Angela’s Ashes.

The EU is now patently a failing project, and that event can largely be laid at the door of one person – Angela Merkel. A sequence of serious misjudgments on her part the first of which was having the arrogance to assume that the people of the member states would not notice its creeping transition … Continue reading

Talent and transferring it.

My wife is a very good cook with the added cross to bear of having had three sons all of whom have man-sized appetites for food and a hollow leg. Not an extra pound on them, but they all could really eat their own bodyweight on a daily basis if given free rein. That sorta stuff … Continue reading

About blogging.

I’ve always loved words. As a child, I listened to them and the ones that I liked, my lips silently shaped prounouncing them, though I’d no idea of what they meant. They have a colour and a taste for me and I suppose that’s what they mean about synesthesia nowadays, though I don’t see them … Continue reading

A political party in a death spiral.

The evil that men do lives after them, to quote Shakespeare. Ed Milliband, a rather indifferent British politician of what used to be the mainstream left-wing party, masterminded two disasters. The first was the global warming act and the second was the destruction of the Labour party. He was right in the modern politician profile, … Continue reading

To a child, a birth poem, from his grandfather.

  I held you in my arms a few days after your birth.   Five visitors all got to have a hold of you, And despite all the passing around, You never made strange.   Five day old eyes, The eyes of the ages, Squeezed open to see who held you, And then retired back … Continue reading