Trump begins to bitch slap Obama around.

A couple of months back I wrote a Foxtrot Oscar type of farewell to Obama, which in passing mentioned my opinion that he wanted to do a comeback for a third term at the end of the Trump presidency. The main point of the piece was that I thought Obama was arrogant and since he’d been given eight years worth of a free ride by a totally uncritical and adoring media, that arrogance had been given free rein to do whatever it wanted without ever having a concern that he might be pulled up on it.

Call me cynical but given the combination of an arrogant personality, a somnambulant Republican party, no criticism from the media and an eight year free run to do nothing much of consequence, then the process of corruption kicks in with a vengeance. The defining characteristic of his presidency rapidly became executive overreach. Essentially, president Obama very quickly acted like king Obama, ruling as he saw fit using executive orders and petty regulation mongering to bypass the constitutional brake of an elected congress.

Once you get to that point of feeling invulnerable, it’s only a few steps further to start abusing your position and get into activities which are legally questionable to say the least.

Trump has an estimated personal fortune of about ten billion dollars. That sort of money buys you a lot of investigative expertise and can also be used to loosen mouths sworn or threatened into silence. Unlike so many experts who time and time again make the mistake of underestimating Trump, I don’t. He’s very sharp and very tough, and if you watched his campaign it very quickly became obvious he was always two steps ahead of his opposition. I’m certain he’s spent a few million or so in pocket change just building a stack of intelligence on various people, and that most especially includes Barack Obama and his courtiers.

Be in no doubt, he’s got a huge stash of dirt on the Obama presidency, because of the lack of scrutiny I’m fairly sure there’s lots there to find. He never used any of it in his campaign but now he’s president, things are different.

On my profile of Trump, I said he’ll never forgive a slight. He’s not a man you’d lightly make an enemy of but Obama did exactly that, and in response Trump took his job and as I predicted within a week of his inauguration had ripped apart that modest hill of beans called Obama’s legacy.

Predictably – and I’m getting fed up of that word popping up all over this piece – Obama’s response was that he had the arrogance to think he could simply camp out on the White House lawn, and quietly play the master puppeteer behind the scenes for the next four years, subverting the Trump presidency using a combination of his cronies in the media and his in-place appointees leaking fake news stories all over the place.

The flaw with that plan is that after the media’s shenanigans in the presidential campaign, people simply don’t believe a damn word they say and as for the leakers, it’s obvious by now to even a knuckle-dragging moron in a hurry that Trump is simply relieving every Obama appointee from the burdens of office. Trump is taking a leaf out of Lt. Ellen Ripley’s playbook, the only way to be sure is to nuke the lot of them.

The other consideration, and one I’d think about very carefully if I were you Barack, is that Trump isn’t finished with you yet. Not by a long chalk. His track record is he first beats people, but then he goes on to crush them personally, and you are very definitely on his to be crushed list.

There’s a saying about seemingly random strings of events that make your life difficult; once is happenstance, twice is coincidence but thrice is enemy action.

Once was Trump’s accusation that Obama had bugged his place of business, and then giving the media a week to bray like jackasses at what they patently thought was a Trump being paranoid. He dumped that particular shitstorm all over you with just one tweet from his personal account – no crony media required.

Twice was someone less than a week later very conveniently supplying WikiLeaks an outrageous amount of information detailing the extent and invasive bugging by what now looks to be a totally out of control CIA trampling all over the constitution, law and any notion of executive control. The drop even detailed their false-flag “Russian” hacking activities.

The thrice is heading down the turnpike towards you, but it’s going to have lots of scandals plodding along behind it, because that’s how he intends to crush you. As soon as you’ve fought off one embarrassing revelation, there’ll be another one presenting itself. You’ve got a few years of nothing ahead of you but firefighting one scandal after another to save your reputation. By the time he’s dribbled out all of the dirt he’s got on you, people will be holding their nose at the very mention of your name.

There is a reason ex-presidents quietly retire into the background and out of politics. The new man in the hot seat has complete access to all your sins while you were in office, and the time-honoured convention is he keeps quiet about them just as long as you don’t get in his face by sniping at him from the sidelines. You in your arrogance broke that rule, and you broke it with someone who already had a bone to pick with you.

Silly boy.


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25 Responses to “Trump begins to bitch slap Obama around.”
  1. hunter says:

    I hope you are correct in this. I have severe doubts.


  2. gwaigau says:

    Thanks Pointy; always enjoy reading your perspective on life and politics. I despise the arrogant generally, so this one will be a joy to watch.


  3. Hubris + Noble Cause Corruption = a deadly combination.


  4. philjourdan says:

    Predictably – and I’m getting fed up that word popping up all over this piece

    Understandable – but then you use it correctly.

