceptive intelligence up against some dreary skinny-assed unwashed wannabe hippy throwback droning on and bloody on about the end of the world, never mind democracy, and whose only solution to anything is to punch someone in the face when they’re not looking and then quickly run away and all of that from behind the safety of a keyboard, you can see the problem. They’ve got no style, no strut, no bollocks, nothing much to offer.

Anyway, try out a few of the links I’ve given here or the new vbloggers list I’ve added to the right hand column of this blog. If you like them, you can support them by subscribing to their channels, which is completely free. All that’s between them and extinction is you on one side subscribing and therefore pulling in the advertising, and the liberal Internet giants who absolutely hate their guts but know their lively content pulls in the punters to their otherwise tawdry sideshow offerings.

I recognise only too well their creative spirit of adventure and applaud it. If they’re to be the next generation of innovative bloggers swinging machetes and cutting a new path through the supposedly impassable media jungle, I’m more than easy with that. They have my total support.

Go for it my demon princes.


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14 Responses to “Enter the video blogger.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    The liberals of the giants are going to kill themselves. They are purposefully limiting their audience at least in half (and perhaps more since you do not have to try every slice of a pie to know if you like it or not).

    Whenever I see one of these types of discussions, I am always reminded of Anders Brevick. A nobody that probably no one would remember, except that his native country decided hate speech was to be forbidden, and he found no outlet for his frustration. Until he picked up a rifle and killed over 70 folks at a resort. Liberals do not seem to understand that hate speech is blowing off steam. You do not have to agree with what is said, nor even listen to it. But once you prevent it from being said, they will find another venue to express their anger. And contrary to the snowflakes creed, words do not kill. But sticks and stones and bullets do.


  2. NZPete says:

    Very well said, Pointy.


  3. Pointman says:

    If there’s a vblogger out there that you particularly like or follow, please feel free to recommend them to everyone using a comment.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Keitho says:

      I am subscribed to Sargon of Akkad. He is a thinking and insightful vlogger. He self describes as a liberal and at times a bit of a lefty but he is anything but.

      He is a Brit who lives in the States and it was his merciless attacks on modern feminism that first caught my attention. He goes after similar victim industry losers with wit and vigour and he always references his work meticulously.

      Politics, social mores, media and more general stupidity are his well deserved targets.

      As an aside, if you follow twitter there is a fellow called Thomas Wictor who despite being cantankerous presents extended threads that challenge the accepted narratives on a wide range of current, and past, affairs. It isn’t vlogging but it is informative and very accessible.


    • chris watton says:

      I do like (as well as red Pill Black and Paul Joseph Watson as already mentioned) Stefan Molyneux:

      Lauren Southern:

      Blonde in the Belly of the Beast:

      And Steven Crowder (for light relief):

      Steven Crowder did an undercover report at one of the US Anfifa rallies, and discovered they were handing out knives, pick axes, even a shotgun, all on film. He offered this footage to the MSM reporters there, and none of them were interested in this damning footage!

      I am convinced that these YouTube blogs offer the best undiluted news and opinions, and now do not watch/listen to MSM news and current affairs, the BBC being the worst offender.


  4. Blackswan says:


    Vloggers are a really appealing online advent in recent years … articulate, rational individuals with varied life experiences, voicing opinions we rarely hear in the real world. I often think what wonderful dinner guests they’d be, and imagine the kinds of interesting conversations that would emerge.

    One aspect of their mutual respect is that some vloggers invite guest appearances of others, the interview format revealing quite a lot about their backgrounds, their education and what has prompted them into this ground-breaking means of global communication.

    One of my favourites, Stefan Molyneux, has invited Candace Owens (redpillblack) to his program for an epic conversation about their mutual interests …

    It’s no mean feat to look down the barrel of an inanimate camera lens and visualise eye contact with your listening audience, and those who do it well (with nary an ‘um or ‘ah’) are almost guaranteed success so long as their comments are relevant, honest and from the heart.

    Another favourite of mine is Pat Condell, an angry Brit who usually manages to say what so many of us are thinking.

    Brandon Tatum, the black police officer, is a standout. He’s usually sitting in his car, the camera on his dashboard, and he always speaks from the heart. He’d be welcome at my dinner table any time – a really courageous and rational thinker.

    Listening to what such people have to say isn’t just a matter of ‘confirmation bias’ – it’s the acknowledgment that logic and reason will always trump hysterical groupthink any day of the week.


