When you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it.

A man once lifted me over his head and then threw me over a bar to crash into the optics and rows of glasses behind it. He was a big brute of a bastard and was used to being the boss of the bar. Roughing up smaller guys was his pastime and reinforced his alpha male status in the joint. I’d just dropped in to use the payphone and made the mistake of deciding to stop for a beer.

It was one of those situations where somebody decides to push you into a corner for no good reason and despite a bit of turning the other cheek, you know in the end it’s going to kick off whatever you do, and of course it did.

After disposing of me, he’d already turned his back to accept the plaudits of the shocked onlookers and his lackeys in the bar when he heard the tinkling of broken glass caused by me physically extricating myself out of the wreckage. He wasn’t expecting that. I stood up and looked at him from the other side of the bar and he saw my face and what was in it and I saw what was in his. In that instant, he knew he’d just made the mistake of his life.

There are no rules in a bar fight.

I came back around the bar, he swung a roundhouse at me, I ducked under it and cut him good across the width of his stomach with a shard of glass I was holding. He made the mistake of looking down to see how bad the blood flow was, giving me the opening to break one of his knees with an inside kick. Once he hit the floor, I kept booting him until he was unconsciousness and then a bit beyond, just to be sure I’d put him down good and hard, and to frighten the bejaysus out of his lackeys to keep their bums on their seats.

In some bars, fights don’t get stopped.

That’s not the nicest of stories, and I know that. It’s not something I’m proud of but also it’s not a thing I’m ashamed of either, nor one that I wouldn’t repeat in some fashion given similar circumstances. Every person has the right to defend themselves by whatever means come to hand because violence and aggression can only be fought using the same methods, or you simply accept the status of being a victim.

Despite what you might have been led to believe, the vast majority of people have real difficulties dealing with hard violence, whether they were just an observer of it, a victim of it or the one dishing it out, and I include myself in that general category. The only people whom it doesn’t trouble are pure psychopaths, sadists or bullies, which is what big boy in the bar was. He’d got away with it for years, but he was takeable and inevitably one day there’d be me or someone like me coming down the turnpike to take him. It was just a matter of time.

In the immediate afterwards of violence, it’s usually about dealing with a degree of shock, but longer term it can take years if ever to find some accommodation with the memories. That’s the reason why there are so many veterans whose life after service is in chaos. The universal human inhibition to do lethal violence was detuned in training and by the experience of war but nothing is ever done for them to cope with civilian life in the aftermath, where all their first reflexive responses are now wrong.

What is also universal is that when you attack people, at some point they’ll fight back. There’s always a period when they try to calm down the situation before it escalates to outright violence, but when push comes to shove, they’ll fight.

There is a political situation developing in America which in essence is starting to run along the lines I’ve just described. The establishment left lost the presidential election, but instead of accepting the result, they’ve instituted a war of petty obstruction in congress, but also more seriously an indirect proxy one of sidewalk level intimidation by thugs being paid to appear by various organisations behind which are shadowy figures like George Soros. The deafening silence of the Democrat leadership condones this violence.

Six months ago, I would have thought such a claim was deep into the conspiracy nutter zone, but after the revelations of the WikiLeaks material and the work of Project Veritas, it’s all too credible.

Beyond creating an exaggerated impression in a lying media of an impending breakdown in law and order, I can’t see what on Earth such a strategy is intended to achieve, if indeed it can be called a strategy. It might make some people feel better, but politically it’s simply pushing them away from the centre and towards the unelectable margins. Despite the media spin, the common perception is of ordinary people being attacked by masked thugs.

Law and order won’t break down and even if in the unlikely event it did, Trump would still be president and in a still fundamentally conservative country like America, him declaring a state of emergency to get it back under control would be a shoo in through congress.

Will it improve the Democrats chances in the mid terms? No, quite the reverse. They’re increasingly being associated with a rag bag collection of ne’er-do-wells and thugs the average American voter recognises only too well as the intimidating types who hang around in gangs on street corners looking to do no good. They’re universally considered to be feckless types to be held in contempt. When you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised when you catch fleas.

In a democracy, a mainstream party has to hold on to its share of the political middle ground vote because without that fundamental springboard, it becomes irrelevant how well you do with the usually decisive swing vote – you’ll never win election into power. This “strategy” and the failure to condemn it is an open wound, steadily draining them of the middle America votes that in the main constitute that vital demographic.

Ignoring that portion of the electorate lost them last year’s presidential election and in a prolonged and inexplicable fit of pique they don’t appear to have learnt the lesson yet. With every day that passes, it becomes obvious that if the election was re-run, Trump would win bigger or more bigly, to prefix a comparative to a new word that’s rapidly entering mainstream usage in English.

Paid thugs physically attacking Trump supporters and the latter trying to ignore the provocation, has been the pattern since the inauguration, but events last weekend at a pro-Trump rally in California show sentiment towards passively accepting that treatment and specifically what’s labelled as the antifa movement has hardened.

When a sixty-four year old man was suddenly punched in the face for doing nothing more than carrying an American flag and the organiser of the rally was pepper sprayed in the face by another thug, what was a peaceful march suddenly came very close to becoming a lynch mob.

The sight of masked provocateurs being chased down a Californian beach and being unmasked as they were laid into by Trump supporters was a new thing. Add in the cops turning a dog loose on them while at the same time keeping the Trump crowd at bay from tearing them limb from limb was a turning point. Four of these antifa thugs have since been charged with various felonies and I hope the judge throws the book at them.

Like every bully and thug, they broke and ran down the beach once they encountered some people who were prepared to fight back. A brief surf around the pro-Trump message boards shows people are from now on prepared to dish out some payback.

