The Trump speech in Poland.

I take one break from blogging and it’s over Christmas. I’m not a blog workaholic, but I give my family that time and it’s unconditional. When I find my mind sliding away to some other context when I’m in their familial company, I give myself a notional slap across the chops and get back into actually being in the room with them. I owe them that. I can be a grinding sombre presence at times and they deserve me trying to act the complete idjit over Christmas.

I’m actually getting rather good at it.

That break is actually very renewing. I get to think about the last year and the coming one and at my age, I’m all too painfully aware that by putting off stuff to tomorrow, I’m writing a cheque against an account whose balance is rapidly running down and there’s no negotiable overdraft on offer.

I see those circumstance as an unexpected fortune denied to so many of my contemporaries that I loved. It’s all in the luck of the draw, with me being the brilliant and talentless loser who’s blundered his way thus far through life and managed to trip over his own to feet to break the finishing tape by complete accident into something I’m still trying to get easy about.

I therefore endeavour to spend my days wisely, trying to be open to a new century while at the same time enjoying the what might be perceived as old-world classical tastes in literature, music, art and certain people I find intriguing.

In a very definite sense, I’m only interested in quality these days. So much of my life has been consumed by doggerel, mediocrity, shite accepted culture and little men with dick-shrinkingly small ideas presented as being somehow Earth shattering. As soon as they open their gob, my lethal five second bollocks survival instinct kicks in and I’m outta there.

But the thing about being a hopeless believer, is that you know in your heart that when you’ve paddled through so many floating turds, the abiding belief that still keeps you going is that the real gems are still there.

And they are.

Trump’s speech to the Poles who gathered in that particular square where the slaughter of their brave resistance men and women occurred while the “liberating” Russian army parked outside Warsaw just long enough to let the Nazis kill them all wasn’t lost to anyone who knew of that uprising. It was to that forgotten memory and also the other more darker one he spoke, and he didn’t pull any punches.

WWII started with both the Russians and the Germans invading brave little Poland from either side in a deal the Molotov pact had already agreed as a side protocol. Everybody stopped at the Vistula river and Poland had become agreeably raped by the two great Fascist regimes of the time. So, at the end of a war so nobly started to humble the Germans who were really taking the piss with the weak democracies, the Russians got to keep Poland for nearly the next half century.

There’s not a dumb Polack I know who doesn’t get enraged at the cover up about the abuse of their country and their people. WWII started off to save Poland, and we left it under the Russian jackboot until the fall of the USSR. As a nation, they’ve endured the almost unendurable and then some. They have a sense of nationhood that no amount of brutality can take away from a people.

Trump did the ugly and unforgivable thing of reminding everyone of all these disagreeable facts of the things Germany and Russia did to them, which is why the crowd started chanting “USA, USA, USA” at him because he knew Russia was still their enemy they feared, and Germany under the rule of Kaiserin Merkel was an entity they’d never trust.

American presidents don’t usually get that sort or reception in Europe, or anything near it. The last one was Reagan whom I saw in Berlin exhorting Mr Gorbachov to tear this wall down to a rapturous reception from West Berliners. Before him, it was Jack who assured them “Ich bin ein Berliner” – I’m a Berliner, to rapturous applause. When the enemy is on your doorstep, it does tend to concentrate one’s mind.

He spoke in some detail about local history, but he also alluded to some higher ideals which are now commonly regarded as tarnished goods. About having a religion and not feeling you have to apologise for that, about having a culture that didn’t stop somewhere in the middle ages, about a civilised ethos that allows a woman to walk the street in the evening without running the risk of being raped, about being able to read and write and not live off the back of taxpayers like some non-assimilating parasite for the remainder of your life.

He said unless we’re strong in our beliefs of who we are, of the value of our culture, we risk being subsumed by economic migrants who see us as nothing more than a handy cash dispenser who’re fools enough to pay them while they totally disrespect our history and culture.