  5. Santa's little helper says:

    An earlier generation…Pat Condell. Brutally honest but hard hitting. Blogs less frequently now…more’s the pity. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOkEnBl5TO4SCLfSlosjgg


  6. rapscallion says:

    I regularly watch these four:-

    Candace Owen aka Red Pill Black.
    Paul Joseph Watson.
    Stephan Molyneux.
    Pat Condell.

    which no doubt soothes my subversive side but I will certainly have a look at the others. Brandon sound interesting.


  7. Pointman says:

    YouTuber Demonetized Hours after Rush Limbaugh Reads Her Article on His Show.




    Suppression of free speech by the Goolag.



  8. Shoshin says:

    I’ve been bothered by a series of micro-aggressions recently. As someone descended from Eastern European Slavic stock, I feel that I must speak out against the cultural appropriation of the words “slave” and “slavery”. It is well established that the these words stem from the ethnic term “Slav”, so my ancestors thousands of years ago were the original “Slaves”. This word should be reserved exclusively for our use.

    Others who culturally appropriate our word should be forced to find there own word. There; I said it. It’s fun to be an Social Justice Warrior! I encourage everyone else to embrace their victim-hood and pound the drum loud and clear! I’ve finally found my victim-voice!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Blackswan says:

    A really interesting discussion between James O’Keefe and Stefan Molyneux as they expose the Gatekeepers.

    Not only is O’Keefe subject to a flurry of expensive law suits following previous revelations, he’s now subject to court-ordered injunctions to prevent him exposing the crooks in the first place.

    So much for the First Amendment.

    Published 12th Oct 17 … 44mins

    Liked by 1 person

  10. xmfclick says:

    A couple of vloggers I’ve recently come across are Bill Whittle and Raz0rfist (sic). Bill Whittle is a 50-something white American guy who’s obviously been around the block many times, I’m guessing in the MSM and/or talk radio, and has worked with Andrew Klavan, so you’ll know roughly what to expect if you know Klavan. Raz0rfist (aka The Rageaholic) looks like a cooler, angry version of Styxhexenhammer, with a fast delivery that’s reminiscent of Ben Shapiro (but with expletives). I’ve only just found him, so I haven’t had a chance to explore his output all that much, but it looks as though he’s heavily into gaming and music as well as current-affairs commentary, so his commentary videos are scattered among his other stuff. And if you don’t know who Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan are, you can find them at The Daily Wire.

    A couple of others I follow are Bearing, an Aussie who covers local events as well as having a go at SJWs and leftists, and Dave Cullen (aka Computing Forever), an Irish guy who comments on current affairs but also blasts SJWs and the extremist feminists out there. He’s mates with Sargon and was with him in the front row at VidCon when Anna Sarkesian threw her wobbly (and her toys out of the pram).

    Nearly lastly, and for a bit of light entertainment mixed with some insightful commentary (especially during the US presidential election), I subscribed to Lionel Nation. Lionel is a New-York-based lawyer and “media commentator” who does 30-minute unedited speaks-to-camera pieces on current affairs, plus livestreams and occasional other pieces on hobby horses of his such as 9/11 and global warming. He also includes clips from his frequent appearances on RT. Nowadays I find his full 30 minutes way too long, so I usually click on something else after 5 minutes or so, but he can be very amusing when he tries, in a slightly shouty, New Yorker way.

    Lastly, and maybe not so much a vlogger as an investigative journalist and deep, lateral thinker, you have the extraordinary James Corbett at The Corbett Report. How he manages to rummage through the darker corners of the Internet as well as being a general polymath and seemingly as well-connected as the Secretary-General of the UN — and still have the time to make long and interesting videos — is completely beyond me. He’s like one of the people I used to come across at university who were cruising towards a top First while also finding time to act, do sports, be involved in student politics, write their first novel and shag several of the more desirable examples of the opposite sex. There are some people who seem able to do about 30 hours’-worth of work in a day, and Corbett is one of them. Well worth checking out, IMHO.

    Bill Whittle >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6P8LT59hNgA8bes61IA9Ow
    Raz0rfist >> https://www.youtube.com/user/xRazorFistx
    The Daily Wire >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaeO5vkdj5xOQHp4UmIN6dw
    Bearing >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwW_vaMPlq8J4weKDsfeJzw
    Computing Forever >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9D87j5W7PtE7NHOR5DUOQ
    Lionel Nation >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa3-BNaCeCvGSfhMuotYskg
    The Corbett Report >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TvL4GlQyMBLlUsTrN_C4Q


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