Once you open up the can of worms that is street-level political violence, you better have some better storm troopers than the skinny-shanked wannabe ninja shown above being chased by what looks like a construction worker carrying an American flag and determined to open up a different can just for him, and the label on it is whupass.


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11 Responses to “When you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    If I had been thrown into a bar mirror, I do not think I would have the presence of mind to do what you did. Of course there are baseball bats.

    Your point is well taken. And yes, the patience of the peaceful is at an end. Note that those who carry signs saying “Peace not war!” are usually the first to jump to violence when things do not go there way. I have seen it for 50 years now (since the Vietnam protests of the 60s and 70s).

    The propensity to violence may be due to frustration, impatience, lack of intelligence – many reasons of which I have no clue about since I have never been in that group. But I do know why those who do not march around with signs saying “peace not war” are not the first to violence (and not the first to violence today). That is because they know the cost of violence. And want to avoid it if possible. They are the soldiers. But when pushed to the point where violence is no longer an option, but the only answer, they do not go half way (such as the pepper spray or sucker punches of the cowards). And the snowflakes do not understand what total violence means (just as your bully did not understand it).

    Those who march should study history. And remember the quote attributed to Yamamoto. The sleeping giant has been awakened. And those who woke him will regret their actions.

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  2. Old Rooster says:

    🤔🤔🤔 and Hillary Clantons is out of her box again. Sooner or later I think Trump may be forced to relocate her to Miramar and Bill to Fort Leavenworth. Is it possible that the disappointed Left are actually trying to start a civil war to overthrow the Trump Administration? They may have many tame lawyers and judges in their camp as well as some sus leadership in the intelligence community, FBI, et al, but I suspect that the Police and Defence forces, including many black members, will support Trump over the Clantons and Obamas.

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  3. Blackswan says:


    The irony appears to escape the idiot-foot soldiers of the Left that in donning black masks and tracky daks they are simply emulating violent murderous jihadists.

    Do they assume such garb will register similar intimidating fear in the Trump people they attack? Not too sharp are they? Howzit working’ for you tender petals so far?

    This is who they think they are protecting …..

    She has a nice face, sounds very cheerful and happy with her lot in life. Why, she could even be one of those ever-so-sincere wimmin holding hands across Westminster Bridge the other day.

    But she’s not.

    The plane-load of African deportees in the UK this week probably couldn’t believe their luck … a raving mob breaches security and invades the tarmac to prevent their departure. “Allah be praised, we’re saved!” Not quite. Idiots rounded up in short order, runway cleared, and Vrooom! So infuriating when the law prevails isn’t it?

    When violence is the only recourse left to the Defenders of Sovereign Nations and Democratic Freedoms, we’ll find the ‘useful idiots’ cowering in their ’safe spaces’ wetting their pants … as usual.

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  4. asybot says:

    You are so right,
    There is a point,
    and there is a breaking point,

    And we are there.

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  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Bullies are everywhere.

    They think they have power.

    I was 13 when I saw an ahole smack my little mate at a school fair which left me absolutely astounded.

    I got the prick the next night and his cousin the following night.

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  6. Blackswan says:

    These young people, and many like them, are seriously unhinged.

    … 2 students at The University of California stated that they would publicly remove their penis’ if Trump enforced the existing USA-Mexico border wall.

    … “thinks that Trump’s construction of the wall is just an extension of his penis, and an expression of Patriarchal rape culture. Really, by building the wall, we are raping the Mexican people, and I am no longer willing to be a perpetrator of rape culture. If I remove my penis, I am making a statement that I reject this mentality.”

    ” … I kind of feel guilty, I’m removing my penis, but one of the other guys is going to castrate himself, and he’s even considering taking off a couple of fingers”


    Admittedly my first reaction to this story was a dozen smart-arse wisecracks but, as a parent, I soon became angry. Exactly what kind of insidious indoctrination have these young students been subjected to? They’re obviously incapable of rational thought, are consumed with self-loathing, and are destined to become a serious burden on society not to mention a source of major grief to their families.

    Surely a rampant drug culture can’t be entirely to blame for addling their brains, so perhaps it’s time for Trump to initiate a complete investigation into exactly what universities across the country have been teaching young Americans. Across the West, universities have brought forth what seems to be a lost generation of young people so incapable of dealing with Life’s realities that it does not bode well for a secure future … anywhere.

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  7. Pedro the Swift says:

    Pointy, you are one person who I would love to have on my side of situations like this or any hand to hand combat. The presence of mind to use the glass plus the inside kick to the knee smacks of well drilled skills which Mr Bully did not anticipate. One thing my dear old Dad bred into me was: “Son, no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better”. I think it would take someone very special to handle you in your day.

    As you say when forced into a corner with no recourse but to fight it is amazing how apparently peaceful and unassuming men can become titanic behemoths with the boxing skills of Cassius Clay and the never say die attitude of a VC winner. Forced into a corner includes seeing assaults on the elderly, female sex or the weak. But when referring to the female sex I do not include that ghastly apology for a woman in Blackswan’s video clip. That being, (I refuse to call it a woman), lacks a soul and is a disgrace to the human race.

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  8. Pointman says:

    When you go looking for trouble …


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  1. […] There’s a pseudo-modern day idea that as long as you hate someone else’s politics enough, you can be free to physically molest and attack them. In some instances, most specifically antifa, the police have obviously been instructed to allow it and in fact to turn a blind eye to it happening. It’s only a matter of time until people are going to start getting killed in that spiral of hysteria. It’s basic broken window theory. Nobody likes having their opinion so brutally suppressed, so they’ll start to fight back. […]

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