Boys and their toys.

The North American P51 Mustang fighter aircraft was always a thing of beauty. It just needed a few mods to nudge it on its way towards mechanical perfection. When you’re born with a whiff of petrol in your nostrils and some engine oil already ingrained under your fingernails, you can’t help but fall in love … Continue reading


As a lad, I always had a scattering of odd jobs around the neighborhood. Whatever needed fixing or replacing, nailing, brutalising back into place or just duct taping together so it’d work again, I was your ready kiddo who’d give it a lot of elbow grease and the old school try. It might not have … Continue reading

Caution, swamp draining in progress.

It’s a self-evident truism that every large organisation requires some sort of overall leadership. The usual form is one head, perhaps only titular or perhaps almost omnipotent, surrounded by people upon whom that person has devolved some of his power so that they can assume responsibility for a designated area that requires management. To a … Continue reading

Enter the video blogger.

Video blogging or vblogging is very much a product of the Internet age. In terms of how it uses the Internet, its purest form is simply a person talking into the digital camera every laptop comes with these days, or increasingly the selfie function of their mobile phone. It combines various skills dependent on the … Continue reading