He drew a line, and he chose to do so in Poland, who steadfastly refuse to be frogmarched into accepting Angela Merkel’s feckless migrants of the Arab world whom not a single other Arab country would touch with a barge pole. After that, G20 was a detail between him and Putin sorting out the real deals in a back room, while Merkel waited for the big players like Justin Trudeau to battle their way out of a women’s loo he’d managed to lock himself into.

High drama and low comedy, such is international politics.


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6 Responses to “The Trump speech in Poland.”
  1. rapscallion says:

    Trump’s speech in Warsaw today was nothing short of inspirational, a call to arms. It is no diplomatic oversight that saw him remind everybody of the Warsaw Uprising and how the Germans slaughtered all in sight and the Russians sat back and did nothing. Nor was it a diplomatic oversight of the Poles to have a picture of Trump taken with a picture of Jan Sobieski III who slaughtered the Turks in their thousands at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. These things MATTER. It is why we have a “national memory” All the globalists must have hated his speech, calling as it did to family, nation and God. – all the basics that they have rejected.

    If his speech is received by the rest of us mere mortals in the spirit is which he gave it – then Western Civilisation will not go “quietly into the night” If we want to survive as a civilisation that has given the world so much then we must be prepared to fight for it. That is his message

    Thank God for Donald Trump.

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  2. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    It seems to me MLKJr was right. The arc of history bends toward liberty, but it bends slowly, and sometimes it gets bloody. I expect that to stay true.


  3. dadodeaf says:

    And while Mr. Trump shows his mastery of global chess, our friend from France steps onto the stage and into an apparent steaming pile of his own making.

    The MSM here in the US has neglected covering the finer and more poignant points of either event.


  4. Truthseeker says:


    From your “pictures without comment” page, this link is no longer working …

    It was the 10 steps to defeat terrorism link.

    Taken down? Is there a copy on the Wayback machine?


  5. JohnTyler says:

    Very few folks realize that both Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland in Sept. 1939 and also that Stalin invaded Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland as a result of the Hitler-Stalin Pact signed in the late summer of 1939.
    Further, Stalin had already exterminated many millions of people (10 ? 20? million) well before Hitler had turned on his first gas chamber.

    Before and at the start of WWII, the worst mass murderer in world history was Joe Stalin; and despite this fact, FDR (and his pro-Soviet advisors and spies for Stalin) decided to help Stalin – by sending him much needed war materiel – subsequent to Hitler’s invasion of Russia in June 1941.

    Instead of allowing Stalin and Hitler to annihilate each other, FDR decides to help Stalin.
    This was simply F’n unbelievable.

    When you hear anybody talk about the “good ” war – that is WWII, well, it was not. The USA and UK basically “traded” the freedom of W.Europe for the enslavement of ALL of Eastern Europe, including Poland. Eastern Europe finally achieved freedom in 1989, 45 years after the end of WWII.

    It was one thing for the USA to be involved in WWII; its entirely another matter that the USA decided to help Stalin. This was an absolute disgrace.

    Of course, when Russia was a communist nation and was already on record of having exterminated 20 to 30 million souls (Hitler “only” exterminated about 12 million people , but he also started WWII – with Stalin’s connivance) FDR and liberal democrats, past and present, fell all over themselves excusing and rationalizing the “excesses” of Russia. But you see, all is forgiven because in establishing heaven on earth, anything is allowable or excusable.
    You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

    Presently, under Putin, the democrats/progressives/socialists hate Russia (or so we are led to believe.)

    Frankly, if Putin declares he is a Marxist-Leninist , the democrats / progressives/socialists will once again fall in love with Russia and declare Putin a real hero; struggling to help the poor and proletariat classes in their tireless struggle against evil capitalists, Kulaks and Trotskyites. .


  6. NoFixedAddress says:


    I am going to quote your missive on cattalaxyfiles from the 9th paragraph.

    Full attribution of course.

    Well said.


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