    You have once again nailed the issue succinctly. Which begs the question – how does the opposition continually underestimate Trump? The answer is as old as the conflict between the parties and is seen in the media on a daily basis. They are so sure of their opinions, they evaluate those who do not share them as less intelligent. It started in the 60s with Goldwater – but he was in no position to prove otherwise. And continued with every Republican president since. It does not help that the media basically is the opposition’s echo chamber. Ideally, the media should be a sounding board for when the government does something stupid. But it long ago lost that objectivity. Republicans are just starting to realize it. Democrats have yet to realize it. So they believe their own rhetoric.

    Trump is still trying to get his team in place. As yet, the government is still littered with Obama appointees. So Trump is left to spring most of the traps himself. Being a successful businessman, he is well adept at sizing up the opposition and then letting them play into his hands. And he has done a masterful job with the wiretap issue. Forcing not only the media to call themselves liars, but allowing alternate media to prove the opposition are liars as well.

    There are still many who slavishly believe the media. I know, part of my family belongs in that group. But the slow drip of all the lies will peel away all but the most blinded of the media’s followers. Some call that their “base” and that is probably close to the truth. 25% will never doubt the media. But 25% is not going to win elections or even get you a seat at the table.

    It is less than 2 months of his term, and Trump has already made fools out of most of the opposition. As more and more of them are shown to be poor liars, more and more will chose to remain silent instead of demonstrating a complete lack of ethics. Some never will (I put Obama, Pelosi and Schumer in that camp) as they are not smart enough to realize they are being played (or are blinded by the echo chamber). But I suspect the supporting players will start to tone down their rhetoric as they do have to get re-elected. And 25% is not enough to do that.

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    • asybot says:

      phil the only thing I would change in your comment is this : “(or are blinded by the echo chamber)” I would change that to “they are deafened by the echo chamber” . All they hear now is their own arrogant opinions.


  5. Pointman says:

    If you’re a connoisseur of fake news made up on the spot and like to count the number of ways someone outside the loop has spun an article based on their complete ignorance, this one’s a doozie.


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  6. Keitho says:

    Time for Donald to roar, this pussyfooting about is becoming tedious.

    Get rid of all the Dem creeps. Get out of Paris. Cut the taxes.

    Let’s go!

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  7. Martin A says:

    I didn’t think it was wise of Obama to mock Donald Trump “…at least I will go down as a president”.


  8. Pointman says:

    “Former President Obama is reportedly planning a more visible stand against President Trump and the GOP to protect his legacy, but most voters think that’s a bad idea.”

    The suicide of the DNC continues apace ….


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  9. Susan Corwin says:

    What we are seeing is the difference in skills and behaviors of
    …..a billionaire, successful business person
    ….a “community organizer” from the gang rules Chicago.

    If you apply that lens, their actions make sense, along with the
    actions of the “legal beagle/politician/who I know/clueless wonder” folk.

    “Behavioral Interviewing”
    ….’behaviors that have occurred before, you’ll see more of,
    ….behaviors/skills/action/approaches that were never used, won’t be available/used”

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  10. Pointman says:

    “Malicious Malik: Attention-seeking half-brother of Obama posts image of ex-president’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ while declaring his support for Trump in series of bizarre and bitter tweets”

    That’s all you need when you’re having a bad week – your family heaping it on.


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  11. Pointman says:

    I love the way the MSM finally plods its way to the same conclusions the blogosphere commenters reached ages ago.

    The nuclear option –

    And Obama’s cunning plan –



  12. Pointman says:

    “BREAKING : Hillary and Obama Robo-Calls Urge Americans to “RESIST TRUMP””

    I think open warfare has just broken out. No more stealth, so I imagine Trump will be taking off the gloves and putting on the knuckleduster on both of them.



  13. Pointman says:

    When Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he meant it. Their disbelief is quite comical. One Bozo challenged Trump to fire him if he didn’t resign

    Trump obliged within 24 hours.

    BTW, most of the “hard facts” in the article are sourced from the NY Times, so they’re mostly spin or fake news.



  14. Edward Nelson says:

    Pointman, It is looking to me like we may have declared victory far too soon. The pushback on Trump is beyond amazing, and from my perspective he is not doing himself too many favors. I am deeply concerned that this slow motion coup is incrementally making it harder and harder for his presidency, his agenda and for our country.If the coup prevails we will see renewed efforts by the climate extremists to solidify their position by way of laws silencing skeptics, criminalizing dissent and discussion, etc. I frankly think as brilliant and reasonable as President Trump is, he is heavily outnumbered on nearly every front.


  15. Pointman says:

    Another scandal for Obama to handle, just as the last one seemed to be fading away …



  16. Pointman says:

    “New Smoking Gun Documents – Obama IRS Officials Admit to Inappropriately Targeting Conservative Groups”

    A new round of bitch slapping begins.



  17. Pointman says:

    It’s the steady drip drip of scandals emerging from the Obama reign which will eventually put some people behind bars.



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