The deep state.

There’s a new term that’s come into common usage over the last year – the deep state. Depending on who you speak to, the meaning of it slides from the darkly malevolent to the mundane. Some imagine it to be a cabal of rich and powerful people who have all politicians of whatever leaning in … Continue reading

Solaris two.

I wrote an article on solar power five years ago which since then has racked up 10k+ Facebook shares and according to WordPress statistics, 395,316 page views with 90,386 of them in the last week alone. Oh, that all of my humble blogging efforts could leap upwards towards a ring of such dizzying heights. I’m not particularly … Continue reading

G20 in the rear view mirror.

I had considered doing a blog on the G20 meeting in Hamburg last week but decided against it for several reasons. The first is that I only turn out a piece once a week and habitually on Friday and as the meeting was planned to last the weekend, it would have meant delaying the article past … Continue reading

The Trump speech in Poland.

I take one break from blogging and it’s over Christmas. I’m not a blog workaholic, but I give my family that time and it’s unconditional. When I find my mind sliding away to some other context when I’m in their familial company, I give myself a notional slap across the chops and get back into … Continue reading